Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Inner beast

Inner beast

*Hunab Kun School*CCMC*Morning*February 10*

"The inner beast, or animal, whatever you want to call it, is something all humans have," Professor Atziri started her lecture, "Some countries have potions or rituals to discover this animal, the few Indian tribes the gringos decided to leave alone, the Incas, Indus, European and people from Oceania all have rituals for that.

"There is, however, few people that pay attention to their inner animals when not in duels or battles, why would you listen to something irrational when you are thinking properly, after all?"

The professor rubbed her chin in thought, "What few people realize though, and I don't really expect you to, either, is that even though there are drawbacks, the pros heavily outweigh the cons of being in tune with the inner beast.

"Better senses and increased perception are just some of it, that alone balances the increased hostility or continuous feral thoughts.

"For this week, and this week only, I will be trying to help you discover your inner animal, I don't expect you to discover it, but if you do, then lucky you, if you don't but you wish to, then come to me after classes."

Harry could not see the practicality on being in tune with the primal instincts, who could? In his opinion, and that of those around him, the possibility of losing one self to the 'inner beast' was simply not worth the benefit.

Now, if you could transform into your inner animal, now THAT, would be worth it.

That part was of course, omitted by professor Atziri.

*Hunab Kun*jungle*February 11

"Oi, Kaan" Harry was currently discussing with his, though he wouldn't admit that it was his and say it was a friend, new pet.

"But I'm cooold" the feathered snake had been trying to curl around Harry, totally ignoring the fact that even while wearing cloak the bulge would be noticeable and bring questions.

Then there was the fact that Kaan was a feathered snake, meaning that Harry would probably be unable to hold in the laughs the tickles brought by the few feathers Kaan had would cause.

His image was important; he couldn't risk it because of a kid's desire.

"It's thirty degrees here, and humid, how are you cold?" it was lucky that they wouldn't be at school during summer, he pitied the balames for living in a hot and humid place all year round.

Their hair must be a nightmare when they sweat.

His was bad enough, for some reason it decided to stick down only with sweat, not even water, just sweat.

Back to the topic at hand.

"I fell on river"

"You can control water, and the river is at least a kilometer away"

Kaan looked at him, and then at Itzmin, who was perched on Harry's head, "Why can he rest on you?"

Harry had the distinct impression that Kaan would be pouting if he could, "because I'm his familiar"

The snake glared, "then I'll be his familiar too"

'Oh god, not this again' it was not the first time in the month he had known the kukulkans that this discussion was brought up, "I can't take you to the orphanage"

"Then don't go"

"He needs to go"

Harry started to move back as the two animals started to discuss, again, why he should or shouldn't stay in school during summer.

Really, if that was something that would happen if he tuned in his inner animal, then it was even less worth it.

*Mess hall*

"Again?" Miztli asked as Harry sat down and rubbed his head.

The green-eyed boy nodded, "they are like an old married couple"

The chupacabras shrugged, "could be worse really, my sister and my brother, despite the fact that they are twenty, can't be in each other's presence without fighting"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "how many siblings do you have anyway?"

"Eight with me" he said casually.

Harry nodded, "wait," Miztli's words registered, "how the hell is you mother still alive?"

He knew it was tradition before the eighties to have many sons and daughters, but damn, that was too much.

"Chupacabras" the blood-drinking boy said, explaining it all, "yeah, I tend to lose track of my siblings, I only really get along with Mara, Alex and Juan."

"Eh, that's nothing," Nicte came into the conversation, dragging her brother along.

"Mom has more brothers"

"She is one of ten"

"And grandma has six brothers and five sisters"

It was honestly hard to believe how much the standard number of an average family had gone down.

"And don't forget aunt Carla"

Nicte nodded, "she has eight brothers"

"We feel bad for her,"

"She's the only woman"

"But we have many cousins"

"And an older brother"

"But we are two of the only five chaos aluxes in the family"

"They don't let us get together without adults"

"They fear for their sanity when we do"

That was not needed to say, pretty much everyone in the group feared for their sanity whenever those two were around.

Five of them could probably bring down a city with pranks alone.

Now that was a thought.

Imagine that on the headlines.

The Federal District destroyed by chaotic pranks.

Los Pinos evacuated because of cockroach infestation

Yeah, it was probably a good thing that they didn't let them meet without supervision.

The world probably wouldn't stand if a few dozen of them banded together and decided to take over the world.

