The two owled back and forth everyday, Lina was surprised her owl hadn't collapsed from exhaustion yet.

James had tried to get Lina to come over many times, but she wasn't allowed to leave her horrible foster house the entire summer. It had driven James almost to madness not being able to see her for three months.

James pushed through the crowd of people at Diagon Alley searching the faces as he went. Then his eye's settled on a head of long strawberry blond hair standing in front of Flourish and Blotts, of course she was in front of the bookstore. She seemed to be starring intently at the display of new arrivals to the store no doubt deciding which to buy.

James crept up behind her and whispered, “Miss me princess?” his lips by her ear. Lina screeched and wobbled ever so slightly on the spot.

"You wish Potter!" She fake glared at him before hugging him. James didn't realize how much he missed her hugs until now.

Something made a sound behind them, Lina turned her head and saw a younger girl with blazing red hair and James’s same eyes. James let Lina go with a grown before turning to look at his sister.

"What do you want Lily?" His tone carried annoyance.

"Mum told me to stay with you, she even gave me money for ice-cream" Lily smiled up at him, eyes too big and innocent.

"Fine you can come with us" James sighed as Lily stepped around him to greet Lina.

"Hi, I'm Lin-"

"Oh I know who YOU are! James hasn't shut up about you all summer" Lina laughed as James cheeks colored slightly.

Soon the three were in sitting in front of the ice-cream store. Lily had insisted on getting a flavor called Boosle Berry that turned your teeth blue, she sat happily enjoying her treat while her teeth became bluer by the second. Lina had gotten plain old vanilla and James chocolate, polar opposites.

"You know princess I think chocolate beats vanilla hands down" Lina's eye's narrowed at his challenge

"Well I think vanilla beats chocolate" James eyes now practically danced with mirth

"I do believe you are wrong" He said leaning towards her.

"I'm never wrong, you’re just mistaken"

Before James could counter her, Lina rubbed some of her ice cream against his nose. He starred at her in shock for a second before rubbing chocolate on both of her cheeks.

"LILY," Lina shrieked at the young girl, “look what your horrible brother has done to me! My face is ruined!" Lily giggled at her joke wiggling her sticky bluish fingers at the two.

That's how the great summer ice-cream fight had started, and ended with Lily, James, and Lina completely covered in the frozen treat. Lina swore it took her two showers to get the blue out of her hair and off her skin.

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