Jeon's Baby

Father Visits, Father's Death

Hey Sweet Potato Bunnies, I hope you are all doing well. Anyways this is a warning due to the nature of this chapter. It’s a graphic death scene. I hope you all like the chapter.

An hour after talking to my father the doorbell sounds but everyone looks at me since we are all in the living room doing nothing in particular since all the little weren’t in little space and Tae didn’t feel comfortable slipping due to the situation.

“JEON JUNGKOOK ANSWER THE DAMN DOOR YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Upon hearing this suddenly Tae growls in my lap.

I look up at him as I see raw anger. Anger that I have never seen before. I make no move to get up. My father knows that I’m not going to open the door so he breaks the door down. None of us flinch or make a move to pay attention to him which makes him growl in anger.

“Jungkook, you listen here. I demand you to give me the shit I was supposed to get from your mother.” He yells in anger.

I ignore him and keep my eyes on Taehyung who is radiating anger and hate that you can feel if you were near him. If I didn’t know any better Tae could kill my father and truthfully I wouldn’t mind it either. A few minutes after my father comes into the house I notice that a woman that I know came in after him. She knows that I can see her without looking behind me due to a nearby mirror on the wall. My father isn’t paying the mirror any attention instead his eyes are on me and Tae. Nothing else in the room matters to him. I casually move Tae off my lap as I see him nod in understanding before I get up and turn around towards my father.

“I told you that you are getting shit because of your dumbass demanding shit. You know that’s not going to get you anywhere but you should already know that because you are a grown-ass adult or did you forget that in that fucked up brain of yours? I told you not to come here. I also told you that I wouldn’t answer the door. Did you listen? No so here we are. A disowned shitass in front of a whole lot of people who would love to kill him because of all the shit he has put people through. To be completely honest with you since you are here how about you follow me and the rest of us will follow. Nerah, you can come to. I know you would like to be there as well giving your reputation.” I say smirking as I see a confused expression on my father’s face.

Nerah is the woman my father married but she has always hated my father. She is also like Beauty Queen in a sense. Regardless my father follows me to the torture room as does everyone else. I reach out to Taehyung who gladly takes my hand. He’s able to walk a little but he still has to use a wheelchair. I pick him up and take him over to a wheelchair that I had bought and put down there for things like this. I snap my fingers and the guys know what to do. As much as my father fights he can’t take down all of them. He looks at Nerah who knows that I am Jeon unlike my father who doesn’t but he’s about to find out.

“Nerah when this is all over I am giving you the house and anything that I deem not important. Now, let’s get down to why you are in a situation such as this. Well, you destroyed my life. Simple as that. You did the same to many others as well but there is one other person who contacted me on behalf of it. She was very adamant about it. She also asked if she could be here and help if she could. As you can tell she’s here. She never loved you. Never even liked you. Just fucked and married you because it was the only way to get closer to you so that she could find out your weaknesses. That’s how Nerah works. She figures out your weaknesses and uses them against you. Do know who Jeon is Father?” I ask him.

“No, but I hear he’s a ruthless killer. What do you know about him? Is he here? Where is he?” He asks as I see fear in his eyes which makes me chuckle evilly.

I can see all the color drain from his face.

“Oh yes father Jeon is ruthless. He is here and guess what. I’m Jeon. I’m not going to do anything to you yet. First I’m going to let Nerah have her fun then if Tae wants to help me he can. I’m sure at the moment with all of his anger and hatred towards you he could simply take a hammer to your head and kill you right now but for right now Nerah is going to torture you. You deserve what you get today meaning you are not going to the same place as mom when we are done. You are going straight to Hell where you should be. I don’t kill innocent people. I kill people who really deserve it. Many of the people who know me as Jeon think the same as well since most of them do the exact same thing as me with the exception of a few people.” I say as I motion to Nerah to do her thing.

She grabs a bottle and an unopened needle package. The opens it and takes the needle out before stabbing the top of the battle with it after taking the top off. She pulls the liquid into the needle before taking out the needle setting the bottle down on the table where she got it. My father is restrained on some type of exam table that is metal and I could really care less about the damn name because it’s really not important.

My father’s eyes look at Nerah in fear as she shows him the needle filled with the liquid.

“Father do you know what the liquid is or do we need to explain everything to you?” I ask, teasingly making him jerk his head my way.

He growls as he tries to get out of his restraints which is useless because he’s not going to get free.

“Can a couple of you hold him still. He’s very annoying plus if he keeps moving I’ll puncture something I didn’t want to and he’ll die immediately which is what I don’t want. I want him to suffer as much as the rest of you.” Nerah says making the guys nod as Jackson, Yugyeom, Bambam, Mark, Namjoon, and Yoongi go and hold my father so that he won’t be able to move as much.

We need to get more restraints since the ones being used are worn. I make mental note on that.

Once Nerah is happy with the amount of moving my father does she stabs him in the neck with it before releasing the Black Shadow in his body. Black veins become visible almost immediately. She takes the needle out and sets it on the table. She motions to the guys that they can let go which they do before coming over to me to let her do whatever she wants.

Two hours of my father screaming Nerah has cut off my fathers ears, castrated him, skinned one of his legs, carved something into his right arm, cut off the pointer and middle fingers off both hands along with his thumbs. She’s precise about everything she does but she does it semi quickly and smoothly. The way she does everything is done with a sort of elegance which is odd to say but it’s true. When she feels like she has done enough she looks over to me where everyone is and nods.

“Jungkook, I’m done. I’m happy with it as well but he’s still alive so killing him is in your hands as it always has.” She says smiling as she puts down the knife that was in her hand on the table before walking over to the nearby bathroom and washes her hands.