"Right, let's leave the topic of family" some annoyance must have passed through his face, as Lucy spoke up and redirected the conversation.

Family was sore for him, why would it be? He had long since moved past the fact that the only living family he had were abusive assholes that couldn't properly raise a child.

Yeah, family was not a sore subject at all.

"So, what are the plans for Saint Valentines?" Lety asked.

The twins grinned.

Did she really have to ask?

*February 14th*

Harry decided as soon as he entered the mess hall that he would never let the twins organize any kind of party, gathering or any other kind of social event.

It was bad enough that they had painted the houses pink.

It was bordering on the unacceptable that apparently every male had only cloth diapers as clothing.

He was about to tear his hair off when a quiver appeared on his back, full of heart-shaped arrows.

When confetti fell on him when entering the mess hall, he was sure that he would strangle the twins as soon as he saw them.

That annoyance turned to cruel glee when he saw Nahil hanging from the roof in full cupid garb and Nicte skipping along, throwing pink confetti.

That, however, gave away the fact that there was another prankster in school, or the twins had been caught and their prank had gone awry.

For any reason, it was good seeing them get on the other end of the stick.


Professor Atziri, the most recognized caretaker of creatures in Latin-American, second only to her teacher, and one of the foremost experts of the field, had only ever felt as frustrated as she was right now two times.

The first had been when she had struggled to make her teacher accept her as an apprentice back when she was eighteen, almost fifteen years ago.

The second had been more recent, when her boyfriend for years refused to propose because she was still under apprenticeship, five years ago.

She had taken over for her master in the position of professor for her subject three years ago, two years after her marriage and a full year after the end of her apprenticeship.

The reason she was so frustrated was because of the little progress the Potter boy had made in the week she dedicated every year to discovering one's inner animal.

He, like herself, was a beast-speaker, someone capable of communicating with animals, an ability that was coveted in Africa, the Amazonas and Oceania because of the dangerous animals a proficient speaker could deter from attacking.

This could be boosted a lot if he contacted his inner animal like she had all those years ago, back when she was just a teenager about to leave school.

The alux professor knew that the Potter boy was not even trying to communicate, as she had heard him snoring when the rest of the class was meditating.

Okay, so most of them had fallen asleep too, but she had high hopes for the boy, he could become something grand if his interest on the hatching of the kukulkan baby that was so attached to him was any indication.

She had let that rumor flourish for the single purpose of finding someone that could replace her when she left the school to travel the world with her beloved husband when she reached her prime age of fifty.

Aluxes lived to the hundreds, so yeah, the fifties were the prime for an alux.

It helped that she was more powerful than average, so she would probably reach the hundred-twenty years.

But the kid had not followed her expectations.

Oh, he was interested in the creatures of the world that was for sure, he was the most attentive student she had had during her three years as teacher and she hoped that he would become the liaison between sentient creatures and humanity.

Or at least that was plan B if he decided not to accept her proposition of apprenticing him after he finished school.

It would all go to hell if he decided to go back to the mundane world though.

But she knew that Professor Alan and Headmaster Ricardo had their eyes on him, especially the headmaster, because she had done some digging during vacations, and the boy would have double nationality when he turned eighteen.

But he was born British, which meant he was second in line for any job he would want to take.

Wasn't law beautiful?

So, she was basically stuck in a competition with two men over the career choice of a boy that was only eleven at best, since the only thing NOT on his record was his actual birthday.

He was probably the youngest boy in the school.

Maybe she should drop something about animagi when his class came.

Something subtle enough yet noticeable only for him.

Oh well, there was always a next year.

She had plenty of time to convince him to follow her carrer

Ah the mexican families of old, how could I forget that I have at least five gran-uncles on any side of my family tree and that I have more cousins that I have met already.

Now explonation time

Los Pinos is the presidential rescidence here in Mexico, located in the Federal District, the capital of the country which will be from now on refered to as DF.

I am sorry to tell you that my updates will be slow, as my schedule for the month is busy, with four weeks of exams and works that need to be submited in a couple of weeks.

Good news is that I have summer vacation as soon as my finals finish, meaning the updates will be faster then.

I watched Iron Man 3 on wednesday, and I'm sorry for those that haven't seen it already but you are missing out on a great movie.

Also, Stam Lee was better hidden this time, as was the post-credits easter egg, but if you haven't seen it yet, it IS worth it to stay the extra ten minutes at the end.

No more to say.


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