Jeon's Baby


I wake up the next morning cuddling into the bed before reaching over to feel Jungkook nowhere. I sit up rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I takes me a minute to realize the shower is running which makes me furrow my eyebrows before pouting.

A few minutes later the water shuts off before I hear shuffling then Jungkook walks out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Looking at him makes me momentarily forget that he left me in this cold bed. Tattoos cover most of his body except for his face, what I can see of his legs, and feet. He walks over to his dresser before walking over to the closet. He stops in front of me.

“What?” He asks.

I accidentally go into little space because of this.

“Daddy weft mwe in hewe bwy myself.” I say trying not to cry.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby. Daddy had gone to do a request while everyone was asleep and made sure while he was gone to make sure his baby was still safe. When daddy got back he had managed to get blood on his face, arms, and clothes because usually that doesn’t happen. He didn’t want his baby to see him like that. Plus his baby looked so cute and peaceful asleep so daddy didn’t want to wake him up.” He says before kissing me.

“Daddy needs to go put on his clothes so that he can spend the rest of the day with his baby.” He says walking into the closet.

He comes out a few minutes later wearing a black t-shirt with black sweat pants. He walks into the little room and comes back with Taeger which make me make grabby hands for him which makes Jungkook chuckle.

“You are so adorable baby.” Jungkook says as he gets to the bed handing me Taeger before kissing me on the cheek.

“Daddy mwy phone wents offs.” I say after hearing the familiar sounds it makes when I get a text before slipping out of little space.

As Jungkook sits on the bed he grabs and unplugs my phone before handing it to me. I unlock it to see that I have twelve delivery requests. I look up at Jungkook who is looking at me.

“I have twelve delivery requests.” I say before showing him my phone screen.

“I’ll have the guys do them. Get ahold of Max and tell him what all they need to pick up.” Jungkook says before getting his phone and texts the guys.

Yo, V we need a delivery for a box of Deaths Syrup dust. - 6:00 a.m. Rourke, Red Blood

Sweetheart, if you don’t mind I need a delivery for a large container of Fairy Dust. - 6:20 a.m. Mrs. Lee Jimin

We need a delivery for two boxes of Fairy Dust. - 6:23 a.m. Bommer

Hey, we need a delivery for a gallon of liquid acid. - 6:25 a.m. Brasha

We need a delivery of two gallons of liquid acid. - 6:28 a.m. Han, Stray Kids

V, we need a delivery for ten Gold Eyes. - 6:30 a.m. Slade, Gold Demons

We need a delivery for six boxes of Black Shadow dust. - 6:32 a.m. Jisoo, BlackPink

We need a delivery for a large container of Mary Acid. - 6:48 a.m. Shasta

My usual Black Shadow please. - 10:58 a.m., Beauty Queen

V, I need a delivery for a box of Liquid Acid Capsules. - 11:40 a.m., Shade

Need a delivery for a box of Black Shadow Liquid. - 12:20 p.m. Bex, Dark Angels

Gallon of Deaths Syrup, - 12:38 p.m. Beast, Acid Angels

Max, I need you to get all of this together. Talk to Jungkook about getting the Large container of Black Shadow dust. - 12:40 p.m.

After sending Max the screen shots of the orders before speaking to Jungkook.

“BlackPink asked for a delivery for a large container of Black Shadow dust.” I say making him snap his head towards me.

“They are actually going through with their plan. Hmmm. Text Max and Everyone who needs a delivery telling them to come to the house because something has come up because four more people are trying to kidnap you again. You’re going to have to tell them the address and since all the people you deliver to minus a few people I’m ok with knowing where I live and some of them don’t know that I’m Jeon and there are many people in the area with that last name.” He says making me nod and do as he says.

Once everyone minus BlackPink texts back saying that they will come to the house I put my attention to Jungkook. He picks out what I’m going to wear since I have to be downstairs in a little bit since the two of us obviously can’t have the day to ourselves because of this.

