Jeon's Baby

Wake Up, Baby Coming

Geuttae uri

Cham mani himdeureotji

Neomuna meon jeo haneurui byeol


Geuttaeui neon

Eunhasureul mitji ana

Hajiman nan bwabeoryeonneun geol

Eunsaek galaxy

Apasseul geoya

Neomu himdeureosseul geoya

Kkeuteomneun bicheul

Jjocha nan dallyeotgeodeun

Arithaewa geu yeoreumnarui gonggi

Neomu chagapdeon jaetbit georiui sori

Sumeul masigo ne muneul dudeurine

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

Ije uri

Mani useosseum hae

Gwaenchaneul geoya oneurui naega


Eojeui neo

Ijen da boyeo

Umteudeon jangmi sok maneun gasi

Anajugo sipeo

Misojin kkoma

Manyang haemalge utdeon ai

Geureon neol bomyeon

Jakku useumi nawa

Arithaewa geu yeoreumnarui gonggi

Neomu chagapdeon jaetbit georiui sori

Sumeul masigo ne muneul dudeurine

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change


Nege nae soneul matdaeumyeon

Geu soneul jabajul su inni

Naega neoga doel teni

Neon naui

Eunhasudeureul bomyeon dwae

Jeo byeoldeureul majeumyeon dwae

Naui sesangeul nege julge

Neoui nuneul bichun

Bitdeureun jigeumui nanikka

You're my boy, my boy

My boy, my boy, my boy

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

We gon' change

Taehyung, my baby boy please wake up, please. Daddy needs you. He needs you to wake up and save our baby. Tokki please help Eomma wake up.

Jungkooks POV

I sit beside Taehyung's hospital bed holding his hand wanting him to wake up. The guys come and stay with me here everyday. The beeping of the monitors reminds me that my baby and son are still alive.

I had fallen asleep now I'm being woken up by the monitors going crazy. I stand up in a panic as Baekhyun and the rest of EXO rushes into the room with the rest of Bangtan along with GOT7. Youngjae and Jin stay in the room with the rest of EXO as everyone else push me out of the room as tears run down my face unconsciously.

"Baby, Tokki my son don't leave me. Please don't leave me. I don't know what I would do if you both did. I already know that it will break me. Please don't leave me." I say with all my heart as I walk out of the room letting them do what needs to be done.

Thirty minutes later EXO, Jin, and Youngjae walk out of the room.

"Taehyung woke up but he went back to sleep. He did want you Jungkook before he went to sleep so you can go back in the room. We'll come back and check on him when dinner is finished and we bring it to you. You are doing better than most people put in your position but I get the reasoning behind it, this has happened before and you buried yourself the first time but you got out of that and you know now not to do that because you know Taehyung wouldn't want that." Baekhyun says making me nod not really wanting to speak.

Everyone leaves as I walk into the hospital like room and sits in the chair I had been sitting in. I grab Tae's hand and lays my head beside it after kissing the top of his hand.

"You woke up. You woke up. I'm so proud of you baby, so proud." I say closing my eyes falling back to sleep once again.

I wake up to a hand going through my hair. I look up to see Taehyung smiling weakly at me. I don't realize that I am crying again until Tae reaches up and wipes my face.

I look at him with sad eyes.

"You scared me baby." I say weakly as more tears run down my face.

I watch as his eyes start to cloud over before tears fall down his beautiful face.

"No baby, don't cry. Daddy didn't mean to upset his precious princess or should I say queen since we have a prince coming soon." I say putting my hand on his stomach lightly after wiping the tears from his face watching him turn red as he looks down shyly.

"Your cousin, Baekhyun got you out of where you were being help with the help of his group. He wants to apologize to soon." I say making him nod.

He scoots over on the bed and gestures that he wants me to lay down. I do as he wants and he snuggles into me and falls back to sleep. I run my hands through his hair.

I was about to go back to sleep when the door came open and in comes Baekhyun and Jin. The two give me a confused look as they walk to the bed.

"Tae had woken up a little bit ago. He wanted me to lay up here with him and so I did then he went back to sleep." I say making the two nod.

I realize that Jin had a tray of food in his hands.

How did I not see that? Hmmm, whatever. All that matters now is that my baby is awake.

Baekhyun comes over and checks on Tae to see if our son is ok. He looks over at me as Jin sets the tray of food on the little table beside the bed.

"The baby is fine and healthy. You can either wake Tae up or wait until he wakes up but he needs to eat. Knowing you, you're going to wait until he wakes back up to feed him. If he doesn't wake up within the next hour you need to wake him up." Baekhyun says making me nod before him and Jin leave the room.

