Jeon's Baby

#1 AssholeSDD Is My Father

“Yoongi, put that down. You aren’t going to do anything to make the situation worse. Hoseok grab him. Jimin take what’s in his hands away. Yugyeom deal with Bambam. Jackson, you don’t have to do anything Mark is fine. Namjoon hold Jin he wants your attention. Jaebum and Youngjae punish Jinyoung for hitting Taehyung and Bambam with a plastic bat that should be outside.” I say holding a crying Taehyung in my arms.

“I reminded all of you before any of this happened that Taehyung is still healing. I don’t want to have to take him back to the hospital because of something having gone wrong and he got hurt because of it. You all know how I am if he gets hurt even if it’s not much. Just please make sure that your littles aren’t being fussy and having tantrums every few minutes. I don’t want Tae hurt again.” I say rubbing his back as I hold back tears that threaten to fall.

“Daddy, we go to woom? Taetae wan tuddle.” He says making me chuckle.

“Okay baby, let’s go cuddle.” I say picking him up and heads upstairs to our room.

I set Tae on the bed helping him get in a comfortable position before getting into the bed. Not even a minute goes by after I am comfy with my baby my phone starts to ring. I take my phone out off the nightstand to see who it is

#1 Asshole sperm donor dickwad: I am coming cover to visit. I have something to tell you. It’s important.

Jungkook: If it’s so important why can’t you tell me now instead of coming to my fucking house where YOU ARE NOT FUCKING WELCOME AND NEVER WILL BE!

#1 Asshole sperm donor dickwad: Is that any way to talk to your father?

Jungkook: What father? I don’t see one... because I don’t fucking have one!!!! You are just someone who fucking claimed to love my mom but in truth, you didn’t because you wouldn’t have done the things you did. Once you are done talking to me better yet you should just tell me what the hell you are going to tell me now because I’m liable of beating the ever fucking shit out of you if you say or do anything wrong and I’m pretty sure everything you say or do will be pretty damn irritating.

#1 Asshole sperm donor dickwad: Alright son I’ll tell you now. Your mother died a few months ago and left everything to you instead of me. I think its because she knew about me and other women. So I want you to come with me to get some stuff situated like getting some of the stuff that’s in the will changed over to me. You know like the house and everything that’s in it minus a couple of things that are yours and your mothers.

Jungkook: You know what I was going to give you the damn house but your stupid ass just messed up and guess what. I’M NOT GIVING YOU SHIT FUCKFACE. Come here all you want I’m not letting your shitass in and neither is anyone in the house so good luck with life broke ass fuck and along the lines of death because truth be told I don’t care a flying fuck about you and I really shouldn’t have to after the way I was treated by you and mom. At least she cared enough about me to give me everything she had unlike you who she apparently didn’t give two shits about. Have fun with life and everything. If you contact me again I won’t answer and your ass is gonna get blocked when I’m done saying this. If you go to the police about anything they won’t do anything because I help them in a way now since they have tried to put me in prison for everything that I have done and that’s a long list but I won’t get into that. If you continue to try and talk to me I promise you I will kill your sick pathetic ass.

Once I send that I block him before texting everyone else minus Tae who is beside me telling them not to open the door if someone knocks. I tell them that they have to call me is someone does. I put my phone back on the nightstand and put my attention on Taehyung who has slipped out of little space with a worried expression.

“I have seen you mad more than once but this? That was your father wasn’t it?” Tae asks making me nod.

“What he did to you was horrible and I would be the same way. Actually, I want to beat the hell out of him but that doesn’t change anything. You and your mother didn’t deserve that at all but after your mother changed you really didn’t deserve anything they did. I know what they did but you already knew that because I witnessed it and promised you that I would never tell anyone. I kept that promise and is still keeping that promise. I love you Jungkook and always will. As much as you want to protect me, I want to protect you from your own fears instead of you having to fight them on your own. I know how much you loved your mother and your father didn’t even tell you until now that she passed. That was a dick move. Yes, I read over your texts and I know you don’t mind plus I trust you. I know that you won’t hurt me unintentionally if you do I know that you have a reason behind it and will explain in the end behind it.” Tae says hugging me before pulling me into a hug.