When I’m dressed Jungkook picks me up and we head downstairs straight to the kitchen where Jin is cooking breakfast. He looks up to see me and Jungkook who sets me in my seat at the table. He give Jungkook a confused look before speaking.

“I thought the two of you were going to have a day to yourselves.”

“Yeah that’s what I had planned for us but that was before BlackPink decided to message Tae for a delivery.” Jungkook says annoyed before taking out his phone, I’m guessing to check the security cameras.

“Wait they actually went through with what they originally planned?” Hoseok says behind us.

I turn around to see him carrying a sleepy Yoongi. He walks over to the table and sets him in the chair beside me before sitting in the chair beside him.

“Yes, even though none of us are going to deliver them. All of the people who asked for a delivery is coming here to pick up their delivery minus BlackPink who doesn’t know that no one is going to deliver anything today because one I want my day with Taehyung without any interruptions.” Jungkook says watching his phone.

“No one speaks of this in front of Jimin who is about to come down here. GOT7 are following after you can text Yugyeom and the rest when you have time to without Jimin in the room.” Jungkook says before putting his phone back in his pocket as he sits down in his chair.

As soon as Jimin and GOT7 walk into the kitchen Jin finishes up cooking. A few minutes later Namjoon comes in with an annoyed expression.

“Someone needs to get rid of BlackPink those girls are getting on my nerves. All four of them have been trying to get ahold of me but I just muted them then I had to block them then they started calling Jin’s phone which he left in our room so I just turned it off before getting up and heading down here. Jungkook, I thought you and Tae were going to have a day to yourselves because of what happened. That’s what I got from the text you sent to everyone in the house minus Tae.” He says before his eyes go wide in realization as regret covers his face.

“Don’t answer that I know why.” He says before sitting down.

Jin sets plates in front of everyone and we all eat. When we are done we all clean up and head to the living room. The door bell rings and Jungkook gets up from the couch me and him are cuddling on to reveal Max with a box with everything in it.

“You can set it over here.” Jungkook says motioning an open area of the living next to the wall.

“Thanks Max.” I say before giving him a smile.

“No problem, I hope you’re doing ok. I heard about what happened. If I were a killer I would have killed him but since I’m not you can hire Jeon to do that. You have enough money you could pay his price. I’m sure he’d gladly kill the shit ass since he’s not an innocent by any means. You didn’t deserve what he did to you and I have never told you this but Bonen is an ex boyfriend of mine and he did the exact same thing to me after I told him I wasn’t ready to be with him that way.” He says to me on verge of tears.

I get up from the couch and walks over to him. I envelope him in a hug which makes him break down fully as he hugs me back. I look behind him to see Jungkook looking at us with a sympathetic expression. From the feel of Max’s body I can tell he’s going into little space. I unhook one of my arms before taking out my phone from my pocket to text his now boyfriend who is Rourke from Red Demons who should be here any minute. Before I am able to the door bell rings. Jungkook goes and answers it to reveal Rourke. He looks at me and Max giving me a questioning expression.

“He told me a little of his making him cry and now he’s in little space get him after getting what you need. Jungkook will give you what you asked for just tell him what it was.” I say making him nod before walking over to where Jungkook stands next to the box.

Rourke hands him the payment as Jungkook hands him what he asked for.

“I’m going to put this in the car and then I’ll come back and get my baby.” He says before walking out the door.

He comes back a few minutes later and gets Max off me making me sigh in relief to know that he has someone who really loves and cares about him. I walk over to where Jungkook stands before sitting on the ground on the other side of the box before hearing to door rings again. This time Yugyeom goes and answers the door to reveal Mrs. Lee Jimin I take out what she asked for from the box and hands it to Jungkook as she walks up to use. She thanks us before handing him her payment before being handed what she ordered and leaves.

