Jeon's Baby

First Saved

I wake up I don’t know how many hours later but I’m still naked and on the floor all I know is that my ass was violated and hurts. I feel of my head to see if it hard enough on the floor for it to bleed. When I feel no blood I breathe out a sigh of relief especially since it wasn’t on my hand.

I hope he won’t come in here again but I know that’s wishful thinking. I look to the side of me and see that everything except for my jeans are torn to shreds. I try to put my jeans back on. I look at my legs more to see them bruised with finger prints. I look at my stomach. I already knew it was bruised and my face is worse.

The door opens, I expect it to be Bonen but nope. Two people are pushed into the room. I look closer at the two and realize I know the to it Yoongi and Hoseok. As the door closes Yoongi looks in my direction and immediately runs over to me.

“Oh my god. What have they done to you?” He asks as his worried eyes roam over me before landing on the pile of torn clothes beside me.

His body tenses as I look away. I look over at Hoseok who is watching the interaction. His jaw clenches as he sees my face more like my messed up face.

The door opens again to reveal Bonen, my whole body tenses. Hoseok walks over to where Yoongi and I both are.

“This is a delightful surprise, such a delightful surprise. We’ve managed to get three of Jeon’s boys. Now I know the two of you know Jeon’s requests now tell me what they are.” Bonen says to Yoongi and Hoseok.

“What makes you think you or anyone else of your group is one of those people you delusional mother fucker?” Hoseok asks.

Bonens face goes red with anger before he stalks over to him. What Bonen doesn’t expect to be punched in the face by both Yoongi and Hoseok. While Hoseok is busy with Bonen Yoongi picks me up and carries me over to the door. By the time Hoseok is done with Bonen, Bonen has blacked out. Hoseok gets up and walks over to the door and opens it letting Yoongi and I walk out before him. He locks the door behind him.

“What type of idiot doesn’t walk into his prisoners cell without a weapon? Never mind don’t tell me I already know.” Hoseok says as we make our way down the hall.

“Tae, you’ve been here for four days. Apparently you were passed out for the first day, woke up on the second, was passed out on the third, and the fourth. This is the fifth day but we’re not counting it. We all thought of a way to get you out of there. Jimin and I don’t hate you Tae and Yoongi what I did you didn’t deserve. I can’t speak for Jimin’s actions and I was just following him which was a bad idea. I should have stuck up for you Yoongi and in all honesty I’ve always wanted a little but Jimin never new that and neither did you. You kept being a little so well hidden as did you Tae. Plus I know Jimin is cheating and has been for a while. I never told you Yoongi so you wouldn’t be anymore hurt. I did try to get Jimin to at least try to experience ddlb but he wouldn’t and I continued to follow along side him which I regret whole heartedly. I just hope now I’ll be in good graces with the both of you again. I don’t like being separated from my friends because of the people who control me and truly I don’t like being controlled.” Hoseok says looking down at the floor as we make our way to the door.

What’s odd is we’ve walked passed five people and the didn’t stop us, question who we were nothing. Once we get outside we are greeted with a car with Jungkook inside. I can see him looking in our direction. He gets out of the car and walks over to us.

“Hoseok do you mind driving cause I don’t think I’m fit to drive anymore.” Jungkook asks him.

“Yeah, and I understand why.” He says before making his way to the driver side of the car and gets in.

Yoongi hands me over to Jungkook after Jungkook opens the back door.

“I’m going to sit up front with Hoseok. Jungkook, we and I mean you, me, Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hoseok need to have a talk. Jimin cannot be present cause he will most likely influence what Hoseok says. You and I both know you’re not my permanent caregiver but you will always be there whenever whoever I chose isn’t there for whatever reason. I have Taehyung to confide with when needed. All of us know that I’ve always wanted to fully be with Hoseok and I can’t deny that. I already know that Hoseok will right all his wrongs unlike Jimin at the moment. Come on we need to get Taehyung looked at and make sure he’s not able to have kids. If he is we better hope he’s not pregnant with the assholes baby.” Yoongi says before we all get in the car and head towards the house.

When we get to the house Yoongi and Hoseok get out before one of them opens the door to let both me and Jungkook out since he won’t let go of me. While Jungkook and I were getting out of the car everyone who was inside walks outside. I look around to see GOT7 are here but there are four girls that I don’t know as well. I bury my head into Jungkooks chest.

