Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



*Quinatana Roo, Mexico*June 28, 1994*

"You must understand Mister Potter that our organization does not work with orphans, note even magical ones," Harry was in a VIPS, a cheap dinner of Mexico that made a perfect place for meetings, "It is not against you, but you cannot pay us and the UK has no scholarships for this country this year"

"I can pay you as soon as I get to Britain, my parents left me left me a vault full of money, I could even pay you double the first fortnight instead," Harry tried to keep his voice calm but he was starting to lose his patience, "we could even make a contract for that right now"

The representative sighed, "Mister Potter, I've been researching you since you called me a year ago, your professors all say you are a promising student, Alicia says that you are really stable despite you condition your health record is amazing, but I also know of your status in Britain, I need to know what's going on everywhere my organization works, you are the Boy-Who-Lived, I can't, in good faith, let you go from being an unknown to a celebrity at your age"

"I've come to terms that I am a celebrity there, but I care not for that, only for what my parents left me, I want to transfer it to Banamex, have it at hand" Harry answered.

"And how will you do that? Goblins do not like their clients closing their vault and they have no grounds in America, it's you against a nation"

"They cannot deny me, it is my money, my property, magically and legally, I want it where I can get to it"

The man sighed again, "I know what you feel like, Harry, believe me, I do, I fought against a bank to get my inheritance when my parents died but they didn't want that because they left no will, you could go, magic will make you the heir, but the goblins won't let you get it out without a fight" Harry said nothing, making the man sigh, "FINE!" he yelled after a while of silence, "I'll meet with you in a week to give you the plane ticket, you're lucky the UK's only school is a boarding school, I couldn't get you a family in short notice"

Harry just smiled gratefully at the man who was shaking her head, "you're more stubborn than the twins that finished the paperwork a month ago"

Those twins couldn't possibly be them, could they?

*Trans-Atlantic flight*July thirty*

"How the hell did they let you leave the country?" Harry was sitting between Nicte and Nahil, the two grinning as they had their arms circling Harry's shoulder, "You're chaos beings, you should stay in dry land"

The years had been good on all three of them, Harry now stood at 1.7m closed and his hair had stopped sticking up everywhere and only stuck up at his forehead, Nahil had passed the average of the alux height and stood up at 1.6m closed and Nicte had let her hair grow out, falling to the small of her back and standing, also above the average, at 1.55m.

"Well, at first they didn't want us to go" Nicte started.

"I mean, this would be the first time ever a magical student went from Mexico to Britain," Nahil continued.

"But really, after we saw you filling out those forms"

"Really, you spent a lot of time working on them"

"We decided that we wanted in as well"

"And since they wanted better relationship with magical UK"

"They allowed us to go to them even though Lucy would have been better qualified"

"The headmaster wasn't thrilled, but he filled what we needed"

"And so here we are, flying over the see with our best friend"

"About to enter a whole new world"

"Where we are exotic as fuck"

"We could make an army of minions from all over"

"Maybe even find a nice someone to settle down with"

"I would prefer it if you didn't start with that" Harry stopped their dialog, "more then two of you would be too too much, and stop with the twin speak, I don't mind when you are in front front of me but seated like this it will give me whiplash"

"Aw, little Harry doesn't want us to talk to the british" Nicte cooed at Harry

"Don't you worry, we can take care of all the british that try to mess with us" Nahil boasted.

"It isn't you that I'm worried about," Harry rubbed his eyelids, "I am worried about what you could do,and I don't like the idea of you dating a British ass"

"Awww, don't worry Harry, you can always ask me on a date" Nicte leaned and hugged his arm, a really good sensation if Harry was terribly honest with himself

"You would even have my blessing" Harry did admit it wouldn't be that bad to date Nicte, she WAS good looking after all.

"Maybe if you behave for the rest of the flight" Nicte smiled, but she pouted at his next words, "Only if both of you behave"

That would keep them from giving him headaches for a while, though not from giving the stewards headaches or from upseting them so much they would break down, it wouldn't be the first time they had done that to someone, many still cried when the word cockroach was mentioned around them, or their names, they were the official Chaos Twins Of Hell, a tittle given to them by professor Alan the year before.

True enough, halfway through the flight the two stated to banter over what in the menu the three of them would eat, ignoring the fact that Harry ordered over Nicte's shoulder, ten minutes in, after almost everyone in the plane had ordered, and the stewardess had snapped at them to order. Why couldn't it be Lucy or Miztli that saw him with the exchange forms? They would have been less a bother in the plane, even good company, but Lucy would have preferred France for a host country and Miztli would have chosen Germany, so maybe company in only one of the two flights.

It could be worse though, at least he didn't have to put up with Jaime for a full year, which was always a plus.

"Say, Harry, what do you remember of Britain?" Nicte asked curiously

"Not much," Harry looked over Nahil's shoulder to the window, where land could already be seen, "When I lived there I didn't leave Surrey, nor my neighborhood"

"Something you don't want to talk about?" Nahil hazarded a guess.

