Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

First day of classes

Starting classes.

*September 8th*Hun Ab Kun*

After having a peculiar dream, who in their right minds would let a toddler ride an antler, Harry woke up feeling normal, something strange considering what he had learnt the past night.

"Yo, Harry, what happened last night?" asked his chupacabra friend, "You looked like you had seen a ghost" not the best of the analogies, considering there were a lot of ghosts in Europe, but the point got through.

Harry frowned, thinking in his apparent calm, "I…The headmaster told me of my parents," Miztli made a shocked face, "I'm famous in Europe for something mum did"

Miztli turned confused, "So they gave the fame of your mother," Harry nodded and took out a cloak to cover himself, "DUDE, they cheated her"

Harry chuckled under his breath, how amusing a reaction, "I'm known as the chico-que-vivio"

The red-eyed boy gave a bark of laughter, "Who the hell named you that?"

Harry gave the book to Miztli, who looked at the tittle, "Great Wirzarding Events of the Twentieth Century" the chupacabras looked at Harry, who had changed from his PJ's at an impressive speed, "I'm assuming that this only covers Europe."

Harry nodded, "I read the index before I fell asleep, the only mention of America anywhere is during the Fall of the Soviet Union" and the Grindewald War, but that was obvious, considering the timing.

"It doesn't mention the end of the Mayan Rebellion, or the discovery of technomancy," the book closed with a snap, "No more English books for you".

Harry nodded in agreement, threw the book on his bed, and walked out the room, Miztli following.

Harry ignored the stared he was receiving, as not only his cloak but his uncovered chest (It was too damn humid to have closed clothing), it wasn't every day you saw a flat eleven-year-old boy.

And if anyone asked him if it was an exaggeration, he would laugh.

He was the fittest in a class of forty.

Only two could run a kilometer.

Twenty held the hundred meters.

He and another held during an entire football match.

What sixty years of peace do to a nation of warriors.

"When do they give us our classroom?" Harry heard a girl ask on of her peers, probably someone older.

"Before breakfast, the class list is posted in a board at the mess hall" that solved one problem, he wouldn't want to wander around aimlessly.

"Do you think they sort us like in primary school?" asked Miztli as he leaned his head back.

"I doubt they would want smart people with idiots" answered Harry, his mind jumping to what would happen if he was put with Jaime, "we have weapons that can stop stupidity"

The red-eyed boy snorted, "You really believe the teachers wouldn't stop that?"

Harry remembered the man who had taken him to the principal's office, and the principal himself, "there should be at least one professor that wouldn't mind ridding the gene pool of idiotic genes"

"The dude that took you away yesterday?"

Harry nodded, "He was quite serious"

The rest of the journey was spent in silence, allowing Harry to look around to the students.

People had already divided in groups, with the exception of a few girl/guy couples and old-time friends.

Giggling girls, barking boys, smirking athletes, arrogant smartasses, there was one of everything.

It wouldn't be long for him to make another enemy.

Miztli and Harry separated once they reached the mess hall, the humanoid leaving in search of others like him on their generation and Harry collecting their schedule.

It seems that he was mistaken, as people had been sorted according to their foci: warrior class, support class and ceremonial class.

The raven-haired boy scanned the lists, finding himself in the warrior class and Miztli in the support class.

He also looked for Lucy, for curiosity's sake, and found her in the ceremonial class.

The green-eyed boy made a note to look for her later, the difference in classes could be as big as a cliff or as small as a nail, but he wanted to know the difference.

The only difference he could see was that Miztli had a class called projectile magic instead of battle magic.

Then maybe the girl had elemental magic instead.

Or summoning magic.

Harry scanned the mess hall, his eyes picking up both his new friend and his personal information gatherer.

He walked past the table Miztli was sitting on, leaving the timetable, and walked to a table that had only two students; twins.

It wasn't hard to tell them apart though, considering they were a boy and a girl, with the boy being considerably taller than the girl.

Harry sat down, ignoring their questioning stares, creepy though it was to have the same face look at you, and took his time to take in their looks.

Looking closely, the girl had a rounder face, as the boy had already lost some of his baby fat, their eyes were a curious shade of purple, almost like amethyst, and their hair was a reddish-brown, long enough to cover part of their ears, which were pointed upwards.