“You ok Tae baby?” He asks loud enough for me to here but low enough no one else can.

“Who are the girls?” I ask him.

“That’s BlackPink don’t worry they are not moving in with us and I myself don’t know why they are even here cause they weren’t here when I left. I have never been in a relationship with any of them and never will be in a relationship with them. One of them is obsessed with me and that’s Lisa. She doesn’t grab the concept of a gay guy especially a gay me. Every time we somehow come in contact with them I always tell her “I don’t like you in any type of romantic way. I never will because hello I’m never turning straight. I’m gay if you haven’t noticed.” You can’t get anything through to her at all. I might actually have to do something that shows her I’m gay so it will phase her to leave me alone and don’t think I’m leaving you to do anything stupid that will ultimately hurt you cause I’m not like that. I never have been and never will be. If I hurt you in any way I don’t mean to and if you see me in a questionable position please understand that it was not my doing and that you can go to the security room where the camera monitors are and see for yourself what really happened if you’re having second thoughts about me at the time. I know you will so that’s why I’m telling you this. Please with every fiber of your being please don’t let Lisa get to you with what she says especially to you. Trust me I know she’s a bitch to everyone and tries to lay claim on me with anyone she thinks poses a threat.” Jungkook says as the girls come up to us.

Who I’m guessing is Lisa is in the front of the other girls. I hide my face away from them. Jungkook squeezes my thigh signaling he understands why I’m doing this.

“Jungkookie, baby who is this and why are you holding him like you care about him?” Lisa says making me tense up.

“Ok, Lisa let me tell you this and get it through that fucking thick skull of yours. I’m not your baby for one. Two, I’m gay and three. Yes, I care about him always have and always will. The reason as to why I’m carrying him isn’t really any of your goddamn business but I’ll tell you anyways HE’S FUCKING HURT YOU UNSYMPATHETIC BITCH. PLUS I WANTED TO CARRY HIM. IS IT WRONG FOR ME TO CARRY SOMEONE I LOVE? LEAVE ME FOREVER AND ALWAYS ALONE. YOU GET ON MY NERVES. WHY CAN’T YOU GET THAT? ARGH!” He yells making me cover one of my ears before he walks away carrying me up the stairs to our bedroom.

“We had two spare bedrooms when GOT7 moved in so Yoongi moved his stuff into on of them along with Hoseok after a while. So that means Hoseok and Jimin aren’t together anymore.” Jungkook says before setting me on his bed.

He looks at me for a little bit making me turn my face away in embarrassment and shame. I bet I look ugly with my face beaten and bruised up like this. Instead of laughing or leaving like I expected he places two fingers under my chin before making me face him. He cups my face in his hands before he leans in and places his lips on mine. I feel his tongue glide along the seam of my lips but I don’t let him in he does it again and this time I do. We fight for dominance but the both of us know who wins and it definitely isn’t me.

After a few minutes of us kissing we hear a foot stomp onto the floor. We break apart, turn, and see Lisa with a pissed off look.

“The hell is wrong with you? Did you think I was lying when I said I was gay? Or when I said I loved him cause truthfully I do. I never have and will never have romantic feelings for you. Do you not get that? Why can’t you get that through your thick stalker ass skull? Now get out of my room no one is allowed in my room without my permission and since he’s staying in my room he has authority over the room as well. Now get. The fuck. Out.” Jungkook says before getting up and walking over to her.

He pushes her slightly out the door before slamming the door in her face. He locks it before turning around and walking back over to the dressers. He takes out a set of clothes for both of us before walking back over to the bed.

“I put your clothes and things in the left dresser and on the left side of the closet. You need to get a bath baby boy.” He says handing me the clothes before picking me up heading to the bathroom.

When we get in there he sets me on the counter next to one on the sinks. I set the clothes beside me on the cabinet as he turns on the water setting the right temperature of the water before stopping up the tub.

I twist myself around towards the mirror to see how bad my face is. My left eye is completely swollen shut, both cheeks are bruised along with my nose which I’m surprised isn’t broken. I already know the back of my head and legs are all bruised and I am getting more self conscious by the minute.

I feel a hand on my shoulder taking my attention from the mirror. I turn back around turning my attention to the concern filled eyes staring back at me.

