Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages



Combat training was the first thing that kicked in.

When falling, bring your knees up, get your hands to be the ones that push you to your feet, roll along, and bring your weapon out while you do.

It was the only thing that saved Harry from being stunned.

"Wands out people, we're not alone" Harry could feel Professor Alan's voice on his mind, with all the advice he had given the class on how to deal with an ambush.

First thing is regrouping, put yourself back to back with whoever survived the first attack if you are surrounded, shoulder to shoulder if the enemy is already in the open.

Krum apparently had similar lessons, for he stood to Harry's left and raised a shield that stopped another stunner

Kaan and Itzmin stayed low to the ground, the snake was already slithering towards the source of the spells, but the wolf kept himself near Neville, who had fell on his face during the landing, meaning he was out of commission for the time being.

Once you regroup you have to get cover, preferably one that leaves the enemy no choice but to reveal himself to attack you, this is easy in urban settings, but in places like a forest, not so much.

Their only choice would be getting to the gravestones, but stone did not hold back as much magic as Kevlar, wood or even marble did. They would have to make do.

After the second wave, it is likely that the enemy will be either overconfident if they managed to take down more than half, or desperate if they did not, both are equally dangerous and good for the ambushed people, for both are two sides of the same coin. Both will make mistakes.

"He's desprate," Krum said, "Ve need to hold some more, he'll tire himself quickly"

A desperate enemy is dangerous and easy for the same reason; he has no regard for his ammo reserves, he will stop aiming and just start shooting in your general direction, but the speed in which he does it will make up for this. That is why cover is needed to deal with this kind of enemy.

The two took turns guarding themselves, when Krum's shield failed Harry would stand in front of the Bulgarian and parry the spells during the time it took the older teen to get his bearings back.

They were getting closer to the graves now; the angel would be perfect for both of them.

You also have to deal with exhaustion on your part; a human is not yet programed to deal with surprise attacks without using most of the energy available in the body, which is why one usually feels tired after a battle.

Krum was starting to show the signs; sweat, panting, slows steps. Keeping a shield up was not easy.

But they only had to deal with this for as long as it took for Kaan to bring the ambusher down, which would not be long now, a shock would deplete the magic reserves of whoever was attacking the, then knock the attacker out when they were finished.

Harry was getting tired too; while he was used to dealing with the weight of the macahuitl for whatever spells he needed to cast, his arms were getting tired from swinging the weapon for the thirty minutes they had been at it.

What was taking Kaan so long?

The smell of ozone filled the air at the same time a scream pierced it.

"Get Neville to a headstone, I'll look around for any clues of where we're at" the Bulgarian did not look happy, but he complied anyway, for he was way too tired from all that shielding to deal with any other threats.

Didn't mean he was going to let his guard down.

"Took your sweet time" Harry hissed to his feathered familiar, kicking the man that had attacked them in the ribs. He would not be waking up any time soon.

"There was another snake, she tried to attack, but she was too weak" the kukulkan said in pride, blood obscuring some of the feathers on its head.

"Keep him bound, go to Itzmin and Krum, defend them" The snake slithered away, the body wrapped on its tail.

A human can get a maximum of one spell every ten seconds, if the barrage are more than one spell in this interval then you are either being attacked by more than one wizard or by one very skilled one.

I myself can cast one every five, but it has taken me many near death experiences to get to this.

Since the spells had been slower than the standard rate, and reduced to a barrage of only stuners and concussive spells only, Harry was sure that apart from the mastermind, there was only one attacker.

He had to find whoever planned this.

In the middle of the graveyard was a lit cauldron, next to it was a stroller with a very ugly baby.

"Wormtail, have you got the boy?" it asked in a hissy voice.

"I'll make a guess and say that is what your accomplice called himself," Harry Potter pointed his wand, having put the mace/sword on his waist, "I don't suppose you'll introduce yourself, but history books do your face justice," red eyes glared at Harry, "Tom Riddle."

"DO NOT CALL ME THAT YOU WORTHLES BOY" the baby hissed at the teen.

"Shut up, I can kill you where you stand, but that would not let me punish you like I want," there was a secret for creating bound armours, something most alchemist considered taboo, that secret was that the souls to be trapped needed to be marked for the punishment to be effective.

Harry bit his thumb, "What I'm going to do is going to cost me an arm or a leg, but it is going to cost you your sanity, your humanity, so you're going to be worse off," Harry started to draw a circle on Voldemort's forehead, "And I'm going to win the ability to transmute without circles, so Flamel will probably punish me before giving me a master's degree on alchemy"

This had been covered extensively, the best way to avoid a taboo was to know about it, and Nicholas Flamel was of the opinion that the only reason to commit one was to stop a genocide leader before he actually started.

He would be forgiven, in time.

"So the Alchemist didn't die when I destroyed his precious stone," it was something that had baffled the little murderer, as he was sure that without the stone the oldest living human would have died.

"The stone only purifies the actual elixir, making them able to drink it every time they get ill or get a broken bone," Harry explained even though he didn't need to, "There are almost three hundred ways to stay alive, they told me. I am going to perform one on you, one that would leave you trapped in a normally inert thing, one that will trap you inside one of the many stone warriors of Hogwarts."

"You would trap me inside a school full children, I kill them all in their sleep," the prisoner taunted.

"I am a master of elemental transmutation, I can just as easily leave you without arms and legs," Harry stood up fully, "You'll be trapped in this stroller, unable to move, and in three hours you'll be a prisoner in a body that is not your own."