"I'm Harry Potter" the English boy held out his hands, "you?"

The twins looked at each other, their eyes darkening a few shades; Harry had no doubt that they were Aluxes

"We're Nahil" started the male alux.

"And Nicte Zavala" continued the girl.

"Zepulveda, alux twins of hell" concluded the two, their eyes turning a dark shade of yellowy-green.

Puta madre, they were pranksters, prankster twins.

Harry would have to thread carefully.

"Any reason for the tittle, or is it self-appointed?" the twins grinned at his question.

"Well," the male put in a thoughtful façade.

"It may be because of that one time"

"No I don't think that's the reason my dear sister" Nahil snapped his fingers, "It's because of that time"

"Yes, the time we got our aunt"

"No, I was talking about the time with the dog"

"Wasn't aunt Itzanaya there?"

"No! That was another time"

Harry was sure they were doing this only to annoy.

They were succeeding, as amusing as it was to an outsider.

"REMEMBER, we were at the hacienda and…"

"AH, THAT time"

"Yes," the two turned to him again, smiling at his scowl.

"We've got no idea why they call us that" the two said.

Harry had to restrain himself from strangling them, "I assume you are chaos aluxes" he felt his eyebrow twitch.

The Demon twins, as he named them, tilted their head in opposite directions, "No/yes".

The two frowned, "Yes/no" they started to glare, "he/she is" the glaring got harder "I am" they nodded "you are" they pointed at him.

Harry took a deep breath, nothing could save him if he insulted a chaos alux, they were vindictive bastards, "Is there anything you take seriously?" Harry asked.

The two nodded, "family" they said

"Nothing is more important than your family" continued Nicte.

"Not even your allies" ended Nahil.

Harry nodded, perhaps, they wouldn't be so bad, if they could stop being goofy, "Then I believe we can get along" the twins grinned.

The principal felt a shiver go down his spine.

*Mundane studies*9Am*

"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP" the voice of professor Edgar Colyer Gutierrez broke through the noise in the classroom.

Edgar was a tall, white man with grey eyes and black hair, one of the two teachers with no Indian, Mayan or otherwise, blood running in their veins.

At age forty, Edgar was not a patient man, and would prefer to spend the rest of his days teaching in a university rather than a secondary school, but the SEP wanted him to teach brats, and when the higher-ups said something, you did it.

The class quieted down, "My name is Edgar Colyer Gutierrez, you will call me professor Colyer or risk punishment.

"This is the only class you have the five days of the week and it will be divided like this: Math, Language, Science, English and P.E.

"I am NOT here because I want to, and if you make my life miserable, I will make yours so hard that you will want to flunk out of this school and go crying to your mommy."

The class gulped, though Harry noticed that the Devil Twin in his class, Nicte, grinned madly.

"TAKE OUT YOUR LANGUAGE BOOK" no one dared to argue with him.

*Charms classroom*10Am*

"Hell class" a cheerful voice greeted them as they entered the charms pyramid, "I am your charms professor, Abigail Lopez Almaguer"

Professor Abigail was a rather attractive woman in her thirties with dark skin, dark brown hair and gray eyes, with a petite body and cheerful disposition, something that her students liked about her.

Though it may also be her large chest, Harry could see some of the males of his class ogling at her, even though the robe she was wearing covered almost everything.

She had started her teaching career six years ago, a bit before the earthquake of the '85, where she had almost been caught had it not been for a kid that had asked her help with some work he had to do.

"As you know already, you have class with me every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and I will teach you all about passive and active charms, starting with universal ones and going to the exclusive Mayan ones.

"Now, if you could please take a notebook out, we need to discuss some theory first" she smiled at them, "Now, who can tell me what the most useful charm is?"

Most male hands were raised, only some girls raised theirs, Nicte among them.

The alux would probably say a prank spell.

*Mess hall*11Am*

Harry walked with a cheerful Nicte to the cafeteria, picking up her brother along the way and finally meeting with Miztli once they had arrived.

"Yo Harry, how were your classes?" asked the chupacabra as he approached, noticing the two that had taken position besides his friend, "And are you going to introduce me?"

The twins grinned, making their eyes change from purple to green, "Why heeellooo there"

"We are some figment of your imagination…"

"That wants to introduce you to the joy…"

"That only pranking can bring"

Miztli looked at them and then at Harry, "I'm not hallucinating, right?"

