Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

The End

*Ten years later*Yucatan, manor near Chichen Itza*

Harry Potter and Nicte Zavala, married for two years, watched as Nahil made a fool of himself in front of Luna Lovegood, his wife of a year.

"One would think he would be used to her antics by now," Harry said to Nicte, who was sitting to his right taking a bite from his favorite fruit.

"He's my brother, of course he is not used to it," The years had been kind to all of them, all of them were a bit taller, all of them a bit sharper.

Harry nodded and looked over to Miztli and Lucy, who had surprisingly decided to try dating each other. He gave them three more months before they broke up, until then Miztli would use all the romancing techniques he had.

To Harry's left was the ever loyal Itzmin, who was enjoying the petting Harry's metal left hand was giving him.

The attachment had been a surprise to all who knew him, as he could not use magic to hide it at school, unlike in the mundane world, and it had taken quite an explanation to the headmaster about what happened to his arm.

It was a neat attachment, to be completely honest, especially since he could, thanks to having seen The Truth, change it to something that could match the macahuitl in offensive power, and since he had asked Perenelle to incorporate Olivander's holly wand into it, he could do 'focus less' magic with that arm.

It also made carving runes a lot easier.

Harry had donated some of his considerable fortune to the DIF, the organization in charge of orphanages and abused children, and then went into medical school, with a mastery in bio-mechanical engineering, even if he did not need to work.

Nicte however, and against all that was expected of her, went into industrial engineering, getting another large source of income to the household in which them, Luna, a zoologist, and Nahil, a computer programmer.

After the eventful year in the UK, and despite Dumbledore's insistence that he belonged there, Harry, Nicte and Nahil went back to Mexico, keeping in contact with Luna through the years, until the blonde, now a grown woman, moved to Mexico, completing her education in both worlds after a year of struggling to earn her citizenship.

It was not all fun and games though, since Nicholas and Perenelle took every chance thy had to introduce him to the other immortals they had befriended, taking particular pleasure in leaving him to Scathach, as she went by this days, whenever he visited them in San Francisco.

He and Nicte had also met Joan D'Arch and her husband during their one trip to France, and Otto the Great in their visit to Germany, though he went simply by Otto nowadays.

It was a benefit, and a disadvantage, of knowing the Flamels. But since he was a low profile man he had yet to meet any of their enemies, thank god. He was good with knowing them as long as he was not pulled into the prophesy in which the Flamels were trapped.

Overall though, Harry could say that he was living a good life, with the friends he called Family.

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