Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

End of a year

End of a year

*Hunab Kun*

Days passed, they turned to weeks, which turned to months, and before anyone knew, final exams were bearing down on them, along with the National Academic Level Evaluation, and everyone wanted a place in the library.

This applied more to the ones graduating from school.

Stress was high both within teachers and students, and only a select few of the people in the school were immune to it.

The balames started to cultivate more sugar cane and to harvest more fruit, as many students often complained that they had to pull all-nighters just to finish their due papers or to study for something that they hadn't understood.

Every class had their own kind of students though: there were those that left everything for the las moment, those that did everything as soon as it was given, those that stuck to a schedule and the ones that copied someone else's work.

There was a final kind, the kind of student that didn't come very often, but that almost everyone appreciated whenever he did come.

The one who made profit from student's desperation.

Harry Potter was that kind of student.

Really, one would think that with magic one could take better notes that were simple yet complete, but no, even with magic there was no such thing as easy note-taking for most.

Then again, he wasn't most people.

After finding the useful copying charm in the library, he sat himself on a bench with a sign that read 'first year notes, good writing, easy to understand.'

Really, he had to thank his friends for the idea.

*May 23*

"Last day! Come and get your notes for studying for the first-year finals, fifty pesos the topic, two hundred the month and five hundred the subject!" Harry called above the hordes of people, every once in a while looking behind him to see every one of his group fast at work copying his, Lucy's or Miztli's notes, as the curriculum for different foci was changed to fit better.

The best part was that since students often received an allowance, most did have the money to pay for their fares, though the income was relatively low since it was only a single grade, even if it had nearly fifty on each class, only a few wanted to spend more than a hundred for what the group was offering.

Harry was making sure that they kept the notes they took this year, if only to make more money, the bigger the market the bigger the profit after all.

And the best part for Harry; Jaime had already come twice for his own copies.

If all went well then he would have a computer by the end of next year.

"We told you" started Nicte as the last of the desperate students.

"This was a perfect business venture" continued Nahil, putting away a copy of Miztli's CCMC notebook.

"All you need is a good hand"

"A good head"

"And you have your product"

"Add in desperate teenagers"

"And you have your market"

"Our cousin Ricardo told us"

"He's our favorite cousin"

"But he's twenty-five"

"We're not allowed to see him, ever"

The smiles on their faces did nothing to ease the images they got of a world-wide apocalypse.

Harry was suddenly glad that there were only one-in-ten chaos aluxes, the world would not survive otherwise.

It was also good that they only kept to Mesoamerica, or their numbers would be nothing short of a town.

The raven-haired kid shook his head and took the money box from the table; he had to devide the money by the shares they had agreed upon.

*Three weeks later*

The year had finally ended, and the students were all eager to return home after the excruciating tedium of school, and away from the exams that everybody hated.

The rooms where people had slept in for during a year were now barren of the clothes and trinkets that had once littered them to no end.

Perhaps the biggest change was that the chatter was now localized only in the school's bus station; a big contrast to the noise that usually had no end.

"I'll be discussing with my parents to see if you can visit" Miztli said as the group approached the bus-station, "Dad will probably complain, mum will agree as soon as I ask"

"And your siblings?" asked Harry.

The chupacabras shrugged, "Mara will probably like you, Juan will judge you from afar before acting on his judgment, Alex will probably hate you for taking away her big brother, Itzel will ignore you as will Yatziri, they're twins by the way, and Alonso and Ixchel won't be home" the red-eyed boy nodded, "you're pretty much safe"

"So we just have to evade Alex if we do go?" asked Lucy.

Miztli nodded, "pretty much, yeah"

"We would invite you" Nicte said.

"But mom and dad are afraid" continued Nahil

"That you're like us or something"

"They think we'll bring too much chaos"

"As if there was such a thing" the two dismissed the thought.

"Well, you can always pass through our orphanage" offered Harry, "as long as you promise not to cause much mayhem"

"Don't, Harry, just don't" Harry chuckled at the mortified expression on Lucy's face.

"Let's promise to call, the least we can do after this year" Miztli said.

"Deal" everyone said.

*Santa Maria de Fatima Orphanage*nighttime*

Sitting on his bed, looking at the carving on his macahuitl, Harry could only smile as thought about how many changes his life had gone through; the good and the bad, though he could have gone without the bad.

Two time his life had changed for the better because of his magic, first with his escape from England and the second ten months ago, when he had chosen to reply to that letter.

His smile didn't let his face as he started to unpack his stuff, but it left soon after.

"KAAAAAAAN" the scream was enough to wake the occupants of his wing, but they were sleepy, so no one investigated.


Albus Dumbledore sat behind his desk in his throne room, as many referred to his office, contemplating the events that had transpired during the last six years.

Ever since Harry Potter had gone missing the summer of 1986 his already difficult live had become even harder.

It hadn't been hard until the last summer, since all he had to do to deter anyone from looking at Potter's whereabouts was tell them that he was safe while inquiring at the ICW and throwing his weight to keep people from finding out.

It would have been easier if he had more funding that the limit to his family vault, but since he had denied Sirius Black a trail the man was still Harry Potter's legal guardian within Gringott's, meaning he had no access to the Potter vaults that had only grown with the cancelation of the trust vault and the money added both because of the war monument and the merchandise shares.

Then last summer he had received a denial to the acceptance letter he had sent to the Potter boy to see if he could track it, but his tracking charm had failed as soon as the owl he had sent left the British Isles.

His inquires at the ICW had given nothing as no country had a register of a boy named Harry Potter; not the Americans, not the Australians, nor any country the boy could have gone to.

It was a ridiculous idea that the boy had gone to a non-English speaking country, as he had gone to great measures to make sure that the boy was underprepared by the time he came to Hogwarts.

He needed an ignorant sheep if he was to have a lamb to sacrifice to end the war that he knew would come again.

Voldemort was too resourceful to be finished by a piece of magic that caught him unaware.

Maybe he could use the Longbottom kid.

That thought made him go back to the event of five weeks ago, when the Longbottom and his two sidekicks had done what he expected the Potter boy to do if he had come to this school.

The boy had the same potential both his father and mother had had, but because he had already planned to use the chubby as a spare, that potential was undermined.

Snape hated the boy with a passion, even more because Potter wasn't here to divide the ire of the professor.

McGonagall thought the boy to be bad at magic and Flitwick thought of him a squib.

The only professor that had a good thing to say about the boy had been Sprout, who had taken a shine to the boy as soon as he had shown his prowess in herbology.

The only good thing was that as he had taken his time to…care for the Potter boy at Yule, he may have a chance to get in the good graces of the boy if he ever found him.

He didn't want to use Fawkes, as it would probably be kidnapping, and he didn't want an international incident.

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