Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

The Potter Boy

The Potter boy.

*Hogwarts express*September 1st 1994*7PM*

"Show me where the hell it says that I can't have more than one familiar with me," Harry said, not looking up from the circle he was working on and holding the Hogwarts rule book, "As soon as you do that then I will put them in my trunk again, but until then, please back off, this thing can blow up and you're not wearing my protector rune"

The prefect, or head-boy, none of the Mexicans cared enough to confirm which, took the book from Harry's hands, the latter using them both to start drawing, Hermione, during the time it took the guy to read the book, was unnerved and starting to freak out as the twins whispered to themselves in a Spanish low and fast enough for her, who had gone in trips to both Spain and France with her parents, to be confused and glancing at her with changing, narrowed eyes.

It took until the first announcement of the train approaching Hogwarts, but the guy snapped the book shut with a thud, took a deep breath, sighed, handed the book back to Harry and took a piece of paper from somewhere in his robes, "Give this to professor McGonagall when you arrive, and take them to Hagrid once a week, as long as you do that then they can go with you to wherever," the guy handed him the paper after scribbling some words on it and looked over Harry's shoulder.

"Don't say I didn't warn you" the green-eyed boy lit the tag, making a fire start over it, taking the eyebrows and some hair from the prefect, "What did I do wrong this time" He did not notice that some of the wood caught fire, but the smell of charred wood did not appear, instead the flames turned blueish-purple.

"Oooh" Nicte appeared over Harry's shoulder, "Can we get that for one of our pranks?"

"Imagine the fright they'll feel" Nahil grinned and both the prefect and the other girl even more frightened, "When they're covered in flames"

"Yet they do not burn at all, oh, I shiver at just thinking about it"

"All we could enjoy with the jumps and screams"

Harry whacked them over the head, not for the first nor the last time of the day "Stop it, you can use it, but only in open areas, or places with torches to absorb it" he pocketed the note, "anything else you need?"

The prefect just collapsed to his knees, feeling where his brows used to be, "And don't use it on inorganic matter, I think the same would happen to clothes."

*Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry*One hour later*

Everyone observed the three exchange students, not deciding on which of the three they should settle their eyes on; the guy holding the helmet of one of the suits of armour and peering down the neckpiece, the guy with wicked orange eyes and a grin that resembled that of the Wesley twins, or the girl that caught the attention of many of the guys, and caused envy to the girls. How could someone so small be bigger than them?

The first years, awed by Great Hall, were in the process of the Sorting, believing that receiving exchange students was a common occurrence in Hogwarts, at least the mundane-born did, the pure-bred were looking in curiosity, with some showing disdain for the open clothing the males were wearing, one could see that they wore only a shirt, tight to their chests, and loose shorts. The women of the castle enjoyed the view.

Half an hour from the time the sorting of the first years started, the only three people still standing were the three Mexican Mages, "As none of you three were paying attention" McGonagall called loudly, making the three Mexicans turn to her, "The sorting will put you in a house, where you will spend the rest of your year at Hogwarts, when your names are called out sit on the stool and put on the Sorting Hat" She looked at the parchment on her hand, "Potter, Harry" she said in shock, her eyes wide open in surprise, sharing an expression with most of the school.

Harry noticed not, for he was checking the soul binding circle that resided in the interior of the neck piece, but after a minute he was already sitting on the stool, the Sorting Hat over his head, "What an interesting man you are, Mister Potter, smart enough to figure apparition out in a year, hardworking enough to master it and basic wandless magic, you are an alchemist, the first to step on this halls since the early eighteen hundreds, you are also well versed in battle magic, languages come easy to you, and you are not afraid to step in front of your friends if it is to save them, and your plan to get control of your money without collapsing your home's economy.

"But you are afraid of what you will find when you have to fight your inner darkness, you cannot stop being paranoid thanks to how you were raised, but you have people you trust, don't you, all your friends you know you can count on, and the woman that runs the orphanage you live in is like your mother, isn't she, maybe I should place you in Gryffindor so you can learn to face your problems" Harry said nothing, making the Hat hum, "If you were Gryffindor material you would have answered during that pause, so I will just send you to RAVENCLAW"

The hall looked stunned, not believing that THE Harry Potter could go to any place but Gryffindor, even though he had not been seen in the country over the course of thirteen years, but the Ravenclaws, the table under the blue and bronze banners with eagles snapped out of their trance and clapped loudly, the other tables following later but hesitantly.

"Zavala, Nail" McGonagall called out.

"It's Nahil, there is an H there, and it has to be pronounced" nevertheless the boy took the seat that his friend had just vacated and put the hat on.

"God Damn It" the hat said, "how can someone be that messed up?" Nahil grinned impishly, "I swear, not even the Wesley twins were this bad, to Ravenclaw you go, the Potter boy must keep you on a leash"

Said boy let out a huge guffaw of laughter, "See, I'm not the only one that thinks so"

"Puta madre, I'm going to be watched"

"Zavala, Nicte" the girl stepped to the Hat.

