Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

The full family

Meal with the family

*Gordillo y Garza household*July 5th*

Harry's assessment of Miztli's home turned out to be accurate at first glance through the house; the six rooms the house had (four in the second floor and two in the top floor), were packed with beds, desks, nightstands, and in three of them TVs. The hall on which the stairs ended had a laundry basket beside the five bookshelves that adorned the walls and the third floor only had enough space to accommodate a small bathroom besides the two bedrooms.

Yet if one looked closed enough they could see order to the chaos that were the rooms: the clothes on the floor were in piles of colors, whites and blacks; the papers on the desk were organized by topic and the toys on them were die-cast, models of cars, planes or tanks from around the world; the books on the hall were organized by authors, rather than just out into the shelves once they were finished by someone.

Miztli's room was the most disorganized of them all, with shoes everywhere on the floor, clothes hanging from the chair and the doors to the closet, die-cast cars with no order on the desk, papers on the bed and covers under it.

Mara's was close second, but the girl replaced car models with magazines, and her floor was padded, probably to protect her when her narcolepsy hit.

Only two rooms, the master bedroom and one of the pair in the third floor, were organized, with the only thing breaking the order being the undone covers on the beds.

"That used to be Alonso and Ixchel's room," Miztli had said when they passed the orderly room on the third floor, "they moved out two years ago, come twice a week to have lunch with the family, live together in the DF"

"Then how do they get here, it's an eight hour travel by car, two by plane?" Harry asked when they went back down.

"Floo" was the simple answer, but the chupacabras had received a weird look, "I forget you're mundane sometimes," the boy had muttered "Floo is one of the three instant magical travel ways, you hook up some place of your house, normally a chimney, sometimes a shower, I heard of a man that had it in the muffle of his car, and with a bit of powder, or a potion depending on where you set it up, you can travel to anywhere in the country that is also hooked up."

"How do you keep thieves away from your home?" Harry had asked after the explanation.

"Passwords" was the answer and Harry let the matter drop.

Lucy found herself a bit grossed out by the estate of the second and third floors, but she supposed it was only natural; keep the first floor clean and entertaining so visits stay there and let only family and close, really close friends go up to the other rooms.

But that led to the children not caring about what happened inside their rooms unless someone really important was coming over, it was an important holyday or it was cleaning day.

But just how often was cleaning day? There must have been like six days' worth of clothes in the rooms.

At least they separated by colors without any prompting.

Which led to the question of how high their bills went.

A family of eight must have huge bills, likely on the upper end of the thousand pesos a month for gas, nearly five hundred for water and five thousand for electricity.

"Sleep wherever you want, but the bed is mine" Mara said as she led Lucy into her room, the younger girl walking to said bed and lying down on it, her breath leveling out a few seconds later.

"Okay," the blond said to herself as she tried to find a spot of padded floor that had enough space for both her and her trunk, eventually finding it near the window.

Just then a strange creature, really strange; with large, flappy ears, pale skin and eyes as big as a pair of tennis balls, popped into the room, literally, as it appeared from nowhere with just a pop to announce its arrival.

She gave off a surprised squeal and jumped back a bit, startling the creature, which kept on filling a cup of coffee and floating it, no hands or focus, just floating, it to the desk, "Terribly sorry miss, I just refill miss Mara's cup and leave.

That was the first ever experience Lucy had with house elves.

Harry's first experience with the elves would be later on during the summer, when he and Miztli went to the park near his house and an elf had to call them back.

But that was another story with almost no importance to the overall scheme of things.

Miztli had, unlike his sister, made an effort to try and accommodate Harry comfortably enough by moving all the piles of clothing to just below the window and taking out a futon, setting it up on the other side of the room from the bed.

Itzmin and Kaan had followed after their master while the tour was going on, well, Itzmin had followed the kids, Kaan had settled himself comfortably on Harry's shoulders, so the kukulkan only watched.

Harry sat down on the futon, both the feathered snake and the grey wolf puppy moving to get a place near their owner's leg.

The two children and two animals watched TV, moving to the master bedroom after a while to play with the family's Nintendo, something that, Miztli explained, could only be used for two hourse a day by any member of the family, so they normally used the multiplayer modes.

Since only four of them used it, the twins of the family preferring to hang out with their friends, there was no problem, unless the older two brothers came, in which case a game casket or two would disappear for the week.

