Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Arrival of more schools

*CoMC*Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry*September 16*

"I am weary," Harry confessed to Luna as the two made their way to their class, Luna was going to the greenhouse, "I have yet to see the twins, and the pair of Gryffindors were smirking unnervingly."

"You shouldn't let nargles into your head, Nahil told me he had something planned for lunch" Luna did not focus on anything in particular, but that was just her normal gaze, so nothing out of the ordinary.

"That is why I am weary, whenever I don't see them during meals and between classes, I know that they are up to something, and it is the day we celebrate the beginning of the independence war, more than one of us will be turned into a mariachi or a charro"

"What are, charros?" Luna asked curiously.

"The singing versions of mariachis, charro sings while the mariachi band plays on the background" Harry answered, "This is where we part, see you at lunch Luna," Harry waved at the blond from over his shoulder.

"How many are dressing up?" Harry slid up to Nicte, who only smiled innocently up at him and kissed his cheek, "And don't pretend, the chance is too big for you to pass up"

"But, but we won't do anything"

"We're little angels"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Fallen angels, then" he then asked, "The Wesley twins are making everything then?"

"Well, not everything"

"We provided the design"

"And the time"

"And the food"

"And the instruments"

Harry blinked, "Will I still have tacos al pastor for lunch without being turned into the stereotypical Mexican?" They nodded, "Mango roll?" they nodded again, "Then keep me uninvolved and it will be fine"

Hagrid came into view, motioning them to move towards him, "A'right class, t'day we're going teh a clearing nearby, tah teach yeh about blast ended skrewts, keep away from the sting, the back and the teeth and yeh shall be fine"

Blast ended skrewts resulted to be a really ugly cross between magical newts, salamanders and some other kind of creature, and they were terrifyingly ugly, a light pink that looked sickly, with no hard parts at all and the scampered about at any sign of any of the berries that they favored. The skrewts also had no eyes, nor any visible nose, yet they walked as if they had a better eyesight than any of the students.

They were also very temperamental, and did not like when anyone but Hagrid approached them, and Harry, a beastspeaker that had communicated with all five of the animal kinds, could not try to reason with them, as they did not speak, nor hear a thing.

By the end of the lesson, most of the students had been either stung or singed by the skrewts, so they were allowed by Hagrid to go to the medical wing twenty minutes before the bell rang, minutes that Harry used to grab his new broom from his backpack and fly around the quidditch pitch while Nicte and Nahil went to the great hall before anyone else arrived, probably to check everything for their annual independence prank.

Twenty minutes into lunch, Harry decided to enter the great hall, and as soon as he sat down, the teachers changed outfits to fit that of a mariachi band, while the students' clothing turned to that of a stereotypical Mexican, with the woolen poncho and straw sombrero. The cutlery at the head table changed to instruments, that flew into the teachers' hands and they started playing the jarabe tapatio, the standard Mexican song for national parties.

At least it was not a song that had lyrics.

"AY, AY, AY AY, CANTA Y NO LLORES, PORQUE CANTANDO CIELITO LINDO SE ALEGRAN LOS COOORAZONEES," yeah, they could have at least used Molotov, for a new band they were pretty good, for a single record. The complaints about the government were part of the reason they were so good.

"Please explain to me why you used the drunkard song, rather than a proper serenata?"

"Because, and I kid you not, we want stereotypes to hang around here" Nicte sat to his right, Nahil to his left, Luna directly to his left.

"Yep, that way professor Alan can prove even more people wrong"

"And it isn't like we take siestas on any free time we have"

"Nor do we wear sombreros every single day"

"Or walk around in ponchos"

"We don't have a Chihuahua lap dog,"

"Or an ass-drawn car"

"Though Nissans aren't really better, really, not the ones we get, anyway."

"Alright, did Ricardo put you up to this?"

"Making other countries not take us seriously," The twins said at the same time, "Absolutely"

"I wonder about that man sometimes," Harry said out-loud, "How much longer will the transfigurations last, and the music?"

"All trough lunch, we were very specific with the Wesley twins"

"They told us it wasn't the first time they tried to prank the whole hall"

"But since they never got the teachers before"

"We gave them the perfect way to do it"

"House-elves were helpful about that"

Harry sighed and glanced at his plate. At least they hadn't messed with his food.

*October 30*Great Hall*Dinner*

"Explain to me, why did you come to England if you didn't want to stand leers?" Harry glared at the French blond sitting in front of him at the Ravenclaw table, "You're a veela, with silk clothing, really, you will be stared at if you don't use the Hogwarts uniform," He took a bite of the steak taco.

"What vould you know?" She stared at the open robe, where his tight black shirt was the only thing covering his torso, and he was wearing tight jeans under that.

