It had taken weeks of pleading from James and major resistance from Lina before she decided to stay with the Potters for the summer holidays. Anything was better then being stuck at some miserable foster home where she'd be wishing to be with James anyway, the same James she may or may not be in love with.

That's how she ended up at the Potter's house sharing a room with Lily for the entire summer.

Though her and James were still best friends, the entire summer had turned into some huge flirtation challenge, seeing how far the other could go before they broke.

One time when they were spending the day at the beach Lina was reading a book, as always, when she looked up towards the shore. There was James climbing out of the water, wet, shirtless, and very tan. She couldn't help but stare, Quidditch had really done wonders for his body, all hard tough muscles and golden brown skin. As he got closer James noticed Lina staring and smirked at her

"Like what you see princess?" He gave her a smile as he slid down next to her on the beach.

Fine he wanted to play; well two can play at this game. Lina looked up at him through her lashes

"Don't flatter yourself Potter, you know what? I feel like a swim" Lina stood up and pulled off her coverup exposing her new blue bikini.

James eye's wandered up and down her body sliding over all her exposed skin. The bikini really did do wonders for her boobs, pushing them up for everyone to see. James could make out all her curves and her long, long legs. He did everything he could to suppress a groan. Lina winked at him before walking further down the beach, oh yeah she totally won that round.

It was late August when their Hogwarts letters arrived. Lily screeched when she saw the owls approaching on the horizon, she was practically jumping on the spot by the time the letters had been dropped on the table, Lina had to suppress a laugh. She'd really gotten close to the younger girl over the summer. In fact she'd gotten attached to the entire family over the past few months.

Lily and Albus have snatched theirs off the table and were now yelling off new items they needed. Lina eyed her letter, it seemed bulkier this year, like there were extra items in it. Please, please, please, she thought as she opened the letter and her fingers glazed over something metal. Lina pulled the item out, there in her hand sat a new shiny head girl badge, gleaming in the early morning sunlight.

Lina shrieked before showing her badge to everyone else. Harry and Ginny, who had been standing in the doorway watching, congratulated her along with Lily and Albus.

Lina felt two arms slip around her from behind, she spun around and latched her arms around James's neck hugging herself against his chest. All summer she had talked about becoming head girl now it had actually happened. James laughed in her ear as he spun her around.

Lina pulled away to see him holding two badges, one gold, and one silver. A Quidditch captain badge and..

"Bloody hell James your head boy?" James simply shrugged in response.

"B-but how? You were never a prefect?" Lina looked at him incredulously.

"Guess old McGonagall took pity on me. Looks like were going to be roomies princess"

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