Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages


A plan

*Hunab kun school of magical disciplines*Yucatan*November 14*

"We need to do something else, professor; even more balames have lost their lives to their guns already" the CCMC professor was the first to speak in the reunion that the headmaster had called.

"I know that, but unless I activate the war wards, there is nothing I can do other than hope the muggle repelling wards do their job" Headmaster Rivera answered.

"We could ask the government for troops, the magical army would be more than willing to chase those criminals," Professor Alan set forward, "I can call one of my friends, we know that the government like nothing more than getting in people's good graces, helping a magical community, especially one as big as this school, could be really high on their priority list"

"That could work, but you forget that the current president has only two more years in place" professor Itzanaya pointed out, "With all the crap he has done already, there is little he can do to restore the PRI's image"

"And yet we all know it will win again in the 94" Alan retorted, "I could also get in contact with the goblins or with dwarves, we ask for some more money from the parents and have either of them ward the school better, good enough so there is no risk of any weapon that is not magical to enter"

"How would you do that?" the potions professor asked, "the goblins rarely leave Europe and the dwarves refuse to leave the Everest"

"That is where my travel experience comes in, I constantly exchange mail with Filius Flitwick, who, even though he is half human, has a very good relationship with the goblin chieftain of England, and he owes me a favor after I taught him Spanish," Alan smirked, "the dwarves are going to be harder, since my friend in the Everest is very down low in the chain, but he owes me a life debt since I saved him from an alchemical chimera of a Flamel wannabe, that has to be worth something with their king, and since I doubt that there are more than five thousand dwarves they'll appreciate helping another race protecting the young"

"I see a problem with that" professor Jeremias pointed out, "how will you get a message under millions of tons of rock? I'm pretty sure only bats would go in there"

"That is where Flitwick comes in again," Alan answered, "During that devastating dueling world cup, he said that he would like to keep in contact, since he had only seen Asian magic and his own wand magic, to learn about out foci, so he gave me an enchanted mirror that serves as a cellphone with mirrors connected to it, after I saved my friend I gave it to him and he made a copy for himself, so I could contact him if I ever needed to call in the debt, hijo de puta me intento ligar a su hermana," the last part was muttered and only the CCMC professor heard it, "so I can get his help if all else fails"

"What about the vampire you met in Germany?" the headmaster questioned Alan, "you said that his house had really nasty wards"

"Well, yes, but I doubt parents would like us to take blood from the students every term, he only does blood wards, and demands a payment in blood, and that is a bad idea" Alan anwered.

"Your Chinese friend?"

"Died three years ago, took a leave, remember?"

"Your Italian…something"

"Best one night stand ever, but she works in fashion and gold digging, besides, puta mas puta no encontraras, I had to get treated after meeting her"

"The man you met in Russia"

"I drank his vodka, killed his bear, peed on his shit car and insulted his wife; I doubt he'll be willing to help"

"Your Canadian acquaintance"

"Got laid with daughter, she's my age, I'm no pedo, but he walked in and I had to run away," Let it be said that he was a man that enjoyed adventures, "I could call in a friend from Singapore"

"What does he do?" the headmaster asked.

"He's a corsair working for his government; his lair has some of the best wards I've seen, so I could call him if neither the goblins nor the dwarves agree" Alan answered.

"I don't think I could trust a pirate with the children" Ricardo muttered.

"Of course you don't" Alan said as if he thought it was the obvious, which it really was, "that is why he asks for a contract whenever he's hired, I had him ward my home when I moved in, nothing that would blow up technology, just some privacy wards, to make sure no one could watch when I had people over, last I heard he had a contract to steal a mechromancy blueprint"

"Does anyone know anybody that could help put better, non-lethal wards around the school?" the headmaster rubbed his eyes.

Professor Atziri raised her hand, "I could call my sister, but she is as troublesome as those twins, what were their names?" she thought on it for a bit and cracked her fingers when she remembered, "Piña, she's like the Piña twins, so she would probably create as much havoc as she could with their help"

"That could be a problem; could you make her swear an oath that she won't make pranks on the students?" Atziri nodded, "good, the call her and make sure she does, but wait until Alan calls in all his contacts, only if all else fails."

