Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages


*Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, Scotland* September fifth*

Harry, Nicte, Nahil and Luna entered the great hall for breakfast as they normally did, but it appeared that someone had different plans, for streamers dropped on them, and though they could not see it, a banner above their head read, 'hail the vanquisher of Voldemort, the boy-who-lived'

Harry turned to the twins, "We didn't do it" Nahil hurried to say.

"Yeah, not our style," Nicte turned and read the banner, snickering.

"We are planning something way more awesome," Nahil snorted as he too read the sign.

"We'll have to wait for the sixteenth though" Nicte motioned for Harry to read the banner, and he did so reluctantly.

"Puta madre, couldn't they wait a month?" They weren't even close to when he was supposed to have defeated the man, it was then that it registered what his friends had said, "You are not dressing me as a mariachi again" It had been a bad day, he had said that he would do what they wanted once for one of their birthdays, he had regretted that.

A mariachi was not a career choice for Harry.

"Alright who did this?" no one moved, bewildered by the calm voice, "Say it, I may use a weapon, but I'm not violent"

"That would have been us" a pair of gingers stood up from the Gryffindor table.

"The devilishly handsome" the other twin continued.

"The stiflingly dashing"

"And protectors of humour"

"The Wesley twins," they both finished with a flourish, "at your service"

Harry grabbed on to Nicte and Nahil, much to their confussion, "You are the regular pranksters at this school, I assume?" The Mexican twins' faces lit up with a smile and they started to struggle against Harry.

"Come on, please Harry," Nicte started to beg.

"Let us join forces, it would be awesome" Harry did not budge, so they turned to the Gryffindor twins.

"Join forces with us!" Nicte shouted.

"We could rule this school with fear," Nahil continued, and Harry was tempted to hit their heads against one another.

"A tiny fourth year," one of the ginger twins said to the air.

"Two foreign students," The other one continued.

"Want to join us in our pranking sprees"

"What do we do, Gred?"

"What do you think, Forge?"

The ginger twins started to smile, "We accept, of course," the two finished.

"If any of you four prank me I'll make Itzmin shed on your beds," Harry threatened, making the twins pale. Itzmin, the wolf shed a lot during autumn. Harry would have threatened with Kaan's skin, but the scales of a kukulkan caught a good amount of money from artisans, mostly for refracting pieces.

For now though, the twins, the ones that had come with Harry and not the Griffyndor ones, were deterred from their path of mayhem, and so, Harry sat down for breakfast.

*DADA classroom*Three days later*

"The ministry does not want me to teach you this, said they want you to keep your innocence, bullshit I call," Alastor Moody was not a pretty sight, with scars running all over his face, the magical eye moving about at every moment and not stopping at all, the hobbling gait with wooden peg leg, disfigured arms and leg. Yet Harry could say he was somewhat excited about the lessons with the man, they were as exciting as Professor Alan's were back home, in a different way.

"Professor Dumbledore managed to get me a permit to teach you about the Unforgivable Curses, despite that the ministry decided to be their miserable, idiotic self and just gave me permit for one lesson per class, so you better pay attention, this will be in your finals," the professor took a drink out of his flask after checking his pocket watch. Harry was sure it was the magical version of Vicodin, to deal with the pain.

"Who can tell me what the Unforgivables are?" only three hands rose, Longbottom, Granger and one of the Patil twins, the one in Harry's house, "Granger?"

"The three Unforgivable curses are those that will grant you a life sentence to prison for using one of them, all around the world," Granger said.

"Textbook answer, five points to Gryffindor, Granger is right, the use of any of the three can land you in Azkaban, no matter where you are from, they can't be shielded against, can't be stopped, can't be undone," Moody moved around the front of the room, searching for something in one of the many things on his desks, "Name the first of the Unforgivables, Patil."