A quick petrificus totallus, overpowered enough to leave Harry panting, and Voldemort could no longer squirm around.

He would get a real chewing when he came back.

"Krum, you got enough energy for taking all of us back?" Harry asked the Bulgarian as he limped into the landing site.

"Not needed, zhe portkey goes to two places, whoever created it casted the spell over the original one, meant to take zhe vinner to the zhe podium.

"Touch activated? Think you can wake Neville up?" Harry asked

"Yes for the first, but Longbottom is out, you need to carry him" Krum grunted

Harry grabbed the hem of Neville's robes, dragging the unconscious boy closer to the tri-wizard cup, "On three," Krum nodded, "Three" the two reached towards the cup at the same time, touching it along with the two familiars.

*Hogwarts grounds*


"Can't believe that they didn't notice we were gone," Harry said to Krum as they made their way towards the medical tent, where madam Pomfrey was already preparing the bed for Neville.

"There vere no tracing charms on us, only a monitoring spell for the chaperons to get us if we reached a critical state," Krum had already lost his tired limp, but he still wobbled, probably because his landing on the podium had not been the most graceful.

"So to them we were just running for an hour?" Harry scoffed.

"Vizarding Britain is not the smartest of them all, though their potential has kept it on zhe map"

"Potter, drink this," Pomfrey handed the teen a pepper up potion and a calming draught, "Come to me tomorrow, be thankful I have to treat Longbottom, otherwise you would be staying until the award ceremony, KRUM" Harry did not bother paying attention after that, he had to trap Voldemort's soul in a useless armour.

He had the perfect one in mind, the one over an abandoned classroom earlier in the year, already it was missing a leg thanks to decay, and its face was corroded by time, so the man it would not be a great effort to break the remaining leg and rip the arms off.

*Forty minutes later*

The circle was ready, the stone warrior, now reduced to only a thorax and a head, sat in the middle, it was there that Voldemort would forever rest, in a part of the Hogwarts castle abandoned centuries ago, where not even a painting could be seen or heard.

"They are going to be pissed," Harry kneeled on the ground, clapped his hands and then shoved on the circle, channelling his energy through it and to the circle he had drawn on Voldemort.

Pain followed, his arm up to near the shoulder disappeared in ribbons of black, not letting any blood flow from the loss, as if there was no wound.

"POTTER" Was the last thing Harry heard before he blacked out.

"Hello, little alchemist" then he was floating, he had no body, no mind, only his soul, "You know, you are the first to visit me since the Ruanda genocide, how long ago was it, a century? Ten minutes?"

"Who are you?" Harry asked, confused not only about that, but about where he was.

"You humans have called me many names, Abyss, Void, Nirvana," The faceless voice answered him, "The name I like the most though, is what your mentor, Flamel, called me, TRUTH" Two huge doors fell, or perhaps they were always there and he just didn't notice it, "He committed a taboo too, you know, his Philosopher's Stone, but unlike you, he did not lose a limb.

"You are lucky, if you were a normal, non-magical human, you would have to wait three minutes for a new arm, or is it three decades, I can never tell," The doors started to open.

"Since what you committed was not a bad as bringing a soul back from the death, you only get to see the Truth for a minute, enjoy" And Harry passed out again.

When he woke up he did not have his left arm, and he was resting in the hospital wing, Nicte, Nahil, Itzmin, Kaan and Hedwig by his side, all of them asleep.

"What you did, while understandable, Mister Potter, is something not even I would have done" Dumbledore was also there, sitting by the foot of the bed, "I have already called Nicholas and Perenelle, they said they would be here in the morning to scold you"

"What happened?" Harry tried to get out of bed, failing because of his lack of arm.

"Your snake brought you here, I recognized an alchemic injury right away, Nicholas will be giving you a viable replacement, he said, but you will need to visit him, or him you, every once a year, you are lucky you know, had you arrived a second later you would have died of shock"

Harry had nothing to say, so he kept quiet.

*That morning*

"I put eighty five warnings against the idiocy you committed, thinking that it would be enough to discourage you from doing it, that you would be smart enough to avoid it like the plague, and the year you step into Britain you make the stupidest mistake possible," Harry said nothing, for he was too busy trying to block out the pain of Perenelle building a metallic arm around what remained of his original one.

"You are lucky I know robotics and hydraulics, young man, otherwise you would be stuck with the useless stuff mundane call a prosthesis, and be thankful that I put you in a petrification, auto-mail could make you convulse as I connected it to your nerves," A spark followed Perenelle's words, "And we took the liberty of collecting your part of the prize."

"May I ask why you didn't create him an arm from the stump?" Dumbledore looked on in pity over Nicholas' shoulder, "It would certainly be less painful on him"

"You wouldn't know, my young apprentice," Dumbledore twitched, "But wounds caused by a Taboo like the one Potter committed do not heal, for they are cauterized as soon as they happen, if we did what you said then his left arm would be nothing more than death weight, for nerves and magical pathways would not fuse correctly to the arm."

"Auto-mail, even if it has only been around for ten years in Japan, needs for the nerves to be connected, hence why it is not only expensive but done only by the best healers and physicians in the country, a single mistake and you could lose all but the basic brain functions," Harry grunted, "Oh shut, there is no better medic than me in the world."

"Not in known world anyway, one of our friends is better than you," Nicholas said.

"Nicholas, do you want the couch," Perenelle did not bother turning around to face the man.

"I'll shut up now"

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