Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



*December 10*

The month of November came and went, leaving behind not a trace, as the weather in those parts of the world rarely changed more tan a few degrees celcius.

The teachers of Hunab Kun thought more spells to their students: the tripping jinx, color changing charm, stinging hex, pushing spell, cutting hex, bandage charm, water-gun charm and flame-thrower charm.

Why they thought things like that to kids just entering puberty instead of useful things for the daily life was beyond Harry.

Right now, as a result from curiosity, Harry, Nicte and Lety sat on the ground as Miztli, Nahil and Lucy stood with their own foci.

"Right, so show us ranged magic done right" Harry said sarcastically.

"You know it's more like support magic" said Miztli.

"It is still better for pranks, a slingshot is better than a sword at stealth" Nahil grinned.

"You should stop the pranks" muttered Lety, making the alux twins look at her in shock.

"Blasfemy," oh no, another of their rants.

"The pranks cannot be stopped"

"The chaos must rule our lives"

"It must rule our lives"

"Anarchy is the ultimate way"

"Bueno, ranged magic" interrupted Harry, "Show us"

Nahil raised his slingshot and aimed it at Harry, who got ready to move.

The rust-haired kid leaned out of the way of a dark orange ball that looked to be dripping something.

The ball hit Itzmin, who had been sitting behind Harry, and pushed him onto his side, making the pup growl.

"Right, so that's from the slingshot, now the bow" Harry said.

Miztli made as if he were knocking an arrow on his bow, while saying, "chikil." A dark purple arrow appeared on the bow.

The chupacabras let go of the string of the bow and let it fly to an unaware Harry, who had grabbed Itzmin as the pup wouldn't stop whining.

The arrow of magic hit him on the chest, and the emerald-eyed boy had to bite his mouth to prevent the laugh from leaving his mouth.

It wouldn't do to ruin his image of a serious student after all.

Even he cared about his reputation.

They all stared at him as his face started to change color and twitch unstoppably.

Harry was glad that Miztli had held back a bit and made the spell-arrow weaker than usual; it made holding his laugh easier.

The red-eyed boy cancelled the effect when it became obvious that Harry wouldn't be letting out a laugh.

The British-turned-Mexican boy sighed as he felt the tickles leave him, "cabrones" he muttered, "next time try to use someone else as a practice dummy"

"Why didn't you laugh?" pouted Nicte.

"I have an image to keep" Harry answered, petting a curious Itzmin.

They all stared at him in silence with deadpan expressions.

"Right," said Lucy as she took out her staff, "túulch'in" she twirled her staff around and stopped when a bolt of white magic flew forward towards Nahil's slingshot, making it fly from his hand.

"HEY" the male alux shouted as he ran after his focus, making them all laugh at him.

Harry smiled as he saw his friends; they may not be the best of them all, but he would be lying if he said that he didn't like spending time with them, even if Lety constantly looked as if she would like nothing more than to hit the twins.

She wasn't the only one.

Still, the girl was a part of the group, a stuck-up part, but a part of the group nonetheless.

*December 12*

Ah, December 12, the day that the Mexicans celebrated the apparitions of the Virgen Maria de Guadalupe, the Mistress of the Americas.

It was curious how the magicals celebrated her when the gods that they believed in were others and besides, Tonatzin was more for the Aztecs than she was for the Mayans.

Of course, considering Hurakan, then it was pretty obvious that all mythologies were somehow intertwined.

The Virgin Mary was the Mother of two main deities, so that wasn't completely off the table

Harry looked around, noticing that the balames were forming a square around the student body, most of whom looked excited at the prospect of not only losing the classes for the day but doing it with a party.

Harry of course was of the same mind, but he knew to keep that hidden.

Professors could be vindictive if they wanted to.

*December 20*

"Eeeen el nombre del cieeeelo," Harry asbentmindedly pidio posada with the rest of the school, something that allowed him to clear his mind, something dearly needed with the near-constant chaos that surrounded him since the first day of posadas.

Nicte and Nahil had somehow gotten more prank materials than ever, and not only that, but they had added a theme to the pranks, so now anyone caught in them found themselves to be part of the festive things that were on the school.

Every day, during every meal, one table would grow tree-limbs, another would fill with spheres, someone would find themselves dressed as an angel or covered with pine leaves.

So far only their table had been unaffected, but he wouldn't put or past the twins to somehow make the group appear to be Noel's elves.

As if to prove his point one side of the hall transformed into Joseph or Mary while the other transformed into the innkeepers.

Harry and Miztli turned to the twins while the girls hit their head on the table, "how?" asked the two boys, as even the head table had transformed.

The twins just grinned as their eyes changed to their common amused green.

He was starting to think that they bribed someone.

Maybe the cooks were.

The laundry guys too.