She walks back out as I push Taehyung over to where my father is. All my father does is stare at us.

“Y..... you...... you won’t do an...... an..... anything..... g Taehyun...... g. You can....... can’t even kill some......... some........... someone without feeling ba..... bad about it.” My father says to Taehyung, making Tae growl in anger before picking up the knife Nerah used and slams it down making it go completely through the middle of my father’s hand which makes him scream out.

“YOU SHIT ASS I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HURTING YOU BECAUSE I KNOW ALL THE SHIT YOU’VE DONE! DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE ME. I don’t think you’ll have any problem with that because you’ll be dead soon and the rest of us won’t have to put up with you anymore. Jungkook does what you want but I want to rip his heart out. That’s all I want to do. He’s pissed me off. Just him coming here pisses me off and the same goes for you. I want this over with so we won’t have to put up with him any longer. Have your fun once you’re done I’m ripping his heart out.” He says watching my father’s reaction the whole time.

I’m proud of Tae, really proud of him. Him being this angry is hot and I’m not complaining. I just don’t want that anger pointed at me and I hope it never is. Anyone else fine, me? No, that would make me upset. There is one thing I need to make sure of is that none of the littles slip while we are down here because that would scare the hell out of all of them.

“Jin, you Yoongi, Bambam, Jinyoung, and Mark go and fix the front door. Youngjae go with them.” I say making all of them nod in understanding as they give me a concerned look towards Tae.

“He’ll be fine. He’s way too pissed to slip. If he does slip I’ll notice immediately since I’ll be watching him even if I am mutilating my father at the time. I will stop and take Taehyung away from everything.” I say making them nod before leaving closing the door behind them.

I turn back to my father who is half conscious. I slap him to keep him away.

“You can’t fall out now even though you’re halfway dead anyways.” I say as his eyes open slightly.

I pick up something from the table but I’m not really paying attention to what it was until I feel the weight of it. I look down at my hand to see it’s a hatchet. I lift it up to see my father’s reaction to it. The fear on his face tells me everything I wanted to know. I put it back on the table before picking up the blow torch next to it before turning it on. I’m not going to hook him up to the stretcher since Tae wants to rip his heart out but I’ll have to use the hatchet to split the chest bone that protects the heart.

I take the blow torch and burn his left eye and cheek. I burn random symbols in the skin of one of his arms and his side. I put the torch down and grabs a knife. I cut out his tongue, and mutilated his feet and legs, cutting out pieces. I do the same to his arms and face. I press the tip of the knife at the start of his abdomen and runs it to his navel before actually gutting him. I cut the skin off his stomach to expose everything. I then cut the skin of his chest.

I put the knife back on the table and picked up the hatchet once again. I rotate in my hand before slamming it down in his chest hard enough to break the bone but not damage the heart. I hear the crack before making a space big enough to pull apart the bones to have access to the heart. When the space is big enough Tae takes the hatchet from me as I push the bones away from each other. All while my father tries to scream in agony but doesn’t get much out. When Tae sees that there is enough room for him to put his hand in he does so wrapping his hand around the heart before yanking it out harshly before picking up a knife from the table. He throws the heart up as he does the hand with the knife handles the knife in a throwing position before throwing it. The knife goes through the middle of the heart. Since the knife was long it stuck through the other side of the heart and got stuck in the wall a few feet away from us.

We look up at everyone else that is still in the room to see shocked expressions and I know why we all do. Taehyung has never killed anyone until today. Even after today I’m sure that it will go back to that which I don’t mind. He has his own job that he likes to do and yes it’s dangerous but not so as much as killing people even though the people I kill deserve it. I don’t kill innocent people that is just wrong but there are people who kill because of the high they get from it. Yes, it’s fun for me but that’s because I’m taking someone out of the world who doesn’t need to be here but what does that say about me? I kill for a living but in ways I’m doing a good thing and getting rid of the extremely bad people but some don’t think of it that way but most appreciate what I do and respect me for it if they know who I am of course which are select people minus the ones I kill.

I push Tae who is still in the wheelchair to the bathroom so that we can clean up. The guys know what to do since they do this pretty much all the time. When the two of us are done the body, heart, blood, tools, everything are gone from the room. I pick up Taehyung from the wheelchair before carrying him back upstairs where the others are in the living room while Jin is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Tae sees his younger brother and immediately goes into little space and motions for him, making me chuckle at him. The other littles see that he’s in little space and decides to slip as well minus Jin.

By the time dinner is ready all the littles are playing on the floor with stuffies or watching cartoons or in Yoongi’s case asleep on the couch cuddling Tae while sucking his thumb and holding onto his Shooky stuffie. Jin calls us to the kitchen. Tae wakes up Yoongi who is somewhat ok with being woken up by him. The two walk hand in hand to the kitchen which makes everyone who saw it coo at the two. Mark, Bambam, and Jinyoung had immediately ran to the kitchen when Jin called so Nerah, Taejin, Beauty Queen, Jaebum, Yugyeom, Jimin, Hoseok, Namjoon, Youngjae, Jackson, and I saw Yoongi and Tae. They love each other that’s undoubtable and I’m not complaining why should I? The scene was cute and innocent.

The rest of us make our way to the kitchen and sits down at the table. We all eat and talk about random shit that doesn’t make sense and some that does.

“Jungkook, a group that I’ve dealt with, are looking at Taehyung. Something about him giving them the wrong thing but I know Tae never gave them the wrong thing. He never messes up an order and this was when he was able to go out and deliver the deliveries. But that’s not the actual reason as to why they want him. The group’s leader caught a liking for Tae but the leader is a female she calls herself Bloods Mistress.”

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