Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Arriving to school

A journy begins

*Bus station*magical side*Early morning*September 7*

Harry and Itzmin stepped through the doorway that separated the magical station from the mundane one; Harry wasn't impressed.

Hundreds of families, all dressed in the traditional Mayan attire, moved about the, obviously enlarged, room, giving teary hugs or cheery goodbyes, though the later were probably brothers, and with parents fussing over their children.

The raven-haired boy stepped inside the last bus in the large line, the quietest, and ignoring the bustle of the depot, his Mexican wolf sitting on his lap, took out his book, The Mysterious Island by Verne, and immersed himself in it.

This one was one of his favorite books, along with Two Years' vacation and Michael Strogoff; five men, an engineer, his servant and three friends, trying to survive and island in the middle of the Pacific while trying to figure out the strange yet helpful things that happened in the island, starting a small, there were only five men and a dog, community that managed to thrive against all odds.

It was also funny how Verne shamelessly advertised one of his previous works.

After a few chapters though, he let his mind wander; what would school in an ancient city be like?

He had asked Miss Cami what was there to know about Hun Ab Kun and she had told him some of the basic things: rooms were like family houses, with each year having one house each, a giant mess hall for all years to eat in, with open kitchens for those with different needs, classes inside pyramids, balames harvesting food for the kitchens.

It all sounded great, but there was one thing he couldn't help but ponder on: the school accepted any kind of magical people as long as they were humanoid.

The idea was great, promote equality, but Harry couldn't help but feel skeptical; how would different species would get along?

It was proved that humans were distrustful by nature, add in humanoids like aluxes and chupacabras and you got trouble waiting to happen between the prejudiced people.

He couldn't help but finger his focus at the thought of what WOULD happen.

He would wait for his judgment on other species though; otherwise he would be too much like them.

A weight settled next to him, making him glance to his left.

A boy his age, the normal natural tanned of someone of Mayan descent, with squinted eyes and black hair, though not as dark as Harry's own, "Yo, name's Miztli" said the boy, before taking out his own book and a thermo.

"Harry," he wouldn't add anything else; he knew nothing about the boy.

The two sat in silence, both quietly reading, immersed in the story each had on their hand.

Half an hour after Miztli sat next to Harry, exactly ten o'clock and Harry put his book away to prevent motion sickness, as he had never traveled by bus before, only by the orphanage's van.

Out of the corner of his emerald eyes, Harry noticed that Miztli still had his book out, and had a VERY recognizable trait about him: his eyes were red and were glancing at Itzmin.

"You are a chupacabra" stated Harry, making the tanned boy turn to him.

Miztli smirked, "you just notice," a chuckle came out of the boy's mouth, "yes, I am an animal-blood-sucker"

Harry leaned in, curious, "so chupacabras are vampires?" he asked.

"Yes and no," answered the boy, "a chupacabra, all chupacabras, are vampires that prefer animal blood to human blood."

"So it is a choice," said Harry, "you choose what to eat"

"No, not really," Miztli shook his head, "the first chupacabra, a Spanish vampire by the name of Homero, stopped drinking human blood after falling in love with a human woman.

"After a few times feeding off of her, Homero realized that he was doing damage to her, so he vowed to never eat the blood of a human until the day she died.

"This meant feeding off of the next best thing, animal blood.

"Now, one of the reason normal vampires are immortal is because of the life-force and magic that human blood carries, a chupacabra, because of feeding off of animals, that while they do magic and life-force on the blood, it's not as much as a human's, meaning shorter lifespans.

"Homero had three children with his woman, all vampires, but they couldn't stand human blood when their mother offered them, and so, Homero started a farm.

"With time the wife died and the children married, and Homero discovered that he couldn't stand human blood anymore," Harry nodded, thinking over what could have created the intolerance, "The rest is history."

"So, in the thermo..?" he let the question hang.

"Goat blood" the boy took a drink, trying not to reach out to Harry's pup, "I would prefer Kukulkan blood," the blood drinker had a far-off look, "that packs a nice punch"

Harry raised an eyebrow, making Miztli shrug, "magical blood is always better"

Harry nodded and looked out the window, petting the wolf pup.