“Tae, I know your doubting yourself and really you shouldn’t. I will always love you no matter what. You should know that by now.” Jungkook says lightly rubbing his thumb on my cheek.

He picks me up off the counter and sets me on my feet. I lean against the counter as he turns around to check on the tub before walking over and turns off the water. I didn’t realize until now he had put soap in the water to make bubbles until now.

He comes back over to me and helps me out of my jeans. He looks at my legs and I see a flash of anger cross his face as I watch him look at the bruises that liter the sides and the tops of my legs. I know his anger isn’t directed at me so I know he’s not going to hurt me.

He kneels down in front of me and my face goes bright red. I feel his lips on my skin where the bruises are. He places kisses on my bruised flesh before he stands back up taking my face in his hand. He leans down and places his lips on mine kissing me. When we pull apart he leans his forehead against mine.

“You are and will always be beautiful Tae never forget that. Come on let’s get you in the tub before the water gets cold.” He says before picking me up swiftly and carries me over to the tub before placing me in the tub.

He takes off his clothes before getting himself. He grabs the shower head, turns it on adjusts the water before wetting my hair. He turns off the shower head, grabs a bottle of shampoo. He opens it squeezes some onto his hand, puts down the bottle and starts to wash my hair.

When he’s done he rinses my hair before grabbing the conditioner opening it, and puts some on his hand before closing it putting the bottle back down and runs the conditioner through my hair. When he’s down he grabs a wash cloth and places it into the water before taking it and wrings the water out.

He takes a nearby bottle of body wash and squeezes the contents onto the washcloth. He closes the bottle and puts it down then he starts to wash me off. When he’s done he’s washed every inch of me and rinses me off twice over. I repeat his actions starting with his hair with the shampoo, leaving the conditioner in until I am done rinsing him off twice.

We rinse the conditioner out of our hair. He unplugs the tub and gets out. He helps me out and we dry each other off and put each other’s clothes on. We brush our teeth and hair before going back to the bedroom. He turns on the tv and we get on the bed and cuddle while watching tv.

An hour later a knock sounds on the door. Jungkook gets up out of the bed and opens the door to reveal Hoseok and Yoongi. He lets the two in and closing the door right behind him.

“Lisa is planning on taking you away from Tae or the other way around if it comes down to that. Yoongi and I heard her talking about it before they left the house.” Hoseok says a making Jungkooks face goes red in anger.

I scoot to the side of the bed and get of the bed making my way over to him as best I can. Once I get to him I latch onto him hoping he will calm down and luckily he does. He wraps an arm around me before we make our way back over to the bed and sit on it.

“Well we need to figure out what she’s going to do so we can counter that and use it against her. Taehyung, you’re not going to be able to make deliveries. Since the guys and I know where the warehouse is so when you get messages saying that someone needs a delivery and for what and how much they need tell us so one or a few of us can do the deliveries for you. You do the math and tell us how much money in all that we’re supposed have in all. We will still do our regular runs but a few people will stay here to protect Tae when I’m not able to while I’m not here. If I find out someone has betrayed me they are going to regret it.” Jungkook says before placing his chin on my shoulder.

Hoseok takes out his phone and types something before Jungkooks phone chimes. Jungkook gets his phone off the nightstand where he had put it before we went to the bathroom to take a shower. He reads the message before handing me his phone to show me what it says.

I have a feeling Jimin is going to help Lisa. They are always talking secretly away from others. But they aren’t good at whispering as to how I know this. I overheard them saying that when Tae goes on a delivery run she was to make an order and Jimin was to distract you. When Tae drops off their delivery the rest of BlackPink is to kidnap him while Lisa leaves to come to the house and tries to get you to go to her. Thinking you’ll break down and want comfort due to the fact Tae is missing and she’s thinking of using that against you. But what Jimin and Lisa doesn’t know is when Tae was kidnapped you stopped at nothing to get him back and to find out who took him. They don’t know that you’re still thinking about what your going to do to the person. Jimin was here but he didn’t pay attention to certain details like you going on the delivery runs while Tae was missing while looking for anyone who would help find him which was everyone who was not related to him minus Beauty Queen and her father. Lisa knows Taehyung makes deliveries but she doesn’t know that he’s V unless Jimin has already told her and I’m pretty sure Jimin has forgotten about that already. Lisa thinks Jimin knows everything about you but in reality you know that he doesn’t. Anyone who pays attention can tell he doesn’t know everything about you. Taehyung does and is the only one out of all of us minus yourself who truly knows you. You’re closed off yet you show us enough of yourself that we know you accept us as people who are close to èyou. But be careful with just Jimin in the room with you. Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want him to know. - Hobi 7:49p.m.

