Jeon's Baby

Delivery 2

I must have fallen asleep because I wake up laying on my coloring book, my pacifier laying under my pillow, and Taeger on the floor. I quickly lean over the edge of the bed without falling and pick up Taeger.

“Taetae sowwies Taegew. Mwe no mwean mwake shu faws owffs dah bed. Taetae fewy sowwies.” I say hugging him before giving him a sloppy kiss on the top of the head as tears fall down my face.

I set him back on the bed and finish coloring the picture I was coloring the night before.

After two hours of coloring and playing with Taeger I slip out of little space. I put my coloring books, crayons, Taeger, and my paci away in the bag I took them out of zipping the bag up after.

I grab some clothes and head to the bathroom and take a shower and to the rest of my routine. When I’m done I head downstairs to the kitchen where Jin is cooking breakfast. I grab a glass from the cabinet and go to the fridge getting me some orange juice. I sit in spot at the table.

“I’m sorry for Namjoon, Hoeseok, and Jimin’s attitudes towards you yesterday. You didn’t and still don’t deserve that from either of them. It is sad to see Jungkook and Yoongi with people who don’t love them. I heard Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoongi talking about them all three being together so I’m guessing Jungkook broke up with Jimin. Jungkook cares deeply for you but I’m not sure if or when he’s going to do anything about it. I know you love him and have been patient with him for years it might take you a lot more of your patience for him to do anything but in the long run you’ll come out a happy man in the end.” Jin says as he finishes up cooking breakfast.

I get up and help him set the table before sitting back down in my spot. He leaves to call everyone else down. Jungkook and Namjoon come down not long later while it takes Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin twenty minutes to come down. Jin comes in with an annoyed look on his face as he sits down to eat. When I’m finished I excuse myself before cleaning my space and heading back up to my room. I unplug my phone from the charger and check to see how many runs I have. I already know Beauty Queen has a delivery so I don’t have to check to see if she needs anything.

Yo, V we need a delivery for a medium container of Mary Acid. - 6:00 a.m. Rourke, Red Blood

Sweetheart, if you don’t mind I need a delivery for a small container of Deaths Syrup liquid. - 6:20 a.m. Mrs. Lee Jimin

We need a delivery for two boxes of Fairy Dust. Yugyeom didn’t ask for enough last time. - 6:23 a.m. Jaebum, GOT7

Hey, we need a delivery for a gallon of liquid acid. - 6:25 a.m. Felix, Stray Kids

Since Bex is busy He told me to text you. We need a delivery of two gallons of liquid acid. - 6:28 a.m. Maska, Dark Angels

V, we need a delivery for ten Gold Eyes. - 6:30 a.m. Slade, Gold Demons

We need a delivery for six boxes of Black Shadow dust. - 6:32 a.m. Seventeen

We need a delivery for a large container of Mary Acid. - 6:48 a.m. MonstaX

I grab my bag and text Max telling him I’m going to stop by telling him how much of everything I need for the delivery runs so he can have them ready for me to pick it up. When I’m down I pocket my phone and head back downstairs. I stop in the living room to see everyone now in there. Jin and Jungkook are the first to acknowledge my presence as the rest follow after.

“How many deliveries do you have? Since you live with us now we might as well help each other in any way we can.” Jungkook says.

“Nine, oh expect a payment from Beauty Queens father since he asked you to call me to deliver what he meant to call me for. I make them pay when I get there and they all know the price of which I ask of them since they ask for deliveries all the time. I’ll tell you who needs what and how much it will be. When we get to the warehouse that has everything Max will tell you what everything is even if you know what it is and how to handle it. Beauty Queen has a delivery for a case of Black Shadow liquid which she prefers. She uses a lot of it which has twenty boxes which equals out to be $2,000. The Red Blood gang has a delivery for a medium container of Mary Acid which is $200. Mrs. Lee Jimin has a delivery for a small container of Deaths Syrup liquid which is $100 unlike the small vial Beauty Queens father asked for which is $50. GOT7 has a delivery for two boxes of Fairy Dust which is $1,000. Stray Kids has a delivery for a gallon of Liquid Acid which is $100. The Dark Angels have a delivery for two gallons of Liquid Acid which is $200. The Gold Demons have a delivery for ten Gold Eyes which are $50 each equaling $500. Seventeen have a delivery for six boxes of Black Shadow dust which cost less than the liquid and the pills each box is $50 so in all it’s $300. Monsta X has a delivery for a large container of Mary Acid which is $300.” I say after taking my phone out of my pocket to look at it.