The door bell rings seven more times. Yugyeom opens the door to reveal Bommer, Brasha, Bex, Beast, Shasta, Slade, and Shade. I take out Bommer’s first before taking out Shasta’s, Brasha’s, Shade’s, Beast’s, Bex’s, and Slade’s, handing them all to Jungkook one by one as they all hand him the payment before he gives them what they asked for then leaves. A few minutes after they leave the door bell rings again revealing Han. I take out what he asked for before handing it to Jungkook who hands it to him after being given the payment. Two hours later the door bell rings and I go answer it to reveal Beauty Queen. She envelopes me in a hug. When we pull apart I can tell she has been crying. (Yes, I know there are a lot of B and S names. 😂)

“Why have you been crying?” I ask her as I let her inside.

“I wasn’t sure if you were ok or not. I cannot lose the only family member I actually care about.” She says as tears start to fall down her face once again. (Beauty Queen and Tae don’t share the same grandparents I keep mentioning.)

I envelope her in a hug again. Once she’s calmed down we pull apart and I hand her what she usually asks for after she gives me her payment.

“You do know that you are always welcome here when you’re not doing anything right?” I ask her before she leaves.

“Yeah, I do and I’ll keep all of you to that.” She says laughing as the door closes behind her.

Jungkook walks up and back hugs me resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Want to go take a nap?” He asks before he kisses me on the neck making me lean my head to the side away from his.

“Um..... maybe.” I say making him smile against my neck.

“Or we can do something else. I’m not suggesting anything and I have something to show you.” He says before letting go of me.

He grabs hold of one of my hands and leads me up to his room. We walk inside, he closes and locks it behind us. He leads me to the bathroom to the shower. He pushes in on of the tiles making the wall split open revealing a set of stairs. He leads me down the stairs to reveal a room. I look around to see all sorts of things on the walls I look more closely then realization hits me. I already know what this is but the only thought that comes to my mind is.

How many more hidden rooms does this house have like damn. No wonder Jungkook loves this house.

Jungkook waves his hand in front of my face breaking me from my thoughts.

“Sorry was thinking.” I say chuckling awkwardly.

“I know baby it’s ok.” He says chuckling.

“You know the day Yoongi came home and yelled at Jimin and Hoseok for abandoning him in The Red Haven?” He asks making me nod.

“Well I know that they aren’t the only ones that went there that night. I saw you, you scened that night. I know for a fact those three didn’t see you. At that time the two left Yoongi who went outside back to the car where he stayed the entire time those two where privately together. I watched your entire scene and wished that I had been the one to be your dom but now I can be. I’ve had many years of practice and no I never did this with Jimin before you even ask. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’ve never scened with anyone because I have. I know you’ve seen me scene because I have seen you watching my scenes I go by Master J. The last scene you saw me do impacted you more than it did the sub I was scening with which makes me very proud because I didn’t and still don’t want to push any boundaries you don’t want to cross. I know certain things you don’t like so I’m not going to challenge you with them. I know one of those things is are belts I’m going to use them but not the way you think I will. They’ll be used as a source of bondage which I know you like as well. We aren’t using the room today I just wanted to show it to you. Today is still going to be a me and you day even if I have to have a house lockdown so we won’t have to worry about anything until tomorrow. Actually that sounds like a good idea. No one can get in no one can get out until I says so.” He says taking out his phone as he leads me back up the stairs.

He taps the wall and it slowly starts to close we head out of his room down to the living room where everyone now is.

“Ok, reason as to why you’re all here is we are not going to worry about anything for the rest of the day especially me and Taehyung because the both of us need it and I’m pretty sure everyone else here does to. The house is going under lockdown no one can get in and no one can get out until I say so. So tell whoever you made any sort of plans with for anything that you can’t make it and that you will see them tomorrow or whenever they are available because lockdown starts right now.” Jungkook says before taping something on his phone.

We hear loud bangs all around the house as we see the rooms start to get dark minus the lights that are already on. Before Jungkook and I go back upstairs to our room we are stopped by Jimin.

“Um can I talk to you guys for a minute?” He asks look from me to Jungkook uneasily.

“Sure but give us a minute.” I say looking up at Jungkook then back at him to see him nod.

We walk off away from him a little ways.

“Jungkook what else does the lock down do?” I ask him quietly.