After thirty minutes Tae starts to move slightly signaling that he's waking up. I turn slightly to see his eyes flutter open.

"Hi baby." I say smiling at him.

"Hi." He says before smiling sleepily.

"Baekhyun said you need to eat so that we won't loose Tokki." I say sitting up as he nods his head in agreement as I pull the table over the bed.

The both of us eat after I help him sit up. Tae ate all of his food which I really wasn't expecting but I'm happy that he ate.

A couple minutes after we are done eating Jin and Baekhyun come into the room. The two are happy to see Tae awake and up.

The two walk over to the bed. Jin grabs the tray that the food was on on the pushed away table as Baekhyun checks on Tae and Tokki. Jin walks out of the room with the tray leaving Baekhyun with me and Tae.

"Your baby is healthy and appropriately very happy that you ate." He says chuckling making me and Tae laugh as well before Tae gasps our in pain grabbing his stomach as I feel the bed get wet.

"Babe." I say looking at him knowingly.

"My water just broke." He says a little to calmly but you can tell that he is shocked.

Baekhtun makes me get up and tells me to get Jin and Jinyoung while he gets Tae ready. When I get back with the two Baekhyun isn't in the room. I see Tae in a position that is comfortable for him and how Baekhyun wanted him in.

"Hurts." He says whimpering in pain.

"I know baby." I say walking over to him taking hold of one of his hands when I get to him.

Not long after Baekhyun comes into the room with Tae's doctor from the hospital and checks on Tae.

A couple of hours later Tae gives birth to our son Jeon Tokki.

Tae had fallen asleep so I am holding Tokki giving him his bottle until he falls to sleep and and puts him in the portable crib that was put in the room since Tae has to stay in here for a while. His health depleted after giving birth.

The doctor isn't telling me everything and he knows he's playing a dangerous game by not telling me everything.

I leave the room leaving the two to find the doctor. I see him talking to Baekhyun and Jin.

"Taehyung's health is getting worse every minute and I can't do anything to fix it. If he was in a normal hospital I'd say the same thing. You told me not to tell Jungkook and he is catching on to me not telling him the whole truth and can see through my lies. We are going to new to tell him sooner or later." I had had enough of listening to that and heads back to the room as my heart drops as tears fall down my face.

I sit in a chair beside the bed and grabs my baby's hand.

"I promise to take care Tokki. I will make sure he knows his Eomma. You have always been my one and only true and I'm keeping that way. Come back to me. You have before and you can now. It doesn't matter how just come backs to me and Tokki." I say as the tears continue to fall down my face.

The next thing I know is that I am being woken up by a loud continuous beep and realization dawns me.

"NO TAE! NO! Don't please don't. Tae baby please. Please pull through. I PROMISE I WILL NEVER REPLACE YOU." I yell crying out.

A cry from the baby crib rings out breaking me from Tae I get up and go over to the crib as everyone comes rushing in to see what's happened. The doctor, Jin, and Baekhyun check on everything.

I hand Yoongi Tokki and motion for him to leave the room with him which he's ok with.

"YOU JACKASS. YOU KNEW TUAT THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AND YOU FUCKING DIDN'T TELL ME. I DESERVED TO KNOW. I'M HIS HUSBAND AND THE FATHER OF THE CHILD HE GAVE BITH TO A COUPLE OF HOURS AGO. YOU FUCKERS WHO TOLD HIM TO KEEP QUIET ARE FUCKED I PROMISE YOU. I went to look for the doctor to find him in the hallway with Jin and Baekhyun telling them everything and I overheard their conversation so when I came back I made Tae a promise." I say as they continue with whatever they are doing.

When they are finished they give me a sad apoplectic look. I see Beauty Queen and Taejin breakdown crying. A little ways down the hall I hear Yoongi crying as well. I leave the room with Jimin and Hoseok following behind heading towards the room Yoongi is in. To find him on the bed holding Tokki as he cry's. Jimin and Hoseok climb onto the bed on both sides of him and cuddles him. They teach out to me for me to join them and I do. When I am laid down Yoongi hands me Tokki as his cry's turn into whimpers. A couple of minutes later Taejin and Beauty Queen comes into the room and lays with us. I know you're asking how can all of us fit on one bed? Well surprisingly this is a huge ass bed that takes up most of the bedroom. I'm positive that it was custom made to fit so many people at once, namely all of EXO. I wouldn't be surprised if Seventeen or NCT 127 could fit on here.

