Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

An alchemist

An alchemist?

*Flat in the middle of London*August 20, 1994*

Harry was, through the habit of sleeping six hours thanks to his beginners occlumency, the first to wake up, and after going into the compartment of his trunk where Itzmun, who was now as tall as his waist, and Kaan, twice as long as Harry was, to give them breakfast, took a shower, grabbed his book on transmutation circles, left his room shared with Nahil, and went to kitchenette after grabbing a mango treat from his backpack.

When Penelope, who worked in two part time jobs, one at the misnistry, the other in the mundane world, came from her room, Harry had finished his treat and was scribbling down and reading at the same time while muttering to himself, "It all comes down to arithmancy, I need control, so that's tree, circles or triangles? Both? I need something combusting, oxygen, then it's a square, phosphorus? Carbon, yes, so it's an eight-tipped star, but I don't want it to fail, dman it Flamel, why didn't you put Hellenistic circles in here, you need to appeal to everyone," she stared at the book on his hands, "yes, can I help you?" he looked up from his notes.

"is that, is that a book about alchemy?" she practically flew from the door way, "where did you get it? Can I get one? Would you teach me? Oh, it would be great if I could make gold, I could move to an actual house"

"Someone gave it to me, I don't think so, that's impossible unless you make a Philosopher's stone," he looked back at the notes, "what after the star, a rune for fire at the very center, no, heat, it has to be heat, otherwise I'll burn myself," he looked at Penelope again, "would you mid drawing the Celtic rune for heat, I'm afraid I don't know that one" she motioned to the stove, "Oh, that's clever, reduce the hazard by using a reproduction of an electronic stove."

He picked the notebook and book and walked to the stove, "right, so it's like my scar but more rounded, okay, good" he walked to his room coming back a few minutes later, "thanks for that, would you mind taking us to Diagon again today, I would like to pick up some treats for my familiars"

Penelope nodded, "yes, I can drop you off in the way to work, we'll just have to agree n a time to meet"

*Diagon Alley*Three hours later*

"Can we fuck some shit up?" the three Mexican students were sitting at a table at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, and the twins were bored.

"Let us loose in the pet shop, you know you want to" They were also the only ones without robes, but those things were uncomfortable and unpractical.

"I admit that it would be fun to see what mayhem you could create, but I want to get the treats for Itzmin first, and mayhem will not be good if I want that" That and it could be followed to them if they weren't careful.

"Tell you what" Nicte offered.

"You go into the store" Nahil continued.

"Grab what you want"

"Then when you go out"

"We strike hard and fast"

"Using the sling and knife"

"How about you finish your ice cream and then we go out to the mundane world" they were also getting weird looks because they were speaking in Spanish, but screw it.

"Oh, you still owe me that date; I totally behaved on the plane"

"Yes, and you'll get it when we get to the school, they have a village where we can go, but I know nowhere in London where we could go, and I'm not leaving you" he pointed and Nahil, who did his best to look innocent, even with his slingshot pointed at a man that reeked arrogance even from the corner of his eye, "You'll get it then, sooner if I can convince Lara to babysit him" Lara was Penelope's roommate, and she was damn intimidated by the twins

"Ok, go buy your treats, we'll stay here"

"And we won't make much chaos"

He distrustfully nodded, but stood up and went towards the pet shop, deciding, for some strange reason, to enter the Owl emporium first.

The first thing that greeted him was the sight and smell of bird crap along with the sound birds, followed shortly after by the sound of birds flying around the shop, but that was not the wors habitat Harry had been in, he had visited the pens at his school back in Mexico, those smelt like shit from so many different animals.

Stepping unto the very center of the store, Harry looked up to see owls of all kinds either sitting or flying, and some shagging, but that was not the thing that caught Harry's attention, but a white owl that swopped down to his shoulder, settling there and looking at him in the eye, "I'm not taking you" Hoot, "Yes, I figured that, but you would be my third" Screech, "A Kukulkan and a grey wolf," Screech, "I can't be sure about Kaan, that's the feathered snake, but Itzmin will leave you alone, he prefers small animal, you aren't small" really loud screech, "I didn't call you fat, just big, you're a snowy owl, of course you have to be big" Hoot, "Well I didn't realize it applied to all self-aware females"

Ten minutes later Harry had new owl.

*September first*Penelope's flat*

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP AND GET IN THE CAR" Harry shouted at the twins with a vein on his forehead, "IT'S ALREADY HALF PAST TEN" Penelope had spent most of the hour rushing Nicte and Nahil, who apparently decided that because it was a train they would be taking it would crash in the middle of nowhere, ignoring that it hadn't happened since the Express was introduced to magical Britain.

"You don't have anything to worry, the only accident there ever was was before they put up all the rails, never again" Penelope was amused, really, even if they missed the train she and Lara could get them to Hogsmade.

Ten minutes later they were leaving the car park and on their way to King's Cross Station, boarding the majestic Hogwarts Express with three minutes to spare, finding the only empty car at the exact middle of the train.

