Jeon's Baby

Once Again

A couple of hours later I wake up in need to use the bathroom but I realize something I once again am no longer in mine and Jungkook’s bedroom. I swallow down the fact I’m about to piss myself and look around.

“Hey, bitches I’m awake and I really gotta pee like seriously.” I yell out emphasizing really after obviously telling that I am tied up.

A couple minutes later a girl comes in and over to me. She unties me so that I can get up before tying my arms and hands behind my back before walking me to a bathroom. She unties my hands and I go into the bathroom closing the door and locking it behind me. I look around the entirety of the bathroom and realize someone left their phone on and in the bathroom. I quickly pick it up and add Jungkook’s number after checking that it wasn’t there and quickly texts him.

Since I really had to pee it’s taking me longer than it normally would. He answers and asks me the normal questions but I tell him I’m fine at the moment and describes the girl that took me to the bathroom and he tells me that it’s Rose one of the members of BlackPink. I ask him how they managed to get through the lockdown on the house and he said that they had climbed the house and busted a window on the top floor before the lockdown occurred after they found out that I wasn’t delivering anything.

One of them had managed to sneak into his room while all of us were downstairs in the living room. As soon as Jungkook figured out that I was missing again he immediately shutdown the lockdown on the house. Once he did that BlackPink left the house using a separate back door taking me to where their car was. He knew BlackPink had everything to do with it since Lisa came up to the front door instead of leaving with the rest of BlackPink and is still there. He tells me the he along with everyone else is coming to get me.

He just has to put a dog to sleep in his own words not mine. After a few minutes he tells me that we don’t have to worry about Lisa anymore and that Hoseok found out where I am since I’m texting Jungkook and that they will be here in a few minutes. I tell him ok and that I’m going to delete his number from the phone after I stop texting so I can finish up and wash my hands. He tells me ok and that he misses and loves me. I tell him that I miss and love him too before deleting the number and messages before setting the phone in the medicine cabinet after I finish up. I wash my hands and unlock the door before walking out to find no one there.

I look around to see if anyone is coming before walking out. I walk down the hall looking to see if I can find a way out before Jungkook and the guys get here. Once I get to the end of the hall I come up to a set of stairs leading down so I walk down them. When I get to the bottom the layout opens up to what I’m guessing is the living room. I look around once again but only to see the front door completely open. My eyebrows knit in confusion. A few minutes later Jungkook and the guys walk in. When he sees me he comes up to me immediately and envelopes me in a hug.

“Kookie something doesn’t seem right. I knew that when only one girl came and got me to take me to the bathroom more so when no one was there when I came out.” I say as we pull away.

A couple minutes later we hear footsteps coming towards us.

“It was Lisa’s plan to kidnap Taehyung the three of us opposed the idea. We already replaced her with another girl. Funny thing is the girl’s name is Lisa but she’s younger than the three of us unlike Lisa who is four years older than her. We never understood her obsession with you, Jungkook it was really unnatural. Lalisa looks almost like Lisa but slightly different which is good and she’s not going to be the leader of our group Jennie is.” Jisoo says making us all nod our head.

“You guys won’t have to worry about us anymore especially the old Lisa since Jungkook killed her.” Rose says as she laughs a little.

“Taehyung, I intentionally left my phone in the bathroom so that you could text him. I deleted his number and messages to make you think that his number was never in the phone also I changed my number so he didn’t know the number.” Jennie says making me nod understanding why she did it.

“Sorry for calling you all bitches but you can understand why I did though.” I say looking at them apologetically.

“It’s ok Taehyung. Yeah we understand, you didn’t know we were helping you.” Rose says laughing making the rest of us chuckle.

“Anyways we’re heading back to our house, text if you need anything. You know what to do if you need a delivery of any sort.” Jungkook says as he picks me up making everyone laugh before carrying me out to his car as everyone else follows getting into a few other vehicles.

We pull out of the drive way to be hit in the side by an oncoming SUV that wasn’t there when we looked. The SUV backs up before turning around and leaves the scene. It hit on my side and the reality of it hits me. I look down at myself to see that I’m bleeding and can’t move. I try moving my head to look for Jungkook but I hear someone talking.

“Baby, don’t move. God, please don’t move. You’ll be ok the rescue squad is on the way and the guys are going to talk to the police since they saw everything. Yes, we’re going to talk to the police despite the fact that we all could end up in jail. I’m going to try and unbuckle you’re seat belt but if I can’t please don’t panic, I’m trying not to. I can’t loose you, I can’t. I don’t know what I would do if I did. You’re bleeding to much and don’t want to put to much pressure on you if you have any broken bones where the blood is coming from. WHEN IS THE FUCKING AMBULANCE GOING TO GET HERE?” He yells as he breaks down.

As much as I want to hold him I can’t I’d risk hurting myself even more which doesn’t need to happen. The pain is too much that I’ve become numb making me want to close my eyes.

“Taehyung don’t close your eyes. Taehyung don’t close your eyes the ambulance is almost here I can hear it in the distance. Baby don’t. Taehyung!” He yells as I can no longer hold my eyes open no more.

I can see Jungkook fully now. I’m not sure how but I can. I see the tears as they run down his bloody face. He and I both know that he can do nothing to wake me up. The police along with two ambulances and the fire department arrives a few minutes later. I know he doesn’t want to leave me and will argue with anyone and everyone. He never left me in the car even though his main injury is a broken arm and could have gotten out easily. Even when they were getting me out he refused to get out until they got me out and onto the gurney.

“All I have is a broken arm and a not so big gash on my head due to me hitting my head hard on the window because of the impact. I am not leaving him, I can’t. So please don’t make me. I’ll get my arm set when we get to the hospital. I’ll be fine until then. When we get to the hospital I’ll be cooperative” He tells one of the paramedics who had tried to get him to go in the other ambulance.

The paramedic just nods and lets him get in the ambulance with me before closing the doors and heading to the hospital. Once we get to the hospital I’m immediately emitted to surgery. Jungkook knows his bounds and stays back since he has to because of his arm and he can’t be there while I’m in surgery.

A doctor sets and puts a cast on his arm after taking an x-ray of it to see how bad it is. It’s been two hours since I’ve been in surgery and the guys showed up an hour ago as I feel the pull to go back to my body and I do just that.

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