A few days later we have Tae's Funeral. Ever since I have been a little closed off but I am only open to Tokki, Yoongi, Beauty Queen, Taejin, Hosoek, and Jimin. Everyone has been acting weird and it's been a month since the funeral. Lately I have been noticing a guy and I feel like I should know him but I don't know where from. He seems so familiar to me but I can't figure out how he does.

The next day I am sitting at one of the tables at a bakery with Tokki and sees the guy sitting in front of a laptop in the corner. I work up the nerve to go talk to him so I pick Tokki and his things up and walks over to him.

"Is this seat taken?" I ask startling the guy as he looks up.

What I see shocks me.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you. Do I know you? You remind me of someone." I say making him blush.

"No it's ok. I'm not sure if you do or not. You seem familiar to me as well. Your son is adorable. I'm Taehyung by the way Kim Taehyung." He says making my eyes go wide at what he says.

I need to call his mother.

"I'm Jeon Jungkook and this is Jeon Tokki his Eomma passed last month due to complications with his health." I say looking down at Tokki while slightly looking at Taehyung.

"Awe that's sad to hear." He says pouting that cute pout that I have always loved and have always wanted to kiss off of him.

"I used to know a boy by your name when I was little before I was kidnapped and sold to numerous people. I ran when I was able to and now I have nowhere to go. I have been living on the streets for a month." He says making me frown.

"You can come live with me, Tokki, and everyone that lives in the same house as us but that is only if you want to." I say making him shocked.

"You don't don't have to do that." He says making me chuckle.

"Yeah I do. I'm positive I am the boy you knew when you were little."

"How would you know that?"

"I would know that because I'm pretty sure your parents had a clone of you made after they stopped looking for you and they never told anyone that you were kidnapped and I was married to that clone and Tokki is our son." I say knowing that all of this is a lot to unload on him at once but I didn't mean to do it it just come out of my mouth without permission.

I look up to see shock on his face.

"My parents didn't look for me! The had a clone made instead and pretended I wasn't gone." He says in dull anger before he changes the subject.

"So me and you are technically married and we have a child together since the clone is still my DNA. Was the clone a little?" He asks.

"Yeah he was." I answer before getting Tokki's bottle out of his diaper bag to feed him.

"Yay, but have you gotten rid of anything..." He asks trailing off making me chuckle.

"No, I haven't gotten rid of any little things."

"I had read somewhere that if the person of a clone that was cloned is nearby the clone would get ill and die." Tae says regretfully.

"It's ok. I technically did ask you to come back to me and Tokki. In a way you did." I say starting to blush.

"Awe, you're still as cute as you were when we were kids but much hotter now. Plus you don't have to worry about me not want to be with you later on. I also read that clones read off of actual emotions of the person they were cloned from so any feelings of love, happiness, protection, and so on and so forth that is what I feel when with you." He says making me smile happily.

"Come on let's get you to the house plus where did you get the laptop?" I ask as the two of us get up.

I get Tokki's diaper bag hooking it on my shoulder as I carry Tokki following Taehyung who carries the laptop out of the bakery. I show him to where my car is and gets in after getting Tokki situated.

"I've had the laptop for a while. I got it from the only nicest person who bought me before he got a girlfriend. He started being mean and beat me. He let her do anything she wanted. When she was going to do something that went to far and he knew it he stopped her. She got mad and the two got into an argument. That night I packed what all I had took the tracking devices out of everything including me and left when I knew both were asleep. And now here I am. I want to get rid of the piece junk but I don't have money to get a knew one." As soon as he says that I immediately unbuckle and takes the laptop from him.

Since we haven't left I get out.

"Lock the doors as soon as I close it. I'm going to get rid of this for you. You technically have one at the house along with a phone." I say making him shocked but nods nonetheless. I get out and runs to the dumpster behind the bakery before heading back to the car. I knock on my window for Tae to unlock the door and he does. I get in and starts the car. We head to the house.

We get out and I get Tokki out while Tae gets the diaper bag and we head inside.

"I will tell you everything once I get Tokki put down for his nap then we'll explain everything to everyone else after. Everyone do not hound him we will explain when I am done explaining everything to him which I will do after putting Tokki down for his nap." I say making everyone nod.

"Also keep it down I don't want to scare him off reason as to why I have to explain everything to him. If you have to do a request go to Bexington or Beast they will help you or anyone that got along with him meaning anyone who he delivered to." I say making the guys nod before going upstairs with Taehyung in tow.

Once up to my room I can't get Tokki to sleep.

"Can I see if I can try?" Tae asks I nod immediately at his offer.