Though they may have gotten some of the balames to put things on the food.

*December 24*

Harry chuckled as Itzmin, who had somehow grown antlers and got a red, shiny nose, chased a cackling Nahil through the school grounds.

Miztli was not as controlled and was clutching his sided in pain from laughing too much.

Harry did admit that the scene was quite hilarious, even if the wolf would likely bite him after he bit Nahil.

Besides him Nicte was cackling in her usual, mad way, holding out her hands as she did.

She would make quite a villain in a Bond movie.

Lety did her best to look non-amused, though it was ruined by the smile that twitched at the edge of her lips.

Lucy looked like she wanted to cry, something likely considering she had taken a shine on Itzmin.

It was early in the afternoon, they had been on vacation since the day before, and would be until January 13 of the next year.

Heh, it was funny, 'I've got no classes until next year,' if only it stayed like that until summer.

There was also the expectation in the air, the Christmas party would be today, from 10Pm to 2Am, for all the students that stayed in school.

Surprisingly, Miztli, Lety, Nahil and Nicte had decided to stay in school with Lucy and himself during vacations.

Nicte and Nahil had received a relieved letter from home a day after they sent their own stating that they would stay.

Miztli's parents had been more expressive of their feeling on their son staying during a time of family, but they also said that they understood that he wanted to stay with his friends, especially the two that had no coven of their own.

'How strange' the chupacabras thought; In just a few months he had become really close to them, even when his relationship with Harry had been one of ambition, he just wanted to eat fresh from the magical wolf that was on Harry's side.

But one bus ride later, he and the orphan had become friends and his thoughts about draining the pup went away.

Then the boy had befriended two of the dreaded alux of chaos and he was treated with a daily dose of mayhem, whether it be during meals or during his free time; there would always be a prank at the ready.

Then Lucy, an orphan from the same orphanage Harry came from, joined them one day during lunch with the excuse of wanting to hang out with the more compatible of the two she shared a building with.

It spoke volumes of the other character if Harry was the more agreeable of the two.

Then on October Nicte had dragged a girl into the chaos that was their group because she too had laughed at the misfortune of their battle-magic's nephew.

The poor girl still hadn't forgiven Harry and the twins for the prank they had, unknowingly, played on her brother, who now glared at them too whenever they saw him.

Still, Lety was a friend, if a distant and strict one.

Hopefully the group would stay with their current numbers, any more would make his life much more chaotic than it was already.

Speaking of chaos, he let out a particularly loud guffaw when Itzmin managed to bite Nahil, the male alux was now trying to kick the pup off without much success.

"You do know you're making yourself a target by laughing at him, right?" asked Nicte from her spot at Harry's right.

"I don't care, Hakuna Matata," He smirked at Harry's look.

"Did you have to make the reference?" the green-eyed boy asked.

The chupacabras nodded and lay down, "it's a good philosophy" he answered.

Harry sighed and looked at his familiar, who had somehow gotten on Nahil's head and was now biting the alux's hair

*December 25*

Harry woke up with a headache that beat all those the twins had created since he met them, not only that but he was feeling ill and his head was spinning.

Also, the light hurt to look at.

"Oh, god" Harry groaned, "What happened last night?"

The curtains opened, making Harry groan in pain, "Some upper classman decided that spiking the atole was a good idea" came Miztli's voice from somewhere in the room.

"How?" asked Harry, groaning again a second later.

Miztli held out a cup with a red potion, "hangover cure" he said at the questioning stare, "someone put tequila in the atole and in the mole"

Harry sighed in relief as the cure worked its way through him, the headache going down noticeably, "Why aren't you like this? You drank more than I"

The chupacabras scratched his neck, "one of the few things my kind still has is the advanced regeneration" Harry glared at him, "and I always have a thermo of blood with me, it helps a lot"

"Does the principal know who did it?" Harry asked as he stood up, noticing that his bed was a bit wet, and there was a plate of atole on his bed-side table.

Miztli shook his head, "Nah, but he's angry as fuck"

"Understandable" Harry said as he moved to the bathroom and closed the door, "What about the twins, did they do something?" came from inside the restroom.

Miztli let out some snickers from outside, "Hell yeah, they did" the images in his mind threatened to make him break out laughing, "they somehow managed to catch all the teachers in a prank and transformed them into santa claus and all the reindeers"

"Did they use the drunken excuse?" Harry said as he left the bathroom, already dressed.

Miztli nodded and frowned as his friend made to leave the room, "dude, aren't you going to open those?" the red-eyed kid pointed to the few presents on the foot of his bed.

Harry blinked in confusion before moving to grab his presents, "I hadn't seen them" he muttered.

There were seven presents in total, something strange considering he was only expecting for the usual book that Miss Cami usually gave him every year.