Harry sighed and looked at Miztli in the eyes, regret evident, "I had the misfortune of meeting them during breakfast"

The twins put on hurt faces, their eyes darkening to gray, "You wound us…"

"I thought we had something special…"

"Maybe we should…" Nahil turned to his sister.

"We shall, my brother" and so Harry found himself suffering from lack of air, courtesy of the twins squashing the life out of him.

*Battle magic class*12Pm*

"Hello class, I am Alan Aviña Guerra, and I will teach all you must know to defend yourselves" Alan was the image of a warrior, with the grace of someone who had survived battles for survival and the hidden strength of a survivalist.

"During your six years me you will learn as follows and in the same order: Common battle magic, defense against dark magic, defense against foreign magic, wave magic, blunt magic and mixed magic.

"Some of you may be eager to learn blunt and wave magic, but there is a reason it isn't taught until prepa, it simply takes too much prana for a twelve, thirteen and fourteen-year-old to try, some of my fifteen-year-old students have fainted for repeated casting of wave spells and maintained blunt magic."

Even with the risk of humiliation by fainting, many still looked eager, Harry himself included,

"Now," they all looked at Alan, "Who can tell me WHAT is magic?"

*Herbolary class*1Pm*

Itzanaya Aguilar was a woman who had dedicated herself to learning traditional medicine since she was twenty, after brother had almost died because of an allergic reaction to a medicine.

Like most of her family, Itzanaya was just 1.54m tall, with a natural tan and chest-nut colored hair, though her eyes were a rarity among her family, considering they all had either brown or dark-green eyes, while hers were sky-blue.

Like with Professor Abigail, Harry's male classmates ogled at her, even though her chest was smaller.

Why did he have to put up with perverts?

"Good afternoon class, my name is Itzanaya, and I will NOT tolerate perverts her, so shut your mouths and look at my face" well at least she was strict.

"Herbolary, and ALL its derives, is a dangerous art, any missed fact, wrong assessment or ignorance can KILL a practitioner, so I want nothing but attention in this class"

She was a woman of her trade.


*Potions classroom*2Pm*

Harry's last class before lunch was potions, something he was looking forward to.

The ability to make explosives was too much a temptation.

The healing potions would also help, considering the two troublemakers he picked up during breakfast.

Hopefully they would start with easy medicinal potions first.

Harry had no time to open his book, for the professor, a tall tanned ginger with green eyes (or maybe there were so much freckles that the face looked tanned), came running into the class, "Sorry I'm late class, I was picking some herbs"

Harry was skeptical, considering the messiness of the guy's hair, but who was he to say anything, considering his hair looked messy all the time.

"Welcome to potions, here you will learn what you need to know to properly brew without stuff blowing up in your faces, something that I know will happen to at least one of you at least once a week.

"My classes will always be behind herbolary, later on herbal medicine, because without herbal knowledge, the only thing that could be brewed would be something deathly, something re-creative or something volatile, meaning nothing you can learn until your last year here.

"Now, take out your notebooks, I need to get you over theory first."

The students complied, "Now, who can tell me why a cauldron is used over a lighter pot?"

*Mess hall*3Pm*

Harry collapsed on a chair, ignoring the looks the few that could see under his cloak gave him, and started to serve himself food.

The little fruit that had been around during lunch had done nothing to calm his hunger, which was running rampant once again.

The raven-haired kid smiled as his wolf pup came running into the hall, most people simply ignored it; it wasn't the first kid with a pet.

A flamboyant parrot that liked to annoy and/or hit on people normally took surprise out of them.

Itzmin's arrival only increased the number of stares, though they were directed to the 'cute little puppy'

The wolf just ate some meat from Harry's plate.


Harry collapsed on his bed, Itzmin jumping on him and laying down.

It had been a tiring day, and it would only get worse on non-pair numbers of the week.

Five hour-long classes were simply too much.

Harry's first day, and I'm already having fun.

The twins I can guess you know where they are based from, I just love the original ones so much that I had to pay them tribute, in any way possible.

Puta madre is a variant of son of a bitch.

Prepa is the rquivalent of highschool

Herbolary is the knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs


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