Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Different kind of family

A different kind of family

Harry's first thought as he saw the Gordillo household was 'That's big' followed shortly by, 'where do they have storage space?'

The reason for this was because of the six windows the house had on the front, only one didn't look like it led to a room, though that may have been because the last one was in the attic.

He didn't know there were houses with attics in Mexico.

He followed Miztli into the house, not listening to Mister Gordillo complain that he shouldn't, as a guest, be carrying his baggage, but Harry wasn't about to hand over the book that Flamel had given him, much less the macahuitl he had on his backpack or the album with the photos of his parents.

A man had to be prepared, even in allied territory.

It was something his past life had taught him.

But he would not go there, not when he was at a friend's house.

"So this is your house" The only way to describe the feel of the place would be tight, there was hardly any space between walls and decorations, photos, both moving and mundane ones, were scattered on countertops and walls.

The house foyer was not much, just a counter with the keys of the house neatly organized in one of the drawers.

The ground floor was large, easily large enough to hold the big family that Miztli had described, with ten members, at least two three of them at home since the first son of the family

To the right of the foyer was a studio with a computer, meaning that they probably were quite comfortable economically, as along with the computer there was a grand piano and lots of books in the studio.

From the foyer you could also move to either the stairs, which led both upwards to the rooms and downwards to a cantina, or the eating room/living room, where three kids could be seen.

The first one was, the eldest, was a girl that looked remarkably different to Miztli: her lips were fuller whereas Miztli0s were thin, her face was rounder, her eyes were deeper in her head and her hair was a light shade of brown, almost red when the light coming in through the window hit her, this was Mara, Miztli's younger sister by less than a year.

The one in the middle was a boy that looked like a younger, more serious version of Miztli, with glasses that were transparent yet opaque when the light hit them, with the same soft but distinguishable features on his face; Juan, the analyzing brother of Miztli and the third youngest of the household.

Harry was somehow aware that behind those glinting glasses there was a pair of judging, red eyes.

The third was also a girl, smaller than anyone visible, glaring at both Lucy and him while puffing her cheeks. She had Mara's hair and Miztli's face, but the shape of red eyes were probably from someone upper in the family tree, and her forehead was larger than Mara's, whose forehead was, if Harry had to guess, three fingers big.

This one was Alexis, Alex for short.

If Harry was anyone else he would have to physically restrain himself from running to squish the life out of the poor little girl, but he had a great self-control, so his only reaction was the lifting of an eyebrow.

Lucy had no such restrictions, so she ran to the couch and hugged the life out of the kid.

It was probably good that she was a chupacabras; otherwise she would have a cracked rib because of the hug.

Miztli chuckled at the scene and Mara smiled amusedly, but Harry could see that she was nodding off.

Juan sat there, looking at his sister and the friend of his brother, making his silent assessment and nodding to himself before saying, "I do believe it is not healthy for her if you hug her like that" his tone was not cold, but not welcoming either, it was like what he had heard one of the adults at the park talked like when meeting with someone they didn't like, but not so unwelcoming.

Lucy blushed and let go of Alex, standing and stepping away from the couch.

"Right, introduction time" Miztli said, "the one that just nodded off is Mara, she's narcoleptic, but she's really grumpy when woken up forcefully, se we usually have coffee ready at any time" she pointed at the cup on the table, "the one with the glasses is Juan, don't get near his drinks, they're gross and only mom likes them," the boy adjusted his glasses, making them glint somehow dangerously, "the little glaring girl, you shouldn't do that by the way, you'll run out of breath, is Alex, don't go into her room if she's not there, it's scary" the little girl was still glaring at them, mostly at Lucy.

"Oh, you're here" they heard from the stairs, "you made a good choice in friend mijito"

Standing there was possibly the most beautiful woman Harry had ever seen, without taking his own mother into account anyway.

She was tall, just as tall as her husband who was easily a 170, with features sharper than any he had ever seen, with skin as pale as the little snow he had seen at Britain and hair as dark as a moonless night.

Despite this she didn't have the feel of an arrogant woman like she had been, and even if she did have it, she would have the looks to back it up, without wearing makeup.

He had the feeling that if anyone of his classmates was here they would be drooling.

But he was better than them because of many things, one of them being the fact that he had control over his body.

Her name was Catalina Garza Fernandez, Miztli's mother and the woman of the house.

"It is a pleasure to meet you miss" Harry shook her hands, preferring common Mexican etiquette as he was not quite as familiar with the woman, otherwise he would have gone for the hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, none of that Harry," from how she used his name Harry could tell that Miztli had described them well, "you and Lucy will be coming over a lot, you can call me aunt Caty."

He would prefer not to, but for some reason he was scared of contradicting the woman.

It may have had to do with the strange look in her eyes.

"I really do hope you enjoy our house" Caty said, "Miztli, why don't you bunk in with Harry, I'm sure Mara won't mind having Lucy in her room"

They looked at the dozing girl, who must have somehow realized she was being watched, for she woke up slowly and looked at her mother, "I don't know, do you wake up early?" she asked Lucy, who looked confused.

"Not on vacations, no," the blond answered, "I'm a late sleeper on vacation"

"Then she can bunk with me" the girl said before standing up and going to the table, where the coffee had started steaming.

He looked around as he hadn't seen anyone cast any kind of warming magic to the cup, but his confusion about it must have been visible, as Caty let out a soft laugh and Miztli slapped his back, "our family is ancient, we are one of the few families that come directly from Europe, well, Mom's does, so we have two house-elves with us, they work in exchange of food and shelter"

Harry nodded, assuming that house-elves served the same purpose as balames did at school.

"It's lucky though," the brunette boy continued, "mom can cook, and it's heavenly, but she leaves to much of a mess and the house smells for the rest of the day, and Juan would just create some kind of weird, uneatable food"

"My food is not that bad, brother" Juan said somewhat wounded, "they are quite tasty"

"They are" Caty agreed, "but it is something of an acquired taste, you need to try them more than once, his creations are like wine"

Harry, as the closest thing to wine he had ever drank was grape juice, only nodded in response, wearily watching Juan.

Mister Gordillo appeared behind Caty, hugging the woman from behind and nuzzling his face on her shoulder, "why don't you four give Lucy and Harry a tour of the house?" the man looked at the clock over the couches, noticing that it was close to 2pm, "it will help you build up an appetite, lunch is in half an hour"

That was one thing Harry was grateful of, as he had given half of his breakfast to Itzmin and Kaan and was somewhat hungry.

Which reminded him, "would you mind if I let my familiars roam around the house?" he asked Miztli's parents, "they are starting to feel impatient"

Fernando looked about to say something, but his wife beat him to the punch, "of course, as long as they are house trained and stay out of our way" the woman said, smiling at him then at her husband, but the second one looked much more terrifying.

Harry walked to the foyer, where mister Gordillo had set down Itzmin and Kaan's cage and after what to everyone else was a hissing, barking and growling match, let his familiars out.

Kaan wasted no time in climbing up his leg and chest, curling around his neck loosely, while Itzmin regarded everything with a curious eye.

Alex stopped glaring and started grinning as soon as she saw Itzmin, making the puppy, which had grown from his lower sheen to above his mid-shin, give a scared whimper, and not a second a second later the little girl of the family ran around everyone and started doing with Itzmin what Lucy had done to her, much to the amusement of Harry, who was laughing silently, just as the pup had done when he discovered Kaan in his trunk.

Revenge was sweet like that.

Done, this is the first part of the visit to Miztli's house, maybe three or four chapters before the return to the orphanage.

Finals are tomorrow, meaning that until the second week of June, when I'm finally free for the summer, there won't be updates.

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