Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

First day

British school

*Ravenclaw common room*Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry*September second, 1994*

Harry, Nicte and Nahil were the first to be at the common room that morning, being used to waking up at dawn every day of school in order to get a good table at breakfast, meaning the only one that Nicte and Nahil hadn't pranked during the day. So to the Ravenclaws that came down at nearly nine, as Dumbledore had said the day before that they would not have classes that day, it was a great surprise to see that Harry Potter had nearly emptied one of the shelves of the common room library that no one tried to even get close to as nobody understood enough to even get started.

Harry was in one of his personal heavens; thanks to Nicte and Nahil, who had already gone down to breakfast and would bring him some bacon for all his familiars and eggs for himself, he would not be disturbed from his reading on all kinds of basic alchemy, written by all the masters of it that had walked the Earth, from the man that called himself Truth near the beginning of history, to Machiavelli and DaVinci, to the man that went as Dragonborn in Norway centuries ago, it was interesting to read so many different points of view, opinions different to those of The Alchemist.

That was probably why no one dared to approached him, seeing him pouring over books, often comparing two or more at a time, and always with his right hand writing furiously on the notebook he always carried with him, and reaching every once in a while into his backpack to grab one of his dry, sweet-sour mangos.

The one person who did not care about the books, in fact, later on Harry would believe that they were the main reason she had approached was a small blond that looked like she was staring at something that was beyond understanding of everyone else but her.

"Hallo, Harry Potter" she said, ignoring the glares and incredulous stares from most people in the room. How she had gotten past the wards Nicte and Nahil had put up, considering that they were experts on the subject, most of their pranks basing on them, was beyond Hary, "You have a very notorious lack of nargles around your head, they seem not to like people who are not from here"

Harry looked at the little blond, trying to figure out if he had ever heard of nargles during his five year stay in Britain, but finding not a single mention of them, maybe a magical creature native to Isles? "What are those? My knowledge of British creatures is not large" he supposed it was better than just laughing at the silly name, after all, they had some crazy creatures back in Mexico, the axolotl and the magical variant being one good example.

"Oh, they are tiny creatures that live around the heads of those that don't like to use it, they scramble ideas an thoughts, dirigible plum earrings and thirteen butter beer corks both serve as repellents" the little blond explained.

"You say they like people that don't use their head?" the blond nodded, "well, then it's probably not only a British thing, many people in Mexico have the same infestation, and I'm sure there are lots of people around the world that suffer from them too" Harry closed all the books he had open, not finding most of the ones written by Machiavelli written useful, since those were in aura manipulation, and for that he needed a lot more time, enough for his third maturity arrived, "Any other creatures like that I should know about?"

"Well, there are the crumple-horned snorkacks, they have a round head, three horns on each side of it, long body, webbed feet, my dad and I want to go search for them in Norway" Harry held out a hand and shoved the other inside his backpack.

"I believe I may know what those are, any magical property of them?" Harry put both of his hand in his backpack, roughly shoving books out of the way.

"Well, their horns can purify things, and they don't smell of anything," then he did know what she was talking about, he only needed that damn book.

"AHA," the magical bestiary for magical Mexico, and the started flipping the pages to the axolotl, "I believe that this is what you're talking about," he pointed at the picture of the strange animal, "the magical version at least, the mundane one is quite lame, other than their seasonal change of size."

The face of the blond was amusing.


The weekend had been uneventful, surprisingly enough, Nicte and Nahil did not prank the school on Sunday as Harry thought they would, but instead they spent the whole three days, from Friday onwards, planning what could probably put them so far into the bad side of the teachers there would be no way back to anonymity, Harry spent the days discussing with the small blond that had approached him on Friday, Nicte staying close by, her eyes changing to red every once in a while, Harry concluded she was probably jealous, it was pleasant, she was clingy during those times.

