Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

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*Gordillo y Garza household*July fifth*Nighttime*

"Why did what my brother asked hit you so hard?" Miztli asked Harry as the two lay in their beds, or sleeping places.

Harry turned so he was on his back instead of on his side, "It is not something I like, the reason I came to Mexico."

Miztli snorted, turning so he was vaguely facing Harry, "That much I gathered, dude, the problem is that you ignored everything after that"

"I don't like remembering England" Harry whispered, only loud enough so that his friend could hear, "I'm happy here, Mexico is my home now, I can't look at the past"

Miztli stayed silent for a little while before saying, "Why did you run away?" The chupacabras asked, "Is it the reason you're an orphan?" He asked curiously.

"Miztli, you're my best friend, I trust you more than I trust Nicte," Harry said honestly, yawning a bit after he said that, "please, don't ask me to remember"

"WAIT" Miztli shouted, "you trust Nicte more than you trust Lucy?" he asked incredulously.

Harry chuckled, glad for the change in topic, "yeah, it's because how I made friends with her, she told me during last Christmas that I could trust her with everything" he patted his backpack, "doesn't mean I'll let her borrow my cloak, but the thought is the same"

"You shouldn't let her hear you say that" Miztli chuckled, "Imagine if anyone heard you say you trust a chaos alux, the end of you staying off the radar"

"It's bad enough that we have the twins for friend" Harry agreed, "Could you imagine if we had to deal with the professors breathing down our neck all day?"

"Would be horrible," Miztli laughed, "just picture professor Alan, 'Gordillo, why are you breathing so loudly?' or worse, 'Potter, don't eat potatoes like that'" Miztli was , of course, referring to the fact that Harry had the habit to press his fork or spoon up to the roof of his mouth whenever he ate.

This was normally no trouble, unless they were serving things that stuck to the fork, much like mashed potatoes did.

It had started more than one a food war because a little bit landed near Nicte or Nahil.

It was one of his worst habits, worse than that if glaring at everyone that tried to use sarcasm with him, even when directed at anything else, even worse than when he ate mangos in cube.

Many tables had been forever stained because of his eating frenzies.

It was the fruit's fault, really!

Harry laughed along with Miztli, feeling the weight of the evening leaving him, "Thanks, man" he said.

"Whatever for," Miztli grinned, "I'm just a humble friend"

"Yeah," Harry scoffed, "the humblest of them all"

"And handsome," Miztli added, "don't forget handsome"

*The next day*

Harrygroaned as someone poked his body in his sleep, trying to slap the offending hand away, only to receive a harder poke in response, "what'd you want?" he mumbled, trying to bury his head in the pillow.

"You and big brother are taking me out" a young voice told him, but he just pulled the covers up, only to have them cruelly ripped from his make-shift bed.

"God, agh" Harry sat up as he received cold water on his chest, "cold," he glared at Alex, who was 'hiding' a water gun behind her back, "you may be young, but you are the devil's own daughter"

"You call her that" Miztli said from where he was putting on one of his few clean shirts, "I only call her the excuse to flee the house"

"And I'm not evil," the little girl pouted, "You are, you want to take big brother away"

"I want you to let me sleep" Harry groaned, "It is vacation, why the hell am I waking up at eight?" nevertheless, the boy sat up and went to his trunks picking a black shirt and some jeans.

He would have to spend some of his money from the note selling business to buy new clothes, some pants at least, he had bought shirts two sizes too big to save on having to buy every year.

It would not be so bad if the orphanage provided with good clothing, even if second-hand, but most of what arrived had holes or rips.

"Why do you give in to her wishes?" Harry asked as he finally finished putting on his pants, "A devil like that should be exorcised"

"Don't call her that" Miztli said, "She's my little sister, I want to keep her away from the twins, and I'm not as bad as dad is, she has him wrapped around her finger, much like mom"

"Still," Harry insisted, "why does she have to wake us up this early?"

