Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



*Hunab Kun school*January 5*Midnight*

Harry pulled his cloak tighter around him as he wandered the jungle that surrounded the school he was enrolled in.

Yesterday, the student body had returned from home, and he had heard a rumor that a boy had seen one of the kukulkans of the forest curl around their eggs, a sign that the hatching time was close for the first batch of younglings.

Harry was curious, after all, it was not every day, not even every year, that one had the opportunity to see the third most powerful snake in the world hatch.

Contrary to popular belief in the USA and Asia, as the average kukulkan, or Quetzalcoatl, whatever you called it, was not a dragon, even if it resembled the Chinese Fireball, but a snake, a distant relative to the Greek, nearly extinct and raised only for harvest, basilisk.

While the basilisk could kill with but a glance and its poison could destroy all but mithril, a metal only mined by goblins and dwarves, a kukulkan's magic allowed it to control the elements of a storm.

Only one at a time though, otherwise they would have overthrown Hurakan, their creator.

Snakes were only loyal to those that were stronger than them.

Still, while the possibility of getting caught and probably killed was high, the awe inspiring image that he could see would be worth it.

Or at least he hoped so.

A snap was heard, and Harry stayed still, begging to all of the deities above that he would not be caught by the balames, who would no doubt take him to the principal, and he wanted to stay away from there unless needed.

A jaguar moved through the jungle floor, no doubt following the trail of its pray, but it stopped briefly to look at the spot where Harry was standing, making him more nervous than he had in years.

Hours was what it felt like to Harry, but only after a minute did the jaguar move again, its snout and chest close to the ground.

The danger passed, and Harry let out a sigh of relief.

His legs wobbly, it would happen to anyone that encountered a big feline, Harry kept moving, for he still had to find the kukulkan colony.

Morning arrived and while he had made progress in exploration and probably mapped one big portion of the forest, his progress was simply not good enough to find his target.

He would do it eventually, preferably before the equinox.


"Te vez de la patada" came from Nahil as Harry sat down on their usual table.

Indeed, the green-eyed wizard looked like he had not slept at all, which was partly true, as he only had a good two hours of sleep before his alarm spell went off, the rest of the night from midnight onwards he had spent on pepper-up potions to remain awake, something bad for his health, but it would take more than a month for addiction to start.

"I feel like it," Harry answered as he poured a cup of coffee, "I did spend the night out"

"Why?" Miztli asked a bit miffed; who would give up sleep? It was SLEEP.

"I heard a rumor from the returning students" the British boy, "that the kukulkan were getting ready to hatch, I want to see that."

"We'll get a look at them in third year," said Lety, "you could wait until then."

"You don't understand, I want to see the hatchlings, not the already grown snakes," the green-eyed boy replied, "and I would appreciate if you kept quiet about it"

"You do realize you could get expelled," the girl replied hotly, "just entering the forest is ground for a report, going against the explicit orders of the headmaster by entering the nest could get you, if not killed, expelled.

"There are more schools in Mexico"

"Only the government would accept you"

"I got a letter from the British" Harry shrugged.

Lety twitched, "it is still wrong."

"Think about it like this," Harry said, "unless you go into the same field as professor Atziri, you will never experience something like that, and I want to do it"

Harry stood up and walked away, his plate having mysteriously emptied, leaving his bemused friends behind.


After his sudden leaving from the mess hall, Harry walked back to the forest, putting his cloak on as soon as he stepped into the dense vegetation.

He had to find the nest, he had a week before classes started again, and he did not want to lose the chance to see a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kukulkans only mated once a decade and the eggs took a whole year to incubate, so his only chance to see was if he sneaked into the nest during the hatching match, as the colonies were rare.

He would have liked to bring his friends into it, but apart from Miztli, all were too noisy and would likely alert the snakes, making the chances of dying even higher.

He wandered all day, only returning for meals. He knew he was being obsessive, but the feathered snakes were considered gods by the mundane for a reason, and he wanted to see one being born, maybe even getting their trust somehow to get to see it every time it happened.

It took him until Friday, but he did find the nest, and he could see one of the eggs already cracking.

They looked almost like the statues one could find all around the south and center of Mexico, but their size was greatly undermined.

The smallest one was about five meters long and a meter thick, with feathers of all colors, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, just behind the head, while the body was a dark green that helped them blend in with their surroundings.

A spiked tail broke through the shell of the egg all of the feathered snakes were watching, and even Harry, a normally stoic person, could not hold his awe in.

"Incredible" the snakes all turned to him, making him gulp, "I come in peace"

"Ssssspeaker, a ssssspeaker hassss come" Harry heard as the biggest of the reptiles flickered its tongue, "What bringsss a ssspeaker here?"

Harry didn't know why but he answered, his curiosity getting the better of him, "I came to sssee the hatching" he answered, "but why am I a speaker?"

"You ssspeak the noble tongue of parsel" the same kukulkan answered as the hatchling came close to him, adorable curiosity on its face.

