Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



*Hunab Kun school of magical disciplnes*February 20

"So we go in and get all the criminals, take them away and we get their blood?" a male figure asked to Professor Alan.

The professor nodded, "that is what the principal said, you get capture them and get to drain them."

"Why don't your authorities deal with them?" the man asked.

"They are spread thin, a camp this small is not something they pay much attention to" Alan answered.

"Well, I suppose it won't hurt to get some food for a week" the figure muttered, "Fine, I'll get my siblings here, we'll be hunting during the week"

"Thank you, I would offer you a bite, but you tend to go overboard" Alan smirked.

"It was just once," the man growled, "you were the second human I tasted"

"Yeah, right after you nearly drained my partner" Alan said.

"I was starving and she smelled delicious" he kept growling.

"Alright, whatever you say, tell me when you deal with them" the two stood up and shook hands.

*Mess hall*

"Say, Harry, how about you help us with another prank?" Nahil started to ask.

"You haven't helped use since the time we pranked Professor Alan" Nicte agreed.

"Believe it or not, I don't like chaos as much as you do" Harry scratched his itching chin and made himself a taco, "I prefer peace and quiet every once in a while."

"But, but, you promised to help us" Nahil's eyes started to water.

"You said you'd help if we asked" Nicte followed suit.

"No, I said that if you asked and I was in the mood I would help you" Harry deadpanned, taking a bite of his food.

"He did say that, though he shouldn't have agreed at all" Lety glared at the three of them.

"Yeah, dude said that he promised nothing" Miztli agreed.

"You will help us get the headmaster" Nicte said creepily.

"Even if we have to take over your mind" Nahil continued.

Lucy slapped them on the top of their head, "Stop it, you two, you're creeping me out, and you don't know how to do that"

The twins turned to her, "How do you know that?"

"We're the all-powerful chaos twins of hell"

"Everyone fears us, they are afraid of our capabilities"

"They know not what we will do next"

"We can sneak…"

Harry interrupted, "if I help will you shut up?"

They turned to him again and grinned, "Yep" the two said at the same time.

"Fine" Harry snorted

*Four days later*

"Is it done?" the headmaster asked the five people assembled in his office.

"Yes, the camp is dealt with," the one in the front one confirmed.

"The criminals are in our kennels waiting to be drained" the one in the back continued, "we could send you the corpses when we're done"

"No thanks," Ricardo took a deep breath, "Alan told me that you were efficient, I didn't expect you to come back this fast"

One of them scoffed, "We're part of the Japanese vampire coven, we're the best huntsmen in the world" the same one growled.

"You cannot blame me for being skeptical," Ricardo said amiably, "I am a man that needs to see to believe"

"Yes, I understand that" the leader said, "But wizards are normally more accepting"

"Of the supernatural only," Ricardo shot back, "things that sound farfetched are not something I believe at only hearsay"

"It's alright, we'll be visiting Alan now, if you don't mind, and we'll be leaving first thing next morning"

"Please do, he'll be happy to see his friends" the vampires left the room and Ricardo relaxed some, "I hate dealing with dark beings"

*Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry*Scotland*two months later*

Albus Dumbledore frowned as he inspected the pierced diary that the Longbottom heir had given him after he had come up from his fight with, if the boy was to be believed, a basilisk and the shade of Tom Riddle down in the chamber of secrets, having entered just as the Wesley girl had gone down through the entrance in the second floor girl's bathroom.

The boy had somehow pulled off the impossible, literally, by taking out the lost sword of Gryffindor from the sorting hat after Fawkes had been summoned by the proclamation that Neville was asking for help, and Fawkes, being the school mascot, unofficially anyway, the founders had bound him to the school, provided help.

Then, and this he had confirmed by a bit of legylimency, he had been poisoned by the Slytherin Beast and shoved the Gryffindor sword in the roof of its mouth while he was being bitten by the giant snake and then healed by Fawkes by him crying in the awful looking wound that the basilisk fang had created, saving him from the brink of death.

The reason he was frowning was because one of his theories regarding Voldemort was right, but one of the artifacts in his office, a map designed to sense dark magic around the world, was still particularly dark around the area of Albany and around several parts of Britain, meaning that he was still out there somewhere, since no Dark Lord had surfaced in those areas since the capture of Grindewald.

Which meant that Voldemort had created more than one soul anchor, more than one wayof staying alive without a body and forestalling dead.

"How far did fall, Tom?" the old man muttered to himself, checking the map and trying to find any vestiges of dark magic. America was out for a hiding place, there was nothing to drive Tom there, even if the Amazonia was nearly completely covered, as were the Malvinas, Asia could be a hiding place, but the ICW had a tight hold there, since China had some of the worst Dark Lords in the world. Africa was aborigine land, they thrived in soul magic and knew how to defend and destroy it, so any anchor there would be destroyed as soon as it was found.

That left Europe, the place his old friend had tried to claim, and now the place that was big enough for one wraith to slip by unnoticed.

"Where are hiding?" it was a question that would hunt him until he dealt with it all.

*Hunab Kun*same time*

Headmaster Ricardo examined, not for the first time, the rune scheme the dwarves Alan had called made for the renovation of the wards, concentrating more than anything in the part of the matrix that was supposed to keep any weapon not magical in origin away, already thinking in the pros and cons of said ward.

On one hand it would keep the mundane militia, be it the army or the cartels, from entering the campus and also keep all students from bringing a Swiss army knife or something like that, and keep all the creatures that lived around the school safe.

On the other hand, should a dark wizard take the school hostage, as unlikely as it was, considering all the other wards that were in place, they would not get much support from anything but the aurors, and if the wizard had managed to take the school already, a few aurors would be nothing, they would need the army, a sniper or something like that, a sharpshooter that used a magical bow was not the same.

It was a shame that the Kukulkans refused to do more than spotting when they were nesting, but the hatchlings would be mature in a year; what were the odds that a threat presented itself to a boarding school two years in a row?

The simplest of the alchemic brews to prepare is possibly the Plum Bob, a brew created in ancient times during battle to make a soldier have no reservations about killing, then used later on in spies to get them to spill all they had learnt during a mission when they were captured.

One time I used it myself in an attempt to ensnare my wife; I spiked both of our drinks this particular brew, it was not what I expected, however, as before we knew it we were both spilling things out we're pretty sure should have stayed inside and not aired in the middle of a café. It did lead to one of the best nights of my life, but that is besides the pint.

This brew works by targeting the part of the brain that contains the moral lock and destroying it for a week, this is one of the most detectable brews, however, because it has a very characteristic aftertaste of plums, hence the name, and it can be countered once the person affected discovers that he has been affected, after which the easiest solutions is to lock oneself with enough food to last the week, or have ones friends to provide the food while imprisoned, this is the best options.

You could also do as I did with my wife, but that is not recommendable unless you are married or engaged.

Now get yourself a cauldron and follow the instructions bellow, and try not to drink any in front of a girl, or boy if you are female.

Alchemic brews, beginner's recipes, by Nicholas Flamel in collaboration with Perenelle Flamel

Oh, how I hate myself right now, I am not blocked, I can continue, but I'm finding it hard with the little action and lots of development.

Now, to the one that recognizes where I got ^ that from, congrats to you, and you'll probably agree that it's a great book.

The reason the group didn't appear as much is because nothing happened to them, it was a totally normal year: Harry didn't find the ritual to call the dead, Nicte and Nahil made their normal pranks, Miztli ate some blood, Lety nagged, Lucy sighed, Itzmin barked and Kaan hissed, a normal year.

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