"I think my father could help," Professor Laura said, "he taught me most of what I know, and he knows many more runic dictionaries than I do, so he can make a lot of wards, he even knows some Egyptian ones"

"Okay, then your father is going to be out third option if the goblins and dwarves refuse" the headmaster ordered, making the woman nod, "Until then we will stay with the same measures we have taken for the past two months, Alan, please stay behind"

The teachers looked at him curiously but complied and went off to their quarters, leaving the Battle magic teacher alone with the headmaster, "why did I stay sir?"

"I didn't want to mention it, since I know you don't want your colleagues to know, but I do know that you have a lot more friends and people who owe you favors, so where are they?"

"I've called in most of them, one to ward my house, another to get everything compatible to magic, a third so I wouldn't get chased when I entered Canada or Russia, one so I could enter China for the funeral, I lost favor to the French minister when he caught me having sex with his wife's sister, the vela will want me to stay with them, I refuse to enter Albany, Spain is out of the question, my friend in Colombia went undercover with the FARC, the man that owes me in the UK is inept and a criminal, my contact in Argentina can't get out of the country and my Incan friend was elected mayor"

"What about the werewolf you met when you were traveling through Europe?"

"Lupin or Chien?"

"Either" Ricardo rubbed his forehead.

"Lupin went into depression and submerged into fast food joints and librarian work, last I heard of him he was working for the Mugwump of the ICW, Chien is the ambassador for the werewolf tribe with Veela, booth French, I think he was getting married to one of them, something about his wolf giving him resistance or something, I'm invited to the wedding actually, it's this winter. I could call the Japanese vampires, I'm in good terms with the eldest daughter and the eldest son likes me too, but they would probably make everyone wear rosaries to link them into the wards."

"And that would cause some conflict with some students" Ricardo completed for the teacher.

"Exactly, there are also the from beyond the veil, the ones that need no focus"

"The ones that have a continent to themselves and form guilds?"

"Exactly, but those want payment whenever they do something for someone, unless they have a heart they wear on their sleeves, and they rarely take contracts outside the veil, I only know of them because of the time I sneaked into the DoM of the country"

"Yes, I had to bail you out that time"

"You've had to bail me out lots of time, that one's just the more memorable."

"Yes, but I still remember when you crossed into Belize"

"Yeah, not my best of times."

"You once told me you had a friend in Brazil, an aborigine"

"Yeah, his tribe lives in the Amazonia, some of the best laids I've had, but they use tribal tattoos and the only wards I saw there was in the temple"

"Guess you'll have to call in your pirate friend"

"What he does is legal, but yeah, I doubt the goblins or dwarves will come here, and I could make sure that the vampires don't make us use rosaries"

"That is not really the problem, the problem is what wards they would use; the Japanese coven is one of the most dangerous, second only to the Dracul"

"Fine, I won't call them unless it's absolutely needed."

The professor left soon after that"

Occlumency is a complicated art, meditation will just not cut it, it will help, yes, but without the proper mindset, it won't be successfully learned.

Occlumency needs to be needed, otherwise you are doing nothing but meditation, you need to need organized thoughts, need to need control over your head, with occlumency you reach maturity faster, that is why it's easier to learn when one is already mature.

However, if you are a child and somehow acquired this book, then you probably won't put it back where you found it, so I'm going to have to tell you how to achieve basic occlumency, if are an adult then ignore this paragraph, seriously, ignore it, I know you have this book I'll know if you've read it.

Now, the point to start occlumency is not in meditating, it helps, but it is not the answer: you need to find ONE thought, one thought only, and concentrate on nothing but THAT thought, the thought should preferably be a flame, that way you can 'burn' any other thought that crosses your mind, until eventually even the flame leaves.

If you can achieve that, then the next thing is doing it again and again until you can do it in less than a second, and then comes the complicated part, but that comes later.

Alchemic brews, part one of chapter three, written by Nicholas Flamel in colaboration with Perenelle Flamel

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