Jeon's Baby

The Legend Of Death

A man follows a life of purity and truth while another lives in lies and hate. A third goes through hardships and revelations wondering what he did to deserve the things that have happened to him. People don’t understand him so they underestimate him so he makes a deal with Death.

Death makes an agreement with the man. If the man kills the people who do unspeakable and tormenting things to innocents he will grant the man an immortal life. The man had done what Death told him to do but death didn’t do as he promised so the man kills Death in a rage. The man saw what he done and becomes Death himself.

He now goes around finding the one’s that go throw what he did offering an immortal life. With every immortal life comes a death of another.

Jungkooks POV

We get up stairs to find someone in the living room.

“Who are you?′ I ask them.

“I am Death. I was a man like you. I suffered like you. I pretty much had the same life as you until I met Death. You might be thinking how can you meet Death, you are Death. Well there was another Death before me. I killed him in rage because he tricked me and my doing so I became Death. I am here to make an agreement with you. I know how many lives live in this house and I know how many there are outside. You kill everyone outside everyone will become immortal. You fail to do so, no immortality.” He says before disappearing confusing the hell out of all of us.

“Well that just happened.” Namjoon says making me chuckle.

I take down the lockdown which ends up with a slew of people coming into the house surrounding all of us. It’s a good thing the entrance well entrances to the secret rooms are closed. I can’t risk anyone finding everyone else. Without having to think about it I take out a gun that was in a drawer in a table that was beside me and starts shooting any and everyone that isn’t with me. When I get to the person who is the cause of this. This didn’t have to happen. She could have gone after someone that she could have but she had to go after something that was mine.

She looks at me with a frightened face but I don’t care she is NOT going to take something that I so deeply for away from me. Not now, not ever, and will never. Before she could say anything I knock her out by punching her. Once everyone else is dead I have one of the guys pick her up and take her to Death’s room. They bind her to the table and we wait until she wakes up.

An hour later she wakes up and tries to get out from her bindings which makes me chuckle at the attempt. We all know she’s heard of Jeon but she along with my father didn’t know that I was Jeon. None of my biological family except for my now family know that I am Jeon. I want to keep it that way and I’m going to keep it that way.

I know she heard me chuckle because she stiffens.

“Jungkook?” She asks making all of us laugh.

“Yeah, no. Jungkook is not here. Jeon is though.” I hear Namjoon say calmly as I almost laugh.

I walk over to her with a straight face.

“You-your not J-jeon.” She says stuttering, I laugh.

Her eyes go wide.

“I am Jeon. Only the people I fully trust know this along with most of the people Taehyung knows and trusts like his little brother Taejin and his cousin Beauty Queen.” Yuna’s eyes go wide upon hearing me say Beauty Queen.

Beauty Queen comes out of a dark corner watching Yuna’s eyes feel with fear.

“Jeon can I pleeeease be the one to kill her? She betrayed me, stole from me, lied to me, even framed me, killed someone that I actually loved, and now she’s threatened you by trying to take my cousin.” Beauty Queen beggingly asks.

“I was going to let you do that anyways. I’m not going to do anything so you have your fun. All she’s done to me is threaten to take my baby away from me. But I am going to send her back to her brother to give him a message on what happens to people who mess with or threaten me with what’s mine.” I say smirking.

I turn around and walks back to where I was as Beauty Queen begins what she wants to do. Usually I let the others do what they want but the kills that were truly personal like Taejin, Nerri, and now Beauty Queen, I let them do what they seemed fit. Well I’m letting Beauty Queen do what she seems fit since Yuna isn’t dead yet.

I sit where I usually sit taking out my phone not paying any attention to what Beauty Queen is doing or going to do. In the end everyone who is brought in here dies.

I text Jin that we will be done once Beauty Queen ends Yuna. I tell him that everyone is ok only a few cuts and bruises that we can handle on our own nothing to bad. He tells me that Tae is still asleep along with Yoongi who ended up crawling onto the bed with him which I’m ok with. I know Yoongi loves Tae and would never hurt him so I’m ok with it.

Jin tells me that once we are finished and comes to get them he’ll fix lunch. I tell him ok before closing out of messenger and plays a game.

Two hours later I have played on my phone before getting bored and had fallen asleep. I wake up to Beauty Queen laughing. I look up to see what she was laughing at to see that she had finished and killed Yuna but also someone had said something that was funny to her. I’m sure that it was most likely Jackson who did making me shake my head.

Lately I’ve realized that Beauty Queen and the Markson couple have gotten really close. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three were together. I know that Mark and Jackson wouldn’t cheat on her and vice versa so the trio would be happy together.

I get up from where I sit and walks over to where everyone else is making the look at me.

“Clean up and tonight I’ll take her body to Eric’s house after everyone is asleep. Jimin and Hoseok do you mind if Yoongi stays with Tae also Taejin do you mind if you stay with him as well?” I ask.