*Dinner time*

"So kid, is Harry for anything?" the Gordillo Garza family, Harry and Lucy were in the dining room, Mara was eating from her plate with her eyes closed, Juan was drinking a slimy green thing, Alex was playing with her food and both orphans had the pleasure of meeting the rest of the family.

Itzel and Yatziri were identical and almost a copy of their mother, only shorter and more tanned with a rounder face; their personalities however, could not be more different: where Itzel was quiet and careful with what she asked, Yatziri could not be bothered by stopping to think of what she said.

Alonso looked somewhat like his father; the same hair, same facial shape, same eyes, but his frame was thiner, leaning more towards the build for a runner, and his style was less formal than Mr Gordillo's, who was still dressed in a formal shirt and Dockers. The man was dressed in a black pair of cargos with a black shirt with the Nirvana logo on it

Ixchel was dressed with jeans and a red shirt. The man was strong, but his muscles were not bulging, so he probably worked by lifting stuff and moving it instead of being a body builder, and his head was angular, being framed by his long, brown hair.

Harry looked at Alonso, who had asked the question, and answered, "Not as far as I know, my birth certificate says Harry James Potter"

"James Potter" Ixchel rolled the name, "you're not Mexican"

"Oooh, are you Belizean?" Yatziri asked, only to receive a whack to the head.

"Don't talk with your mouth full" Caty said.

"No, I am not from Belize" Harry said, "I am Mexican in all but birth" his face was neutral, but it was a contrast to the peaceful face he had been wearing.

Miztli and Lucy recognized that face from the two or three times that the birthplace of the group had come up in conversation.

"But where were you born then," Yatziri continued, not knowing what was going on, "you said it, you are not Mexican of birth, and your last name is obviously from an English colony."

"I don't talk about it" Harry said, moving his attention to his meal.

"But, but why did you come to Mexico?" this time it was Alonso that asked, "Something bad happened to you, you moved, what?"

"I left" he took a bite of the steak that had been prepared, "simple enough"

The tone was enough to halt everyone at the table, looking at him and noticing his cold eyes, "I didn't like it there, I came here"

No one said anything else during the meal.

When people say alchemy, their mind immediately goes to the things I used most during my active time as an alchemist: transmutation and aura manipulating.

But in truth, alchemy starts with potion making, as the most basic use of alchemy is the creation of draughts that affect the mind and the body; indeed, NEWT level potions are alchemic in nature: draught of rage, liquid luck, amortentia, even magical vaccines are alchemic brews.

The first thing an alchemist in training must do to even try to become a transmuter, the user of transmutation, is creating ten different brews of the selection of the master, normally a selection on inhibition-lowering brews, like plum bob or distressing draught.

The second step to becoming a transmuter is memorizing the entire periodic table, or at least the elements that common rocks, marble and concrete hold, as they are the most common things one transmutes when learning.

There is a second level to transmuting, considered the third level to alchemy, and that is creating transmutation circles that deal with the elements of nature: fire, earth, wind and water.

It is difficult to do this, as unless the alchemist trying to do this knows all the properties of what they are trying to create, including its Name, the Name it has since times not remembered by anyone, when magic was done just by calling things to you.

The final step of an alchemist in training to achieve is aura manipulation, the pinnacle of alchemy, and not what I created after I left the University.

It links to every kind of magic known; illusionary, conjuring, charms, yet it not tied to anything, as, if you are experienced, there is nothing an alchemist can't do, unless it breaks the laws of magic, as nothing is exempt from them.

This text is the first of many, written by me, the greatest alchemist of all time, if I say so myself, for the purpose of teaching alchemy to aspirants, to make sure that it doesn't die out.

This book is an introduction to basic alchemy.

Alchemic brews, introduction. By Nicholas Flamel, with help of Perenel Flamel.

Which brings us to the clip of the week, NAH.

To me, someone that liked to read and watch anime, alchemy has always struck me as way varied with explonations to it: there's the alchemy of Full metal alchemist, there's the alchemy of Micheal Scott's alchemy on Secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel, the alchemy of the Kingkiller series (Name of the wind) the alchemy of the Elder scroll games.

So I decided to mix it all up and Flamel write it, so every once in a while his book, extracts from it, will be typed into the chapter, suggest some things you know about alchemy of any source and I may use it.

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