He had also discovered that while it may seem that the armors around the castle appeared to have been enchanted because of their robotic movements, they were actually souls bound to the armors using the ancient way of the alchemist to punish those that committed a common taboo, like killing, genocide, serial murders, things like that, and that the circles keeping them bound also programed them to follow the orders of the current leader of the school.

The three of them had also socialized with the other houses, mainly Hufflepuff, as they were the most welcoming ones, and Gryffindors, who wanted to say that they had met THE Harry Potter, with the exception of the bushy haired girl from the train, who still looked very annoyed at them, especially when she saw the wolf and snake that liked to follow Harry around.

Kaan had caused more than one disturbance during the weekend, he ad slithered out from under Harry's cloak and onto the table, proceeding to eat all the bird he could, and grabbing many pork chops for Itzmin to eat and dumping them in front of the wolf, the fact that Harry had hissed at the snake, barked at the wolf and then hooted to his owl when she arrived through the window did not go unnoticed by any of the students, and many of them started to whisper about the Mexican doing rituals on him. Harry had smirked, told them he was born like that and taken out his macahuitl in its shrunken form and put it on the table.

The beast-speak combined with the focus served to put many of the students against him, especially Gryffindor and Slytherin, against the three Mexican students, but some of them, again Hufflepuff and some Ravenclaws, decided that it would not be worth it to make an enemy out of them.

During the morning of that Monday the Timetables for all of the seven years and four houses had been handed out, in case of the Ravenclaw house it was done by the diminutive professor Flitwick, and they had already taken transfiguration, which Harry had found more than a bit boring as he was above the British standard, though after a short break he found himself a bit baffled by charms, and after lunch break he enjoyed the complicated lesson in runes,

"What if I combined a heating and an expulsing rune?" professor Sinestra, the runes professor quizzed Harry, her hands on his desk and a challenging smirk on her face.

"It depends on how you bind them, it could cause anything from a warm breeze to a flame thrower" Harry was also wearing a smile, but his was that of a man having a lot of fun.

"Bind them with a light rune, what do you get?"

"The same effects of a bull's eye lantern, or a heat ray."

"A control rune around it all"

"Then you get selective temperature and light intensity, from a single spot to a whole room"

"Let's get into those tags I saw you working on before class, shall we?" Harry smirked, "How many elements does a transmutation circle need to turn thirty tons of timber into a wooden hut?"

Oh yes, Harry would have lots of fun during his year in Britain, at least during his runes class, and Nicte and Nahil would also get so many more ideas from that class alone.

The rest of the students looked dismayed at the fact that their teacher was not teaching them, and instead was discussing with a boy a third her age about things they did not understand jack about, and so they watched during the period as the questions started to get more and more complicated, yet Harry managed to answer them after a few minutes of thinking.

The bushy haired girl smacked her head against her desk more than once, and two of the Slytherins, a boy and a girl, only looked on amused and bemused at the same time.

Hellenic transmutation is the hardest, yet the most rewarding of all the circles you can do, a great alchemist can make all the appliances of his house run on nothing but them, much like I have done to my house, I have no need for the creations of muggles, with the exception of a boiler, because all my need are met by the Hellenic circles around my house, my stove works with them, as does my shower, I fertilize my garden with them and keep my dungeons aired by them.

But they also have combat uses, I myself prefer the use of water circles in combat, along with lightning, my wife much prefers fire and the use of her aura, Scathatch likes metal more, but I digress.

Hellenic circles are the epitome of transmutation, but they also start the user in Naming, I already know five Names thanks to my circles, my wife knows more than I do, and should you master them, then your way into the University is pretty much guaranteed.

Transmutation circles by Nicholas Flamel, last chapter of the book.

The Axolotl is an animal that lives only in Mexico, around the lake near the Mexico City, when the ponds it lives in are dry, they are born naturally small and don't grow over a foot, this is because they don't have enough food to support big bodies, but when the lake is large so are them, they are born big and stay like that until the next dry season because food is abundant.

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