Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



*Hunab Kun school of magical arts*November 21*

"The most powerful shield is not the one that stops the most powerful spells just once, but the one that lasts the longer against a barrage of normal spells for the longest of times, but even the best of shields has to be overpowered eventually: no human weapon or defense is absolute, a sword will crack, and a shield will break eventually, no matter how hard.

"The best warriors of old carried many swords and shields in magical bags, because even mythril will break if it clashes with itself, though with how rare it was, and still is, you will never have the chance to see it, and a backup is needed always.

"The shields I've taught you so far are basic ones, shields that will not survive for more than a minute and need direct contact with the spell for it to be effective, the one I am going to teach you this class is more versatile, it can cover your whole body and it actually stops everything but the darkest of spells, it is, however, European in origin and I had to spend several days in even getting the most basic of results, you will hopefully do better.

"The protego is the shield charm for wands, but I found a way to adapt it to our foci with similar results, the movement needed is tiring however, raising your focus sharply from your leg to a block with the blunt part of the blade and holding a hand on the other side, your side, if the magic is pushed correctly and the will is good, a semi-transparent shield, most likely green, should rise before you" professor Alan lectured the class, all of them nodding as soon as he finished.

"Now get to it, I want at least the movements down by the end of the class" soon shouts engulfed the classroom.

*After battle magic class*Alan*

"So you did come" Alan approached a short bearded man, "I thought you would have refused."

"Nah" the short man answered, "If this settles my debt then I will do it with pleasure, I still don't get why you didn't want to get with my sister, though, she is the dream of many dwarves"

"I didn't take her because I don't want to be tied down; no matter how beautiful, a woman would want me to settle down" Alan shot back to the dwarf, who was now in plain view of the school.

"Impressive place you have here, my friend, where shall we start?" the dwarf asked.

"You brought a team?"

"They are waiting for me to bring them in; I will call them when you say it"

"Your Spanish has gotten better" Alan pointed out, starting to walk towards the tallest of the pyramids, "you've been practicing"

"Yes, negotiations about when you plan on marrying my sister are easier if I know your language"

"We've been over this already, I will not marry her, I like to have adventures, I don't like to settle for more than I have to and a wife or girlfriend would get in the way of that"

"But you have to settle eventually, you are what, forty? A human such as your age is as far as I know in his prime, in a few years you'll need to have children to continue your line!"

"My line has traveled from France and Italy to Spain and Portugal all the way to Mexico in the first decade of the XIX century, I have relatives all throughout the continent, I will never meet all the Aviña, magical or not, in the world, my family won't die out, not for a long while"

"But what about your line?! You're the only one that has found all the secrets of your family!"

"And they will stay like that, secrets, unless one of my nephews get their head on straight, maybe I'll get an apprentice, maybe I'll settle down eventually, but I am a man that likes to live the moment, Margdin, if it were only for me I would still be roaming the world"

"I will never understand you, Alan, you are not the common human"

"I would like to say it runs in the family"

"But you are the black sheep"

"Exactly," They reached the principal's pyramid, "RICARDO, MY FRIEND IS HERE" Alan shouted when they reached the top.

"Good, the kukulkans have been complaining that they don't see one of our students as often" Ricardo came out from one of the doors and opened another, this one leading downwards into the pyramid, like the stairs to the classrooms and led them down, "The ward stone is at the bottom of the pyramid, I really hope that you can upgrade it"

"Who do take me for?" Margdin almost growled, "I'm not a goblin, nobody has found our city while goblins have been attacked many times on their citadel"

"Yes, sorry, but I want my students to be behind the best possible wards."

"Understandable, Alan told me of your criminal infestation, now both of you leave, my team and I need to work" Margdin pressed a stone between his palms and a flash engulfed the room, showing ten other dwarves when it died down.

Alan and Ricardo complied and left the same way they had come in, "are you sure he can be trusted?"

"Yes, he made sure that all his team was covered by life debt, that way if any of them sabotage the ward scheme instead of upgrading it then they will die a slow and painful dead" Alan answered the principal.

"You told him that this would fulfill the debt?"

"Yes, but he is adamant that I have his sister in payment"

"Is she good looking at least, good enough for you to finally settle down?"

"I'll tell you the same thing I tell him: a woman, no matter how understanding and beautiful, would get in the way of what I like to do"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure that only Hindu people and Mormons still agree with polygamy"

"I mean that I like to be a free soul"

"You are a man whore, Alan, along with an adrenaline junky"

"There is nothing shameful in that, as long as I don't lose anything important, and there are potions to salvage that part"

The two had finished climbing the stairs now and were coming out of the pyramid into the sun, "how long do you think they will take?" Ricardo asked

"Dwarves like to work efficiently, so no more than a week, they have to check, repair, undo and redo the whole scheme, adding what they know will work best" Alan answered, having seen them work only once before

"Did you call the Japanese?" The principal asked in a whisper.

