Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Champion selection

*Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry*October 31, 1994*

"The time has come!" Professor Dumbledore said once all the people quieted down after his standing up, "For the Goblet of Fire to choose the three wizard that will take part in the tournament!"

No one spoke, all of them staring at the blue fire that the Goblet gave off, some of them with eagerness, others with dread, all of them with anticipation of who would be chosen out of the fifty people who entered themselves from each school.

Dumbledore walked from his seat at the Head Table to the center of the Great Hall, where the Goblet of Fire sat inside a blue circle that had been drawn by the Headmaster the day before, an age line, the tension rose, everyone was leaning forwards on his or her seats.

"And now, the Goblet has decided" the fire turned red for a moment before spewing out a square piece of parchment that landed roughly on Dumbledore's hand, "The champion for Durmstrang is," Dramatic pause, everyone admitted silently that the man had a talent in dramatics, "Viktor Krum!"

All the tables cheered while the headmaster for the Scandinavian school led the quidditch star through to the chamber next to the head table, where all the trophies of the school were kept, as well as the mementos left behind by students.

Another flash of red announced the next selection of champions, this time a circular paper flew delicately into Dumbledore's hand, "The champion for Beuxbatons is...Fleur Delacour" the witch Harry had annoyed during the feast to welcome the foreigners stood up and followed her headmistress to the chamber.

"And finally, our very own Hogwarts champion" the third flash of red lasted for longer than the other two, but the parchment landed in Dumbledore's palm like a plane, "Cedric Diggory." The Hufflepuff table was the loudest in cheering, mostly because their star seeker was the one chosen for the school, while the others two tables cheered mostly because it was not a Slytherin being chosen for the tournament.

"With that, the selection of the champions is over, the first task..." Diggory was already through the door that led to the trophy room, but it was not that which stopped Dumbledore, but the fact that the Goblet flashed red again after he was halfway to the Head Table.

"Neville Longbottom," It flashed red again, a pair of eyes noticed that Aloastor Moody looked gleeful, "And Harry Potter"

The last Potter stood up and slammed his hands on the table with enough force to shake the whole section, "QUIEN FUE EL PINCHE HIJO DE PUTA MALPARIDA PEDOFILA QUE PUSO MI NOMBRE EN EL CALIZ? YOU EITHER TELL ME NOW OR I'LL MAKE SURE THAT YOU SUFFER" the rage was seen by all of them, but inside was shock, along with fear, Harry had a lot to live for, and he did not plan on risking his life at fourteen.

Then there was the other end of the spectrum, Neville Longbottom, who looked as if he could not decide whether to have a crying nervous breakdown or a laughing nervous breakdown, but if one were to judge by the wet eyes it would be crying.

Poor guy.

Then Dumbledore helped the on-the-edge boy while Harry glared around the room before slamming his hands of the table and storming off, a scowl etched on his face and his fingers on his focus.

"What iz it, annoying boy, do zhey want us to head up?" Harry growled under his breath and took his focus and a stone, starting to sharpen the stone edges of his macahuitl, after that he would polish the wood.

Sparks added to the overall lighting of the room, the scowl never leaving Harry's face, even as Ludo Bagman, an overenthusiastic man in Harry's opinion, walked into the room, but he was too intimidated by the bladed focus to go to Harry. The boy was thankful for that.

"Well," there was a slight nervousness to Bagman's voice, "Would you look at that, we have five champions for the Tri-Wizard tournament, two of them of our very own Hogwarts"

"Zhis is madness," the French Headmistress, "Beuxbatons will retire of from the tournament, Zat's cheating from you"

"Yes!" Karkaroff shouted his agreement "Ve Vill Not stand for this"

"I'm afraid that there is nothing we can do" Dumbledore commented calmly, "Did you put your name in the Goblet, Neville?" The Headmaster made eye-contact with the boy as he said his negative, "I believe you, my boy"

This was the wrong thing to say, as the two foreign headmasters started shouting even louder, even with the British professor calmly countering their arguments.

