Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

The deal

The deal

*Santa Maria de Fatima Orphanage*Quintana Roo*July 13*

Harry Potter was engaged in a staring contest; this in itself wasn't uncommon, as he constantly intimidated people by looking at them from above his glasses. No what was unusual was the fact the he was twitching and scowling, something not even Jaime could manage to get him to do.

The reason he was annoyed was sitting in front of him, with its tongue lolling off its mouth, its tail flapping behind, a wolf pup had somehow found a way out of its habitat and into Harrys room, something no animal should be able to do.

"You should NOT be here" the pup just continued panting, "you are an arid forest animal, we are in tropical weather, you should leave" the pup cocked its head and whined, "I will get in trouble if someone sees you, leave NOW"

The wolf, a small thing no taller than his shin, with grey fur and yellow eyes, just laid down, still staring at him.

Harry felt a vein throb in his forehead in annoyance, how dare the damn thing to ignore him.

Harry took a deep breath, trying to calm down before his magic lashed out.

The ten-year-old move to pick up the pup to take it to the zoo, but the damn thing moved out of his reach. Harry tried again, and again, and again, the irritation slowly but surely flowing out of him, and eventually, he started to laugh.

Harry threw himself onto the floor in an effort to catch the slippery animal, getting his hands around the wolf's torso just before the pup disappeared under the bed.

Harry stared at the puppy in the eyes grinning, sweating and panting; he hadn't been in the same condition since the last time he went to the ice ring, almost a full month ago.

"I suppose…" Harry tried to calm his breathing, "I could…keep you…but stay hidden, always" The pup just licked his face, making harry snort.

*Harry's room*July 15*

"I still have to name you" said Harry to the pup, the wolf bobbing his head, as if understanding him, "How do you like Izel?" the pup shook his head, "Jack?" another shake, Harry smirked, "Fido?" the wolf growled, making him snicker, "alright, no funny names, Jill?" Harry took out one book on the Mayan culture, of names and birth traditions, and flipped through the pages, stopping on one name that called out to him, "I'll name you Itzmin, thunder, no discussion"

The wolf barked, happy at the name.

Harry picked the now named Itzmin and sited him on his lap, laying down and reaching for one of the books he had bought on the magical library.

It was unfortunate however, that just as he got comfortable and started petting his new pet, a quetzal arrived on his, making him groan, annoyed at the distraction.

The annoyance turned to curiosity as the colorful parrot held out its paw.

Harry undid the knot, holding the letter on his hands and laying down again, Itzmin taking his place on his lap again.

Harry opened and read the letter from the principal Rivera de la Vega

Sr. Potter

You are one of the few that actually thought to ask how you will get to the school, that is good, you are independent, but you should learn to trust some authorities, I'm pretty sure that your caretaker isn't as useless as the president, but I can't judge.

Your caretaker, whatever her name is, will take you to the inter-estate bus station. Once there you will see the perpetually closed ticket booth, if you put your magic focus through the aperture at the bottom, it will open the gateway into the magical side of the station, where you will board one of the three busses, each one going to one of the national schools.

After boarding the bus, you will ride for the time it takes to reach Hun Ab Kun, and then you will wait for the rest of the students to arrive, then you eat, and then you are assigned dorms.

You still have your vacations though, so enjoy them, Kukulcan knows I can't.

*The next day*

Harry stood up from his bed and came out of his room, carefully closing the door behind him as to not alert anyone that he was coming out; he had a reputation as a loner after all.

He walked towards the kitchen of the orphanage, a large room that kept all the food in the building, all under lock and key with the exception of milk and fruits, since those were never more than a block away to buy.

Itzmin liked milk, as he was sure all young animals did, and jam, which was only available at breakfast and dinner, so he had to make sure to take a big portion during those times, since he didn't want the pup to starve.

Harry had been thinking over the idea of telling Miss Cami about Itzmin, but he really didn't want the young wolf to go, as it was a good distraction for when he was so bored that even books couldn't entertain him, something that had been happening a lot more lately.

