Jeon's Baby

Tae Wakes Up

Jungkook’s POV

I’ve been waiting for four hours and three hours ago the guys came to wait with me. No one has said anything. Thirty minutes later a doctor comes up to us.

“Are you here for Taehyung?” He asks us making me stand up immediately.

“Yes, we are.” I say trying to stay calm.

“We just finish surgery. He’s stable for now. His neck is fractured. His shoulder and hip were crushed along with his elbow. His right cheek bone is broken. His knee is broke. So all in all most of his injuries are on the right side of his body. He’s still asleep so don’t except him to be awake. You can go see him. He’s in room 210.” As soon as the doctor says this I make my way to his room.

When I get there I walk into the room and over to the left side of the bed. He’s hooked up to all sorts of machines. Everything that’s broken is casted up. My baby is still beautiful broken bones won’t change that. I pull a chair over to the side of the bed lightly touching his arm.

A few minutes later the guys come in.

“Jungkook we’ve got to tell you something.” Yoongi says making me look up.

“We told the cops what happened but we know who did it. It was Bonen. Bex and Beast told me the description of his car and who else would do that and drive away? I called Beauty Queen since she is his cousin and has the right to know since I already know that you would most likely be to caught up in watching over Taehyung. She told me she’ll be here in an hour or two.” Jin says making me nod my head as I plan ways to make the asshole pay for hurting my baby again.

I had already been planning this but this is much more. I don’t know what I’ve done to Bonen but apparently it’s so bad that he is trying to get to me. He was trying to get Taehyung, Hoseok, and Yoongi to tell him what my requests have been. Anyone who knows me as Jeon only knows what my phone number is that’s it. You have to be stalking me to know where I live unless I right out tell you if I’m ok with you knowing. Unless you know me know me the only people who know what I look like are people who live in the house and the people who I kill. Most people who know me as Jungkook don’t know me as Jeon.

An hour later Beauty Queen shows up and you can tell that she wants to kill a bitch. Not saying that she didn’t say that when she walked into the room which she did but her overall demeanor says “I’m want to kill whoever did this to my cousin.”

We all decide not to tell her who did it. We all agreed to tell her who did it after Taehyung is all healed but I know that she is going to keep asking until we eventually tell her.

It’s been two days and Tae has yet to wake up. After waiting five hours for him to wake up the doctor comes into the room and tells us that Tae has slipped into a coma.

Two weeks go by and the guys keep trying to get me to go back to the house to eat and sleep. I have been barely doing either since we first arrived to the hospital. The guys bring me clothes and food when they come to visit in the afternoons. I lift my head off the bed hoping today will be the day he wakes up. I talk to him knowing he can hear me.

“Baby, please wake up. I’m not sure if I’m strong anymore without you. You consume my being not letting me go and I don’t want you to. You own every ounce of me. I can’t lose you. Come back to me. Please.” I say whispering out the last part.

Four months go by and Taehyung still hasn’t woken up. The guys and I finally told Beauty Queen who did this to Taehyung but by the time she was going to do something he was already arrested and in jail. On the day he was supposed to get out one of the police officers found him dead. He had hung himself in his cell. If he hadn’t he would have died none the less either by my hand or Beauty Queens. I’m sure he didn’t want to die that way so he took the easy way out. I have gotten better. I do go home once in a while to shower and sleep a little but most of my time is here at the hospital. I talk to him everyday.

“Baby, daddy knows that he’s starting to get annoying when he talks to you. I love you baby I promise you I do. You no longer have to worry about Bonen no more which is a good thing. Baby, I know your trying to come back but can you give daddy a sign so the he knows you can hear him so that he can try harder to encourage you to come back.” I say looking at him.

A few minutes pass and nothing happens. I put my head down on the bed beside his hand. A few seconds later I feel something will me to look up when I do I see that his eyes are now open.

“Baby, you did it. I’m so proud of you. That is progress.” I say happily as tears run down my face.

A feeling brushes me willing to kiss him like it did when I had the will to look up at him and so I do. I kiss him despite the breathing tube.

Two more months go by. Tae hasn’t made any changes but I still visit and stay with him everyday. I do his runs and let everyone else do the requests. All of our friends have come to visit him to see if he’s improved. We all talk to him because we know that he can hear us.

I had just fallen asleep sitting in the chair beside his bed when the heart monitor goes off waking me up. A ton of doctors and nurses come in the room before ushering me out. I don’t even fight against them because I know there is no use in it. Before I leave the room I speak to Taehyung.

“Please don’t die on me, come back to me. Baby, please come back to me.” I say then walk out of the room and sit in a chair near the door.

A few minutes later most of the doctors and nurses walk out of the room. One of the doctors stops getting my attention.

“You can go back in. He’s woken up. He’ll have a soar throat and won’t be able to talk much so only ask yes and no questions or questions with one worded answers.” The doctor says making me nod before he leaves.

I go inside the room as tears run down my face.

“No.” He barely says making me confused.

“Cry.” He says.

“Water.” He says making me nod before going back out of the room to ask a nurse to get him some water.

I go back into the room.

“A nurse is getting you some water since I don’t want to leave this room much.” I say as I drag my chair back beside the bed.

“I love you so much. You scared me.” I tell him before the nurse comes into the room with a cup of water handing it to me before leaving closing the door behind him.

I help Tae drink the water. When he’s done I set the cup on the little table.

“Do you want me to tell the guys that you’re awake or wait for a while?” I ask him knowing he can answer with one word.

“Wait.” He says making me nod.

“Ok, baby.” I say smiling at him before kissing him.