I look up from the phone before handing it back to Jungkook who does something before he does something on it. Not long later Hoseok’s, Yoongi’s, and my phone goes off. I up at him since my phone is in my bag. He shows me his phone. He had made a group message with all of us including GOT7 in it minus Jimin.

A few minutes later a few knocks sound on the door. Hoseok looks over at Jungkook and I. Jungkook nods and Hobi goes and opens the door to reveal all seven of GOT7. Bambam, Mark, and Jinyoung walk over to the bed where Jungkook and I are. The three of them are littles like me so I can tell they are distressed by the way I look. I can also tell when they go into little space.

“Taetae otay? Taetae no feew bad?” Bambam asks to no one in particular.

“I’m ok Bammie, don’t worry.” I say in a reassuring voice.

He smiles before turning to Yugyeom who had walked up behind him with Jackson, Jaebum, and Youngjae. Yugyeom takes him into his arms before Bambam turns around towards us.

“Namjoon and Jin had to stay downstairs to keep Jimin from coming up to see what was going on. They said that you can tell them when you can later.” Jackson says.

Jungkook gets up off the bed before picking me up I give him a look that tells him “I have legs I can walk,” but he gives me a look back that says “I’m going to carry you whether you can walk or not I’m not taking you out of my sight until I have to leave you alone.”

“Follow me.” Jungkook says to everyone else as he starts to walk with me in his arms to a a door that I didn’t notice until now.

He opens the door to reveal its a littles dream room. He walks into the closet after turning on the light in the room he goes to the back of the closet, moves some clothes out of the way and slightly pulls on the hanging rod before moving back out of the way and the floor opens to reveal a set of stairs. Jungkook walks down the stairs to the bottom where it opens up to a huge room that serves as a second security surveillance room.

“You all can use this room just make sure Jimin and BlackPink doesn’t follow you. Even though no one is allowed to come in my room without my permission they come in anyways and I keep this room locked while I’m not in the room I keep most of the rooms that are connected to my room locked anyways. This room has cameras along with rest of the house has surveillance cameras. The only rooms that do not have cameras are the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Everyone in this house knows not to do things in rooms that do meaning the living room, kitchen, dining room, halls, and etc. I’ll show Namjoon and Jin this room when I’m able so that they know where to go if anything happens. If anything happens to the upstairs internet and surveillance or whatever this place it’s not just a room it’s a house built under the house so it’s a safe house or whatever you want to call it. I’ll tell you how to get in when Namjoon and Jin are here with all of us and when Jimin is somewhere else. If Jimin is working with Black Pink to get back at me for something then he’s going to regret it but if he’s working with them for our benefit then he’ll say something sooner or later then we might be able to trust him. Now come on it’s getting late.” Jungkook says walking back up the stairs as everyone else follows behind.

Once everyone is back up he closes the door and fixes the clothes.

Jungkook makes everyone stop before leaving the little room. He sets me down before taking out his phone from his pocket.

“One of you locked my bedroom door when you closed the door and once it’s locked it’s linked to the camera outside of the door. There is another way out of my room but it leads us to the kitchen and Jin knows the entrance as does Namjoon because I’ve used it before.” Jungkook says and I watch him text Jin.

He hands his phone to Yoongi.

“Watch what she’s doing and tell me when she does something. Turn up the volume so you can hear her or anyone else for that matter. Now come on we need to get going before she starts to pick the lock even though she won’t be able to.” He says as he places his thumb on the side of a picture frame.

A light emits from the frame for a few second. Jungkook removes his thumb and the picture opens revealing a doorway. He picks me back up before walking through and waiting for everyone else to walk through. Once everyone is inside the walk way Jungkook closes the door making sure it’s locked and sealed so that no else can find it if they get inside his room.

Everyone moves so that Jungkook can go by while carrying me. He walks ahead of everyone else every so often he’ll ask me if everyone is still following. I say yes as he continues walking. When we get to out destination Jungkook doesn’t open the door instead he stops.

