Seventh Year

The first Quidditch match of the season was about to start as Lina rushes through the grounds to get to the pitch, it's entirely her fault that she's late, stupid book.

The Quidditch pitch was just ahead, the teams were still on the ground in a huddles probably going over strategies, perfect she wasn't too late. Lina tried to run faster, but James’s stupid hat kept falling into her eyes.

The team was just about to kick off when James spotted her waiting on the side off to the side. He walked over too her, as she was trying in vain to fix the overly big hat from covering her eyes. God did she have to look this adorable all the time?

"What's up princess? Got nothing to wear again?" She gave him a coy smile before rising onto her toes and giving him a peck on the cheek

"Couldn't let you start without a good luck kiss"

He smirked at her

"You should give me a proper kiss, this being the first Quidditch game of the year and all" They starred at each other, and for a second James thought she was actually considering it.

"POTTER!" Oliver Wood, flying teacher and umpire, waved James over breaking the moment, he gave Lina a final wink before heading back towards his team.

Of course Gryffindor had won, James really was an amazing captain, not that Lina wanted to inflate his ego anymore then it already was. When Albus had caught the snitch ending the game the whole crowd had gone wild, though Albus hated to admit it he was just as good as his father, maybe even better. The entire stands had rushed the field when the game ended, James and Albus being the center of attention, there was no way she was going to get to congratulate them.

The annual after party had started in the Gryffindor common room, and it looked as though Fred had managed to smuggle in some Firewhiskey for everyone, Roni Vane was already passed out on the floor when Lina arrived.

James hadn't seen her since before the match and it was driving him insane. The crowd was too big after the game, he couldn't see her in the sea of people. Now he just had to wait and hope she showed up to the after party. James had to tell her tonight, keeping it in was making him go mad.

Then there she was, still dressed in his jersey, though without the hat and gloves. She just looked so cute in the overly large clothes, his large clothes that is. She smiled at him as he waved her over, ignoring his previous conversation.

Lina wrapped her arms around his neck, and James wrapped his around her waist, holding her closer. Lina shrieked when James lifted her up and spun her around. Though the common room was packed with people, in his mind it was just the two of them with not a care in the world.

James pulls back to see Lina starring at him, like she could see into his sole- see everything he can't tell her. Then she's starring at his lips, and - oh god she's biting her lip. James can't take it anymore, her eye's- god those eye's- are begging him to do it. Throwing caution to the wind James crashes his lips against hers, not hesitant or gentle, hard like he might never get another chance. To his delight she responds, kissing him back just as forcefully.

When they pull apart the first thing Lina registers is clapping, and the voice of Fred Weasley.

"Yes! Finally the bloody gits finally gone and done it! Only took you like seven years mate." Fred's standing a couple feet away smiling like this was his plan all along.

It seems the whole common room has joined in the clapping, Lina looks up at James who is grinning like an idiot even with the slight flush in his cheeks.

It's Christmas Eve; James family always spends it at the Burrow. Which means it's always packed to the rafters with family members all wanting to know every detail of his private life. This year though there seemed to be a new topic in discussion; Lina Abbet, now officially his girlfriend.

The thought of spending two weeks without her was terrifying, they could hardly spend a class period apart without James missing her horribly. The thought of her spending Christmas alone at the castle was even worse, so Lina had come to stay the holidays with the Potters, not that she needed much pleading to make the decision. The couple had weathered heavy jokes and teasing from the family, though no one could deny the love in both teenagers eyes.

It was late on Christmas Eve, most of the younger children had gone to bed, only the older kids and some of the parents were still awake. James and Lina sat together on the couch in front of a burning fireplace. Lina was leaning against James chest reading a book, and James had his arm wrapped tightly around her as he played with bits of her hair.

"Lina I've got to tell you something" His voice was quiet, but James seemed nervous, his eye's looking anywhere but her face.

Lina shifted slightly so that they were facing each other, she pulled James’s chin down so he was looking into her eyes.

"What is it?" He was definitely nervous, his hands shook before he spoke next,

"I don't expect you to say anything back to me, but I want you to know exactly how I feel about you," Lina stilled his shifting hands, and prompted him to go on with her eyes,", I've felt this way for awhile, and I wanted to tell you - I really did, but I didn't want to rush you. I was scared you'd push me away,"

He starred deep into her eye's, dense pits of swirling green and hints of gold. She gave him a smile quiet smile gently prompting him to continue.

"But I'm not scared anymore. I-I'm totally and completely in love with you princess" There he'd finally finally said, it was out there for everyone to hear. Lina giggled slightly at him.

"God James I thought you were going to tell me someone had died!" He smiled at her.

"Say it again" Lina commanded her smile spreading.

"Lina Abbet I love you" James finally let out a breath when she laughed and peppered his face with kisses. Her lips trailed along his jaw before settling on his mouth. This kiss was an explosion, James poured all his newly announced feeling into it, making sure she understood how serious he was.

"I love you too" Lina said breathlessly when they pulled apart. Now it was James turn to attack her with kisses.

"When did you first know?" Lina asked later, they had switched positions so they were laying down across the couch. Lina's cheek was pressed against James broad chest, he had his arms wrapped securely around her waist, while their legs were tangled together.

"Probably back in forth year when you first rejected me, but I don't think I really knew until I read your essay in Sixth year" James whispered softly into her ear.

"So you admit you really did read my essay that night?" She pokes him playfully in the chest.