“Love.” He says

“I love you too baby.” I look down at him lovingly.

“Miss.” I look at him confused.

“Kiss.” He says before motioning to his lips with his left hand making me understand what he means.

I smile before bending down placing my lips on his. I pull away when we hear a commotion outside the door that sounds like the guys. I look at Taehyung whose eyes are filled with fear. He knows that I haven’t told the guys he’s awake because he wanted me to wait which I had no problem with. After a few seconds Tae sighs heavily.


“Are you sure baby?” I ask willing to make our friends leave if need be.

“Yes.” He says making me nod before kissing his forehead.

I walk out the door to find everyone outside. They all look up at me.

“Tae is awake. He won’t be able to speak properly for a little bit. Don’t be to loud. Don’t surround him all at once. Only ask questions that can be answered with one word and don’t say anything about the crash. I spoke to him about it when he was still in a coma but I’ll have to talk to him about it when he’s ok and out of the hospital.” I say making all of them nod before heading into the room.

I stay beside Taehyung to make sure that he’s ok. A couple of hours later they all leave. As soon as they do a nurse walks into the room to check up on him before leaving.

When Taehyung is able to leave the hospital everyone is ecstatic.

“Are you happy that you are able to leave baby?” I ask him knowing the answer,

“Yes, I don’t like this stinking smelly place.” He says making me laugh.

Before we are able to leave a doctor comes up to us and tells us that Taehyung will have to come back after a certain amount of time to make sure that everything is healing properly. We thank him and leaves. I know that we are more than capable of making sure that he is healing properly but to keep from raising suspicion we’ll have to take him back for his checkups.

I help him into the wheelchair that I had bought him because we can’t take one home from the hospital. We head out of the building towards my car. I help him get in and put the wheelchair in the backseat before getting in. I get in before cranking the car and heads to the house. When we get to the house I get out. I take the wheelchair out before helping Tae into it grabbing his things and closes the car door locking it.

I push him to the front door before it opens revealing Jin. He moves out of the way so that I can push Tae into the house. Jin closes the door behind us taking Tae’s bag from me. I’m fine with holding it because it’s not that heavy. We go into the living room where everyone else is. Bambam, Mark, and Jinyong are in little space and I think upon seeing the three Tae wants to go in it as well. He whimpers as though he’s in pain. I lean down to his ear.

“Baby, you don’t have to fight being little. Daddy will always help you. You being hurt won’t change that. You are healing and will get better. Don’t keep pushing yourself from being little it only hurts you more.” I say whispering in his ear.

“Buh daddy Taetae wan cuddle daddy but Taetae can’t tause Taetae huwt.” Tae says as he slips into little space.

“Taetae miss daddy’s cuddles.” He says as tears fill his eyes slightly looking up at me.

“Daddy misses his baby’s cuddles as well. Daddy is positive that the others are ok with the two of us going to our room so that we can since we didn’t at the hospital because daddy was scared he was going to hurt his baby if he did in that small hospital bed.” I say looking up at everyone who nods in agreement.

I push the wheelchair to the stairs before taking Taehyung out of it without hurting him. I carry him to our room and sets him on the bed as Jin follows behind with his bag. He sets his bag on the couch.

“Wait Jin hyung I have to give you something before you go back down stairs.” I say making him nod.

I kiss Tae on top of the head before going over to his bag and opens it taking out a piece of paper with what all Tae can eat right now until he has to go back to the hospital. I walk over to Jin and hands the paper to him. He looks down at it after taking it from me. He looks back up at me before nodding.

“You be good for your daddy Taetae and don’t hurt yourself. None of us like it when you are hurt.” Jin says to him making Tae nod slightly as he blushes.

Jin leaves closing the door behind him. I go back over to where my baby sits still blushing.

“You still want daddy’s cuddles?” I ask making him look up at me with bright eyes making me chuckle.

“Yes daddy. Taetae weally misses daddy’s cuddles. Daddy wawm Taetae misses dat.” He says making me chuckle.

Since he’s already in pajamas he doesn’t need to change. I take off his shoes along with mine. I want to change his shirt to mine and that’s what I do. I take my shirt off which makes him blush. I go over to him before helping take off his shirt before putting mine on him. I turn around to show him the new tattoo that now fills up the rest of my back. It’s a baby tiger playing with a bunny. I have always wanted to get this certain tattoo over the years and have never really understood why until recently. I put it together that the two represents Tae and I both. I got part of the tattoo done when I had gotten better with going home and sleeping. I got the rest of it finished recently. I wanted it to be a surprise for Tae. I feel his fingers brush against my skin which makes a shiver go down my spine making me breathe out.

“Daddy, it’s Taetae and daddy. Daddy got Taetae and daddy on his back.” He says as I turn around to look at him.

“Daddy did get daddy and Taetae on his back. Daddy loves his baby so much. So so much.” I say looking at him with heart eyes.

“Daddy, cuddles pwease. You said we tould.” He says looking up at me pouting making me chuckle.

“Of course baby. Let me get on the change into sweatpants then we can cuddle.” I say making him nod slightly as I make my way to my dresser pulling out a pair of sweatpants.

I turn around to see Taehyung blushing, I smirk knowing I have an effect on him. I walk over to the bed and get in. I help my baby get comfortable. I know that he doesn’t want anyone to see him like this because he thinks it makes him look weak but he’s anything but. He’s beautiful and strong.

“Daddy wawm.” He says making me chuckle.

I kiss the top of his head and let him soak up my warmth and falls to sleep. I lay there and watch my baby before deciding to fall asleep myself.

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