“Yoongi hyung has Lisa left or is he still at my door?” He asks.

“She’s still there with Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie. I checked where Jimin was and he left the house two minutes ago heading I don’t know where. I really don’t care either. Jin is still in the kitchen watching the pantry while also keeping an eye on what he’s cooking. Namjoon went upstairs to spy on the girls to keep them upstairs while we go inside the kitchen.” Yoongi says looking at the phone the whole time.

He looks up from the phone before speaking again.

“We need to hurry and get in the kitchen Jimin is back and there is so much Namjoon can do to keep the girls upstairs.” He says making Jungkook nod before placing his thumb on the door.

A blue glow emits from it like the picture frame did. The door opens and Jungkook pushes it open before moving out of the way to let everyone else file out into the kitchen and dinning room before walking out and closing the door. He sets me in my chair at the table before going over to Jin hyung to talk.

After he is done he comes back over as everyone else either goes to the living room or sits at the table. A couple of minutes later Jimin walks into the kitchen and everything goes quiet minus Jin who is cooking. Jungkook picks me up out of my chair without speaking before motioning to Hoseok to open the door to the back of the house. Yoongi and Hoseok walk out with us closing the door behind them.

Yoongi hands Jungkooks phone to me. I unhook one of my arms that’s around his neck and put it in the pocket of his pants.

“I told Jin hyung to bring the four of us our food out here when it’s finished.” Jungkook says as we make our way through the maze of flowers to the center where a glass and obsidian table sits with cushioned obsidian chairs surrounding it.

The set up is beautiful with it being surrounded by the foliage. The center of the flower maze is a natural covered table area the trees are fixed so that it shades the whole area throughout the whole day but also let in enough light that you don’t need to use a flashlight. There are lights up that is supposed represent the bright moon light of a full moon.

Jungkook sets me in one of the chairs and sits in the seat next to me as Yoongi and Hoseok sit in across from us. To keep from sitting in silence Jungkook speaks.

“Tae baby, I know you don’t want to talk about what happened but I want to know what you went through so I can have an ideal view of how your in the shape you are in.” Jungkook says placing a hand on my thigh in a comforting motion, I nod.

“I was in little space and halfway done with a picture I was coloring until someone came into the room I didn’t think anything of it because I thought it was either Jungkook or Yoongi. But I was wrong. I didn’t know what was happening until I was hit over the head. I woke up sometime later. I sat up and looked around to see if anything looked familiar to me but no. I’m not stupid enough to call out to see if anyone was there. I could tell no one else was in the room with me, I would have heard some type of movement if there was. A couple of minutes later Bonen the leader of Broken Daggers walked into the room. He said “Well, I never knew Jeon had a new member in his group. He’s kept us in the dark about you hasn’t he?” I cringed but didn’t answer cause I didn’t know if the question was rhetorical or not. He yelled at me, he said. “Hey slut, I asked you a fucking question now answer it.” I shrank at his words. I hate being degraded always have and always will. I swallowed my fear and answered him. I said yes quietly while keeping my eyes on everything but him. Then he asked me another question. “Do you know anything about the recent requests he has this month?” I figured that was going to happen and no, I didn’t and still don’t know anything about your requests never have except for the ones my mom asked of you. Other than that I know nothing. I told him no. That I didn’t know anything of your requests and never have. He slapped me. I was thinking; What the fuck bitch? I answered your damn question then you fucking slap me? What the fuck kind of logic is that? I mean seriously. If I could bitchslap you I would cause I’ve met a number of stupid ass dicks and you are a grade A dick whose got his head shoved so far up his own ass it’s messing with his thinking. Then he goes and says to me. “Don’t lie we all know when Jeon adds a new person he makes them help him with the requests.” before he punched me in the face and the stomach. I told him I wasn’t lying, that you didn’t want me to help with the requests. I told him that you know I don’t kill so I don’t know any of the requests. He got an evil smile on his face.....” I say before I stop myself as tears fall down my face.

Jungkook places rubs my thigh with his thumb making me look into his eyes. He gives me a sympathetic smile that gives me the strength to go on.

