Jeon's Baby

Daddy Jeon, Little Yoonie, Little me, and Dilvery 3

It’s been three years since I’ve started living with Jungkook and the guys. I’m glad I haven’t been caught in little space and I also still don’t have a daddy. Well, I shouldn’t be saying that I might jinx myself on not being caught in little space.

I now sit on my bed with Taeger in my lap and coloring books and crayons in front of me with my paci in my mouth.

“Tae’er wha oo fin ob my ma’er pieth?” I ask looking at him.

He looks at the picture then back at me and nods his head meaning he likes it, I squeal in happiness.

I didn’t think about being heard well not until Jungkook comes into the room. I look up at him wide eyed. I can’t seem to get out of little space so I hold Taeger to my chest after taking out my paci. Jungkook closes the door.

“Taetae sowwies, pwease no hate Taetae.” I say as tears well up and begin to fall down my face.

Jungkook rushes over to the bed.

“Taetae, I’m not mad. No, I’m not mad baby. Please don’t cry. I definitely don’t hate you. I could never hate you. I’m disappointed you never told me you’re a little but that’s in the past.” He says sitting on the bed before bringing me into his lap wrapping his arms around my waist.

I lay my head on his shoulder facing his shoulder still holding Taeger.

“Ookie wawm.” I mumble into his neck making him chuckle.

“You ok now baby?” He asks.

“Taetae, ok now Ookie.” I say lifting my head off his shoulder.

“Who’s this Taetae?” He asks pointing to Taeger.

“Dis ish Taeger. Booty Keen gabes him chu mwe when fown outs dat Taetae wittle.”

“That was nice of her but I’m pretty sure she’s the nicest one in your family that didn’t doesn’t want to kill you minus your grandparents. Well most of them can’t wish it anymore since most of them are dead.” He says making me giggle.

I turn back towards my coloring books still sitting in his lap. I pick up my paci and wipe it off with my shirt before putting it back in my mouth setting Taeger in my lap. I start back to coloring. A few minutes of me coloring my door opens again to reveal Yoongi holding a cat plushie with tears stains on his cheeks. He closes the door and locks it quickly.

“Yoonie hash no one. Yoonie no wike being wone. Jimin an Hoseok no wike Yoonie. Day tews hims day wewe onwy using him. Yoonie wan be wuved. Whens day fowns out Yoonie wittle day towds hims he’s disgusting.” He says crying.

I immediately put my crayons down, take Taeger off my before getting up and running over to him enveloping him in a hug. He latches on to me still holding his kitty stuffie. He sobs on shoulder.

“Oonie no disgusting. Jimin and Hoseok awe fow saying you’s awe. Oonie ish wubed bwy Taetae an Ookie. Wight Ookie?” I ask looking slightly over my shoulder.

“Right baby. Ok, now the question is do you both want me to be your caregiver? I’m only asking so that I know you both do.” He says to the both of us.

“Yesh!” We both say at the same time making Jungkook chuckle.

“Okay, Taetae where is your paper so that you both can write down some rules I’m going to go over.” He’s asks me.

“In dah bag besides dah bed.” I say as he gets up and goes over to the bag getting the paper out along with the markers.

He takes them and sets them on the table that sets at the corner of the room.

Yoongi and I pull apart from each other before walking over to the table and sitting down in one of the four chairs that encircle it. Jungkook places a piece of paper in front of both Yoongi and me putting the markers in the middle.

“I want you both to write down the rules and after I’m done you both can decorate it however you want just make sure you are able to read the words.” Yoongi and I both nod our heads in agreement.

“Ok what do you want to call me other than Kookie?” Jungkook asks.

“Daddy.” I say at the same time making Jungkook chuckle.

“Papa.” Yoongi says making Jungkook nod.

“Ok, One: Taetae call Kookie daddy and Yoonie call Kookie papa. Two: Tell daddy when you are feeling little outside of Taetae’s or daddy’s room. Three: Never tell me no unless your uncomfortable and it’s necessary. Four: Always tell daddy when your uncomfortable. Five: Clean up after yourselves. Six: Always tell daddy when you break a rule. We will add more when need be. Ok, rewards: New stuffies, cuddles, ice cream day, movie day. Punishments; ok before I say anything I know some littles don’t like being spanked and there are some that do no matter how hard they are spanked. Which are you two?” He asks.

I look down at the piece of paper in front of me as my face heats up as I begin to blush. I look up to see Yoongi is blushing as well.

“Wike.” We both say shyly.

“Don’t be shy about it. There’s nothing to be embarrassed of. Now that’s out of the way back to the punishment list. Punishments are lines, time out, gets stuffies taken away, no cuddles, no sweets. Is that all I need to cover?” He asks looking at Yoongi and I both.

We look at each other trying to think of anything else. When we can’t think of anything we shake our head no.

“Ok, since we’re done for right now you both can decorate your rules. When you get done we only have two hours for you both to be in little space if you both don’t want to be little around the others.” As soon as he said this a knock sounds on the door.

Yoongi and I look at Jungkook with a scared expression. We both scramble to put everything up and try to act big so that Jungkook can unlock and open the door. He opens the door to reveal Jin.

“Jungkook? Yoongi? What are you two doing in Tae’s room? Never mind I don’t need to know since it is your house Jungkook. Anyways I was coming to ask Taehyung what he wanted for dinner tonight so I knew what to fix. Tae and Yoongi, you don’t need to be scared to be little around Namjoon and I since I’m a little too.” Jin says shocking all three of us.

“Yay, new wittle fwien. Tan we has chicky nuggies an mac n’ cheese.” I ask looking at Yoongi who looks to have fully slipped out of little space but nods a my choice of food.