I put it back in my pocket once I’m done telling everyone everything making them nod.

“Yoonminseok, you three are going to do Red Blood gang, Mrs. Lee Jimin, and GOT7′s deliveries. You need to come back with $1,300 when you get back here. Count it before you leave if you have to. Namjin, the two of you are going to do Stray Kids, Seventeens, and MonstaX’s deliveries. The two of you need to come back here with $700. Wait, I’m going to switch GOT7 and Stray Kids so now Yoonminseok you come back here with $600 and Namjin you come back with $1,600. Taehyung and I will do Beauty Queens, Dark Angels, and Gold Demons delivers so we’ll bring back $2,700 and in all it will be $4,900.” Jungkook says making everyone nod in agreement.

“All we do now is follow Taehyung to this warehouse to meet a guy named Max to get everything so we can deliver everything we need to.” He says sounding jealous as he gets up off the couch making everyone else follow.

They all look at me, I open the door, walk out, and hope that they follow because I’m not stopping until I get to the warehouse. I don’t even look behind me to see if they are following I just keep on walking. I’ve waisted time telling them who the the deliveries belong to and how much they are I should have done it while making them walk to the warehouse but my stupid ass didn’t think about that ugh.

We get to the warehouse and walk in to find Max waiting for me. He looks at me with a questioning look as he looks at everyone behind me.

“These are my friends and acquaintances who are going to help me with my deliveries today. Yoongi, Jimin, and Hoseok need the medium container of Mary Acid, the small container of Deaths Syrup, and a gallon of the Liquid Acid.” I say pointing to Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin.

“Namjoon and Jin need two boxes of Fairy Dust, six boxes of the Black Shadow dust, and a large container of Mary Acid.” I say pointing to Namjoon and Jin after Max is done handing Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin everything that I called off that they need for their deliveries.

“Jungkook and I need the case of Black Shadow liquid, two gallons of Liquid Acid, and ten Gold Eyes.” I say after Max gives Jin and Namjoon everything they need as I take my bag of my back as Max puts everything securely in my bag.

I put it over my shoulder once again as Max begins to to tell everyone what everything is.

“Ok, Deaths Syrup comes in liquid and capsules. It’s a poison that activates as soon as it touches you in its liquid form. The capsules have to be swallowed to work. Mary Acid is a type of drug that is like a truth serum but it’s also a hallucinogenic. Golden Eyes are cameras that disappear when you place them where you want them and only you know where they are plus only you can track them. Fairy Dust just knocks you out it’s basically a powder form of Morphine. Liquid Acid is what it is the acid you’d find in your stomach, the stuff that eats away at everything that touches it. Black Shadow comes in three forms liquid, capsules, and dust. The liquid is the most potent and fastest to work then it’s the capsules. The dust is the slowest form as you can tell. Black Shadow is a weird form of putting people in suspended animation. It works by taking over your veins and nerves system by coloring them black. Well that’s it for today. You all need to get going V always stays to his schedule and this has messed it up a bit. He does his morning deliveries, goes home and does whatever then does his night deliveries. Be careful Tae as like I usually say your like a brother to me and we don’t want what happened last time to happen again so get going.” He says before giving me a hug, I hug back.

“Thanks and that’s not going to happen if all of them get to their deliveries without giving them the wrong thing. Ok, come on guys we have to go before I start to get texts about late deliveries which would end up with me getting yelled at.” I say after pulling away from the hug before walking away from everyone to the exit expecting them to follow.

Once I get outside I wait for everyone. Jungkook comes to my side as everyone else follows after behind.

“Since Jungkook gave everyone who they were delivering to so I won’t have to tell you where everyone where to go. Lets get these deliveries done before twelve. It’s nine now so let’s get going.” I say making all of them nod as I walk in the direction of Beauty Queens house as everyone goes to their first delivery.

Beauty Queens name is Y/N, she prefers to be called Beauty Queen. We are cousins and she is the only family member that doesn’t want to kill me minus my grandparents.

Once we get to her house which isn’t her fathers house. We go inside without knocking or ringing the bell. Since I’m used to delivering things to her without having to do either even if I do walk in on her doing very questionable things not all bad but still questionable.


Jungkook holds Junghyun as I hold onto the girl as Beauty Queen comes into view fuming.

“You messed with the wrong girl Junghyun.” I hear Jungkook whisper to Junghyun.