James nuzzles his face into her hair, "How could I not? It was just too big a temptation."

"So when did you know?" James say's though his voice is muffled in Lina's hair.

"Sixth year when I smelt those gloves you leant me, but I think for me it all started back in third year when you saved me from Zambini. I just used my hate to cover it up." Lina yawns sleep starting to pull at her eye's.

Leading up to the Christmas holidays Lina and James have been sharing the same bed in their private dorm. They hadn't done anything, they just both got lonely at night, and as their relationship grew stronger it was hard to be apart even for a few hours. Lina found sleeping with James so comforting, it was like their bodies fit perfectly together molding to each other.

During the last couple days at the Burrow Lina had found it nearly impossible to fall asleep without James arms encircling her with his warmth, she had tossed and turned the entire night. It's like she can't sleep without him again.

James hadn't fared much better either, though he wants to at least spare himself the embarrassment and teasing that would come with him saying he missed his girlfriend lying against him at night, or how he is constantly worried when she isn't with in arms reach. God this girl really had taken over his mind, get a bloody grip James before you lose all your man hood.

As sleep finally over came the couple, Lina snuggled closer into James chest, and he planted a soft kiss on her forehead before closing his eyes and succumbing to his first peaceful sleep in almost a week.

That's how the adults found them early the next morning, pressed up tightly together on the couch, never looking more peaceful.

"They remind me so much of James and Lily" Molly Weasley said wistfully to the other on-lookers.

"Should we wake them?" Ginny asked smiling slightly between her son, and who she hoped would be her daughter-in-law someday.

"No they look entirely too peaceful where they are" Harry answered not at all surprised that the two had ended up together, they were always drawn together somehow.

As the adults gazed down at the young couple, Lina sighed in her sleep and crushed herself even closer against James chest probably seeking more warmth, it was chilly this morning. James responded by tightening his hold around and nuzzling his face into her hair.

“Alright they look way too comfortable together,” George said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small Fizzbanger. He lit the fuse and left it sitting atop the couch. Thirty seconds later a series of loud bangs and popping sounds filled the house, along with shrikes and curses from the couple on the couch as they tried frantically to untangle themselves from each other.

That became known as the Christmas James Sirius Potter almost killed his Uncle.

With only a couple weeks left in the term before summer holidays, the Hogwarts seventh year were suddenly realizing that their time at school was coming to an end. A very sudden very complete end. This left James restless, what would happen to him and Lina once school was done? Would they go their separate ways or stay together?

James had already been accepted into the Auror training program at the Ministry, and Lina would be starting her apprenticeship to become a Healer at St Mongos in the fall. Whether James liked it or not the fact still remained, they were both going in different directions. James couldn't let that happen, so he'd devised a plan.

"James where are you taking me?" Lina asked for the hundredth time, as James lead her on blindfolded into the night.

"Don't worry princess you'll find out soon enough." James chuckled as she grimaced at him.

"We're here" James pulled Lina down on his lap as she yanked the blindfold off. They were sitting atop a hill looking down at the main gates of Hogwarts. James whispered a charm, and floating candles appeared swirling around them, lighting up the scene.

"Why would you drag me out here in the middle of the night to show me the same gates I've seen millions of times?" James pulled her back against his chest with his lips brushing her ear he whispered,

"Because in just a few short weeks we will both walk through those gates one final time, we won't be coming back next year, we won't be going on anymore Hogsmede trips, we won't eat together in the Great Hall, we won't attend another Quidditch game as students ever again, we won't be head boy and girl, we may not even se each other every day. Our lives are changing."

Lina could suddenly see it, James had made everything sound so real. They were leaving, really leaving. Soon she would have to say goodbye to the only place she'd been able to call home. A tear slid down her cheek, and she got the sense that she was drowning.

Then there was James, what would she do if she couldn't see him everyday, or fall sleep curled into his side? Lina realized something else too. Hogwarts had been her home for many years, now that was ending, but she never felt safer then when she was with James. He was her home now.

"We'll get through it, we'll stay together" She whispered back to him, as he wiped the solitary tear from her cheek.

"I know that's why I want to move in together, we can pick an apartment halfway between our new jobs. We already basically live together in the heads dorm anyway so it wouldn't be much different." James had rushed his words out, hoping he could finish before she'd reject him.

Like always Lina surprised him by kissing him hard. James responded by biting on her lower lip as her tongue suck entry into his mouth. They carried on like this for a while each kiss repeating the same message; yes, I want you, yes I love you, yes, yes, yes.

"Do you think you'll miss it?" James asked awhile later as they were laying on the hill gazing up at the stars.

"Hogwarts? I think a part of me always will, but I also feel ready, like Hogwarts has taught me everything it can, now it has to set me free." Lina moved her head slightly on his chest starring dreamily up at the stars.

"James?" Lina asked a little breathlessly, already growing tired.

"Yeah?" He answered his eyes still searching the stars

"Why do you call me princess?" James sighed and ran a hand through his hair

"I don't know, probably because of your blond hair or that you always follow the rules, I guess I thought that's how a princess would look and act, so the name just sort of stuck. It all somehow made sense to my eleven year self."

When James looked down at Lina, he found her already asleep. Guess he's going to have to carry her back to their dorm tonight. Bloody brilliant.

Three weeks later when the school term finally ended, James and Lina walked hand in hand through the gates neither one looking back. They boarded The Hogwarts Express for their final train ride home, together.

Yes they were leaving a whole life behind, but also just starting a new one.

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