“That’s fine Taetae but you need at least one vegetable.” Jin says chuckling.

“Cawwots, baby cawwots.” I say immediately making Yoongi, Jungkook, and Jin laugh, I pout.

“Taetae, we’re not laughing at you. We’re laughing at how adorable you are.” Yoongi says making Jungkook and Jin nod in agreement.

“Mwe adowable?” I ask.

“Yes baby, you’re adorable so is little Yoonie.” Jungkook says walking over to me and Yoongi.

“You are both adorable my adorable babies even though one of you isn’t in little space at the moment and could easily punch me for hugging you.” Jungkook says chuckling after bringing me and Yoongi both into a hug.

“I’m not going to punch you so don’t worry.” Yoongi says mumbling.

“Ok, guys you have a little while until you have to go on your runs. Be more careful than me because of what happened last time.” He says pointing to his broke leg from when he fell and something even heavier fell on top of his leg.

“We’ll be careful Jin hyung. Make sure to take breaks and not put so much pressure on your leg. Wait a minute. NAMJOON COME GET JIN HYUNG AND TAKE HIM TO THE KITCHEN SO THAT HE CAN START LUNCH.” Jungkook yells out the door.

Not long after Namjoon comes running up the stairs towards my room. He picks Jin up bridal style and looks at me and Yoongi.

“They are both littles?” He asks making Jungkook nod proudly.

“Make sure Jin isn’t little around Jimin and Hoseok until they fix their attitudes.” Jungkook says.

Jin and Namjoon give him confused look.

“Why?” They both ask in unison.

“Yoongi came in here crying in little space saying Yoonie has no one. Yoonie doesn’t like being alone. Jimin and Hoseok doesn’t like Yoonie. They told him they were only using him. Yoonie wants to be loved. When they found out Yoonie was a little they told him he was disgusting. Oh, GOT7 asked if they can move in with us since recently they lost their house due to a attack from a person who owed them money and they are refusing to pay.” Jungkook says.

“I don’t mind it.” Namjoon says.

“I don’t mind it either but we almost have enough rooms. I mean yeah this house enormous but the usable rooms are only on this floor and the floor above well not even half the floor above maybe two or three rooms. Yugyeom and Bambam will most likely be rooming together along with Jackson and Mark. I’m not sure about Youngjae, Jinyong, and Jaebum.” Jin says.

“I don’t really care.” Yoongi says making me giggle.

“I no mind.” I say making them chuckle.

“Ok, how about since my room is the biggest bedroom in the house Yoongi and Tae both can move their things into my room. Jin, you and Namjoon are already in one room together and Jimin and Hoseok can move their things into one room it doesn’t matter which room cause I really don’t care that leave three rooms on this floor plus the two rooms upstairs.” Jungkook says looking at me and Yoongi.

“We can do that.” We both say at once.

“Ok, I’ll talk to Jimin and Hosoek later. Tae, you should slip out of little space baby. Might as well get the runs done soon after lunch. Jin hyung just make sandwiches.” Jungkook says.

Jin just nods and Namjoon takes him downstairs to the kitchen. I slip out of little space like Jungkook suggested.

“Since I never unpacked my things we don’t have to do that.” I say picking up two of my bags.

Jungkook and Yoongi do the same before we head to Jungkooks room. When we go inside I set my bags on a couch that sits not far from the bed that must be custom made since it’s bigger than a California King and Queen combined.

“You both must like it.” Jungkook says chuckling.

“Come on lets get Yoongi’s things.” He says walking out the door.

“My things are in the same condition as Tae’s. Everything is still in the bags against Hoseoks wishes and now he knows why.” Yoongi says we go to his and Hoseoks no longer shared room.

We grab everything that belongs to Yoongi and head back to Jungkooks room. I grab my bag that has everything I need for the four deliveries I have after lunch before heading downstairs to the kitchen where everyone else now are sitting at the table eating. Jungkook and I sit in our usual seats where as Yoongi sits in the chair beside me and Jin.

“Jimin and Hoseok the two of you will have to room together. I don’t care which room your in just move to one. GOT7 are moving in with us and before you two say anything Tae, Yoongi, Jin, and Namjoon said their thoughts on the matter which was they don’t care. Also this is my house and I can do what I damn well please. Also you two better change your act when it comes to littles because GOT7 has about three or four in their group. I don’t remember how many exactly I just know they have littles. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. If either of you say or do anything to the littles that I deem not ok I will personally make you regret it. Do you both understand me?” Jungkook growls out making Jimin and Hoseok quickly nod their heads.

“Good, now hurry up we’ve got requests to fulfill. Tae how many delivery runs do you have?” He asks before I take out my phone to make sure I still only have four.

I need a box of Mary Acid. - 10:58 a.m., Beauty Queen

V, we need a delivery for a box of Liquid Acid Capsules. - 11:40 a.m., Beast, Acid Angels

Need a delivery for four boxes of Black Shadow Liquid. - 12:20 p.m. Bex, Dark Angels

Gallon of Deaths Syrup, - 12:38 p.m. Minhyuk, Death Makers

“I only have four, Beauty Queen has a delivery for a box of Mary Acid, the Acid Angels has a delivery for a box of Liquid Acid Capsules, Dark Angels have a delivery for four boxes of Black Shadow liquid, and Death Makers have a delivery for a gallon of Deaths Syrup.” I say making Jungkook nod.

“Since Jin can’t go with us Namjoon your going to stay home and help him. Jimin, Hosoek, Yoongi and I will take care of the requests the two of them had which I’m pretty sure that the two of you had two each? So that gives all four of us an even amount.” Jungkooks says making everyone else nod as we all finish eating.

When we’re done we all five of us head out in separate directions.

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