Jeon's Baby

Tae Has a Half Brother?

I wake up a little bit later to knocking on my door. I move Tae with out hurting and waking him before getting out of bed. I walk over to the door and opens it to reveal Jin holding a tray of food I take it from him after letting him in. I set the tray on a table.

“He looks so cute and peaceful. I just hate that so many bad things has happened to him. I hope all of it will end since the causes of that pain are now dead. While Bonen was in jail everyone that followed him either went to follow Beast, Bexington, or Slade. Beauty Queen stayed here after every time she visited Taehyung in the hospital. We fixed up Jimin’s old room and mad it her’s because she stayed here that much. Anyone who knew Tae got hurt and was in the hospital visited Tae in the hospital stayed here so that was Bexington and Maska, Slade and Vimon, Beast and Ash. Pretty much everyone who you know and are ok with staying here. Oh, have you shown Tae your new tattoo? You promised the rest of us you would show us after you showed him after telling us how cute and adorable it is.” He says making me chuckle.

“Yes, hyung I showed him before we got in the bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.” I say before turning around to show him the colorful tattoo of a baby tiger and a bunny playing together.

“Awe that is so cute! It is the cutes representation of the two of you. It’s better than getting his named tattooed on you somewhere. He is the best thing that has ever happened to you. At one point in time I wondered if you would ever see Jimin’s actions or if you would always act like it was never happening. I’m glad that Taehyung’s mom asked you to do a request or you would still be in the same place you were three years ago. It took you three years to fully understand your feeling for Taehyung. I’ve been meaning to ask and you’ve always known that I don’t like killing as much as Tae and since GOT7 is helping us along with other groups with the requests now because of Taehyung do you mind if I help Tae full time instead of killing?” He asks me.

“I don’t mind but Im going to be help since Tae can’t do it for a while and there are sometimes a lot in one you already know.” I say making him nod.

“Thanks and I’ll leave before you wake him up. I know how much you want to be alone with him. Even though you have been for the pas couple of days.” He says making me chuckle before leaving.

He closes to door behind him. I walk over to the bed and stare at my baby for a few minutes before waking him up.

“Baby, wake up you need to eat.” I say reaching down to caress his face.

He groans in protest but eventually opens his eyes. He blinks rapidly before looking at me.

“Help me go to the bathroom first then we eat.” He says groggily.

“Ok.” I say picking him up and carries him to the bathroom.

I help him with what he needs help with. Before carrying him back into the bedroom. I set him on the couch before sitting beside him. He looks at all the food Jin hyung brought and he looks like he’s half starved but I know he probably because after he woke up he could barely eat anything and most of the time didn’t want to. I had to bargain with kisses to get him to eat something which worked less than half of the times I tried. I knew that he wanted to cuddle but I was to scared to because I didn’t want to hurt him. Last week he intentionally asked the doctor if the two of us could cuddle. The doctor said no which made Tae pout but the doctor said that the two of us would probably be able to when he’s ok to go home. Before we left the doctor didn’t say we could or couldn’t and we didn’t ask. I’m think it’s because he wanted us to see if we make the right decision more like me make the right decision.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” A scream erupts from downstairs.


I turn towards Tae to see fear in his eyes.

“Daddy will be back when he gets everything settled. Nothing is going to happen to you.” I say as Jin and Yoongi come into the room without knocking.

I stand up and walks over to my dresser grabs my jeans and takes out a shirt. I go to the bathroom and changes. I grab one of my face masks puts it on. I walk over to the bed and grabs my phone taking it off the charger and my keys putting them in my pocket and grabs my camera.

“Lock the door after I leave the room. I’ll text you before coming back up. If anything happens and I need you to go into the security room you know how to get to it and I’ll text you if you do.” I say making Yoongi and Jin nod their heads.

I walk over the door and walks out closing it behind me as another scream emits from the downstairs. I hear my door lock before turning on the camera and heads down. When I get downstairs everything goes quiet as I see the scene in front of me.

I see all the guys holding an ex boyfriend I had before getting with Jimin. Taehyung never knew because I didn’t want him to know why I became the guys boyfriend in the first place; to keep the guy away from Tae. He has been obsessed with my baby for years and he tried to visit the hospital but I told the hospital not to let him in because of him stalking Tae which isn’t a lie and thankfully they believed me.

I had told the guys if he were to come around the house and we caught him that he was one of our requests which isn’t a lie either because his ex contacted a friend of his who knows me. He told him what to do and he did. Since I was at the hospital one of the guys got the request. I texted him and told him I would do it without any hesitation.

“J-j-jeon I-I-I didn’t k-know you lived here.” Minho stutters out.

I roll my eyes before walking over to Namjoon and hands him the camera. Walk over to the door that leads to the basement. I open it motioning for the guys to bring him down before walking down the stairs. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I wait until everyone is in the room before turning my attention to Yugyeom.

“You closed the door right?” I whisper to him.