"Not in depth, but there is a reason I left, my home life mostly" Harry got a far-off look, "My foster family wasn't the best sort, you already know my parents were murdered"

"Yeah, made you famous with the asses"

"Then they left you in a doorstep"

"And the shit happened."

"You moved to Mexico."

"Sounds like a modified Fresh Prince plot line"

"Yeah, but you didn't turn into the fresh prince of anywhere"

"You're boring"

"No he's not; he's helped us a lot"

"And refused to take the blame when we were caught"

"For a reason" he smiled, "I'm your best friend, not just a friend"

"He has a good point."

"A very good point"

"Yes, only a friend takes the fall"

"A best friend is there when you're caught"

"Laughing at you"

"Saying they'll help you out eventually"

"And I did, didn't I, got you out of a ton of trouble"

"Yes" Nahil deadpanned.

"You left us half a ton"

"I put the blame on Jaime" That had been a great day.

"Yes, and he got your punishment"

"That still left half on us"

"Half that you kind of deserve, you did traumatize many people with rats or roaches or flies" the food came to their line, "that I still don't know where the hell you get them from"

"We'll tell you when you become a full time helper"

"Until then you'll have to wonder how "

"Which means I won't ever know" Harry took a bite of the bagel that came with the food, "I can deal with that, for now, I'll get the answer eventually" they ate in silence, a difference from a baby a few lines back, "do you have any way to keep contact with the others?"

"No, not at all" Nahil answered.

"We knew you did" Nicte continued.

"So you count on me to create an instant messenger to talk to the others, never mind that my runes are not that good" Harry leaned on his seat and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh come on, you are Professor Catalina's favorite,"

"And you're further along then anybody in class"

"She told you you could go a year up"

"I bet you'll crack it sometime first month"

"Nah, it'll take him until November"

"Shake on it" Harry prompted, "Fifty pesos, I'll keep them durong the wager, and otherwise, deal?" He held out his hands.

"Deal," the twins shook his hamds and then each other's, making a flash and a band impression to appear on their dominant wrists.

*London airport*July 31*

The trio sighed in relief when the plane finally landed after the torturous 16 hours of flight, wobbling as they finally got the chance to stretch their stiff legs, but in an overall good mood, as with the exception of two turbulences, the flight was nothing noteworthy, though many wouldn't consider it so as twice a steward had snapped at the twins

"Oh, my legs" Nicte whined.

"They'll fall off" Nahil agreed.

"You would make great actors" Harry did a sit up to get the stiffness out, "You could do as I do, but you were never the smartest, were you?" The twins growled and walked towards customs, Harry following a second later, a smile on his face, "I didn't say you weren't clever, just not smart" he passed his arms over their shoulders.

"We could always prank you until you apologize" Nahil growled

"It's not like we couldn't do it, we have gotten you before" Nicte agreed.

"When I was sleeping, once before, never again after that" Harry nodded, "give me your papers, we'll pass as a group" they handed him their visa and passport as they came into the custom desk, a short wait, it could have taken them a lot longer.

"State your purpose in the country" the man at customs, a man with a big nose and a pencil mustache, asked.

"We are students coming for an exchange program, Mexican YU" Harry answered.

The man looked up from his computer, "You've arrived late, the rest of the exchange from there arrived a week ago"

"We were invited at the last minute, but here we are" the man looked at them.

"Indeed you are, do not cause trouble," prints were taken, visas accepted and passports checked, "You may go through, your escort should be waiting for you, and young man, I can see you are the most responsible of the three and will most likely speak for all of you, so I'll give you this advice, your English is good, but your accent tells you as a foreigner, so practice on it"

"I will sir," Harry nodded and started to walk away.

"And welcome back to your birth land, son, your eyes say you're Scottish, your face says welsh though, so you won't have much trouble getting by to getting proper English again"

Harry said nothing and caught up to the twins who were already halfway through the passage to luggage pick up, "what was that about?" Nicte asked, her eyes a curious brown.

"Apparently my eyes are more unique than I thought, so is my face" Harry answered.

"Well, you are handsome and your eyes are awesome" Nicte said, making Harry smiled.

"Your eyes are better, though I would not mind being able to change my hair" He re shouldered his backpack and grabbed his travel trunk, a magical one he had bought at the magical tianguis, most likely Nicte and Nahil had a similar one, "let's get out of here though, I want to see who they sent to pick us up"

After one of you reviwers pointed out that the story started to feel stuck, something I felt as well, I decided to skip third year and go directly to where everything starts, using something I myself will do next year if everything goes well, and the organization mentione in this chapter is a real one, not mentione to prevent CR infringment and to make you search for it.

Now, to those of you that follow Tales Of Uzumaki, the fights with the Sound Four will take longer than expecte to write, I already have 2, but won't post until all are done.

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