“It cuts off some things like wires that anyone would be wearing, you can’t do somethings on your phone.” He says making me nod before we head back over to where Jimin still stands.

“Ok, what did you need?” I ask him.

“Um, I’m sorry for being a complete dick to you all these years. Also Jungkook I’m not really helping BlackPink. They are to fucking annoying especially Lisa and I already they are trying to use me to get to you. God they won’t leave me the fuck alone and because of that I gave them this stupid ass plan which I already knew wasn’t going to work since you don’t want Tae doing deliveries for a while. If I was helping them I would have messaged them to come get whatever the fuck they asked for since you or anyone else for that matter didn’t go out and deliver anything, I didn’t do that. The rest of the people who asked for a delivery came here. Tae, I’m sorry for threatening you when we were younger for being in love with Jungkook. I know you didn’t tell him what I did in fear of him not believing you. Even if you did tell him I know he would have believed you. What the both of you don’t realize is Jungkook even then you were in,love with him and you didn’t even know it. Taehyung, you mistook who that love aiming for, it wasn’t at me, it never was. It was always you. Now I need to apologize to Yoongi and Hoseok. I know what I have done to them can’t be undone but I hope that I can start over and get everything right. I don’t want to hurt anyone else like that again.” He says genuinely as Yoongi and Hoseok come up to us.

“Hey guys, Jungkook we still need to see if Tae is able to have kids before the two of you go up to your room to have the rest of the day to yourselves. Jin said he’ll get the infirmary ready and wait for the two of you to get there. Jimin, Hoseok and I need to talk to you.” Yoongi says making Jungkook and I nod before watching Hoseok and Yoongi walk off with Jimin following after.

Jungkook and I walk to the infirmary where Jin waits. He motions for me to lay on the examination table.

“Pull your shirt up so I can put the jelly on your stomach.” He says pulling on blue rubber gloves before I pull up my shirt.

He puts the jelly on my stomach making me slightly jump.

“Sorry, I meant to tell you that it was going to be a little cold.” He says as he puts the jelly up before changing his gloves.

He picks up the device placing it on my stomach running it all over my stomach slowly as he watches the screen.

“You are able to have kids. The good thing is you are not pregnant but I’ll have to check you again in a couple of weeks to make sure you aren’t again.” Jin says before putting the device up after cleaning it off.

He hands me three paper towels to wipe off my stomach. When I’m all cleaned off I get off the table with the help of Jungkook.

“Jin hyung, Tae and I are going to go. If you need anything let me know.” Jungkook says before we head to our room.

I go and sit on the bed as he closes the door and locks it before pulling his shirt off placing it on the couch. I try not to stare but I can’t help it.

God he’s hot.

He catches me staring and smirks knowingly before making his way over to where I sit on the bed. He bends down and kisses me. It’s not to forceful it’s actually sweet. He runs his tongue over my bottom lips asking for entrance. I let him in immediately because I don’t want to get punished for teasing him. I don’t even try to fight for dominance since Jungkook and I both know I’m not going to win so there’s no use in trying. He climbs onto the bed placing his legs on either side of me before gently pushing me down so that I now lay on my back. I wrap my arms around his neck before running my fingers through his soft dark brown hair. I moan softly as he bites my bottom lip before kissing my jawline down to my neck making me tilt it slightly so that he has more access to it. He holds body up with his left arm as his right skims my side down to my thigh. He gently kneads the inside of my thigh being careful of the bruises. When he kneads one I hiss out in pain making him stop what he’s doing and lifts himself up. He looks down at me with a concerned sad expression.

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He says with a little bit of self hatred.

“It’s ok Kookie I know you didn’t meant to. By now you should already know that I’m not made of porcelain. Everyone is liable of getting hurt sometimes. It’s part of being human. Tan we tuddle? I’s tiwed daddy.” I ask going into little before yawning making him chuckle, I pout.