"Yes, in exchange for a bag of my blood and a night together, the oldest daughter will come to add a ward that will keep all weapons of non-magical origin from the school" Alan answered in the same volume.

"What was the original offer?"

"The ones on their adulthood came here, drained all the teachers until we had only enough blood to survive and made the school inaccessible to all but students and teachers"

"And you denied" this was a statement, not a question.

"Yes, as good as Tzitzil and Chimali are, that much blood drained would have stopped all of us from working," Alan smirked, "do you want to know their most ridiculous offer?"

"Amuse me, then"

"They send every wizard and witch in Japan to one of the three schools from next year one in exchange from a ward that would only send mundane people away"

"And they thought that would work?"

"You know that magic in Japan has many branches," Alan deadpanned, "the ones that learn hand-seal magic keep to one of the three villages, the ones that use wands are considered monsters by the mundane and humans by the monsters and monks refuse to leave their temples or open the doors to them"

"Yes, yes, you were lucky to find them and will never be welcome there again"

"For different reasons in every one of the places"

"You got caught with a shrine maiden, a higher-up wand waver witch and someone influential with the villages" this time it was Ricardo that deadpanned.

"It was not a higher up; it was the friend of the heiress to the coven"

"Who had a crush on you."


The two suddenly felt two of the wards collapse around them, "that was the anti-apparition ward" Ricardo said

"And the anti-portkey ward, we will have all of the preparatory students apparating all over campus in a minute" Alan said, looking around to the oblivious students, "how long do you think they will take to figure that out?"

"Everyone in preparatory will be arriving like that for dinner" Ricardo answered, "or to lunch tomorrow, hard to say" the principal looked upwards, to where a slight dome could be seen, "Do you think they will bring down the notice-me-not ward?"

"Not until last, when they are nearly finished," Alan answered, "they may be slow, but not stupid, just dense"

"Many consider dense and stupid to go together"

"You can be dense without stupidity, but you can't be stupid without being dense"

"You're very right" the parted ways, one to wander campus and the other to his office.

Once you can completely clear your mind of any and all thoughts that wander it, the next step is accessing the mind core, where your mindscape is going to take form.

The mind core is the subconscious part of the mind, where everything you know, whether they are things you have seen, heard or read reside, and where you can access them if the training is right.

When untrained, the mind core will become the place you feel safest at, a home, a school, a hideout, anything really, as long as you know you can store things in it; a muggle park, for example, won't work unless it has many, many trees and bushes where the leaves can be used for memories, but if it is only bricks and grass, then it will be useless, because there is nowhere you can hide.

This is a natural need for all the members of the animal kingdom, every single species that is animal need a place where it knows it can be safe: dogs have kennel, koalas have trees as do sloths, fishes have schools that allow them to rest protected and then go to the outer part to allow other fishes to do the same, insects have nests as do birds, rabbits have burrows.

In short: every living animal needs a place where it can be absolutely safe.

The first step when you access the mind core is gaining full control of it, but this takes long, a true master of his mind core can modify and move anything, even creating a new one from scratch of he needs to, hours of meditation are needed, days spent doing nothing but trying to gain control of the subconscious, waking up to feel so sore you won't move until after you stretch all the muscles of the body.

Eventually, if you manage to master the mind core, three things will happen: first you will have almost perfect recall, memories will still get foggy when not accessed for a long while, second, optional depending on the person, you will meet your inner animal after which you are capable of making the animagus transformation, a process that needs perfect control over transfigurations, and third, the most important of all and the most life changing, the meeting of the dark side of a person, a battle will most likely ensue shortly after meeting said side, and while it can be suppressed long enough for you to find a permanent way to seal it off, it is not something I recommend.

My wife and I are one of the few people since the dark ages that managed to defeat their inner dark side; it took us several attempts, all of them difficult, the next one harder than the last one, to beat our darkness, but we didn't not really, we accepted that side of ourselves, we accepted that it was a part of us and as such it should be acknowledged, but it is not that simple. This is something that should be face on your own though, and as such we will give no more information on it.

One thing I do leave to you: do not attempt to reach the mastery of the mind core unless you are ready to face yourself

Alchemical brews, part two of chapter three, by Nicholas Flamel in collaboration with Perenelle Flamel

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