This is why I love this boy. He is the most amazing and understanding person I have ever had the opportunity to get to know and be with. Jimin was never like this. When he actually had feelings for me he would always get mad at little things and would get jealous of everyone who spoke to me, would threaten to kill them. Then slowly yet noticeable he started to change. I don’t have to pretend that I didn’t notice anymore. I’m with the person I have wanted to be with for a long time. But would didn’t accept it before the day I picked him up from his mothers house after I killed his annoying disgusting father.

I am walking home from Tae’s house annoyed with my boyfriend who is obsessed with Tae. I had been comforting Tae because my boyfriend wouldn’t leave him alone.

Seeing no lights on in the house I sigh in relief, guessing my father isn’t home, which is short-lived as I unlock the door pushing it open closing the door behind me. I hear the television on I then took towards the living room seeing in the dim light that comes from the tv showing my fathers sleeping naked form on the couch surrounded by trash and empty beer bottles. Recoiling in disgust I silently try to go upstairs to my room without him noticing me as I keep an eye on him.

“Please don’t wake up,” I repeat in my head as I start to walk to my room once I reached the top of the stairs.

I stop mid-step as I hear shuffling and bottles clinking against one another.

“Please don’t wake up. Please don’t wake up. Please don’t wake up!” I yell at him in my head.

“Juh Kooookah, mere need tall you.” He slurs.

“Shit!” I say in my head wondering if I should just bolt to my room and lock the door.

I sigh, turning around knowing that it would be worse if he were to get in.

I reach the base of the stairs and stand there.

“Yes sir,” I reply keeping distance between us.

Standing in the dark I hope that he doesn’t see my trembling body.

“Closer.” I don’t want to but I know what would happen if I said no so I edge closer to him.

He decides that I’m not close enough to him so he throws a beer bottle at my head but it doesn’t hit me it hits the wall behind me instead.

“If I’d been sober I wouldn’t have missed. Now get over here you brat I won’t say it again.” He slurs out angrily.

I quickly make my way in front of him ignoring the overpowering smell of alcohol. he grips my wrist painfully before placing my hand on his member.

“You know how I like it.” He says smirking, removing his grip from my wrist.

I yank my hand away as I decide to run away to my room praying that he doesn’t catch me. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t with me today as I run up the stairs only to feel a hand shove me making me fall busting my lip on the step. He grabs my arm yanking me up and twists it behind my back, I cry out in pain. I throw my head back to hit him with no success. He grabs me by the back of the neck squeezing hard as he leans close to my ear.

“If you wanted to go to your room all you had to do was ask.” He says teasingly as I try not to expel everything that’s in my stomach.

“You shouldn’t have ran. That was a big mistake.” He says squeezing my arm harder, I whimper in pain hoping he won’t break it.

“Now march,” he says pushing me forwards knowing that the fight is over and that I lost, I don’t resist.

When we’re up the stairs and at my room he throws me in slamming the door and locks it.

“Now let’s get down to business.” He says with that evil smirk on his face.

I back away until the backs of my knees hit the bed knowing that I won’t make it to the bathroom. I try to reason with him.

“You’re drunk you don’t realize what you are doing. How about you go and take another nap? You’ll feel better tomorrow.” I say as my voice shakes in fear.

“Not happening kid.” He says stepping closer spinning me around shoving my face into the mattress.

He pulls my pants and boxers down after taking off my belt. He takes the belt and binds my hands in front of me with it. I squirm once I feel him at my entrance, making me yell at the top of my lungs for him to stop. In response, he grabs my hair and yanks it forcing my head back.

“Stop whining like a little bitch and take it so that I can feel good.” He says before slamming into me.

I grip the covers with my bound hands as I try to voice out my protests but they only come out muffled due to the sock. Tears run down my face as he continues. I blackout from the pain and crying so much. When I come to I no longer have the sock in my mouth and my hands are no longer bound.

