Sixth Year

Lina and James both sat in Advanced Potions starring at the bubbling cauldron sitting in the front of the room.

"I bet you 5 gallons it's Vertisium" James smirked at Lina.

"Yeah well I bet 5 gallons it's Amortentia" James face scrunched up in confusion, why would she bet that?

Slugghorn waddled into the classroom and lifted the lid from the mysterious cauldron, inside was a bubbling gold liquid, Amortentia. Lina triumphantly held out her hand as James dug in his pockets for 5 gallons.

"Today class we are to be studying Amortentia, or the most powerful love potion in the world." Many excited whispers filled the room.

"You are actually going to be part of an experiment I'm working on, so everyone line up. You will all get a chance to smell the Amortentia and tell me what your findings are, then tonight for homework I want a ten-inch essay on the scents you came across and why you think it's those scents specifically.

Lina waited in line as people in front of her said the strangest things. A girl, Julia, said she smelled something rather fishy, while another boy smelled peaches, and another girl swore she smelt Gilliweed. Slugghorn quickly scribbled down all their answers before calling the next person forward, Lina herself.

The gold liquid bubbled more as she leant towards the alluring aroma. At fist she didn't smell anything, then suddenly it hit her the new book smell that she loved so much.

"New books"

She leaned closer the alluring liquid over powering her, and got something sweet and rich, and all the more familiar, chocolate ice cream. But she didn't love chocolate ice cream she barley even tolerated it.

"Chocolate ice-cream?" she told Slugghorn questionably, was it possible the potion got it wrong?

Lina bent forward again the potion putting her in some sort of trance, this smell she didn't recognize though, it wasn't sweet or salty in fact it had more of an oily scent.

"I'm sorry sir I can't quite tell what the final smell is." Slugghorn looked up from his parchment and smiled.

"Don't worry that's perfectly normal dear, perfectly normal!" He shooed her away as James stepped forward.

At first the liquid seemed cool, but then the steam heated up and James smelled buttery, savory, whipped to perfection mashed potatoes. Why the hell is James in love with the smell of mashed potatoes?

"Mashed potatoes" He tells Slugghorn, earning a few snickers from the other students

He leans down again not fully trusting the potion. This smell was so familiar, sweet, and cool he can almost taste it in his mouth, running down his throat.

"Butterbeer" He sighs, wishing it was real.

His faith now restored in the potion, he lets it infiltrate his senses. He smells something woody, earthy, with an over tone of ink.

"Used parchment" All right James has officially given up on Amortentia, what a bunch of bullocks. How can someone be in love with, mashed potatoes, Butterbeer, and used parchment?

It's close to curfew that night Lina and James are sitting in the library working on their essays, really Lina was working on her essay James had been distracted himself by watching his best friend, those feelings he'd had for her in the past just couldn't stay buried for long no matter how hard he tried.

James couldn't help but notice that Lina had three buttons on her shirt undone, and was currently leaning forward over her essay, he just couldn't force his eye's away. Then when she would get frustrated, she'd run her hands through her hair and James suddenly wished it to be his hands instead. God he needed to get a bloody grip and think about something else. Lina would look up and smile at him every now and then. Her cheeks would be slightly pink from concentrating so long, her plump lips would part to say his name an- bloody hell if he sat here any longer he might just bolt across the table and snog her senseless.

Lina sighed finally finished her essay, she packed up her things called a goodbye to James, and left her dormitory seeking the comfort of her bed. James didn't notice until a couple minutes later a piece of paper sitting on the other side of the table, Lina's essay, she must have forgotten it.

James knows it's wrong and that he shouldn't under any circumstances no matter what read her essay, she might have written some personal stuff about a secret lover she has. That fact alone drives James to read said essay, he's got to check out his competition you see.

At first Lina writes about her love of books, which James as expecting. He was not expecting her to talk about their ice-cream fight, and how he wiped chocolate all over her face. James's name is mentioned all over the essay, everything is related back to him.

It was like everything suddenly made sense. The mashed potatoes he smelled related back to the incident in first year, the butter beer from The Three Broomsticks last year. James put the essay to his nose and inhaled the final smell, used parchment. It was like they all fit together suddenly the puzzle made sense. He was in love with Lina Abbet, and even if she didn't know it yet she was in love with him too.

It was the morning of the second Quidditch game of the year and Lina Abbet was upset. She stomped into the great hall for breakfast that morning in a fowl mood. Lina headed towards the Gryffindor table, which was a sea of red and gold. James sat at the center of the table in full Quidditch gear, surrounded by people and family member wishing him luck and threatening him if he didn't win, apparently everyone had placed bets on the game.

Lina slumped down in the seat next to James, one always kept vacant for her. James noticing her bad mood thought it only good to pester her about it, in true James Sirius Potter fashion.

"Whoa there princess, what's up? Not enough beauty sleep last night?" Lina sighed deeply as she put her head in her hands.

"I couldn't find anything to wear!" James almost snorted into his pumpkin juice at the very un-Lina like response.

"What are you talking about?" James looked at her outfit, the same Ravenclaw school clothes she wore everyday.

"No! I wanted to wear red and gold for your big game today. I went through my whole trunk not a single color other then blue and grey" She sounded so depressed, James wanted to laugh.

"Fine here you can wear this," He reached into his school bag and pulled out his old Quidditch jersey from last year.

"And this," he pulled off his red and gold hat, setting it on her head.

"And these" He pulled a pair of his leather Quidditch gloves from his bag.

Lina grinned at him before thanking him and saying she'd walk down to the pitch with him later. Then she pecked him on the cheek before sauntering out of the great hall. James skin tingled where her lips had made contact.

James looked up, the entire group of people around him were starring between the two, many sharing knowing looks. James would never admit that he brought his old jersey with the original intent to ask Lina to wear it, nor would he admit he packed an extra hat and gloves for the same reason. James would also never admit that the idea of her wearing his clothes made his heart soar.

Halfway through the game Lina's voice had gone horse from cheering the team on with the rest of the Potter-Weasley clan. Even with James's jersey and her coat Lina was shivering sitting in the stands. She brought her gloved hands up to her face trying to warm them up when she smelled it. That same strange oily smell from potions class, she sniffed James's gloves again and got the same smell, James Potter’s leather Quidditch gloves were her final smell.

It was like all the sounds around her quieted and for a couple seconds the world stopped moving. All she could see was James flying around on his broom smiling the whole time, her entire world have just shifted and been tipped upside down, and none of that mattered. Lina Abbet couldn't keep the grin from appearing on her face, she loved James Sirius Potter, she really loved him. It didn't matter that he might not share those same feelings, Lina was just happy to finally put a word to them, like she could finally set them free.

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