Jeon's Baby

Minnie Play Date With Taejinnie

Two months later Taehyung goes to therapy more and less to check ups.

Today I wake up to Jin yelling at Namjoon for breaking something. I roll my eyes at the two.

I turn my body in the direction of my baby to see that he’s awake. I see tears run down his face. I reach over and wipe them from his beautiful face.

“Baby why are you crying. Do you need your medicine?” I ask him making him nod.

“Daddy, hurts. Hurts so much.” He says crying.

My heart aches seeing him like this and I’m so powerless. I get up from bed and walks over to his bag where his medicine is. I get it out before taking one out. I walk to the bathroom and fills a clean plastic mini cup with water. I walk back into the bedroom and sets the cup and the medicine on the nightstand before helping my precious baby sit up. I hand him the pill and the cup. He puts the pill in his mouth before swallowing it with the water.

“Daddy tan Taetae has daddy miwkie?” He asks making me choke.

“W-what?” I ask because he has never asked me this and it’s so sudden.

“Tan Taetae has daddy miwkie pwease?” He repeats.

“Are you sure baby?” Ask making him nod.

“Taetae wan in sippy pwease.” He says looking up at me with innocent doe eyes, I sigh.

I walk into his little room and grabs a unopened sippy cup and heads to the bathroom. When I’m done I head back into the room putting the top on it before handing it to my baby. I watch as he puts starts to drink from it.

“Daddy tase good.” He says pulling away from the sippy cup for a minute.

It’s hot watching him drink my “milk” even though it’s in a sippy cup.

There have been many times I have wanted to take him but I have willed myself not to. I don’t want to hurt him. I also don’t want him to resent me afterwards.

I’m taking it slow for him. I sound selfish but I want to do right by him no matter what head space he’s in.

“Jungkook!” I hear Taehyung yell out pulling me from my thoughts.


“I have been calling you in little space for six minutes but you never answered so I slipped out and called you for another six minutes and now you’re back to me. What were you thinking about for so long?” He asks as I realize that he’s sitting up.

“Um, nothing to important. I’m sorry you had to sit up on your own.”

“Don’t be. I’m not in pain.” He says making me heave a thankful sigh.

“That’s good.” I say nodding.

“Are you ok? You seem like off.” He says.

“I’m fine baby. Nothing to worry about. I have a question where did little you learn to ask me for my “milk” because that has never come up.” I ask him making him look down.

“I got it from hearing Bambam ask Yugyeom one day when in I was in little space walking to our room since they were in theirs. They don’t know that I accidentally heard them but since I can control when I’m in little space or not I knew what that meant. I had contemplated all week on whether or not to ask you that and decided to today. I know that me and you haven’t done anything due to everything that has happened.” He says as he starts blushing.

“I know baby. I want to be with you but there is little we can do until you’re fully healed because I don’t want to hurt you.” I say.

“Yeah...” He says sadly.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him.

“It’s just uh..... It’s nothing. It’s nothing.” He says shaking his head.

“Babe.” I say making him look at me.

I know he wants a physical relationship as well as our relationship now and so do I but as I said before I don’t want to hurt him but I know there are ways to remedy that.

“Don’t be upset babe there are a few things we can do that won’t hurt you until you’re all healed up. Then when you’re healed up I’ll treat you like the prince you are. Let me change that to princess instead of prince.” I say making him blush.

“Awww my baby is blushing. My baby looks so cute.” I say making him blush even more and start to whine.

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop teasing and we have to get up because you have to go to physical therapy in an hour.” I say getting my phone off the nightstand to check the time.

We get out of bed and I help him with getting ready before we go downstairs after grabbing our phones. We get to the living room to see Beauty Queen sitting on the couch with Namjoon watching whatever is on the TV.

The two of them look up at us. Beauty Queen gets up and walks over to us.

“Do you mind if I tag along with the two of you when you go to therapy? Plus I have to talk to you Jungkook about something. After I tell you, you can tell Tae when he’s done with his therapy session.” She says making the two of us nod.

“Yeah that’s fine with us.” I say as the three of us walk into the kitchen where Jin is cooking breakfast.

He looks up from what he’s doing to see the three of us.

“How are you Tae? Are you ok? Do you need anything? Has Jungkook taking care of you like he should? Do you need me to hit Jungkook with a frying pan?” He asks making us laugh.

“I’m fine hyung. No need to hurt Jungkook, he’s doing fine. He’s taking care of me like he should and you already know that.” Tae says making all of us laugh.