A clanking and clattering sound broke the discussion apart, also making all the adults turn towards the sound, where Harry was yanking the macahuitl out of a suit of armor, showing a large dent and pierced parts. The dents and pierces showed the power of the weapon, it would have killed of bloodloss after a few seconds.

"How bad does it speak of the adults in the room when the only person composed in a crisis is the youngest one," Harry eyed the group, "Except for that guy, the old man is pretty collected." Harry pointed his focus at man in the shadows, "Como chingados me puedo salir de esta estupidez de torneo?"

Crouch looked at Harry, but addressed the room in general, "The Goblet's decision finished a contract with the chosen champions, there is no way out of the tournament for the ones chosen, if they do not comply with the rules established during last year until the end of the last task, when the Tournament Winner is revealed"

Harry changed the point of his focus from Crouch to Dumbledore, "The terms of my stay have changed with you violating the agreement with the ones that sent me here, you have opened yourself for a lawsuit, my silence will cost you a separate room for me and my friends, one with a window," Let it be known that Harry disliked sleeping with the Ravenclaws, they assumed too much and thought that there was no way for them to be wrong, even if they were, "That and allowing me to use the air space of the grounds whenever I want"

Dumbledore stayed silent, giving Harry a scrutinizing look before nodding silently.

"Well, the first task will take place in a month's time," Bagman said cheerfully, "It will be a task to test your wits in times of danger, and your calm in pressure."

"If I die," Harry said as he started to walk away, stopping just long enough to stare at Bagman straight in the eye, "It will all be on you, the organization doesn't like accidents to the ones in it"

Silence reigned in the room, as it did in the Great Hall when Harry came out of the chamber with his focus extended.

Nicte and Nahil took out a box each from their backpacks and packed all the Mexican food they could on them before running after Harry, knowing that he would be hungry after the outburst he must have had.


Harry did not show up for any meal from then on, ignoring everyone that asked how he got into the tournament.

November first he went into the forest to set up an altar to his parents, praying to The God, the Mayan God of Selfless Death and the Goddess of Peaceful rest for their souls. He did not show up for any classes that day, nor did Nicte and Nahil, keeping their friend company during the day.

Harry started flying whenever homework allowed for free time, and whenever he went up to the air Nicte would call for him only to take his broom when he landed and fly around the castle herself. The two would sit on the shade of a tree after a few hours of flying in the cold Scottish air.

Nahil and Luna continued to sneak off on their own to the forbidden forest, where according to Hagrid they were taking good care of the creatures that dwelled on the lightest parts of the forest, the nearly inoffensive ones like thestrals and hippogriffs.

Some stupid paparazzi had been trying to get an interview with Harry, but he did not allow himself to be caught with the woman alone, always with either one of the alux twins who were scary enough on their own to make someone think twice about approaching them, adding the scowl that Harry had taken to wearing again, the woman did not approach without running away from fear after a while.

Harry could not be more thankful; he had a feeling that she wrote nothing but a tabloid.

The first talk with his other friends after finally sending the communication mirrors was a happy reunion. Nicte and Nahil used their own to make something akin to a conference call, with all of them laughing occasionally at tales told, all of the ones still in Mexico shouting their disagreement over what had happened with the Goblet of Fire. Lucy even offered to search for a way to get out of the tournament, Harry was glad for that.

Nobody tried to approach Harry during the month, all of them scared that he would send his familiars after them if they said even one wrong thing. Harry did not find this particullary distressing: if someone was brave enough to try to befriend him, then they deserved at least a hand offering, he was pretty intimidating, and even more so after the incident with the Goblet.

His only wish though, was for Halloween to have never happened.

Life would be much simpler if the Holyday had not happened that year.

On the plus side, professor Babbling had accidentally let it loose that there may be a ritual for calling a spirit for a while back to the impure world.

I'm sorry for the wait, but I've been hit with a massive writer's block, mainly because of stress because of high school, since I got a scholarship that requires me to keep a 9 (A) minimum and I haven't managed that yet in this semester, this story is probably the only one I will keep updating, maybe Mexican Mages, depends on what I can write.

I'm sorry

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