Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

First Task

*Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardry*Lakeside*November 16, 1994

"And you're absolutely sure that they'll let you walk away from it unscathed?" Nicte and Harry were sitting with their backs to a big rock on the side of the black lake, Nicte with her head on Harry's lap.

"Not unscathed, the dragons said that they would try to keep their flames down if they went against me, but that I would have to make it so they would be able to fly around the grounds" Harry started playing with Nicte's hair, leaning back on the rock and basking on the sun, "A few spell should break one of the chains, the others will go on their own"

"You would let A dragon Loose?" Harry nodded absently, "I knew I loved you for a reason"

"You mean other than my amazing looks and sarcastic wit?"

"And lets not forget your humility" They settled into a silence, listening to the sounds of the lake.

"Your birthday is close," Harry said suddenly, "And I still haven't forgiven you for not making a XV party"

"I am not getting in pink dress with a puffy skirt, even less what my mother wanted me to wear, nah, I'm better off with this trip" She would not say it, but Nicte was a bit of a tomboy.

"You'll have to get in a dress though," Harry smirked, "There is a dance for Christmas, I plan on taking you, and I don't think they'll let you in with jeans and a tee."

Nicte looked horrified, "You can take anyone else, I give you permission, just keep me away from dresses."

"How about a suit, it would have to be black though."

"That I can do."

"Alright, now, how do I tackle the dragons?"

"You said they wouldn't hurt you."

"Not that they would let me steel one of their eggs, as it is likely going to be."

"How about you just summon the egg."

"Too simple, Crouch would have thought of that."

"Flying through them."

"That would be fun to try," Harry smirked, but then he shuddered "I have bad, bad feeling"

"My brother's here" Nicte said cheerfully, as if agreeing with him.

"So, I think they will be around here," Nahil and Luna came into view, the later carrying a newspaper and with red-blue glasses, "There you are, what were you discussing before we found you?"

"The first task of the tournament is getting past some dragons, any ideas?"

"You could try to talk to them," Luna suggested airily.

"Already did, the only thing they agreed to do was not injuring me" Harry said.

"Can I suggest explosions, explosions solve many things," Nahil grinned, taking out a pellet from who-knows-where.

"Maybe to blow up the chains," Harry nodded.

"Do try stay ahead of the dragons though" Luna sat herself next to nicte.

"Hey, Hey, look, I mastered the camouflage thingy" Kaan came into view, changing colors as fast as he moved, Itzmin came in trotting behind him, shaking his head at the snake

"So you did, it is useless, however, when you use it so sparingly, the point is changing according to the surroundings, not whenever you want"

"But it's so awesome" the kukulcan complained.

"Yes, and practical, but control yourself, you are a better hunter when calm" Itzmin barked, cocking his head and closing his eyes.

"Let's go have lunch," Luna said out of nowhere, "I hope there will be pudding."

Harry chuckled and pushed himself off the floor, pushing Nicte to stand as he did.

He had to plan out his execution of the first task.

*November 22, 1994*Scottish mountains near Hogwarts*

"How are you so calm?" Neville asked the other champions as they waited for the task to start.

Already had they been assigned their dragons, Neville had to deal with a Norwegian ridgeback, th[e very same he had helped sneak out of the school in his first year, and it was terrifying him to the bone.

"Because we all knew what we would face, except pretty boy, and we spent a lot of time working out how to get out unscathed, unlike you, whose friend shot down any plan you had" Harry answered before anyone could get their mouths running, "You should find a friend not as bossy as that girl, you would know what to do then"

"What do you mean only I did not know?" Cedric asked angrily.

"Dumbledore may not play favorites, unlike the Head Teachers of these two" Harry pointed at Krum and Fleur, "But your groundskeeper does, and he took Longbottom to the place where the dragons were kept, and I have a very good sense for problems"

"Vat does that mean?" Krum asked.

"I have two chaos creatures for friends, two of my familiars were forced on me, my best friend is a different kind of vampire, fighting or finding a dragon is just another Tuesday for me"

"Cheery" Diggory muttered.

"Oh, and let's not forget that I learnt alchemy by mail," he suddenly snapped his fingers, "That's how I'll do it" he pulled his backpack to him and started rummaging.

The other four stared at him as if he was mad; Neville actually started panicking when half his chest entered the pack. Five minutes later, he came out with four gloves, two of them he clipped through his belt loops.

"Earth and water, should be good enough for me, I need to put fire on a wristband," He pulled the other two gloves on, leaned back, and closed his eyes.