"The Imperious curse," The Hindu girl replied

"Correct, Five to Ravenclaw," he took a spider from one of the jars, "Engorgio" the spider became twice as large, "Imperio" a rainbow passed from Moody's wand to the spider, "With this curse I can make anyone I've casted it on do my bidding, if I say jump" the spider started to jump around the classroom, making all the girls scream, though Wesley boy also squealed when the spider got itself on his desk, "dance" Moody commanded, and the spider complied, dancing on Moody's desk. It became a trend, Moody would order the thing around and it would do what was asked, making everyone laugh, until Moody barked at them, "What should I make it do now, drown?" Everyone gasped, "Or perhaps throw itself out the window?

"The curse is not a laughing matter, there is a reason no one wanted to go out during the war with the Dark Lord; you didn't know if your friend from yesterday would be your killer the next day, that is one of the reasons he was so feared." No one spoke, silence in the room was absolute, "The second curse, which is it?"

Longbottom raised his hand slowly and shakily, "The torture curse" he said.

"Yeah, you have a bad experience with that, don'tcha, Longbottom, caught the bastards myself," It seemed that the auror still held a shred of condolence, "The cruciatus, depending on how much the caster wishes it, can cause anything from the pain of a broken bone to a pain that can get into the very soul, more than five minutes under it can be enough to drive a person mad."

Moody pointed his wand at the spider, still enlarged, and cast the curse. A horrible screech, coming from the spider being tortured, sounded on everyone's ears, making all the students cover their ears to try and block the sound out, but they still heard it.

Granger decided she had seen enough, "STOP, you're hurting it" Moody stopped immediately, taking a deep breath as he did so.

"I suppose I don't have to tell you how information was taken from prisoners during the war, do I?" he said softly, "What is the third curse?" no one raised their hands, "No one, really? Fine, Avada Kedabra" A green flash, the spider fell dead, "The killing curse, people fear this one more than the other two, because it leaves no trace, nothing to tie it to anyone, people used to die overnight, and only one person has survived it in history, and he is in this very classroom." Everyone turned to Harry, who glared at the dead spider, the one dream he had always had since he could remember playing through his head.

The rest of the class was spent with professor Moody casting the Imperious on the students, trying to make them do silly things, only the three Mexican students could resist him, for different reasons, but while they didn't act on the orders of Moody, neither could they simply shake off the curse.

*Three hours later*Hogwarts grounds*Hippogriff paddock*

Harry and Nicte sat side by side while Nahil chatted with Luna; the two were petting the hippogriffs and talking about god knows what, Harry was enjoying the weather a bit too much to care about that, the half-giant gamekeeper was walking around the paddock, checking up on the animals and keeping an eye out on Nahil, as Luna was a constant visitors in the pens that Hagrid kept around the limits of the forbidden forest.

"Those two hit it off, didn't they?" Harry commented, leaning back against the tree.

"Yeah, never thought my brother would find a girl that wasn't an alux" Nicte said, "And stop moving, how am I supposed to keep my head on your shoulder?" Harry chuckled.

"Well, she's odd enough to catch his eye, shame it won't last until the summer" They did have to go back to Mexico, their Visas were only good until September of 1995, he was sure Nahil would keep contact though.

"Meh, you know us, Nahil will find a way, or he will make you find a way" Nicte smirked, "How's your project going along, by the way?"

Harry dragged his backpack over to him and rummaged through the book bag (One of the three it had, the other two were for treats and such), taking out a mirror, "Professor Babbling has been helpful, one more bath in alchemic silver and it will be ready," it was supposed to act as a videophone over very long distances, a full hemisphere if everything went right.

"How many have you done?" Nicte asked, turning a bit so she could face Harry.

"We want six, one for each of us, but Nahil and you will probably end up sharing, so I may give one to Luna" Harry smiled as the male alux helped said girl mount one of the hippogriffs, Hagrid coming close to make sure nothing would happen to them.

"You're a great friend, you know that?"

"You've only told me a hundred times," Harry wished he could stop time right there. He would never find more peace than the one he was feeling right then.

I hate school, badly, especially my literature teacher, she's a bitch, with a squeaky voice, and she does not explain shit.

depending on my mood next update may come earlier than expected.

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