Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages


Just an average day

*September sixteen*Hunab Kun School of magical arts*Yucatan, Mexico.*

-First person POV-Harry-

Have you ever felt that no matter where you are, you don't truly belong? That humans are simply not your species? That you are literally, one of a kind?

I used to feel like that, when I lived in England, when I dreamed of family, when bruises were just an everyday occurrence.

Then I came to Mexico to escape the torment that was my life, and that feeling diminished, until I just felt that I was just one of a hundred, a person above the average, much like Einstein and Stephen Hawkins were, but in a different way.

I was smart, yes, but most of it was memory, I was never utterly creative, I was never the most patriotic of my peers, not in England, not in Mexico, my home, nor was I best at math.

I was just a face in the crowd, someone with a 9.5 average, with little friends and a lot of partners and a peculiar knack for languages.

Then it changed when Miss Cami introduced me to magic.

MY situation as an average Mexican orphan in a public school changed, and I became an average magical Mexican orphan with a knack for languages and transfiguration.

Even then, I considered myself average, until my principal called me to his office and explained who I was to England.

That was when my image of myself shattered.

Suddenly I was a powerful wizard that could bring down monsters as a child, a powerful wizard abandoned by the ones he had saved, I was no longer a face in the crowd, I was supposed to lead a country into peace.

But I wanted none of that, I wanted to be normal, to have friends, get a girlfriend because of a happy accident in a fifteenth birthday party, start a family with who knows who he met in a park.

I wanted to be average.

It has been six years since I left that place, I do not regret it.

I now have five great friends, if a bit troublesome, but that is to be expected, they are thirteen, I am barely starting puberty, heck, I should be just starting secondary school, I am the youngest person in second, probably the youngest in the country, but I somehow doubt that.

But it is in ceremonies like the one I'm living right now, that I think that I don't belong here.

I am the palest boy in the ceremony, everyone else has a light tan or darker skin, with more than a dozen of people of brown skin, but I don't.

My eyes are the brightest, with an emerald fire burning behind them while everyone else has dark forest green, red, brown eyes, even Nahil and Nicte have a respectful brown shade of eye color.

My face is narrow; my forehead small, my cheekbones high, everyone else has narrow eyes, wide foreheads and rounded faces.

My hair is something else that sets me apart; untamable, black as a moonless night and then some, while everyone else is a brunette, with the occasional auburn-haired kids and black hairs shades lighter than mine.

It's moments like this that remind me that no matter how much I want it to be, I'm not truly Mexican.


I am bored.

Really, who cares about what Hidalgo did other than starting the movement of independence?

Morelos was more important than him.

They were all hypocrites though, none more so than Gerrero and Iturbide, really, signing a peace treaty and then trying to kill each other again.

Well, at least they weren't the worst leaders of the country.

Now, I'm not one who hates her country, that is one of my cousins, I don't get along with him, his father is a full human, so he didn't get the alux gene, I pity him really, he doesn't get the eyes.

I love my family, don't get me wrong, but most of them work as nurses, policemen and secretaries, my dear brother and I?

We want to be Microsoft developers.

Or start our own computer company.

We know that the future of mankind will be with computers by their sides, not the things we have now, those suck, but computers you can start building by yourself and create a monster capable to shut down a city with all the energy it needs.

Oh, I could squeal just with the image, a computer to rival Batman's.

But I won't, because even if I don't show it, I love my country, though I would love to have some more choices of boys.

Really, the only one exotic enough is Harry, maybe Miztli, but chupacabras are common.

So yeah, Harry is the only one that set my hopes for a great partner up, but he is still so young, really, just twelve, even my brother and I are older than him, and we were born in December of the 79'

But I'm thirteen, almost fourteen, three more months for that, I have ten years at least to find a good partner, though I hope I don't have to deal with my brother when I find a good brother.

He gets really protective.

Then again, so do I.

We made a deal when we were young: we had to approve of the partner for each other, so if I were to date, he would have to approve of my boyfriend, and the other way around.