All jokes aside Jin will actually hit us with a frying pan if we did or do something he doesn’t like. Yes everyone lives in my house but he is still the mother of the house like Namjoon is the father of the house since he’s married to Jin hyung. The two got married last year on Christmas.

By the time Jin hyung is done cooking breakfast everyone is already up and in he dinning room sitting at the table.

We all eat and clean up. When Tae, Beauty Queen, and I are done we get everything we need before leaving heading towards the therapy center.

When we get there we have to wait a little bit before Tae is called back. We follow his therapist to the room. Me and Beauty Queen sit down before watching Tae and his therapist.

“What is it you wanted to tell me?” I ask breaking her away from staring at Tae’s therapist.

Yes, he’s hot but he can’t compare to my Tae.

“Oh! Um yeah. Well I’m pregnant and the father is dead and surprisingly from a drug overdose of his doing. If anyone who wants me dead found out that I am pregnant they will try and get to me. I need your help. I’m asking you because I trust you and your group and everyone who is associated with you that you trust. I’ve already asked Bex and Beast. They told me to ask you first then come back and ask them.” She says making me nod.

“You’re asking this of me and me as Jeon aren’t you? Of course I will. When we get to the house we’ll tell the others.” I whisper making her smile.

An hour and a half later Tae gets done and we head back out to the car. When we get to the car we tell Tae what she told me.

We head back to the house. When we get there we get out of the car and go inside to see almost everyone in the living room.

“We have something to tell all of you but can one of you go get everyone else?” I ask as I help Taehyung over to the couch to sit down.

Once everyone is in the living room room.

“Well I should be the one to tell you all.” Beauty Queen says looking around at everyone.

“Y/n, you don’t have to. I told you I would if you didn’t want to.” I say seeing her nod.

“Please.” Is all she says.

“Well Y/n is pregnant and the father is dead of his own doing. She asked me if we can protect her from people who want her dead. I gave her my word that we will. I’ll have to get ahold of Bex and Beast to tell them that they can protect her as well since they are waiting on my answer because they told her to ask me first.” I say making everyone nod.

“We will protect her. We would do that anyways even if she didn’t ask. Since she practically lives here now why don’t she stay here? We can protect her more here.” Youngjae says.

“I don’t want to intrude.” Y/n says.

“You’re not intruding if we offer it. Plus he’s not wrong. We would be able to protect you better here than at your house.” I say making Tae nod.

“Stay here. I don’t want anything happening to you or the baby. You are my only actual family apart from my grandparents and my brother that I care about.” Tae says looking at Taejin then at Y/n.

“Ok, I will.” Y/n says nodding making Tae smile.

“Now that all that’s dealt with I’m going to go start on lunch.” Jun says making the rest of us laugh.

“Yoonminseok and Marson go with Beauty Queen to get some of her things that she needs because I know she doesn’t have many things here that are hers. Then go with her to get anything she needs for the baby. Tomorrow Jin hyung can give her an ultrasound to see how far along she is so that he can determine a due date. I’m not going to let his studying to be a doctor before he got associated with me to go to waste.” I say making everyone nod before going to do either what I told them to do or whatever they want.

Taejin comes up to me and Taehyung.

“I’m glad that you know about me. You know how much Dad of a dick dad was. He told me he’d kill me if I ever told you who I was but you can tell that I’m related to you by just looking at me so technically I wouldn’t have had to say much. You already knew that dad was cheating on your mom but he didn’t know that. You didn’t dare confront him on it either. You can tell the difference between me and you in a few ways. You already know that I’m like Jungkook. Where you are a little I am a daddy dom. You don’t have to worry about me criticizing you, I’m not going to do that. I have a present for you when you’re in little space as well.” Taejin says before picking up something from beside the couch.

He lifts it up to reveal a bag before handing it to Tae as he watches my reaction. Tae looks up at me before looking back at the bag. I nod my head in response. He starts to open the bag and takes out the tissue paper before pulling out one by one all the BT21 plush dolls that he has been wanting for a while. I had been planning on getting them for him but never get around to it.

“I got Yoongi and Jin the same but I didn’t know what to get Bambam, Mark, and Jinyong. So I just got them random stuffies along with some other things. I didn’t want them to feel left out.” He says seeing the happy smile on his face.

Taejin gives everyone else their gifts. We all eat lunch when Jin hyung is done fixing it.

An hour later Tae and I are in our room cuddling on the bed with all of his new stuffies along with Taeger. A knock sounds at the door.