“And my own brother allowing it. Thanks for not helping me.” Junghyun growls.

“She isn’t going to kill you. She just wants to teach you a lesson. If she wanted to kill you she would have done it by now because she’s had plenty of opportunities to do so take it like a man that you claim you are. Just be happy your girlfriend isn’t the one enduring the pain but try not to stress her out to much because it will hurt the baby. The baby is innocent in all of this so don’t kill your own child.” Jungkook says.

Beauty Queen starts to laugh maniacally and I’m sure Junghyun knows what that means because I definitely do. She either plays with what messed with her or she flat out kills them. She’s going to play looking at the human body up close and personal with Junghyun since I don’t think she would do anything to hurt the baby. It won’t kill him. If she didn’t know how to use what she ordered she would end up killing him but since she does and has known for years she won’t kill him.

“Taehyung get out my delivery and set it on the table. Jungkook do you mind helping me for a minute? She needs to be chained to a chair while he gets hung up by his arms with the chains. Don’t worry I’m not going to kill him. The baby needs a father.” Beauty Queen says making Jungkook nod and follows Beauty Queen after she gets the girl from my hold.

I take my bag off and place it gently on the table. I take out a few things before taking out the case of liquid Black Shadow. I put the few things I took out back in the bag. Not long later Jungkook and Beauty Queen come back. She goes into her kitchen before coming back with a stack of money before handing it to me. I put it in a pocket of my bag.

“You don’t need to waist anymore time here. Get going before you start getting yelled at. You already know I’m not going to kill him.” She says before hugging me.

We pull away from the hug. I put my bag on my shoulder before going out the door with Jungkook following behind.

We head to the Dark Angels so called Palace. Truthfully, I don’t blame them for calling it a palace because it does resemble one. We go inside and meet up with Bexington in his office. I hand him his delivery of two gallons of Liquid Acid after he gives me my payment.

“I thought you were busy.” I say jokingly making Bex shake his head chuckling.

We leave and head to the Gold Demons lair as the put it. We meet up with Vimon instead of Slade.

“Slade is torturing someone or something. I don’t remember.” Vimon says handing me the payment as I hand him the Gold Eyes.

“Ok, it’s fine as long as there is someone I know who is in your group that I can give the delivery to.” I say laughing making Jungkook and Vimon chuckle.

If vampires existed I’m pretty sure Vimon would be one since he already looks like one. Jungkook and I leave and head back to the house. I take out my phone and check the time to see its eleven forty and it take fifteen minutes to get to the house.

After a few minutes of walking Jungkooks phone goes off. He takes it out of his pocket and looks at it. He looks back up at me.

“That was Jin hyung he says that he and Namjoon hyung are back at the house and he is about to fix lunch.” I nod and continue walking.

Not long later Yoongi texts him telling that they had just finished their last delivery and that they are now heading back to the house. We get to the house and I head up to my room I put my bag down. I head back downstairs to the kitchen where Jungkook sits on a stools at the bar looking at the food more like staring at it. I’m guessing we’re having lamb skewers which makes me chuckle making Jungkook turn his attention towards me. I sit on the right of him.

“You were staring at the food with a look that seemed like you would have married it so I was guessing it was lamb skewers. I remember them to be your favorite food. From the look of it I was right.” I say looking at the food cooking on the stove.

“The money that the guys got from the deliveries is on the coffee table.” Jungkook says.

I get off the stool and head to the living room. When I get to coffee table I take out the money that Jungkook and I got while getting deliveries and put it on the pile. I count it and split it eight ways so everyone gets $612 minus me who get fifty more which confuses the four that are sat on the couches.

“You all helped me. I’m not going to be mean about that.” I say before hand Namjoon, Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoongi their cut.

I head to the kitchen after pocketing mine and picking up Jungkooks and Jin’s cut. I hand Jungkook his and place Jin’s on the bar so he could get it when he got done. Upon receiving the money Jungkook gives me a questioning look.

“Jungkook, you all helped me and I’m not going to be rude about it. This is for you and that on the counter is for Jin hyung.”

“Tae keep mine because I don’t need it. I’m not going to take no for an answer from you.” He says pushing the money back in my hand.

I look down sighing heavily.

“Ok,” I say before I go sit at the table that is already set since Jin has already finished.

Jungkook comes and sits down. Jin pockets his cut before going to get the others. We all eat and clean up after we are done. I go up to my room while everyone else stays downstairs and does whatever.

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