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Erasermic oneshots

☁️ flights

Hey what's good it's me hatter alice suggested that I try writing something wholesome so here we are

Also this entire part is based on a tiktok

Dont judge me


Aizawa pov

I can't believe this is happening . Ever since the Iexpo class 1a have been all over international media . And last week the entire class was given an invitation to a special hero's rising event all expenses paid . Nezu insisted that me and toshinori go and that we bring mic along since he speaks the best english and is a big attention whore and knows how to deal with the press.

So here we are

On a private jet

First class

Damn shota you've done pretty well for yourself haven't you

I can still here shikami's voice sometimes, and to be honest it's probably the one thing that's kept me alive and sane especially when I was on the streets.

Yh I know never would've imagined I'd get to travel outside of Japan.

Anyway here I am the jets actually really cool. The interior is beige and all the surfaces are covered in lacquered wood. Theres a minibar and we've already warned both the stewardesses and the students about alcohol. The kids are so excited I can see Ochako trying to steal the cutlery and free samples and mineta's being creepy and denki's trying to break his record of most phones charged at once . I still can't believe he's dating hitoshi apparently we both have a thing for loud blondes .

A noise sounds and a womans voice sounds

"As we take off please ensure all small items are secure ....."

Hizashi just looks at me.

"What" I say

"Do you feel safe" I can see him smiling

"Hizashi I swear to god I will hit you "

"I don't think you'll be able to reach "


"I know I'm a whole 2 cm taller than you"

"Your an inch taller but we all know I'm an inch longer "

He turns bright red and I can feel myself smiling whilst toshanori just stares at us like why why am i here .

"I know you love me sho "

"Shut up"


God that was so awful ...alice didnt approve of the last remark but I mean that just the kind of demon I am ... anyways sorry for the shitty ending I'm trying jesus christ

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