He opened the first one, smiling when he saw the note 'Hey Harry, this came out in November, hope you like it'. Miss Cami, it was a book with a girl and a falcon on the cover, Maximum Ride by James Paterson.

If it was his then it couldn't be terrible, the man wrote well, even if he published a lot of books every year.

The next was another book, this one on world-wide mythology, from Lucy.

The twins, unsurprisingly, gave him thing that would get him in trouble; prank and joke items.

Why would someone make a bomb out of gas was anyone's guess.

Lety's was a box of candy, not much of a present, but it would keep his sweet teeth happy.

Miztli got him a rather nice cap; it would keep his hair down if nothing else.

The last box though, had no card, and it was only a, well a box.

The raven-haired bow opened it and took out a leather-bound book with a note on top that said, in a neat English handwriting 'Mr. Potter, I was disheartened when your negative reply arrived on August, but I suppose that as long as you are being taught, then there is not much to complain about.

'I took the liberty of calling a few friends of your parents in search of photos for the album I sent you, I must say, if you are anything like you were when you were a baby, then you have James' looks and Lily's eyes.

'The cloak on the bottom of your package belong to your father, he left it to me so I could study it, his…demise never allowed me to give it back. Use it well.'

Harry let a tear fall from his eyes as he slowly picked up the book and the cloak in the box.

His heart caught on his throat as a man who looked exactly like him with the exception of being taller, bulkier and with glasses-covered hazel eyes hugged a smiling beautiful red-haired woman with astonishing green eyes so much like his own.

"…ude, dude," Harry realized that he was crying rivers now and looked up to see Miztli's concerned face, "you alright? What did the note say?"

Harry shook his head and put the note inside the album, which he then put inside his backpack, "yeah, I'm fine," he unfastened his cloak and grabbed the one that came in the package, "just really happy"

Mizty looked at his friend, "who sent it?"

"A friend from my parents" was Harry's answer as he put on the silvery, soft cloak.

"PUTA MADRE!" exclaimed Miztli as Harry's body disappeared, "what the fuck kind of sorcery is this?"

Harry frowned and looked down, expecting to see the silver cloth of the cloak, but seeing only the floor, "¿qué chingados?" he muttered.

He was but a floating head.

*That night*

Harry scowled as the twins yet again asked him to borrow his cloak to use it to sneak into the teacher's lounge and prank it.

"Puta madre, NO" he finally snapped at them, "It is the only thing from him and I'll be damned if they take it from me because you failed a prank!" he stormed off, not looking back at their reactions.

He knew he was being harsh with them, but that was the only thing, apart from the moving photos in the album, to remember his father by, and he didn't want to use it for something like pranking, it wasn't something his parents would like.

If only he knew.

chikil: tickle

túulch'in: push

Cabron is like saying bastard child, as someone who 'puts on the horns' is someone who has a mistress apart from his wife.

Puta madre is saying 'slag mother' or 'slut mother' or whore

Chingados is saying fucked, so ¿qué chingados? is what the fuck

Pedir posada, asking for housing, is a tradition in Mexico where half of the people at a party divide themselves, one part singing the house keeper and the other paying Joseph and the Virgin Mary.

Posadasare another tradition, parties that go every night from the 12 to Christmas eve where we mexicans break piñatas that symbolize the seven capital sins, and the party itself is the triumph over them by the man.

December twelve, as I explained above, is the third most important religious day in Mexico, after Easter and Christmas, because it is the anniversary of, when the spanish were expanding in the New Spain in 1531, when the Virgin Mary appeared before an Indian of name Juan Diego, which resulted on most aztecs accepting Catholicism (Read Nican Mopohua, traduced to english for the whole story)

Atole is a mexican beverage made of corn and water that must be served hot and it is probably one of the best thing ever.

Mole is not a mole, it is a sauce made of peppers of may kinds, tomato, chocolate, sesame seed, cinnamon, parsley, onion and garlic, though the ingredients change depending on the recipe, the only constant being the sesame seed, peppers and chocolate, it is, along with the tacos al pastor, one of the iconic plates Mexico has

I enjoyed writing this chapter, though I got a bit sentimental on the present from Dumbledoor, don't know why, but it helped

The part with the ivisibility cloak, Miztli's dialogue, I just couldn't hold inside, I had to do it, but it made laugh so much when I read trhough it.

The updates will go back to (hopefully) once a week, and I say hopefully because from now on I'll have a busy life: my school is doing an outing, I'm going to Chicago with my family on the 20 (no computer) to the 25, then I have to catch up on homework the next week, then projects, a musical presentation on May, my final reviwes, my finals.

So yeah, hope for the best, expect the worse, so no one gets dissapointed.

Last thing, thanks to all those 203 that have followed and 137 that have favorited it, since at only ten chapters, it is my most succesful story yet, growing with every update.

See you next week


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