I hand Tokki over to him as I get up from the recliner I had been sitting in to let him sit in it as well. I go over to the couch and sits on it.

Not long later he has Tokki asleep and puts him in his crib. He is so flawless with him.

"You got him to sleep." I say lovingly as I watch him blush in response.

"Yeah he is technically my son also apparently the human that the clone was made from gets the memories of the clone after it dies but the clone only dies if it's human self loves the same person it does so I'm starting to get its memories and pain. So you don't really need to explain much to..." He says cutting off his words.

"My own mother and father wanted me killed then my mom changed her mind because of you. You only killed my father. I hated him so much I didn't care. I almost died a couple of times. You are Jeon a notorious killer who only kills people who deserve it. You even kill people who are already in jail for the crime they committed. I killed your father who was a complete shit ass. This is so much to take in. I was a illegal delivery service. Jimin and I hated each other for a while. GOT7 started living in the house. I have little friends. Yoongi is important everyone here is. I...... I....... was raped. I was in a coma." He says trailing off letting me know that he is going into littlespace.

I act immediately getting up from the couch and brings him into my arms.

"Chu Taetae daddy." He says burying his face into my neck.

"I am baby I am." I say running a hand through his hair.

"Uncomforbowe." He says and I that he means that his clothes are uncomfortable.

"Baby how long has it been since you had a bath?" I ask him.

"Lass wee." He says mumbling.

I pick him up and carries him to his little room and to his closet and picking him out an outfit that consists of purple and white fuzzy thigh highs purple shorts and a oversized purple and white panda sweater. I walk us both to the bathroom and sets him along with the clothes on the counter. I get the tub ready then puts my attention to him.

"Do you want a bath bomb?" I ask him earning a fast nod from him.

"Use your words baby." I says chuckling.

"Yesh pwease." He says shyly.

I lift up two and he points to the green glitter one. I put the ginger back up. I set the bath bomb beside him before begetting him ready for his bath. I take the bomb out of the plastic and hands it to him before picking him up and carries him over to the tub. The drops the bomb in the water before I set him in the tub. I let him play with whatever was set on the side of the tub before giving him his bath. When I'm done I get everything thing out and unplugs the tub. I get Tae out and dries him off. I get him dressed and the bathroom cleaned up. I pick Tae up and takes him back to the room. I set him on the bed and checks on Tokki. When I know that he's okay I pick Tae back up grabbing Taeger off the dresser and carries him downstairs where everyone else still are.

I sit on the couch with Tae on my lap handing him Taeger.

"The Taehyung we knew was a clone. Tae was kidnapped and no one knew because his parents had a clone made. I don't actually think he was kidnapped I actually think he was sold and his parents had his clone made before then because clones take a while to make six months at max three in the least. If he human the clone is made from loves the same person as the clone the clone dies. If it is pregnant the clone stays alive long enough to give birth and slowly dies after but that is only if the human is nearby. Namjoon I want you to find out all you can about what Taehyung's parents did I wouldn't doubt that there's a paper trail. Young has do you mind helping him? Once you find out who all he's been sold to I want information on all of them. Who they are, what they do, who they are married to if married, everything." Once I say this Youngjae nods.

Him and Namjoon gets up and heads to the computer room. I want the rest of you to explain to everyone of Tae's delivery contacts and Max about the situation because everyone is going to be confused about everything and I want them up to date." I say making them all get up except for Baekhyun, Taejin, Beauty Queen and Yoongi.

Yoongi has always been close to Tae so I can see why he stayed behind.

Tae looks up from what he's doing to look at the four who are still in the room.

"Yoonie." He says reaching for him.

I let go of him and let's him to go to him. When Tae reaches Yoongi he kisses his cheek. Tae snuggles into Yoongi and falls asleep. I coo at him as does Yoongi, Baekhyun, Beauty Queen, and Taejin. Yoongi falls asleep not long after. I chuckle shaking my head and let's the two be and leaves to the kitchen.

I get me some banana milk from the fridge and sits on one of the stools.

Death is a dark dealer and a sly healer. Clones are his dolls who turn your world into a thriller.

I hear the words in my head ringing. I look behind me to see Death standing there.

"I could have told you the Taehyung that died was a clones. They are reincarnated anyways but are not immortal. Your now Taehyung is immortal because of you. Anything you did with the clone affects the human. Give Taehyung time he fell asleep because his body is still taking in memories of the clone and that will take a few days. Big ones come first small ones last." He says.

"I get it. I get it." I say before getting up leaving the kitchen heading back to the living room where Tae and Yoongi are still asleep.