Harry was starting to regret telling Itzmin not to come; he would be almost as amazed as him.

"So I speak the language of snakes" Harry muttered, crouching to get a better look at the youngling, "That is interesting, but not unexpected" it was true, after his conversation with the head of the balames of the jungle, he had no trouble understanding the pets and familiars in the school, even though he only really paid attention to Itzmin.

The pup was an attention hungry child.

"Then, are you a beast ssspeacker?" an apparently female snake asked, the feathers were less dense behind the head, making them look like a necklace rather than a mane.

"I can talk with many animals, yes" Harry answered and started running his fingers through the new-born kukulkan.

"I like" the small snake like hissed.

The leader of the colony looked at him, narrowing its eyes, and said, "You musssst leave, brown-ssskin iss coming" Harry assumed that meant professor Atziri, "come again, sspeaker, for my ssson looksss attached"

Harry nodded and grinned, before putting his cloak back on, leaving the clearing as the CCMC teacher walked into the clearing.

"So the kid is a beast-speaker like me" the brunette professor said to herself, "If he's lucky he won't have all kinds of creatures to go after him," someone to hold a good conversation outside their species was something all the sentient creatures, non-human at least, longed for.

"Right, where iss the new kid?" she asked one of the younger snakes, an eleven year old kukulkan that was already in the six meters.

The snake led the way.

*Dinner*January 9*

Harry appeared with a big smile, something rarely seen on him, and sat down next to Nicte, who looked at him curiously, "Why are you so happy?" the alux asked.

Harry looked at her and widened his smile, making her feel weird, "I found them" he offered and chuckled as he looked around at their astonished looks, "It took me all week, but I got there in time for the first hatching"

The reactions were amusing for him; Miztli let his glass of blood drop to the table and looked at him with an open mouth and skeptical eyes, the twins looked at him with open amazement, Lucy couldn't decide herself between amazement and disbelief and Lety glared at him for doing it despite all her warnings.

"I'm going again tomorrow, you are all welcome to come," Harry said, preparing for the questions that would no doubt come his way.

*Kukulcan Colony*the next day*

"SSSpeaker, you bring company" the leader of the nest said, "and a wolfff"

"My friendsss and familiar," Harry answered, "I hope you don't mind"

"Tell them to keep their handsss and pawsss of my hatchling" the snake hissed.

"He says to keep your hands to yourselves," Harry transmitted the message.

Nicte, Miztli and Lucy, the three who had come nodded and put their hands on their pockets, "Kaan wasss waiting for you"

The little snake, that had somehow managed to grow about a centimeter in a day, "Stroke feathersss" the little kukulkan curled up at his feet, making Harry sit down to comply.

The others followed after him, gingerly lowering themselves, though Miztli looked like an excited kid on a sugar rush.

'Pet me too' Miztli barked at him and sat at his side, putting his head in the air.

Harry chuckled and complied, "Anything any of you would like to ask?"

"Can-Can you ask them, you know?" Mizlti pointed to his mouth, making Harry wince.

"Later, not yet," he answered, "you asssked me to come" he said to the leader.

"Yessss, Becaussse I have a something to propose," The giant reptile said, "Kaan likesss you, ssspeaker, but he isss young, naïve, he wantssss to join you"

Harry looked down at the snake, "I like, thisss good" the new-born hissed lowly.

"What is it saying?" asked Lucy.

Harry looked at her, noticing that Nicte was crawling towards one of the female groups, "he, He is saying that Kaan wants to go with me," He turned back to the leader, "I already have a bonded, another would be a problem"

"That isss expected, ssso what I think isss that you will come here and help him grow, ssso it isss a natural bond"

"I'll think about it" Harry scowled as Miztli poked him, "My friend isss dessparate, he wantssss to know if he could drink blood from someone in the nessst"

The snake looked at the red-eyed boy, recognizing the eyes of a vampire-descendant, "Ifff he can control himssself, then he can drink from the younglingssss," the snake slithered off.

"WAIT" the feathered snake turned his head, "What are you called?"

"Iktan, the ingenious one" Iktan kept moving.

"He said you can feed in the young ones of you control yourself," Harry told Miztli, who grinned with glee and walked off.

I loved to write this chapter, honestly, with the exception of one I came up for second year and the ones when he's back in the UK (some I've in my head), It'll probably be my favorite.

The beast speak is something I always wondered about, I mean, Parsel most have come from somewhere, so I thought of that, That's the result.

I'll be in Chicago all week, so the next update will be in two, on the upside, I won't have to think before I write anything,

Now, a reviewer asked why I put spanish words in italics and write in english when My Country speaks spanish, reason, for all of those that ask themselves the same question, is because spanish has so many grammatical and orthographic rules that it is almost imposible to truly correct uless you're thirty and have read throught the Royal Spanish Language Academy Guideline and Dictionary.

So I just put some things, to educate you readers in swear words, something my people are awesome at.

Well, wait for the next update.


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