Jeon's Baby

Bloods Mistress

Taehyung’s Pov

“BLOODS MISTRESS WANTS MY BABY!? HOW MANY OTHERS WANT HIM? AND YES WE ALL KNOW WHO SHE IS, SHE’S MY FREAKING CRAZY COUSIN who LIKES BUT HATES EVERYONE. But she’s like me when it comes to my dad but anyways that’s not the point. MY DUMBASS COUSIN WANTS MY BOYFRIEND. BITCH I’M GOING TO CALL HER. SHE IS NOT HAVING MY BABY.” Jungkook says yelling as he gets up from the table taking his phone out of his pocket heading towards the living room.

“Yuna, what is this I hear about you wanting my boyfriend? You know you can’t have him Because one he’s mine, he’s gay, he’s a little which you don’t like, so right there tells you, you can’t have him along with the fact that he is mine. If you come and try to take him you are asking for a death wish. Also why can’t you people wait until my baby is healed up to decide you want him. I mean seriously he can barely stand up some times. I don’t care if you are family. I will kill you if you try and take my baby away from me. If you don’t respect me on this then you have automatically sealed your own death.” Jungkook says harshly into the phone before coming back into the kitchen and sits down at the table.

A couple of months later I’m almost healed the doctor said I need two more weeks to heal. me and Jungkook are cuddled up on the bed. I’m partially in little space but I didn’t really want to do anything as to why the two of us are cuddling on the bed. He kisses me on the temple.

“Are you ok baby?” He asks brushing his lips against my head.

“I’m fine daddy. I don’t want to be around everyone else today if that’s ok.” I say quietly.

“That’s fine baby. I’m sure the others will understand. I’ll just text Jin hyung to tell him to send up our food when he fixes it so that he knows what to do. We’ll just stay here all day unless something important comes up.” He says as he massages my waist, I moan at this.

“Beautiful.” He whispers before kissing me on the neck making me moan once again feeling the blush crawl up my neck to my ears and ending on my cheeks.

“Daddy, why are you doing this.” I ask as he continues to kiss my neck up to my jaw back down to my shoulder.

“Baby we can all tell that you are pent up and you haven’t been going into little space as often. Daddy loves you and wants you to be heathy. So daddy’s going to help you like usual. If you don’t want to go farther that’s fine. I love you and always will.” He says as I move to lay on y back making him move a little.

He leans down and kisses me sliding his tongue to meet mine not waiting to ask for entrance because he knows that he doesn’t need to. He holds my waist before rubbing up and down on my side. He stops at the top of my hip before massaging it. before he’s able to do anything else something explodes. Neither of us know where we just know that it’s close and if that was the only one or not.

Jungkook gets up as I sit up and puts on jeans and a shirt along with timberlands. He gets picks out some clothes for me to wear as I move to sit on the edge of the bed. He helps me get dressed before picking me up and takes me to the bathroom. The two of us brush our teeth and hair quickly before he picks me up again and leaves grabbing both mine and his phones along with Taeger before going down stairs.

“What the hell was that?” He asks as soon as we get down stairs.

Everyone looks at him.

“It was Bloods Mistress, she’s been trying to get in for the past hour but we put up the lockdown.” Namjoon says making Jungkook nod.

“The secret rooms won’t get impacted by anything she much less anyone else does. So all the littles will be going there. I don’t care if you are in little space or not you are going down there. I have don’t any of you hurt but I get yelled at if any of the littles get hurt. I got an ear full when Tae was hurt and that alone wasn’t supposed to happen. No one knew that was going to happen so how was I supposed to know that? Yes, I am in charge. No, I don’t know everything. I can be stupid at times but in the end I make decisions that I hope are right and I that I hope are the right ones. Now come on Yuna messed with the wrong person.” He says leading everyone to the kitchen before leading everyone to the entrance of the secret room.

Once Jungkook gets the door open he motions for everyone to go inside. Once inside he closes the behind us making sure it’s locked. Everyone moves so that the two of us can get passed as he leads them to the secret mini house as I call it because that’s technically what it is.

“I’m going to take Tae to a bedroom. He has a headache and doesn’t really want to be bothered. He’ll most likely be asleep the whole time. You’ll just need to check on him once in a while. You won’t hear or feel anything while in here. I will message Jin when we are done dealing with everyone.” Jungkook says making everyone nod.

He carries me off a bedroom where he sets me down on the bed.

“I’ll be back don’t worry. Nothing is keeping me away from my baby. Not even if I die. I will always come back for you.” He says as tears well up in my eyes and I fully slip into little space.

“Bwe tarefuw daddy. Taetae no wan daddy die. Taetae need daddy. Taetae wuv daddy. Daddy tome bat to Taetae.” I says as tears fall.

“Daddy will baby. Daddy will. Daddy knows his baby needs him. Daddy loves his baby a lot as well. Daddy will come back to his baby I promise.” He says as he wipes the tears from my face.

“Give daddy a kiss baby. It’ll give daddy strength.” He says making me smile before leaning in and kisses him on the lips.

“Such sweet sugar.” He says once we pull away then leaves.

I lay down as tears fall from my eyes once again cuddling Taeger to my chest falling to sleep like that.

Yoongi’s Pov

I watch as Jungkook leaves the bedroom before stopping to look at everyone who isn’t a little.

“I promised my baby that I will come back to him and nothing is stopping me from doing so. I hope that all goes for the rest of you. Do NOT die on me or your little and I mean none of you.” He says as he takes out his phone and checks the surveillance cameras to see what’s going on.

“Once we get upstairs I’m going to take down the lockdown and you are free to do as you please but leave Yuna to me. She’s the one putting my baby on the line, the person I love with every fiber of my being. She is paying for it. She made her decision Taejin and Beauty Queen you both can help me. That’s the only two I’m allowing.” He says making everyone nod before they all leave.

I go into the bedroom to find a Taehyung laying on the bed cuddled with Taeger asleep with a tear stained face. I decide to lay go and lay on the bed with him falling to sleep myself.

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