"I don't care if they stare, I've a girlfriend," He pointed at Nicte, who was eating her tacos al pastor, "And I have a thing called ego, ever heard of it?"

She sniffed in disdain, making him smirk, "Mexico three, France one," Nicte commented, making Harry snort.

"Five actually, you would know if you paid attention to history class" Harry enjoyed the twitches around him at the mention, seems that the magical side cared more about their defeats.

"So, what does your school teach anyway? I heard France learnt about alchemy, with the Flamels" Harry turned to the guy to his left.

"The only alchemy we learn is potion based," The man looked in disdain at the English eating with a hand free, then at the Mexicans who were eating their meal with their hands. They were tacos, not steak or anything that required cutlery. Ah, if only they had death bread.

"I'm sending the mirrors tonight, so that Miztli gets them as a birthday present," Harry took out the objects in question, "You sure you don't want me to send one to your mother?"

Nicte and Nahil waved him off, eating some of the fish that had been served for the Frenchmen, "She is happy enough to hear from us by letters, we don't think she would like to see us during her sabbatical."

"Yeah, we don't want her to get stressed out again so soon, and our twin speak gives her whiplash."

"And we love her much more than she likes us, so don't want to send her to a house"

"You two are impossible for anyone, I'm surprised your parents aren't mad already"

"Potter!" Harry looked to the Gryffindor table, "Pass the avocado!" the fruit flew over to that table.

"So you don't advance past alchemic brews at Beuxbatons, what a disappointment," Harry took out his fire tag, still incomplete, "Anyone in your school that could help me with this?"

"Pierre, he has been studying the summer semester at the University, he is the one with the book" the man to his left pointed to the guy at the furthest end of the Ravenclaw table, who looked up when he felt the looks on him. Harry held out the tag, Pierre nodded, squinted and shook his hand, rummaging through his backpack and showing a glove with a circle on the back.

A snap of the fingers set a plate of fire, a clap doused it with water. Pierre smirked smugly. Harry clapped his hands of the table and Pierre paled.

Elemental transmutation may not be his forte yet, but the fingerless gloves he used, both for comfort when using his macahuitl and convenience, had a different transmutation circles, one for metals and the other for carbon, both on the high tier.

Harry did a two-finger salute, which Pierre answered with a scowl.

"Excuse me, everyone, we will now introduce the impartial judge that will select the champions for the Tri-wizard tournament" A casket was brought into the hall, "Fame, Fortune, Eternal Glory, all things that await the winner of the Tri-wizard tournament, three tasks, all tests of bravery, of knowledge, of wit in times of pressure.

"The Goblet of fire, an ancient artifact, will select the champions, of the three, only One will get the prize. There are, however, restrictions as you should already know, no one under the age of seventeen may enter the tournament, and only people who put their name into the Goblet between today and November first will be considered. Do NOT take this as a game."

Right, Death's day was coming, two day from now, and he had yet to find a ritual that would work for what Harry wanted.

People rarely understand that despite the risks it involves, aura manipulation is the best branch of alchemy, it has the most potential, it can be the most powerful of magicks, and since the only limit to it is imagination, you can literally do anything, as long as it does not break the laws of the universe.

There are three drawback to this branch; the first is that the aura is the life-force of a human, if you use to much of it, you can consider yourself dead. Second problem is that you start to become dependent on it, I use thirteen other spells whenever I use one of aura manipulation, to stay off of the addiction. Third is that it will give you away, as the aura spells will give off the smell that becomes characteristic of a person, and while it may be something as inconspicuous the smell of wet dirt, it can also be a smell such as plums, or mint, sulfur even.

Aura manipulation is also very temperamental; you cannot use two elements at the same time, and need to end one elemental spell before using another from a different element. There is also the fact that some people cannot cast it even after years of trying, and that some cannot use a nature at all while another one comes with total ease.

Also, unlike any other branch of magic, be it standard or alchemy, or even the recent technomancy, with the proper means, a muggle is able to use aura spells, I have woken more than twenty people's aura, my friend Scathach, and her sister have woken the auras of many heroes of legend, my rival, Dr. Dee, has woken even more people than I.

Which brings me to the waking process: There are two ways of doing it, the proper one, which takes months of constant meditation but has no risks other than the possible loss of social life, since it requires then daily hours of meditation in order to find the source of the aura. Then there is the risky way, with only a 50-50 chance of coming out of it alive; in this way, an already experienced aura user has to push their aura into the body of the one that wants to wake his aura, but this is an invasion of the body, and the magical defenses that even muggle have try to destroy the invading force, violently. When the reaction is too much, the one that was to be awakened dies, the waker loses half his life-force and becomes an easy target for predators to pick. I lost three apprentices that way.

Do NOT let this discourage you, pursue the proper way of waking the aura up, and I can promise you that you will be welcomed to the University almost immediately

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