Fifth Year

This year Lina had a plan, she was going to get rid of James Sirius Potter once and for all. She had had it with his constant flirting and attempts to get her to date him, there was only one way to solve this problem: she had to get a boyfriend, that way James would see she liked someone else and hopefully move on. Little did she know how wrong she was.

By the second Hogsmeade trip of the year she'd managed it, a date with someone she knew would piss Potter off the most. Lina was on her way to Transfiguration when he caught up to her.

"So princess Hogsmeade trip tomorrow" James fell in step beside her. She didn't even spare him a glance.

"How many times must I ask you to stop calling me that?” She asked while keeping her eyes forward and face emotionless.

"Not enough to stop me from saying it" He turns his head and smirks at her.

"God do you always have to be so vile" Lina sneers at him.

"Aw princess look you've wounded me, I'm truly hurt" He puts a hand over his chest and fake's a faint. This action only makes her roll her eyes again.

"You could make it up to me by letting me take you to Hogsmeade" Lina wants to laugh he almost sounds desperate now.

"No sorry I've already got a date"

The satisfaction she feels when James mouth falls open in shock is insurmountable. Lina thinks he looks a little like a gapping fish. She smiles at him once more before continuing down the hallway. James Potter hasn't moved, his face still holding that look of utter bewilderment.

James Sirius Potter glared at the couple sitting across the room. Of all people she could have said yes to, Conner McLaggen was the absolute worst. James had been murderous when he saw the two walk out of the great hall together. It took all his strength not to hex McLaggen's head off for even looking at her. Now they sit across the room sipping butter beer and laughing. Just fucking wonderful.

Overall this date was going rather well, though Lina didn't really have any prior experience to compare it too. They spent the morning walking through the various shops, where Conner controlled the conversation by talking about Quidditch, and how he should be team captain this year over Potter. Not that Lina was going to defend Potter or anything, but she was rather bored of this topic.

They had grabbed a booth at The Three Broomsticks, where McLaggen had started talking about Qudditch, again. Lina smiled and nodded along although she could feel her eye's start to glaze over and her mind begin to wonder. Her eye's briefly settled on Potter across the room, his whole profile read tense, but his eye's had a look of determination. Lina knew at that moment he wouldn't let this go. If she wanted peace she was going to have to really commit.

So when her and McLaggen went to leave Lina, swallowing her fear and mustering her courage, crushed her lips against his. Conner didn't even hesitate as he took control of the kiss. Then they were snogging in the middle of a very crowed bar surrounded by applause and even a few cat calls.

James Potter walked unnoticed out of The Three Broomsticks, slid on his invisibility cloak and stomped back to the school with clenched fists and hatred in his red eyes.

It was mid March around midnight Lina Abbet was doing her normal rounds patrolling the corridors, as a prefect that was one of her many jobs. James followed silently behind her hidden beneath his invisibility cloak.

He would never admit to following her, no he was simply taking a long detour to the kitchens, it was all perfectly normal. He would also endlessly deny that he did this every night she patrolled simply because he liked her company, even if she had no idea he was there, and would punch him if she ever found out. This was also the only time she wasn't with that git Mclaggen, ever since that kiss the two have always been together. Every time Conner touches her James doesn't know weather to vomit or hex McLaggens hands off, but none of that compares to the agony he feels every time Lina kisses that bloody git.

James notices the tightness of her shoulders and tension on her face, her and McLaggen must have had another fight. They were always fighting now a days. James had been walking down to the great hall earlier today when he heard the two shouting about who knows what. Though he secretly relishes in the fact about the two having a row he can't help but feel bad when he see's Lina wipe a tear off her face.

Lina is about to head back to Ravenclaw tower when she hears a slight rustle from a near broom closet. It's probably another couple trying to sneak in a snog after curfew. Sighing she trudges over to the closet and gingerly whips open the door. Of all the things she could find Conner McLaggen, her boyfriend, shirtless while locked in a tight embrace with a topless Paisly Parkenson was not one of those things she expected.

"Oops" Paisley had giggled while trying to cover herself up.

For months Conner had been bugging her about taking their relationship to the next level. She had always replied that she wasn't ready; really she just didn't want her first time to be McLaggen. Clearly he didn't care much for her because here he was shagging Paisley Parkenson.

Lina could feel tears well up in her eye's. It's not like they were in love or anything, at first it had just been to escape Potter but sometimes it was just good to have someone to hold you close and pay attention to you, even if all Conner wanted to talk about was Quidditch. Then all the fighting started, and it's not like she didn't expect anything like this to happen eventually, but that didn't mean she wasn't hurt by everything.

Instead of using her wand to enact a curse on the git, she went for the old muggle tactic of slapping him hard across the face and shouting some very choice words about the matter before fleeing the scene.

James couldn't believe the git had actually cheated on her! The minute she was out of site McLaggen rubbed his face before taking a giggling Paisley back into the closet and quietly closing the door like nothing had happened. No way was this git getting off with only a smack on the cheek James would have to talk to Fred tomorrow about possible revenge pranks, but for now he would have to live with slipping two dung bombs under the closet door before following after Lina.

James found her sitting on top of the astronomy tower head in her knees shoulders shaking. He should have just punched the daylights out of McLaggen months ago.

He wordlessly sat down next to her and starred up at the stars above.

Lina wasn't surprised to find him beside her. Amazingly she had missed the flirting and teasing over the past months, she even missed that stupid nickname he called her. It's like Hogwarts wasn't Hogwarts without James Sirius Potter annoying her in some way.

He tilted his head to look at her, "You ok princess?” He gave her a small inviting smile

The once taunting nickname that had made her grit her teeth had somehow turned into a term of almost endearment. She gave him a small smile before her eyes filled with tears again. James to his credit didn't even flinch he simply opened his arms towards her. She leaned into him as he put his arm around her and let her cry into his shoulder for as long as she needed.

After that it's like the floodgates had opened and instead of being enemies the two became fast friends. Although Lina still wanted to kill him on a frequent basis he was also the first person she told everything too. Lina didn't even spare Conner a glance after that, not that James would have let her anyway, although she did hear stories about how someone had charmed McLaggen's pants to burst on fire, or how someone had jinxed two bludgers to chase him around the castle. Though no one was ever convicted Lina had a pretty good idea who it was, and she couldn't be more thankful for him.

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