“No we don’t mind.” Jimin answer as Hoseok nods in agreement.

“I don’t mind either.” Taejin says happily making me smile.

I knew he would agree since he got his brother after years of being away from him. It’s obvious that he would do anything when it comes to Tae. I take my phone out and texts Jin telling him that we are done. I tell him that I am going to get all of them while everyone else cleans up the room. He says that Tae, Yoongi, and Jinyoung are still asleep.

“I’m going to go and get the others and take them to the living room before taking Tae back to mine and his room.” I say before walking out of the room towards the kitchen.

I open the secret entrance and make my way to my room. Once I get there I head to Tae’s little room and into his closet. I open the entrance and walks down to the security room. When I get where everyone is to see Mark, Bambam, and Jin sitting on the couch. Jin looks up from what he’s doing.

“Two of you need to carry Yoongi and Jinyoung.” I say making Mark and Jin stand up.

The three of us go to where the three other littles are asleep while Bambam stays on the couch. I pick up Tae while Jin gets Yoongi, and Mark gets Jinyoung. The three of us walk out of the room making Bambam look up at us before getting up. The three of them follow me out of the room, down the corridor and to the kitchen. We go to the living room where everyone else now is. Jin goes over to where Jimin and Hoseok are sitting on the couch and sets Yoongi in Hoseok’s lap. Mark does the same but buts Jinyoung in Jaebum’s lap. I walk up the stairs and to mine and Tae’s room. I place Tae on the bed before going to change my clothes.

When I come back to the room Death is sitting on my couch. I give him a questioning look.

" You did what I said. You were going to do it regardless to what I said because you were going to do it anyways.” He says looking at me then to Tae who sits on the bed.

“I can understand why you are so protective of him. He is a beauty to behold. Don’t worry I’m not going to try and take him away from you because Beauty Queen is my mate. Tell everyone else all they have to do to be immortal is to kiss their partner or partners. I have to win Beauty Queen over and change her back to the way she was before that jackass cheated on her and messed up how she was. Since Beauty Queen isn’t with anyone yet she doesn’t have to worry about kissing anyone.” He says looking down before getting up and looks at Tae.

“Don’t worry Taehyung you can still get pregnant when you’re immortal. Yes, I can read minds but I don’t do it often. Anyways I’m going to go don’t forget to tell the others what I told you.” He says before disappearing after waving his hand in an infinity motion.

“Who-who was that?” Tae asks looking at me with wide eyes.

“That my love was Death.” I say matter of factly.

I walk over to where he sits on the bed and kisses him. After we pull away a tingly sensation runs through our bodies. When It’s over I pick up my phone where I laid it and texts the guys telling them what Death told me to tell them. I asked Beauty Queen if she felt a tingly sensation a few minutes ago and she said yes. I tell her that is her becoming immortal like Death said. I also tell her to expect a visit or more from Death and for her not to ask why because he will tell her himself.

When I’m done I put my phone on the charger setting it next to Taehyungs. I turn my attention to Taehyung who is staring at me in shock. I give him a questioning look.

“I’m fully healed.” He says barely audible but I can still hear him.

“What baby boy?” I ask knowing I heard him.

“I’m fully healed.” He says a little louder than before.


“Yeah, I think when we became immortal the effects healed me the rest of the way.” He says making me nod in agreement before kissing him passionately.

“How would you feel about daddy showing his love in a different way?” I ask him after pulling away from each other slightly.

He looks at me with nervous yet determined eyes before nodding his head signaling that he’s ok.

“Baby, I need words.” I says to him.

“I feel fine about it daddy.” He says as his cheeks begin to turn red making me chuckle at how cute he is.

“Remember at anytime you want to stop just tell me ok? Do you want to go to the red room or wait?” I ask.

“Red room.”

“Okay, baby. Since this is our first time in the red room. I’m not going to make you kneel like I usually make the subs that I scene with. Don’t worry I’m not going to scene with anyone else but you. I am and will always be loyal to you, only you. I already know that you will always be loyal to me. That’s evident since you have been throughout the years even when we weren’t together or near each other.” I say picking him up and walks to the bathroom and to the shower before pushing in a tile and waits for the door to open.

Once it opens and I carry him into the room as the door closes. I walk us over to the metal framed bed and sets him on it before walking over to one of the walls and grabs a smaller grey flogger, a purple flogger. I walk over to the other side of the room and gets a long wide purple silk ribbon and a long wide piece of dark grey lace. Everything I have in this room is Tae’s favorite color; purple minus the walls which are red.

I walk back over to him with everything and sets them on the bed.

“Since we aren’t doing anything extreme today you most likely won’t need to use a safe word but we still need to establish one so that we have it if needed in the future.” I say making him nod.

“We could you the color system of do you want to make your own?” I ask.

Tae’s POV

“Make my own.” I say blushing while looking down.