“How nice of him,” I mumble through gritted teeth as I try to get up and make my way to my bathroom grabbing some clothes on the way.

I close the door and lock it before feeling the safety of it.

“When I am done with my shower I’m going back to Taehyungs house.” I think to myself as I turn on the water after setting my clothes on the counter.

I take off what’s left of the clothes I had on and gets in the shower. I wash off all the filth my father put on my body. Once I feel that I am no longer filthy I turn off the water and get out. I dry off and put my clothes on before brushing my teeth and hair. I walk back into my bedroom to find my phone sitting on the nightstand with two notes on top of it. I pick all three up.

I found this on the table in the kitchen when I got home. You can go over to one of your friends house for a while. Just call or text me when you are leaving. Don’t make any noise when you are leaving. ~ Mom

You left your phone at my house. ~ Tae

I text Tae.

Jungkook: Do you mind if I stay at your house for a while since you told me that your parents wi be gone for a while?

BeauTaeful: Of course you can stay! Why would I mind if you did? Even if my parents were here you still be would be able to stay. You don’t have to tell me what happened but I don’t have to tell you something when you get here.

Jungkook: Ok, do I have enough clothes because I don’t want to be bothered with packing since I want to leave as quickly as I possibly can.

BeauTaeful: Yeah, you have enough clothes and if you don’t want to wear any of them you can wear mine since most of mine are baggy. Hurry up and get here before anything else can happen which I don’t want happening.

I smile at this before turning off my phone and puts it in my pocket. I grab everything that I need before heading downstairs and out of the house closing the door as quickly and quietly as I possibly could. I run over to my neighbors house and knocks on the door.

Why am I at my neighbors house? Well she knows what happens to me and my mom, well some things. Since my dad doesn’t know that I have a car she offered to claim it as hers and keeps it in her driveway. Every time I get it I tell her so that she won’t think someone has gotten it. When the guys rarely come over they park in her driveway.

I wait a few minutes before the door opens to reveal Mrs. Jimin.

“Oh! Jungkook.” She says with a smile.

“Hi Mrs. Jimin, I’m just getting my car so that you won’t think someone stole it,” I say chuckling.

“That’s fine. You heading to Taehyungs?” She asks making me get a confused look on my face making her laugh.

“Not long after you got home Taehyung pulls into my driveway. He came inside and we talked for a little bit before he headed over to your house because you had left your phone at his, he showed it to me. When he came out a few minutes later he looked like he wanted to kill someone. I’m sure he could have if he wanted to. When he was getting into his car I came outside and asked him what was wrong but all he said was. “Jungkooks pathetic disgusting excuse of a father deserves the joy of being tormented and tortured in the pits of Hell. I don’t kill but I do help sometimes. Him, I would be happy to help whoever want to have him killed. I would be more than happy helping someone torture the shit ass. I promise you more than one person wants him dead and I’m sure the main person is Jungkook and the second is his mother.” He said before slamming the car door after climbing in then he left. Whatever happened Taehyung didn’t want to see, hear, or whatever. Many people hate your father for many reasons and this just adds to Taehyungs long list of reasons to hat him that much more. I’m sure that goes for you as well.” She says making me nod in response.

That was the day that Taehyung heard what my father had done. Tae punched a hole in his bedroom wall he was so angry. Taehyung hates my father and who can blame him? I hate him as well but that’s understandable given the situation I was put in. After that every time my dad did something and yes this was when we were in high school I told Taehyung everything and went to his house after it did happen. I never went to Jimins house after I started dating him. I always went to Jimin’s. When I got 18 I moved out leaving Taehyung behind but I always knew what he was up to minus his job. I could never find or follow him for some reason. it’s not like I didn’t try I just couldn’t when he went somewhere dark I would lose him. So I quit trying after that. When his mother contacted me unknowingly I knew that it was time to bring him back to me. I had missed him for so long and I also knew my relationship with Jimin was no longer existent. I am happier now that I have Taehyung than I have for a long time. He is my everything.

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