"Mainly because the elves start working by now, and they serve at nine," Miztli answered, "At eight she still has the chance to play without worry, because later the sun starts to burn her"

Harry frowned, "I thought chupacabras don't get sunburn more than a normal human"

"We don't, most of us" Miztli explained, "but Alex has more of the vampire gene, she can stand both animal and human blood, don't worry, she doesn't really like the taste of human blood, she says it's to fatty" Miztli added as he saw Harry horrified face, "but since she has more vampire genes than any of the family she can burn in the sun"

"And if she puts sunscreen?" Harry asked, picking Itzmin, who was becoming harder to carry, and letting Kaan get on his chest, "wouldn't that help?"

"She hates the smell of coconut," Miztli answered, "she hates the sticky skin, she hates sunblock, period"

"Cheery girl," Harry commented, "She'll be the life of all parties" he said sarcastically.

Miztli nodded, "Amen to that"

"Say, everyone in your family has something," Harry said thoughtfully, "What is YOUR quirk?" he looked at his friend, trying to remember anything strange about him.

"I'm allergic to oranges" the boy answered, chuckling at his friend's face, "what, it's true, the peel is alright, that I can stand, but the pulp gives me rash"

"Can you drink orange juice then?"

"No, my lips would be bursting and my neck would grow to double the size"

A shadow flickered over Harry's eyes, vanishing as suddenly as it appeared, "that's not what I was expecting" Harry admitted, "I mean, you have a narcoleptic sister, the spawn of the devil, a mad scientist brother, and the only thing you have that is not normal is your allergy to orange pulp."

Miztli shrugged turning to see Alex chasing a bird, "I can only thank mom about that, and I think everything happens because of dad."

"if it doesn't succeed then blame the parents, great piece of wisdom," Harry said, "I'll make sure my children never learn it" he muttered as an afterthought

"They'll learn it anyways; it took me until I was seven"

"You learnt fast then"

"Yep," Miztli agreed, "Mara learned faster though, she got it when she was five, one month before turning six" the boy looked up, "you could say we learned it at the same time"

"So Mara is my age" Harry said, though there was a bit of questioning in his voice, "She was born in 1980"

Miztli looked at him oddly, before an understanding expression formed on his face, "Cierto, sometimes I forget you're younger than us"

"I turned twelve not a week ago" Harry told Miztli, "I am probably the youngest kid to enter second of secondary"

"You should be studying with my sister," Miztli muttered, "How did you manage to skip a year?"

Harry smiled, "The wonders of a good mind"

"You cheated your way up a year?" Miztli guessed.

"No, I went to SEP, showed I was as good as the best of a year up, they let me skip first of primary"

"Well, first was the easiest," Miztli wondered, "except probably sixth"

"Sixth was just review" Harry agreed

"You know, I heard that it is easier to deal with something if you tell someone" Miztli said out of the blue, "you said it yourself, I'm your most trusted friend, I won't tell anybody."

"I know you wouldn't, but I'm not ready" Harry said, "I won't be until much later"

The origins of alchemy are not understood, not even by me, admittedly the most knowledgeable in the field, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not find a book that could explain its origins in The Archives of The University, not in Tomes, not in Shelves.

The reason for this, at least I think it is, is because Alchemy, along with Sygaldry and Naming, is one of the arcane magics, magics so old that even in time of Merlin they were ancient.

Unlike pioneering, where only the condition of the ingredients matter, Alchemic brewing need the right mindset when doing it.

For example, the brewing of Plum Bob requires the maker to be in a mindset where one has no worries for the world around him, something normally achieved by meditation, or in the cases of those who have not dabbled into the Mind Arts, by taking a large dose of calming draught, though the second method has proven to be less than adequate.

The reason for these is, again, not understood, though my theory is, and it is supported by my wife Perenelle, that the calm of the mind affects the magic core, which in turn affects the brew by loading it with magic that then acts as a catalyzer for the effects the brew is supposed to bring.

The saying, 'A calm soul comes from a calm body and a calm mind' is a perfect saying when it comes to alchemy.

Modify the latter two to fit what it is that you are going for an effect, and your magic, the essence of the soul, will help you.

This however, only applies to brewing alchemical concoctions, and not when transmuting or manipulating one's aura.

Therefore, if you are planning to dabble into the arcane art of alchemy, the perfect blend of science and magic, you most first learn the mind arts, that is what the first chapters of this book are going to be for.

Alchemic brews, chapter one, by Nicholas Flamel in collaboration with Perenelle Flamel and Albus Dumbledore in later chapters.

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