I pick up Tae's sleeping form and walks upstairs to my room where Tokki is just now waking up. I lay Tae on the bed and goes to Tokki's crib.

"Hi sweet boy do need to be changed?"I coo as I pick him up and carries him over to the changing table and changes his diaper.

"Eomma is asleep right now but you'll get to spend tine with him when he wakes up." I say as he starts babbling as he looks at Tae.

I go over to where is diaper bag is and takes out his bottles and heads downstairs to the kitchen where Jin is cooking dinner.

I look to see Hosoek sitting at the table.

"Hobi do you mind holding Tokki while I fix his bottle?" I ask making him look up.

"No I don't mind." He says happily before getting up and takes Tokki from my hold.

I fix his bottle testing the temperature of it on my wrist to see if it is to hot.

When I know it's not I give it to Hobi who starts to feed Tokki.

"I'm going to go check on Tae. If I don't come back down and if Tokki goes to sleep come put him in his crib I probably will be asleep if I lay down. You can spend however long you want with him and you know when I put him down to sleep at night I would like to keep it that way. Jin I'm sure you heard everything don't worry about me and Taehyung we will be ok and I'll make sure he eats as soon as he wakes up." I say turning my attention to Jin.

"Ok, I get it. You are an amazing father to your son. Go continue being the husband Tae loves you to be. This Tae loves you just as much as his clone that is why the clone died. I'm guessing the doctor knew that the clone was a clone since he didn't tell us everything and I had a feeling on that. Now go to Tae and we will take care of Tokki since we don't get to much. We will take care of any requests and deliveries."

"Thank you."

"We would do anything for you I mean that completely."

"I know Jin. I would do anything for all of you."

"We know Jungkook. You gave us a home when we couldn't afford it at the time. You gave all of us minus Tae a job when we needed it. When we help Tae he does what you do. He gives us equal parts to what he makes but you don't take anything from him but since he hasn't been able to do it you do it."

"I will always help him but you all already knew that."

"Yeah we do now go be with your sleeping beauty. We all know what to do when taking care of Tokki. We've already had to a couple of times." Jin says when he can turn away from the stove to push me out of the room pointing upstairs.

I shake my head and goes upstairs to my room where Tae is asleep in the bed.

I get some clothes and takes a shower. When I'm done I dry off and put my clothes on. I dry my hair and brush my teeth. I brush my hair afterwards and heads back into the bedroom. I get into the bed and lays down beside Tae after bringing him to me. I lay there running my fingers through his hair and closes my eyes letting sleep consume me.

Tae wakes up two days later at five when Tokki wakes up crying. I get up to check on him but I find Tae already doing that.

"I was going to get him." I say groggily.

Tae smiles and shakes his head as he gives Tokki his bottle.

"You have already done so much me it's my turn to be his Eomma." He says making me smile.

"You will do great." I say before getting up and kisses him on the forehead.

I kiss Tokki on top of the head and heads to the bathroom.

When I am done I wash my hands and leaves. I walk back into the bedroom to see Tae putting a sleeping Tokki back in his crib.

"You are flawless." I say as a blush cover his cheeks in the dim lamp light.

"I'm not flawless." He says shyly as he walks back over to the bed and sits on the edge facing me.

He leans towards me and I do the same, he kisses me. I know in any other situation anyone in his situation would be skeptical but he's not which shocks me. He's acting as if he was never kidnapped or cloned he's acting normal like nothing happened.

"Do you think everything around you is fake?" I ask him as we break away.

"No I don't. Death doesn't visit anyone for no reason. He's only visited me a couple of times and only while I'm asleep. I have never understood him until now. The person who I have called my father isn't my father. Death is my father. When he told me that I was married and approved of who I was married to I didn't understand what he meant until I got away from the abuse and torment I had been dealing with. I don't know why my father did nothing to help me get away but I'm not questioning it. I just want to be happy and be with my family who love and care about me. I want to spend time with my brother and cousins, you and Tokki, Yoongi, everyone. I want to be the best Eomma I can be for Tokki and our future kids."

That's what he did and has been doing for the past years he still looks as hands and flawless he has always been. He still does deliveries with the help of our three kids and a few of our nieces and nephews, Jin and Youngjae. I still do requests along with everyone else along with nieces and nephews who didn't like delivering. Death comes by once in a while to spend time with Tae and his grandchildren. All of the littles still go into littlespace which all of our kids have never questioned but we are all thankful for it. We don't die we live on but our storyline goes on.

That is the end Sweet Potato Bunnies I hope you all liked it. I purple you 💜

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