It was the beginning of his first true friendship.

*Hun Ab Kun*1PM*

The first thing Harry did as soon as he got off the bus was grin, Miztli widening his eyes at the look of the city and Itzmin panting in excitement at the potential fun he could have, "I'm going to like it here" said Harry.

The only way to describe the feel of the place was peaceful; the sound of animals coming from the forest around the campus, the faint sound of running water in the background, with people chatting in the yards, wearing the traditional garb.

As background were the imposing pyramids, easily five stories tall each, some taller than others; the houses stood smaller, with just one floor but just as awe-inspiring, as they could handle about five hundred people each.

There was a field to the side, where some hooded creatures worked on the ground or with cattle.

Scattered about the city were several trees of different kinds (Harry caught a mango tree), all with wide trunks and big shadows just waiting for people to lay down on them.

Harry grabbed his trunk, fully plastic and small compared to some others (really, just what kind of idiot would take a wooden trunk?), but not the smallest of them all, that belonged to one that wouldn't look out-of-place in a common school.

The raven-haired kid took out his macuahuitl and resized it, making a boy near him whistle, "Nice thing you got there, never seen one that size"

Harry just shrugged and put it on his waist using a leather belt.

He had it, why not leave it at the ready?

"He's right, you know?" said Miztli as he caught up, making Harry glance at him, "the average length of those thing is a meter, you having one half again the average says something about your potential"

"What did YOU pick?" asked Harry, "if mine is special then yours must be really different"

Miztlu shrugged, "I got a bow" he took a small piece of wood from his waistband, "magical arrows, best for long-range, usable at short, perfect for household use when shrunk"

Harry nodded, filing away the information, "any idea what to expect of teachers?"

"Other than cross them" Harry nodded again, "not much, father went to Huitzilopotchtli, so I only know the thing we'll see"

"So, you know nothing," Harry sighed, "and here I expected you to be smart"

Miztli looked affronted, "I'll have you know that I prefer practical stuff"

Harry smirked, noting that it was mock anger on the chupacabra's eyes, "that's what brutes say when asked"

"Says the guy with a sword"

"I prefer the term defender"

"Your pet's a brute too."

"He's a grey wolf, of course he's strong"

"This will get us nowhere"

"Indeed, but I quite like a verbal battle, my normal opponent is just too easy to beat"

Miztli raised his eyebrow, "You constantly insult someone"

"He starts" Harry shrugged as the two entered one of the houses, "I just like seeing frustration in someone's eyes, really amusing"

"You sadistic?" asked Miztli.

"No, I don't like to cause pain" answered Harry.

"Heh, you won't like battle class much," the chupacabra grinned, "father told me there are many fights in it"

"You said he went to the Aztec school"

"He did, but he's part of the SEP council."

"So you know the syllabus"

"I told ya, I know only what we'll see"

Harry shook his head, he couldn't wait to start learning magic, specially charms and potions.

Explonation time:

An Alux, acording to Mayan lore, is a creature of either order or chaos, depending on the nature, they will either attack a human or help them out as long as they recieve something, most however stay neutral and try to help keep peace; they are short, the tallest standing at a meter and a half, with slightly pointed ears and eyes constantly changing colors depending their mood, while their hair is usually a dark brown color.

A Balame is a creature of the forest that according to folklore helped the Mayans settle down in the peninsula, they are short with long and flat faces and rally small ears, their eyes are noemally covered by their long green hair. A balame's power lays within the plantlife.

A chupacabra is a mexican leyend that surfaced shortly after the Independence War, when people were settling down in the first mexican empire and cattle was found somehow killed with a hole on necks. The leyend stated that a vampire had somehow found their way to Mexico and instead of drinking from humans drank froma nimals, resulting in a horrible desfiguration that didn't allow for their charm to work on normal people.

As long as I intoduce new creatures you can expect something like above, describing their appearance and the myth or leyend they come from.

I expected the chapter to be long, all things considered, but I AM glad it went the way it went.

Expect the next update the next weekend, until then, review.


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