Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages


Second year at Hunab.

*Hunab Kun School of magical arts*August 31*Nighttime*

"I welcome you to another year here at our school, it is, however, my pity to tell you that we will not have ANY outings beyond school grounds, this is not because I am punishing you, but because of your protection," Nobody spoke, everyone was silent at Headmaster Rivera's words

"A few weeks ago a group of traffickers were seen by the kukulkans in the jungle; they were armed to the teeth and killed a balam that tried to attack them for breaching the territory of the school without authorization.

"The kukulkans, balames, acromantulas and several other creatures have agreed to make a defensive perimeter around the school, you are not too venture out to the jungle if you are not with a professor or in your last year, the latter requires a firmed note.

"In a more positive note, Professor Edgar has moved to the DF and is now teaching at the UNAM, so I would like you to welcome his brother, Professor Roman, please, don't make him leave, it's hard to find a teacher that's willing to teach mundane studies for the six years"

There were a few scattered laughs around the mess hall, but there was a tension in the air that was palpable even to those furthest away from the head table.

"Does that mean you're not going you're not going to receive supplies?" Miztli asked Nahil, whose eyes were a dark red.

"We will, but we're not using them for pranks until they are gone" the male alux of the group answered.

"We're putting traps all around school, and in the dorms, and the classrooms" Nicte continued.

"Scares are good, but what they did was not right, killing a guardian" Nahil said.

"It's as if they killed a hummingbird in Aztec territory, or a giant eagle in the north" Nicte scowled, her eyes as dark as her brother's.

"I hope Iktan's family gets them" her brother finished.

"Let's not talk about that, shall we," Harry prompted, "How about we talk about summer, what did you blow up?"

Their eyes went from dark red to gleeful yellow in a second, and their mouths turned upwards so far that he was sure their faces would split in two parts, "well, our aunt came to visit," Nahil started.

"And she brought our cousin with her, the one we don't really like" Nicte continued

"We blew up his drink"

"And his cake"

"And his pillow"

"But then mom grounded us"

"So we threw a smell bomb on the trunk of their car"

Everyone looked at them, partly amused, partly bemused, but the twins only looked proud, probably because they made their family's live impossible for weeks.

*Battle magic class*Two days later*

"Put everything away, class, today I'm giving you a lecture to start the year" the class complied, putting their foci in their holsters and their books in their backpacks.

"Dark magic, dark magic, vergas" the last word was whispered, as he did not want to condone cursing in front of his students, "Where to start, where to start?"

Professor Alan cracked his fingers ten minutes later, "right, let's start with the standard stuff, there is no such thing as black magic, dark intentions? Most definitely. Dark MAGIC? There are only three curses considered truly dark around the world; the torture curse, the necrosis curse and the fiend fire. You can imagine why.

"Everything else is nothing but a different shade of gray, some darker than others, some, like the lighting charm, a shade away from white, but all magic can do harm, especially when overpowered, even a healing spell.

"Things like blasting curses, spells like diffindo, spells used in demolition projects, especially good when bringing walls down, or dealing with a section of wall that's filled with fungus, but they are just as useful when in battle, shrapnel can distract an enemy, or you could cut him, or, for those doubting that sáassil could be used for such a thing, blind them with a well-timed lighting charm

"Then there are darker things that could, and sometimes are, used in medicine, curses like the organ expelling curse to get rid of the appendix, or the bone banishing curse to prevent a broken bone from cutting a main artery or the killing curse for euthanasia.

"That is why there are only around fifty spells banned worldwide unless you are in the army or police, spells that only make the user get more and more violent urges and become better at battle at the price of sanity.

"This is because some curses, while searched for a good purpose, are designed for bad things, and so need dark emotions to be carried out.

"This year we will be focusing in curses and counters for them, but remember that some only have counters that are only known to medics that spend a lot of time researching the curses and then published after a while, so I hope that you won't be dumb enough to face one of them head on without knowing the proper shield and instead dodging.

"Now, shielding is hard with weapons, but easier with staffs and staff-like weapons, because with those it's easier to, 'raise' a magical shield, the motions make it easier, but with white weapons, which make wave and blunt magic easier, it's not so much as blocking, but parrying.