He just couldn't wait to go to his new school; the emotion was too much for him.

He grabbed a mango and served himself a glass of milk, which he would then dump on an empty plate from where Itzmin drank.

He peeled the mango, thinking on what he had learned from the few school books he had started; the battle magic course mainly dealt with how to deal with threats efficiently, but if he had read right then they would start with some serious stuff during prepa, with curses that were designed only to maim or kill.

It was no wonder that the Mayans had held on that long in Tzin-Tzun-Tzan if they had curses that deadly.

Add in the weapons that according to some could behead a horse in one swing, then it was obvious as to how.

That he had an affinity to the weapon of legends; he didn't want to end up a killer.

He grabbed the now peeled mango, not worrying about getting his hands dirty, and walked back to his room, dancing around occupied rooms, not wanting to be seen, unless the youngest children saw him, they just didn't pay attention to anything.

The raven-haired child entered his room, just to scowl at what he saw, "What are you in MY room?"

*Five minutes earlier*

Luz Uribe, or Lucy, as she preferred, was the very definition of a people person; she liked her friends and was friendly with everybody but a few people that she genuinely disliked or that they didn't have interest in her.

At eleven, almost twelve, she was already filling out, an early bloomer, if you will; her green eyes, fair skin and blond hair, a rarity in Mexico, made her a beautiful image, even though she was starting to lose the 'cute' touch to her.

One of the few people that ignored her existence was Harry Potter, a fellow orphan who spent much of his time reading, skating or thinking, making him unapproachable by many with the exception of Miss Cami, the old man that had taught him to skate and the fruit vendor of the park.

How the boy had managed to strike up a friendship with such a snappish man was beyond her.

The problem however, was that she was witch, as staff wielding witch, and she didn't want to go alone into this new culture, where she would have to learn everything about proper decorum again if she wanted to stay connected.

Harry Potter was a solution; the boy spent hours on end reading about everything and anything, and she was sure that he had some answers about how the Mayan culture used to be: traditions, festivities, gods and all that they celebrated.

But the boy was so closed off that getting to know him was impossible if you didn't offer him something in exchange, something that he was interested in, most likely how he had managed to befriend the grumpy fruit seller.

And so, in the hopes of getting the info out him, she went to his room, something only the caretaker and the cooks dared to do.

Some said that he kept the people that entered his room as prisoners, others that unless you were invited in his floor would swallow you.

Crazy kid rumors, but he had said that he suspected he had magic since he was five, so it wasn't entirely unexpected if he managed to that.

Her heart pounding on her chest, she slowly opened the door, expecting the worse but hoping for nothing more than a scowl.

What she saw surprised her: a room covered with books of various authors; Verne, Chricton, Scott, Servantes, unknown authors that had just surfaced a club-like board of wood with spikes on the sides was displayed in one of the bookshelves.

Buit what caught her attention was a sleeping figure on the bed, a small dog with gray fur, as small as she would probably see, but it was just so "CUTE!" she ran to the bed and picked the puppy up, squealing even more as it woke up and yawned, before starting to purr as she petted it.

The moment was ruined when her objective arrived, "What are you doing in MY room?" asked the green eyed boy.

Harry moved to his macuahuitl and reduced it, pointing it at her for nothing more that intimidation, "I've made it quite clear with the many times I have beaten Jaime that my room is MINE only" his eyes shone with annoyance, not quite anger, but nearly there, "So, I'll ask again, WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE?"

Lucy gulped and licked her lips, "I-I wanted some information, I didn't want to go in blind to the school" she answered.

Harry narrowed his eyes, but resized the sword and put it on his shelve and stayed within hand reach, "Itzmin, here" the wolf whined but complied, walking over to him and sitting down next to him, "What do you want to know, and how are you going to pay me?" he asked, not really expecting an answer to his second question, as the few books that interested him would probably never reach the country.