“Who is it?” I call out.

“It’s Taejin, Jin hyung told me to come and get you two because dinner is almost done.”

“Alright, you can come in if you want. Tae is in little space but he needs to thank you for getting him the BT21 stuffies that he’s been wanting for a while.” I say as Taejin walks in the room after opening the door.

“He doesn’t need to thank me. I got them because I wanted to.”

“Fank chu bubba.” Tae says picking up Tata and Cooky from beside us.

“You are welcome bud.” Taejin say as Tae beams.

“Taejinnie pway?” Tae asks after handing me Cooky before picking up Van and holds it up to him, Taejin smiles.

“If your daddy is ok with it after dinner bub.” He says making me chuckle.

“I’m fine with it. Now come on let’s get downstairs before Jin hyung comes up here with a frying pan.” I say as I pick Tae up from the bed as I get up.

The three of us get downstairs and head to the kitchen where almost everyone is sitting at the table. A couple of minutes pass as everyone else slowly come into the kitchen and sits down at the table as Jin hyung sets the food on the table.

We all eat and talk about random things. When we’re all done I help Tae to the living room to sit on the couch while me and everyone else minus Namjoon who also goes into the living room to sit on the couch cleans up the kitchen. When we’re all done Taejin and I walk out together towards Tae who is looking at us expectantly.

“Pway nows?” He asks eagerly making the two of us chuckle.

“Yes, baby but only for an hour because you need to take a bath.” I say making him nod.

I turn my attention to Taejin who nods in response as I pick up Tae from the couch and the three of us head to my room to get Tae’s toys off the bed putting them on the couch where I set Tae who is in his own little world to notice me going over to the dresser taking out my clothes to take a shower.

“Taejin, if anything happens I’ll be taking a shower.” I say pointing to the bathroom after I get his attention making him nod.

Taehyungs POV

Daddy leaves the room to take a shower leaving me and Taejinnie to play with my BT21 stuffies that Taejinnie gots me. I grab Van and holds it up to him expectantly making him chuckle.

“Bwe Van?” I ask with wide eyes.

“Of course bud.” He says taking Van from my hold.

I pick up Tata before adding Cooky, Chimmy, RJ, Koya, and Shooky. The two of us don’t realize daddy is through with his shower until thirty minutes later until he scares me by placing a hand on my shoulder. I jump making him chuckle.

“I’m sorry for scaring you baby daddy didn’t mean to.” He says rubbing the back of my neck making me calm down.

“You have thirty minutes until you have to get a bath baby.” He says before kissing my temple making me smile soaking up daddys love.

He straightens up and walks over to the bed and sits down after patting me on the head.

Taejinnie and I continue playing until time for me to take a bath. The both of us get up. Taejinnie hugs me.

“Maybe we can play sometime tomorrow or whenever with your daddy’s permission.” He says after we pull away.

“You might be able to but right now you need a bath baby boy.” Daddy says making me giggle.

“Night bud. Night Jungkook.” Taejinnie says walking to the door.

“Nigh Nigh Taejinnie.” I say making daddy and Taejinnie both chuckle.

“Night Taejin.” Daddy says before Taejinnie leaves the room closing the door behind him.

“Daddy, Taetae pway wif Yoonie, Bammie, Mawkie, and Youngie wif Taejinnie?” I ask as he gets my clothes together before we head to the bathroom after he picks me up.

“We’ll see baby. We’ll have to see how the others are tomorrow. If they are ok then you might can.” Daddy says fixing the bath and putting my bath toys in the tub after setting me on the counter.

Daddy helps me take off my clothes and into the bathtub. He wets my hair making me close my eyes as he puts shampoo in my hair and massages my head with it before rinsing it out. He puts conditioner on my head and massages it in leaving while he washes me off while I play with the bath toys. When he’s done he rinses me off along with my hair. I hand him the bath toys so that he can set them in the sink.

I unplug the stopper as he gets my towel. I stand up and he wraps the towel around me and helps me out. I get dried off and put on my pajamas. Daddy dries my hair before blow drying it so that I won’t get sick. He gets done and helps me brush my teeth.

When I’m done he picks me up and we head out of the bathroom turning off the light as we leave. He sets me on the bed before going over and gets Cooky and Tata after making a makeshift bed for the other BT21 stuffies. I hold Taeger to me since he was on the bed. I get under the covers as he walks back over to the bed and gets in pulling me to him as he turns off the light after placing Tata and Cooky beside us. I snuggle into him as I fall asleep.

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