He would be last to go, after all.

*Half an hour later*Neville's try*

He was not smart, nor assertive, nor confident, or memorable, or knowledgeable, but there was one thing that Neville knew better than anyone else at Hogwarts, with the exception of professor Sprout, and that was plants.

He could recognize plants within meters, telling whoever asked for it the scientific, the magical, and the muggle name for the plant, along with all of the effects it could have on someone, or in this case, something.

Dragons had the same reaction to a plant called 'Dragonsbane' that humans had to poison ivy, only it was harder for the dragons to get relief because they had no means to reach under the scales, where the soft tissue under them.

This was the very same reason that Neville had bought a pound of the plant and then crushed the parts that irritated the dragon, carried in a pouch on his waist.

"Please work" he muttered, moving slowly towards the dragon, trying to avoid its direct line of sight, as to not be noticed until the dragon was desperately trying to get the dust off of him.

He tried to ignore the shouting of the crowd, the demands for blood and charred flesh, as he creped forward, his left hand never leaving the crushed plant.

Ten minutes into the task, after several close calls, Neville was finally close enough for the dust to reach the dragon, as bad as his throw was, and he would be able to make the run to the golden egg and to the medical tent after that.

The pouch hit the dragon on the head, the string that held it closed came undone halfway through its flight and the crushed dragonsbane fell on the gaps between scales, making the dragon widen his eyes and start scratching itself.

Neville ran for it, not stopping even as he grabbed the golden egg and ran across the arena, not looking at the dragon he left behind.

*Waiting tent*


Harry stood up, reaching for the flap of the tent, and was surprised when he saw his hand shaking, the nerves were getting to him, even with the plan he had been developing for the best part of an hour.

Right, he could only hope he would get the pressure of the water right, and the width of the walls right.

His eyes stung at the sudden change in light as he stepped out of the waiting tent and into the arena, his wand out of its holster in a blink and back again after a quick incantation.

Okay, broom was coming, now he had to release the dragon without getting to burned or injured.

Water circle, ready, run to a rock, aim and shoot.

The water collided with the stream of flames that shot out of the dragon's mouth, and Harry used the steam to move to a different spot. A dark spot on the skyline registered on his vision. Three minutes till the broom arrived.

Earth circle, reshape and move, throw.

The rock hit one of the chains.

A wall sprang up to block the next barrage of flames, but Harry could not help but think that the temperature raise that the flames created was only pleasant, rather than scorching or burning.

The Horntail was living up to its promise.

"Still, wouldn't like to get in the middle of the flames" he muttered, readying another shot with the water circle.

"Right, shoot, run and jump" the stream of water clashed with another stream of flames, but this one was hotter than the last, and turned the water to steam on contact.

He jumped, the FireBolt he had bought over the summer appearing under him, still flying forward as he landed on it.

"PUTA MADRE, SIIII" The adrenaline of the speed still got to him, a very nice rush that got his blood pumping, the one thing that he enjoyed over everything else.

The Horntail snapped the chains a few seconds after Harry took flight, chasing after the boy who did corkscrews to evade the jaws of the dragon, only one hand in the handle of the broom and the other pointing behind him, ready to douse any flames that the Horntail breathed at him.

The chase went away from the stadium, through the turrets of the castle, the cliffs that stood behind it, the top of the forbidden forest and the bridges that connected parts of the castle on the outside.

"Right, the egg" he doused yet another stream of flames, this one facing his side as he took a wide turn.

The Horntail chased after him, a roar that sounded very cheerful echoed his own thrilled shouts.

Harry grabbed the golden egg and did a side break that made him stop halfway to the medical tent, the dragon touching down next to her nest, looking at him with amused eyes.

"You are good, for a human, fun," the Horntail complemented, sounding nothing more than a series grunts to the public, "come here"

"I'll take it at face value" he slowly moved towards the Horntail, ignoring the commentary Bagman was making on his 'brave approach'

"I heard you speaking in the language of my cousin's worshipers" The dragon moved about shooting embers at the nest, making it catch fire.

"I am learning Mayan magic, yes," he came as close to the dragon as he could without leaving a comfortable distance between them.

"Would you take one of my hachlings?" The dragon asked him.

"If I could, as it is I have enough animals depending on me, and a dragon is not as easy to hide as an owl, wolf or snake," Harry looked at the nest, "Thanks for the offer, but I'm not really interested"

"Very well, but know that I will tell them of you" Harry nodded, flying towards the tent.

"Thank god dragons are smart," he muttered, already losing all adrenaline.

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