“He got an evil smile on his face before he ripped my clothes off and his pants after he said “Argh, your of no use. But I know what you could b-b-be-be u-u-use-useful f-f-f-for.” I begged for him to stop while I tried to get away from him but he wouldn’t. H-h-he-he for-forced himself in me as I fought him to get away from him even though he’s so much bigger than me. I continued to say no through tears. I could see the anger on his face but I didn’t care I wanted him off and away from me. I knew he wanted me to stop fighting but I didn’t care I wanted him off me. He took one of his hands off me and punched me harder in the face than he did the first time. My head hit the floor and I blacked out. I woke up I don’t know how many hours later but I was still naked and on the floor all I know is that my ass was violated and hurt. I felt of my head to see if it hit hard enough on the floor for it to bleed. When I felt no blood I let out a sigh of relief especially since it wasn’t on my hand. I hoped he wouldn’t come in the room again but I knew that was wishful thinking. I looked to the side of where I was and saw that everything except for my jeans were torn to shreds. I tried to put my jeans back on. I looked at my legs to see they were bruised with finger prints. I looked at my stomach. I already knew it was bruised and that my face is worse. Then the door opened and these two were forced into the room and you know the rest.” I say looking down at my lap.

I hadn’t realized that Jin and Namjoon had come out with the food and drinks while I was talking until a plate of food along with utensils and a glass of sprite was set in front of me. I look up at Jungkook who still has his hand on my thigh.

“You are so strong baby. We will get him back for what he has done and you won’t have to worry about him anymore. I am keeping you stuck to my side from now on and while I’m on a run and if you want you can stay in the security room and you already know which one I’m talking about. There is a couple of rooms off of it that serves as a bedroom, one is a bathroom, and there is another that is a kitchen. If you can’t get ahold of me for a while after I leave the house make sure the door to the security room is closed and locked. There is a secret entrance for anyone who knows it’s there that is around here. If your being chased back here go to any one of the tree that has a knot on it push it like it’s a button and a door should reveal its self once you get inside it closes automatically and no one can tell that the door is there. There is no seams in the trees indicating it’s a door also I’m saying this now because I know no one is listening I have cameras everywhere hat are connected to my phone. Lisa and the rest of BlackPink with Jimin are interrogating GOT7 at the kitchen table. Oh no. They are coming this way. Everyone put your plates and things on the tray. Once we get up I have already told the table to go to the kitchen in the security room. Come on follow me to one of the trees and hurry.” Jungkook says getting up quickly before picking me up after handing his phone to Yoongi.

He runs over to one of the trees as everyone is at the tree he pushes a knot in the tree and a door opens and everyone slips into the opening before immediately closing after. Jungkook makes sure it closed completely before making everyone else follow to an intersection that has sign in the middle with two panels one saying security room and the other saying car port. Jungkook looks back to make sure we have everyone.

When he sees we have Yoongi, Hoseok, Jin, and Namjoon he nods turning around and continues ahead to our destination. When we get there Jungkook goes straight to the kitchen he had said was there to see that the obsidian and glass table with the cushioned obsidian chairs are sitting to themselves away from everything else in the kitchen and setting on the table is everything that was left on the table in the garden. Jungkook sets me down in the same chair I had sat in before sitting down in his own as the others do the same. Yoongi hands Jungkook his phone back.

“After the table disappeared and quickly reappeared which the five didn’t see because they didn’t get there in time all they did was look around and went back inside. Everyone started laughing when they got inside. Oh, Yugyeom texted you.” He says before he starts to eat.

When we are all done eating we put everything in the dishwasher. Jungkook picks me up and gives Jin and Namjoon a tour of the security room. He leads everyone back up to his room. He sets me on the bed takes out his phone.

“BlackPink have left, Jimin went to his room. GOT7 cleaned up the kitchen. Jinyong, Youngjae, and Jaebum made sure all the doors were locked which I have already done that as well as the windows. I turned on the security system outside when everyone is in their rooms I’ll turn on the security system that’s in the house. Everyone is now upstairs. You four can go, night you four.” Jungkook says as Jin, Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok head to their rooms.

Jungkook closes the door locking it and walks immediately to the bed. He pulls his shirt over his head taking it off and throws it on the couch after he takes off his shoes. Since he carried me most of the time I didn’t have shoes on. He climbs into bed beside me since I’m already in it and under the covers. He leans over and kisses me.

“I love you Taehyung.” He says making me smile after he breaks away.

“I love you too Jungkook.” I say snuggling into him getting close to him as possible without getting on top of him.

I fall asleep to the sound of the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

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