“Yeah, I did. I can go check if you want.” He offers making me nod.

He runs up the stairs and comes back a few minutes later.

“It was closed.” He says before going over to where Bambam is.

I motion for Jackson and and Jaebum to strap Minho on the metal table.

I go over to the white board since the camera is still rolling.

Your ex contacted me and asked to dispose of your unloyal ass. He also asked if he could be apart of it since he’s known about you stalking someone due to your obsession with that person.

Hoseok do you mind going to get him? You know where he is.

I turn around to see Hoseok nod before leaving. He comes back a few minutes later with a guy who looks like Taehyung (it’s not Baekhyun) and seems to be a couple years younger than him, well my age.

“T-t-taejin.” Minho gasps out.

Taejin just smirks at him.

“I was protecting my brother from you Minho, you obsessive jackass. Like Jungkook did years ago. I loved you, I did. I tried to make you turn your head to me because I look a lot like my brother. I’m not mad at my brother at all because he did nothing wrong. After Jungkook disappeared Taehyung went into a depression and you used that to your advantage. YOU NEARLY RAPED MY BROTHER YOU FUCKER! I’M THE ONE WHO RIPPED YOU THE FUCK OFF OF HIM! If Beauty Queen were the one to have done it she would have killed you immediately after the same goes for Jungkook. Taehyung doesn’t know about me because I’m only his half brother. I know Beauty Queen because she thought that I was Taehyung for a minute. I’m not jealous of my brother never have and never will be. I contacted Jeon because I know that you’re not going to take your mind off of Taehyung since you haven’t for years. I’m like everyone in this room but you didn’t know that. I kept that from you. I kept many things from you in truth. But none of them was me cheating on you because I never did. You’ve cheated on me multiple times over the years not to mention the obsession you have over my brother. No ones going to have to put up with that no more.” Taejin says with a sadistic smile.

I nod to Namjoon who hold the camera telling him to turn it off. I take off my mask making Minho and Taejin gasp. I chuckle.

“I always take off my face mask during this part everyone I kill knows who I am. If I want you to know who I am I will tell you and Taejin as long as you keep helping me protect my Tae and promise not to tell anyone who I am I won’t kill you. If you do I’ll kill you along with whoever you told and whoever they told. I can’t have word getting out that I’m Jungkook who loves Taehyung a beautiful fluffy baby tiger who was put in the hospital recently. Now that’s done this is more personal for him so he’ll do the honors and I won’t have to get my hands dirty. I don’t want my baby to see me all bloodied up so I’m not going to participate or watch because I’ve been down here long enough. Do whatever you want to him just make sure to clean up when you’re done. Taejin there are clothes in the adjoining room for you that you can change in.” I say making everyone nod as I head back upstairs to the living room as I hear Minho’s screams or fear and pain.

When I get to the I open it and walks out closing the door behind me. I take out my phone and texts Jin telling him I’m a bout to come back up. I walk up the stairs to my room. The door opens to reveal Taehyung on the bed asleep with a tear stained face. He had cried himself to sleep.

“He wanted you here so bad but we told him that you would be back when you got done. Yoongi went in little space to see if he could calm him but that worked for a little bit. I hope you don’t mind but little Yoongi kissed Tae since Tae was in little space. Yoongi has stressed about it since after he did it and he’s still in little space.” Jin says looking at Yoongi who is asleep on the couch with a tear stained face as well.

“I’m not mad at him for it but me, Yoongi, Tae, Hoseok, and Jimin will need to talk about it sometime tomorrow. After everyone is done from downstairs I’m sure everyone will be tired. Taejin can take one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. We’ll explain everything tomorrow. Text Namjoon telling him to sho Taejin the room when they are done and then text Hoseok to come get Yoongi when they are done. I’m going to change back to what I was wearing before and I’m going to head to bed so that Tae isn’t deprived of me no more. I don’t like seeing him cry it hurts so much to see him like that. I didn’t want to leave him in here but I had to deal with something and since that’s done I can be with my baby. Night Jin hyung and thank you for watching him for me.” I say.

“You’re welcome Jungkook and I don’t mind watching him even though I was on the verge of going into little space myself but I held it in. I’ll see you in the morning. Night Jungkook now go cuddle with your baby.” He says making me chuckle as he leaves the room closing the door behind him.

I grab my sweatpants I was wearing and heads into the bathroom after putting my keys and phone on the nightstand before putting my face mask on my dresser. I change my clothes taking off my shirt so that my baby can feel my warmth more. I go back into the bedroom and lays on the bed beside him. I carefully move him so that he is laying on me. I run my fingers through his hair before falling asleep myself.

Two hours later I’m being woken up by Hoseok and Jimin who are trying to get Yoongi to take him to their room. I nearly laugh at them but I hold it in because I don’t want to wake up my baby or Yoongi. Hoseok finally picks Yoongi up and carries him out of the room with Jimin following behind closing the door behind them. I shake my head and falls back to sleep.

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