With a girl on his side, he's not like that as far as I know.

Now, when was transfigured mariachi supposed to arrive?

"AI, AI, AI," there it is, just at in time.


I never got why we bother with this things, really, yes, we should remember that those people tried to overthrow the government, but that was nearly two centuries ago.

I should be doing something more productive, like trying to find a sun-block that won't bother my sister, or waking pills that won't bother Mara.

There most be potions for that, but neither of my parents knows them, so I have to search for them, otherwise the professor won't tell me what to do.

'You won't forget something you learn for yourself' is his excuse, but I just think he wants his time with the herbolary professor.

Yeah, he thinks nobody knows.

He's lucky the principal is kind of mad.

I've heard them man, he likes to laugh like crazy in his office.

I wonder when are Nahil and Nicte going to act, I expected a Mariachi or someone dressed as the national selection to be here about now.

"AI, AI, AI, El mariachi loco…" there it is.

How nice, they got Professor Alan, that's a first.

The guy still has the reflexes from his time as a duelist.

I wonder if anyone but us knows that they are the ones behind the pranks, surely the headmaster suspects something, I doubt he gets a lot of chaos aluxes, with how uncommon they are.

I still don't know how they get the needed things to pull them off, I don't think their local tianguis sells them what they want, I've only seen fart cushions in mine.

They did say they had cousins the same as them, may they get their supplies form them?

Well, the ceremony should be over now; at least they didn't interrupt the honors to the flag.

They do have some honor, as shocking as that is.


Why, why, why, oh why did they have to get me into their group? Those twins are going to seriously hurt someone someday.

I should leave them, but they wouldn't let me speak with Lucy or Miztli otherwise, they are really reluctant to let others into what they do.

Those idiots.

Then there's Harry, who helps the twins from time to time, and is just as guilty as them, helping them hurt my brother.

At least he is sensible most of the time.

I wonder if he was helping the twins to prank Professor Alan, the transfiguration must have been his doing; neither of the twins is that good at it.

The fact that he was hiding his mouth did not help him.

I'm surrounded by madness.


Oh my, they did it again, Harry helped them this time; his face gives it away.

It's good that he's opening up; he's no longer the boy that threatened me when I found his puppy, though I can't get him to say more than twenty words to someone other than us, if he could reaceal more things about himself to someone other than Miztli and Nicte.

It's no good for when I try to bring my other friends to the table we normally seat on at lunch.

But he doesn't just stare at people anymore; he actually talks to others outside his circle.

Now if he could stop caring so much about how he looks to an outsider, it's like he tries to be unapproachable, but then he goes and does something and cares not for what others say.

Like when he crosses path with Jaime, those encounters are always amusing, he's just too clever for Jaime to deal the needed insults to make Harry retreat.

Harry's really smart, but he's lazy, he doesn't like to do much work, only the needed, and yet he's in the upper end of the class.

I would love to be like that, I do have to study to keep my place.

Stupid brain, maybe he could tell me his secret to that?

Now, I have to scold the twins for making Professor Alan dress like that, a stereotype of the worst kind.


Ahhh, nothing like the satisfaction of a prank well done, the first we manage to get Professor Alan with, the guy is paranoid.

I'll have to thank Harry for the help with the transfiguration, though I don't get why he didn't do it himself instead of living it to me, his transfigurations always last longer than mine, they are harder to undo too.

Now, next professor target has to be another professor.

Maybe if we stick Chimaki's and Itzanaya's heads together, so they have to walk all around school until they get to the charms classroom to get the professor to undo the charm.

Add in some duct-tape; that would make it twice as fun.

Have I mentioned that I love to unnerve people with my grins?

It is so fun, especially when they shiver.

My sister shares the like, it's one of the good things of being twins, second to having a mental link, week as it is, but that's 'cause we're of different gender, it's still strong enough to know what the other has in mind.

Oh good, Nicte caught on already.

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