“Baby, you don’t have to be embarrassed. There isn’t a need to be. What do you want your the safe word to be?”

“Coffee?” I say making it sound like a question.

“You want it to be coffee?” Jungkook asks.


“Ok. I won’t have you call me Master today. You can call me what you usually do. I’m going to use the lace as a blindfold and tie your hands together behind your neck with the silk. Take off your clothes and that’s it for now.” Daddy says as he grabs the silk ribbon and lace as I do what he says immediately folding my clothes in a neat pile beside the bed on the floor.

“There are two textures to lace rough and soft. You’ll see soon which I picked.” He walks behind me and gently places the lace over my eyes making me close them.

The lace is soft. I was expecting it to be rough. The ends of the lace falls down my back middle ways.

“Beautiful. Put your wrists together in front of you with the palms of your hands facing each other.” I do as he says as I hear him move out from behind me so that he’s now in front of me.

He ties my wrists together before wrapping the ends around my arms individually.

“Baby, bend of the edge of the bed. I’m not going to begin just yet I need to get your body adjusted to that you’ll have more of a better experience but you already know that.” He says as I feel his closeness in front of me leave as he walks back behind me.

I know what he’s going to do to prime me so I anticipate. I also know that it’s not going to hurt me. He’s skilled with everything he does and knowing him he would have done it perfectly correct when he first tried he is the golden maknae after all.

I feel the tassels of the small flogger rub against the small of my back before the light slaps of it bringing the blood up reddening the surface.

“How are you my love?” Jungkook asks knowing that I’m fine but I answer because I know that he has to ask for mine and his wellbeing.

“I’m green as an emerald daddy.” I say breathy.

I can practically hear him smirk. He knows that my body is ready. I feel him move away from me before feeling him behind me again.

I feel him sets something on the bed near my hands before rubbing his hands from my ass to my shoulder.

“Do you know how beautiful you are baby? You look like a goddess surrendering herself to someone who she trusts. You are a goddess.” He says making me moan after he spanks my ass hard unexpectedly.

I hear him chuckle as he picks up the flogger from beside my hands. The anticipation of it is a turn on enough to make me come undone. The thud of the tassels against my skin fills the room as the delicious sensation spreads throughout my body from where the flogger hit.

I gasp in surprise but moan as well before feeling the sensation four more times in different places after.

“How are you baby?”

“Green, oh so very green.”

“Not quiet yet ready.” He says to himself.

He does a few more strokes that are a little harder each stroke making moans escape me immediately.

“What’s your color my tiger?”

“Yellowish green.”

“Beautiful, you’re ready.” He says before the flogger makes contact with my skin a few more times before I feel the edges of me start to float.

“Don’t fly yet baby, not yet.”

I can’t even speak much less think at the moment to try and will myself from doing so but I manage.

I know what happening and it feels amazing but now I can’t keep myself from flying.

When I come to I’m laying on the bed with Jungkook spooning me.

“Has my little flyer come back me?” Daddy asks sweetly as he messages my hip.

“Mmm yesh daddy.” I say slipping fully into little space,

“I see my little flyer has fully slipped. Lets get you a bath.” He says getting up removing my source of warmth, I whine.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Wawmph gwone.” I say pouting making him chuckle.

“I’m sorry baby but how else are we going to get to the bathroom? You won’t have to walk daddy will carry you and your warmth will be back.” He says as he picks me up off the bed after getting off and walks to where the entrance is and opens it.

He walks us through the door back into the bathroom where the tub already has water in it.

“I texted Jin to come and fill the bathtub up and pick out three bath bombs so that you can pick one of those three.” He says setting me on the counter beside the three bath bombs

“Cotton candy sparkle, pink rose, or lavender bubbles.” He says gesturing to the three on the counter.

I pick up the pink rose and Jungkook picks me back up and walks over to the tub where I drop the bath bomb into the water and watches it dissolve releasing pink rose petals and turns the water pink. Once all of the bath bomb is dissolved he places me in the tub and gets behind me pulling me into his lap. I lean into him laying my head on his chest. We stay like that for a few minutes until he grabs a cup from the side of the tub. He fills it up with water after making me sit up a little bit and pours the water on my hair. He does this again once more then puts the cup back and grabs the strawberry two in one and washes my hair. He then grabs a luffa along with the vanilla scented body wash and put it on the luffa. He washes me off before I turn around and washes his hair and him off. We get out and unstops the tub. Daddy dry’s me off and helps me put on the clothes that Jin had placed on the counter for the both of us since I’m guessing daddy asked him to.

He dry’s off and puts his clothes on and we brush our teeth and hair before he picks me back up and walks back into out room. He set’s me on the bed where a tray full of food sets. We make sure not to spill anything. He feeds me and himself, once we are done he sets the tray on the table in front of the couch as I get under the covers. He comes back and gets in the bed and cuddles me as I fall asleep to the steady rhythm of his heart.

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