Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



*Santa Maria de Fatima Orphanage*Quinatana Roo*June 10*

After the rather surprising discovery of Kaan on his luggage, and the following hissing match with Itzmin watching and laughing in the background, Harry started his normal life again, the life he led before his cards arrived.

After the healthy breakfast the orphanage provided, Harry tried on his ice-skates and found that while they still fit, he would have to buy another pair the coming summer.

He spent some time in his room, reading one of his many books, both magical and mundane, while petting whichever of his animals was within reach.

At noon he would eat with the rest of the orphanage and then head to his room, pick up his skates and leave the building, taking the park to the ring, where he would meet with the fruit seller, eat a mango and head off after talking to the vendor.

The rest of the day he would spend skating, ignoring the other people at the ring and letting his feet guide him, enjoying the speeds he could get to and occasionally getting into a race with someone that didn't like that he was getting attention he ignored.

Then he would go back to the orphanage, get dinner for him and his pets and reading the books he had stored from the past school year.

His first call from his friends had been a week ago: Nicte and Nahil decided that they would use two of the telephones on their house to talk with him like they normally did, using their annoying twin speak to cause him a long distance headache.

They totally ignored the fact that the phone most likely had a loudspeaker.

The contents of the conversation had been normal: wish you could come, hope you're good, we destroyed a room with a prank, we sent an adult to the nut house.

Usual stuff when it came to the twins.

A week later Lety had called and told him not to expect anything from her but calls, as she lived on the other side of the peninsula.

Then Miztli called yesterday and had assured him that he would pick him up some time next month for the promised stay at his home.

Harry had told Kaan's tale to them all, and predictably, all had been terribly amused by the attempts of the tiny snake to stay with his owner, not listening to Harry's claims that he was only babysitting for Iktan.

He also made an effort to keep hanging out with Lucy every once in a while, when she was not being harassed by her old friends, and made sure to call her over when the others had called.

For some strange reason the girls she hung out with had giggled and pointed as she called her over.

Girls were strange.

A knock on his door made him put his book down and his pets to hide, "come in" he called when he as sure Kaan and Itzmin had hidden.

Miss Cami poked her head in before opening the door fully, showing a man and a woman, both looking to be a bit over thirty, "Harry, this man would like to speak with you"

Harry looked beyond the matron, listening and looking at the adult behind her.

He was speaking in what he thought was French on a mobile phone, something strange considering most Mexicans only spoke Spanish, with the exception of the newer generations that had a daily class of English.

The man must have felt his stare, for he broke his conversation and looked at him before nodding.

"Would you mind leaving the room?" the man asked, "don't worry, nothing apart from a lot of questions will happen"

Miss Cami nodded after glancing to where Itzmin and Kaan hid and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"I must say, I didn't expect you to be here" the man said, "can't say you chose wrong though, Mexico is one great country, nothing compared to my France, but definitely pretty, lots of culture"

Harry kept silent and kept his eyes on the man as he roamed the room, stopping at some things before moving on, "good collection of books, I must say, big for someone your age" he picked up Harry's macahuitl and swung it a couple of times before setting it down, "powerful weapon you have there, though I prefer the rapier."

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

The man looked at him and smiled, "I am a man, who lives far away, has lived a long time and has a wife waiting for him at home"

Harry had to give it to the man, a man who spoke Spanish as fluently as he spoke French, which apparently was his mother language, "That is not what I asked" Harry said.

"Yes it is" the man shot back, "you asked who I was, and I answered"

"I meant your name" Harry growled.

"And that should have been your question" the man grinned, "unfortunately, it is something I cannot answer, because names have powers, powers that are stronger if less people know them, and I wouldn't want to give you power over me"

"But you are here for an adoption interview" Harry pointed out, still growling, "You are supposed to introduce yourself"

"That would be true if what you said was right," the man, "but you are wrong, I am only here to meet you"

"Stop being cryptic" Harry snarled, making the man smile, "you came to an orphanage, apparently looking for me. Why?"

The man took a hand to his pocket and took something from it, showing it to be a magical pocket, "My old apprentice has been looking for you, and he asked me to help him" he tossed the book on the bedside table, "I don't know why, nor do I care, but you are a runaway from Britain, as a Frenchman, I've hated British men in principle, if only just for making sure they stay away from me."

"That gives me no answer to my question sir" Harry growled quietly.

"You are a bit dull, I must say" the man smiled amusedly, "my old apprentice is British, and I like to put wrenches on any British plans"

"So you want me to NOT go back to England?" asked Harry.

"Oh no, you will have to go back eventually, your hereditary millionaire bank account demands no less" the man said, "I only want to make sure that my apprentice can do nothing to ensure your collaboration, so I'm leaving you with a little present" the man pointed to the book he had thrown, "It is in basic alchemy, things anyone can do with the right elements, the next book you receive will be on transmutation, circled mind you, unless you commit a taboo you'll never be able to make circle less transmutation, the third will be on natural-elemental transmutation and the fourth, if you ever reach it, is going to be on aura manipulation."

Harry stared at the man with a narrowed eye, suspicion evident on his face, something that made the man's smile even wider, "I don't expect you to trust me, trust me, I don't trust myself at time, but if you read what I give you and practice it, then I can assure you, the rewards are big"

The man stood up and moved to the door, not before saying something that shocked Harry, "I suppose I should give you my name now, as a sign of good faith, so I'll leave you with it," he opened the door and smiled at Harry, "Flamel, Nicholas Flamel" with that the door closed, leaving a stupefied Harry in his room.

That day he left to the ice ring earlier and stayed all the way until curfew.

He was visited on a weekly basis by Mr. Flamel, and every time the man visited he was a little more intrigued, a little more willing to start reading the book the old man had left on his room.

By the first week of July he had started the book.

*July 5*

"Hey Harry" Miztli held out his hand for a fist-bump, Harry complying, before turning to Lucy and accepting her hug, "Lucy, good to see you guys"

"Good to see you too, Miztli" Lucy greeted, while Harry smiled at him and nodded, "I hope it's not trouble trying at your house"

"Nonsense," a man that looked like Miztli but older and with a beard patted said kid's shoulder, "Miztli has been excited at having you over, with what we are it's not easy to have friends over"

"This is my dad, Fernando," the chupacabras introduced his father, "mom stayed at home with my siblings"

"Bless that woman" Fernando muttered, "The house would come down on us without her"

"Yeah, mom wears the pants in the house," Miztli whispered to them as they moved to the car the chupacabras had come on, "Just don't tell dad I said that"

Harry snorted, he somehow knew that he would love the Gordillo household.

I needed some time to get the inspiration for this one, I wanted to paint Nicholas flamel in a different way, instead of the serious, cryptic man, so instead I did a somewhat eccentric, cryptic old man with traits that were common during his time, though he won't be featured much.

Not more to say, wait one or two weeks for the next update

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