"Twins, really, Ravenclaw too, at least he has a better grip on you" Apparently the hat did not want to leave the aluxes unchecked, nor with those Wesley twins, Harry was glad about that about that, he did not think that any place would survive two pairs of pranking twins.

Thinking about it, he should get them on a leash, or a bond that kept them from getting in trouble.

Nah, he could control them with a few good whacks.

Speaking of.

"Stop scaring the British" Harry whacked them again, "We're guests, and you promised to wait two days"

The twins pouted.

*Headmaster's office*10PM*

"It has been a long time since this halls have had a foreign student," Headmaster Dumbledore was an old man, easily in the hundreds, way past his prime, the man deserved respect, which was why Harry walked up to the many artefacts in his office, noticing that more than one had alchemic circles.

"So you did study under Flamel," the circles had the tell-tale of the old alchemist, they were simple and practical, yet so much beyond what Harry could do with a week, "Could you help me with elemental transmutation? I can't get temperature right, the plasma is fine."

The aged headmaster looked from the innocent looking twins, he knew they were anything but, to the tag that Harry had put on his desk.

While Dumbledore looked at the Hellenic elemental circle, three Mexican mages took their time trying to get a read on the old man; in one word he was a stereotype, a modern version of what Disney made Merlin out to be, the three of them could compare the two wizards.

Of course, none of them were any better, Harry and Nahil were the image of Mayan warriors, with clothing that was made so they could move about without no trouble while in the middle of a battle, their shirts were covered in protection runes that blunted some of the hits with the close range foci, made by Harry with help from Professor Gutierrez, and Nicte had taken the idea that she was a Mayan princess, with elaborate paintings on her forehead, applied in different colours and different shapes every morning, her clothes looked ceremonial, her cloak always hung on one side.

She was cute in Harry's eyes. He would not tell her that, not until after their first date.

That reminded him, "When is the first visit to the village outside the grounds?" he asked.

McGonagall answered when it was obvious that the Headmaster was too immersed in the circle, "The first one will be the third week of term"

They stayed mostly in silence, Harry wandering around the room and looking at the many trinkets and books that were stacked in the room.

Eventually the headmaster looked up and handed Harry both the tag he had done before and the one he had started, the parts that the old man had done were more than enough to make Harry come up with so many different ways to complete it, "Now, I called you three here because I want to know some more about you, what can you three tell me about yourselves?"

"Harry Potter, you already know that, don't you?" Harry still wandered the office, "fourth grade alchemist, I'll take the exam for the fifth grade as soon as I can make all four Hellenic, or Platonic, whatever you want to call them, elemental circles, I'm part of the frontline class at Hunab Kun, use a macahuitl, three familiar so far, love runes, good at learning languages, and runes"

"We are Nicte and Nahil, Alux twins of HELL" that was all the presentation they needed, any more would make anyone weary of them.

"Aluxes are humanoids that align with either chaos or order, do not let that lead your opinion, there have been Dark Lords in Mexico that were Order Aluxes, just as some of the best Mayan emperors were Chaos Aluxes, they are the perfect example of good natured Chaos Aluxes" Harry picked a book on alchemic circles, written by a man called Dee, and another written by The Kid, all it said, but that was on aura manipulation, "Would you mind if I borrowed these books?" The headmaster looked curiously at Harry, who was used to very informal conversations with professor Rivera, did not notice the scandalized look in McGonagall's face, "Oh, and could you sign this, Itzmin and Kaan would like to come out of my trunk" he handed the note to the headmaster, who read it and rose his eyebrows in surprise.

"A Kukulkan and a grey wolf, well, those are odd familiars, but then again, I have not much knowledge of the common pets in Mexico."

"Harry's weird like that" Nicte started.

"And teachers love him" Nahil continued.

"I love him too," Nicte said, making Harry blush a bit.

"Yeah, he's a nice guy" Nahil nodded.

"Contrary to you" he muttered to himself, making sure that the twins did not hear him.

"But he's scary when he's angry" the two nodded together, remembering the only time Harry had ever gotten mad, Jaime had insulted Harry's mother. It had been the last time they had crossed paths, and what cemented Harry's reputation as someone to keep calm at all costs"

Everyone had been scared of him for weeks. It had taken many people to stop Harry from using the blunt stinging hex anymore, when Jaime was no longer able to move his legs.

"I see," 'His life was better than what I expected, he should have been lonely until he was eleven, he is no longer malleable, Longbottom turns into the martyr, he will have to be the backup' "Very well, feel free to keep the books, Mister Potter, I believe you have more use for them than I do"

So long as he did not step a foot into the University, then there was still a chance of regaining his original pawn.

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