Hedwig, the only name the snowy owl seemed to like of all Harry knew, Spanish, Mayan, English or otherwise, flew from his shoulder to one of the rack overhead and Harry did not doubt before letting Itzmin and Kaan leave his trunk, though in true ironic fashion it was Kaan that leaned out the window while Itzmin basked under the overhead lights while Nicte harassed Harry, Nahil made plans for the year and Harry tried to crack Elemental Transmutation for fire, as it was one of reasons he had gotten as far as he did into the circles.

That was the image that Ravenclaw fourth year Hermione Granger came into, taking in the animals first, then one of the boys and then the girl harassing a boy, "What is going on in here?!" she shouted, making Kaan come into the car, Itzmin to open an eye, Nahil to look up from his notes that mysteriously disappeared and Nicte and Harry to stop.

"Well, I don't know about them, but I was trying to make fire happen" a bark, a hiss and a hoot, which made him nod and point at them respectively, "He was resting, he was enjoying the breeze and she was, really, what are we five? She was taking care of us"

"And I wanted him to make me a flame making collar" Nicte said

"And I was doing something you have no business in" Nahil deadpanned.

"Why are there three animals in here? Only the owl should be, and who are you people?"

"Remind you of Lety?" Nahil asked her sister.

"Only some, she sounds bossier than Lety ever was, Lety learned to let you get away sometimes" Harry went back to his circle, "Lety no jode tanto" he spoke without turning, "They are my familiars, all three of them, the letter says that first years ONLY, nothing about upper years, it's not like we would know all the rules, not when we're only here for a year," A bark, "Already? I fed you just before leaving," growl, "I miss when you were just a puppy, you didn't give as much trouble" nonetheless he opened his backpack, going into it until most his arm was in there, taking out a chicken breast and a flask, throwing the breast at the wolf and chugging most of the liquid in the flask, "Now would you mind leaving, the thing I'm working on is for people with clearance only, and you are not cleared for anything" Nahil nodded, "Especially his stuff, he is very protective of that stuff"

"Do you think we could prank her?" Nicte asked her brother

"We most definitely could, will we?" Nahil answered.

"Eventually, we'll go for arrogant people first"

"Good idea, put fear of us into them"

"You two will not prank anyone until we have settled, wait at least two days" That would be more than any time before, the most they had waited for their first prank of the year was a day, "Now miss, whatever the hell you're called, would you mind to stop stuttering, Itzmin tells me it doesn't let him sleep"

The girl left the car through the front passage, probably going towards whatever authority was in the train to verify if what Harry said about animals was true, but he had the charter somewhere in his bag, he had bought it at ten galleons, and he would win whatever discussion arose.

Much like runes, transmutation circles work by altering the properties that already exist in one thing, but unlike runes, they do not use ambient eterano, but human prana, which makes them active magic instead of passive.

Transmutation has four elements in every circle: the circumference, the marker, the symbols and the energy, each one needed for it to be effective.

The most important is the marker or the material used for making the circle, use a wrong marker and it will either blow out or use too much energy, leaving the user useless. The five things I've discovered work the best as marker are as follow, in order of effectiveness: Magical Ink with Dragon Blood, human blood, squid ink, floo powder and chalk. Any other material will waste energy, and if one were try and use a mineral that is not noble to trace a circle with markers not mentioned above then the most likely thing is that it will kill you, I lost many a stubborn student for not listening to that.

Next in importance is the circumference, it represents the limitlessness of energy and the perfection on its transformation from potential to whatever your circle is making it, if you do not make a perfect circle, even the tiniest of cracks, the tiniest of corners, it will make energy waste from the circle and instead form plasma around it, making it dangerous not only to the user but to those around him, and the transmutation becomes harder still.

The last two are equally important, but I will start with the symbols, these will show not only what you have, but what you want to have, arithmancy affects a lot here, as the symbols show need to show change from one thing to another, basically, transfiguration in the form of runes. But you have to make the symbols so they don't fix the starter product into the same finishing product always, but allowing you to make it yourself without anything limiting you.

And finally, the energy, this has to be pure prana, eterano won't power it, mana pools will blow it up, a Ley Line will short it, a stray spell will damage the circle, it HAS to be human prana, because, I've tried it, only people with the exact elemental composition that make a healthy human, not a werewolf, not a vampire, not even a half human can do alchemy, I don't understand why this is, and I'm the oldest human in existence, I truly don't understand why, I think it could be something to do with DNA but homunculi can also do alchemy so I could be totally wrong, and since even non-magical people can do alchemy, I truly have to wonder.

Alchemic transmutation, written by Nicholas Flamel with colaboration of Perenelle Flamel

Dear readers, vacations have ended for me, I don't know about you, but I no longer have the free time I used to, so I am making my updates bi-monthly instead of weekly, updating the 1st and 15 of each month to avoid being swamped by work, since I will now have a lot becase of high school

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