“Yes baby, we can cuddle. Daddy is yours to cuddle whenever you want just not when he has a request to do.” He says before getting up and get under the covers the helps me get up and cuddles to him under the covers with my head on his chest after getting Taeger and cuddles him to me.

The both of us fall asleep to be woken up by someone knocking on the door a couple hours later making the both of us groan. I assume Jungkook got his phone off the nightstand and checks to see who it is.

“Baby, get off of daddy so he can go open the door for Jin and Namjoon hyung’s.” He says before I groan once again before sitting up and let’s him open the door.

Jin and Namjoon walk in. Namjoon is holding a tray with two plates of food on it. I’m guessing Jin is with him to make sure that Namjoon made it up the stairs and to mine and Jungkook’s room without something going wrong since he breaks a lot of things. Namjoon hands Jungkook the tray as they walk into the room. Jungkook sets the tray on the table that sits in front of the couch before turning his attention to them.

“Yoonminseok are going to try their relationship again. BlackPink won’t stop trying to call us and by us I mean everyone who has their numbers unblocked which we really should do that because they are getting on everyone’s nerves.” Jin hyung says rolling his eyes.

“Tell everyone to block their number and anything else that they are on.” Jungkook says making the two nod.

“I’ll be back later to get the tray back just text me when you’re done.” He says as he walks out of the room with Namjoon in tow.

Jungkook closes the door and locks it before going back over to the table and gets the tray off it before coming over to the bed with it. He carefully sets the tray on the bed as he gets on the bed. We eat the food on the tray feeding each other bites every once in a while. When we’re done Jungkook gets up off the bed and puts the tray back on the table before coming back the bed grabbing his phone and texting Jin. A few minutes later a knock sounds on the door. Jungkook gets up and unlocks the door to reveal Hoseok.

“I’m here to get the tray since Jin hyung didn’t want to walk up here and he didn’t want Namjoon coming to get it so I volunteered to come get it.” Hoseok says making me and Jungkook laugh.

Jungkook gets tray from the table as Hoseok comes in. Jungkook hands him the tray.

“Thank you.” He says before leaving.

Jungkook closes the door and locks it before coming back over to the bed before getting in and cuddling with me since I am now laying back down halfway asleep. He pulls me against him before his phone starts to ring making him growl and for a minute I think that he’s going to hurt me making me go into little space. So I immediately shoot up and quickly get out of the bed and run to a corner in the room as he gets his phone off the nightstand and checks to see who it is. He gets up knowing that I’m out of the bed and walks over to me where I try hiding from him. I know he see’s the fear in my eyes as he reaches for me when he kneels down. He wraps his arms around me since I wouldn’t reach out to him.

“I’m so sorry baby. Daddy didn’t mean to scare you. I know why you ran over here. Baby, daddy would never hurt you. If he does he doesn’t mean to. You mean so much to daddy and he would do anything to keep you happy and safe even though daddy hasn’t been good in the safe department yet and probably still won’t be until we get rid of the BlackPink situation.” He says chuckling before kissing the back of my head since I am now fully turned towards the corner.

“Baby I’m going to have to lift up the lockdown since BlackPink are going to do something. I’m going to deliver what they asked for with Hoseok, Yoongi, and Jimin. Namjoon, Jin, and Got7 will be here to protect if need be. If anything happens all you or anyone else for that matter all you have to do is call or text. I will answer immediately if I don’t something has happened and you tell the others immediately. I know that I said that you are never getting out of my sight again but I don’t want you near BlackPink at all.” He says making me turn slightly towards him.

I attack him in a hug making him fall backwards laughing as he this happens wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I wuvs daddy. Pwease bwe tareful an tome bats to mwe.” I say as I lay my head on his chest.

He moves his and up and under my chin lifting my head so that I now look up at him. He leans his head towards mine and kisses me.

“I love you too baby and I will come back to you.” Kissing me once again as he starts to get up.

I straddle him so that I won’t get hurt as he goes to get up off the floor taking me with him and walks back over to the bed and gets in before reaching over to the nightstand and turns off the light, eventually the both of us fall asleep.

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