"Everything, customs mainly, but I don't know how to pay you" the blond replied.

Harry pulled the chair of his desk to him, sitting down on it with his front to the back of the chair, and picked up Itzmin, putting him in the gap between his tights.

His green eyes locked on her lighter ones, thinking on what he could ask of her as payment if he did teach her; there was no knowledge she could offer since she was more outgoing and less studious than him, she couldn't provide him with fruit since Don Aldo already gave him a mango for a single peso whenever he passed by his stand, of course, if she turned out a gossip she could help him get information.

A good spy always helped in any situations, and if she spread good things about him, then it would keep the wolves and their sheep from him.

His mind made up, he reached for one of the books that Miss Cami had given to him a few days ago about the current Mayan magical culture, "La Secretaria de Magos Mayas is the magical government in the Yucatan peninsula and Chiapas and Tabasco, it regulates the all the mages that decided to go with the Mayan people for their magical training.

"It is divided in sections, the police, the military, the researchers, the priests, the healers and the administrators, each one with their own purposes and needs, but that is something you will learn at the school.

"The families all live in the same house, sectioned for each subfamily and with a shack for the workers if the family is wealthy enough.

"Men are mostly warriors and farmers, though some are also weapon-smiths or ceramic workers, and dressed accordingly, apart from the people on the government and the nobility, though those are mostly like the British lords, just wealthy people that helped the original regime.

"Women were important, since they provided the family with money from what they crafted, vases, cutlery and clothes, also raising animals and brewing drinks for religious ceremonies, they still help, but in different things, like medicine.

"The religion, still practiced to some extent, is dualist, polytheist and naturalist; gods of both good and evil are, according to mythology, in a constant battle that neither shall ever win.

"The rites are rather savage, offering WILLING innocents to their gods in order to gain land fertility or the sacrifice of foreigners made by warriors to ascend in power, then there are the dances that people from different social classes perform in order gain favor from a deity, the fasting and sexual abstinence practiced during the bad months, the religious use of drugs and the sacrifice of wildlife.

"Of these only the sacrifices of wildlife, use of drugs and willing blood sacrifices, with the conditional sacrifice of criminals and enemies of the state by the police and military are still practiced.

"The ball game is still practiced and really popular; the players have to use either tools or their waists to pass the ball through the hoop of the rival team, and the winner could take the property of the losers if he so wanted.

"Other than that, everything will be explained in the school, the only thing you need to know is that the runes are phonetic-pictograms" Harry snapped the book closed and put it back in the shelve, taking some pleasure in Luz's face when he pushed into place with his magic, "From now on you will tell me everything of importance happening wherever you go, understand?" she nodded slowly, thanking God that he had only asked that of her, "good, now, you won't tell anyone of my pet, and won't EVER enter my room without my permission, goodbye"

The girl left the room hastily, jumping when the door snapped shut behind her.

There, a basic overview of the Mayan culture, both ancient muggle and modern magical.

I admit, at first I planned to just put bits and pieces every chapter until you got the full picture, but then I did the first part of the scene with Luzy and it went from there.

Now, during my investigations on the mayan culture I discovered some interesting things: they were the least bloody of the important mesoamerican cultures, even with the sacrifises, they have very little gods when compared to other cultures, six mayor and ten minor gods and their culture was very advanced in the field of science, espeially medicine and astronomy.

Also, did you know there is goddes of suicide? there is.

I would also like to answer a review by aDiadem: the Mayans had their main cities on what is now the states of Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Chiapas in Mexico and Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Belice in Central Amerca; Chiapas was part of Central America until some time on the late 1800's, when it was added to the mexican territory, but the main ruins, the larger number of the Polities that formed the empire are in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The wolf, Itzmin, was pretty much a spur of the moment thing; I had planned for Harry to have some kind of bird to deliver messages, but then I thought, 'he has no one to comunicate with other than adults,' so my brain decide to act on it's own, much like it did with the rest of the chapter.

You'll be hearing from me next week.

Until then.

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