"Tell me, who watched the Olympics during the summer?" most hands shot up in the air, "Who watched all they could instead of just gymnastics, beach volleyball and swimming?" some hands, almost half the class, went down, "and who watched the dueling tournament?" almost all hands went down, with only a dozen and a half remaining, "And who won the tournament?"

"A British midget" a voice at the back of the classroom answered.

"He is a half-goblin, not a midget, and his name is Fillius Flitwick, used to go to every dueling tournament he could, I fought him once when I decided to try myself in the world tournament, he trashed me so bad it was almost funny, though he did hit me with a few cheering charms.

"He, like many European wizards, was using a wand, but unlike many European wizards, he did not stay still, and redirected almost every spell that approached him, though you may have noticed that if you watched him fight.

"That is how you defend from ranged spells when using a weapon, hitting them out of mid-air or letting your focus take the brunt of it, but for hat you need to have a shield surround it first, it took me five foci to figure that one out" the class laughed.

"So, the first thing you need learn is how to use a shield, for this you need to imagine a shell around your weapon, if you can make it in front of your body then even better, then you push the magic into the shell while saying chimaál," the professor took out his sword in a swift movement as he said that, it taking a bluish hue, "this is the effect we'll be looking for this week, but I've already taken most of the class, so we have ten more minutes before you have to leave, so who wants to tell me their Olympic moment?"


Professor Diaz entered in his usual way, panting with his hair and clothes disheveled and his face red, "Alright, this year, we're starting with, uff, we're starting with more complex potions, you'll learn about emotional draughts, like the calming one, or the forgetful one, or the rage one, and easy to brew body affecting potions, the reducing one, the engorging one, the thinning one, bear in mind that they are not permanent, that enters alchemy, I don't know alchemy, I won't teach you alchemy."

Harry snorted into his hand, thinking of the book he had buried under all his clothes in the trunk in his shared room.

They had been able to choose the room partners this year, a good change from having to pair up with people he couldn't stand to his two male friends and three others that he could stand because they took magic as seriously as he did while knowing when to make thing light hearted.

They were a good bunch, even if not people he would totally want to trust, but they were afraid of Nahil, almost everyone was when they heard he was a chaos alux.

"Right, just like last year we will go over all the ingredients before making the potions themselves," the professor got his breath back, "we'll start with the petals of the blade flower…"

*CCMC*A day later*

"Because of all the being guarding our school, this year we'll have those first, acromantulas, civatateos, shadow panthers, I've visited a centaur colony in the forest, it's only one, there are more in the Chapultepec Forest, we have a couple of wolfs, a panther or two, lots of monkeys.

"We will start with the civatateos, this are a form of harpies, but less vengeful, women who died so their child could be born, they are Aztec creatures, but found everywhere in the country, just like the feathered snakes in their different subspecies.

"Civatateos will not attack everyone, but they will try to feed off of life energy, as they are vampiric in nature, but as they were, even for a few seconds, mothers, they will be hesitant to do so to a child under fifteen, I'm pretty sure you know why."

Most of them did, fifteen year olds in Mexico celebrated that particular birthday with passion, as it was, following tradition, the day the parents had to let their children make their own decisions, meaning they reached adulthood, but now it just celebrated independence, not adulthood, but the entrance to adolescence.

"They are also, how to say it?" the professor hummed in thought, "celestial, in a way, they hold the same power a priest does, they can call the power of the gods, much like kukulkans can control one of three elements at a time with god-like qualities, civatateos can move heaven, earth and sea to defend themselves or the people they've vowed to protect.

"A question, who here wants to marry when you can?" almost all hands, with the exception of two, both girls, rose, "and who would protect their children with everything they have?" here even the girls who hadn't risen their hands before raised them, they both had little brothers that were just born, "and that is why civatateos are born"

More culture, a problem and a spell are introduced.

Chimaál means shield in Mayan

Mexico is a beautiful country, full of ruins, marvels, cultures, but it is also a country where every day you can expect at least one corpse in the news per state, I am fifteen, I have no idea when drug trafic became a problem to the authorities, the earliest I can remember a head line about it was when I was six.

I do remember my grand aunt talking about standoffs in Juarez, Chihuahua when I visited her home there,

Interesting fact, Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico with 247.460km², it is also bigger than all but ten countries in Europe.

There are fifty countries in Europe.

So I'm going to be my age and say to all the Europeans who don't live in Italy or bigger contries: you're small.

And now for something completly different, a man with three buttocks.

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