Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Class day two


*September 9*Hun Ab Kun School*Breakfast*

"QUE PUTA MIERDA?" Harry looked up from his eggs, huevos motuleños, to see one of his classmates, more like year mate, covered head to toe with…

'How did they get cockroaches?' as far as he knew the buggers only appeared on dry weather.

Then again, the two Chaos Alux from Hell had experience, "Poor bastard" said Miztli as he sipped from his bowl.

Harry nodded but asked the twins, "Where did you get them?"

Nicte and Nahil tried, and failed, to look innocent, "We have absolutely…" started Nicte.

"No idea of what…" followed Nahil.

"You're talking about" the two finished together.

Their evil grins and shining eyes did not help their case any.

At least they hadn't targeted him.

*Mundane teachings*9Am*

"SHUT UP AND TAKE OUT YOUR BIOLOGY BOOKS" shouted Professor Edgar over the noise of the class, making everyone quiet.

Harry just hoped they got another teacher soon, this one was way too angry.

It didn't help that Nicte still had that grinning look.

Hopefully she would only get her brother into it.

*Care and Culture of Magical Beings*10Am*

Professor Atziri Rojas Rivera was the complete opposite of Nicte and Nahil, an orderly alux that exuded an aura of seriousness and caring, something that greatly helped her when dealing with the creatures of the forest, particularly the mating kukulkans.

She was, as the rest of her kind, barely hitting the 1.50m tall with auburn colored hair and eyes that were constantly changing between grey and light green.

She was also wearing non-traditional clothing, most likely because jeans and a shirt were more practical than the tunic and cloak.

She had to be practical, considering she treaded thin ice whenever she met with a dangerous or territorial creature.

"Okay class, my name, as you heard the principal say during the welcoming meal, is Atziri Rojas, and this is my class"

She started to write something on the board, "Our first three years will be spent on learning how to deal with cultures of being like goblins, werewolves, centaurs, merpeople, yuki-onna, balames, things like that, the other three years will be spent learning how to deal with the creatures that can normally maim you for not knowing them.

"If any of you has any doubt then please stop me to ask a question" they all nodded, though some of the people were still whispering among themselves.

And so started a lecture on all kind of magical cultures.

*Transfiguration class*11Am*

Jeremias Perez Archundo, a more Mexican surname only Perez Lopez, was a man that had studied transfiguration and conjuration under his father when he was a teen, and just like his father, he had a real talent for it.

It was rather unfortunate that he was already in his late fifties, his hair was starting to fall off and his sight was getting worse by the year.

He was still active though, his pale skin was full of muscles, his dark green eyes still shone with liveliness, his white hair was perfectly so, meaning he had no failures in any organ.

Even entering his sixties, he was a strong man.

"Class, transfiguration is a subject where I can only push so much, I can't help you with incantation, I can help you with motions, but the change itself is up to you.

"We will start with simple stuff, things of similar mass, and then, during third year we'll start with more complicated things, but first come the laws of transfiguration, laws as valid as the one of physics."

The professor transfigured some objects of the classroom to make examples, like an apple to an orange, a cup to a vase, the desk to a hammock.

Harry was right about this subject, hopefully he would have a knack for this branch of magic.

*Mess Hall*12Pm*

Harry glanced to his right, where the devil twins were whispering about something, then to his left, where Miztli was looking at his bowl and glancing at the twins, as if expecting something to pop up from it.

Considering what the two had managed in the morning, not even a week into term.

Then he looked at the person in front of him, Luz Uribe had decided to sit with them during lunch, something mystifying, considering the threat he had given last time he had seen her.

"So, anything you would like to say?" said Harry as he calmly ate his mango.

"Um, well, I wanted to say hi" the blond could not decide on whom to look at, and it certainly did not help that Nicte and Nahil stole glances at her, "and to talk for a while"

Everyone took a mouthful of their food on surprising synchrony.

"And what would you like to talk about?"

The twins grinned at Miztli's question.

"Could it be my brother?"

"It may be so my sister"

"She came to steal our eyes!"

"She wants our soul!"

"WAIT" Nicte turned to Nahil

"That's with gingers, not with blonds"

The two frowned, looked at each other and nodded, "She's a gold digger"

Harry facepalmed, Miztli almost spit the blood back out and Lucy looked scandalized.

"She comes from my orphanage" said Harry, but the twins ignored him.

"Maybe she's a vampire"

"It could be, I don't like how she's looking at us"

"Those evil eyes that want to enslave us"

"Those green eyes that will hypnotize us"





Harry sighed, "Just ignore them."

The blond could not relax for the rest of the meal.


"Okay class, settle down, the lesson starts now" all males quieted down, the girls following shortly after, "today we will discuss the difference between active and passive charms, starting with accidental magic"

When no one spoke up, Abigail questioned, "What did some of you do when you were children? Anything works"

A kid, tall and thin with a dagger at his side, raised his hand, "I lit up my room once"

The Professor nodded, "Yes, the light charm, useful in the night"

A girl spoke up, "I called my teddy to me once" the girl blushed at the stared.

"Summoning charm, perfect for lost things."

The whole hour was los giving examples

*Battle magic*2Pm*

"Common battle magic are spells that everyone everywhere can cast, and are normally hexes, jinxes and light curses," nobody spoke, too interested in learning.

"Thing like the knockback jinx, tongue tying curse and stinging hex, are all common battle magic, and even though most of you don't think so now, basics like this can save your life in a battle.

"However, you as the frontline fighters drew the short stick of the bunch and will have the hardest time learning common magic, as it requires both motions and incantations, and with things like daggers, swords, spears, hooks and macuahiutls, motions are some of the hardest things to do.

"That is also what you'll have the easiest time with blunt and wave magic, but as I said that will come later.

"Now, theory time, and please write this down, motions are important when casting, one of the reasons European wand magic and Japanese hand-seal magic are the easiest ones to learn, however, when dealing with melee weapons motions have to be eliminated, and common magic has to be done when thrusting and with incantation only.

"Magic done with melee weapons like this is the hardest to do, and the only way to cast is with pure willpower."

*Picto-rune class*3Pm*

By this time Harry was already wondering how they expected his class to stay awake long enough for astronomy, even if they had slightly longer nights.

When the class quieted down, Harry looked at the door to see a woman whose posture screamed 'bubbly.'

In her early thirties, though she wouldn't tell anyone that, Catalina Avila Trigos had acquired a healthy tan by spending a lot of time swimming at the beach.

Her dark, almost brown, blond hair and, again really dark, blue eyes completed the image of someone that liked to spend time with her friends having fun.

"Settle down everyone," she said in a singsong voice, "Now take a notebook out, 'cause there's nothing but theory until your last secundaria year, until then you have to learn to write again."

The class groaned, making the teacher frown, "Well how else do you want to follow tradition?"

Harry found himself missing Professor Edgar; at least he managed to keep class in line.

At least he could go to the library and learn on his own if the class failed.

*Mess hall*4Pm*

Once again Harry found himself sitting with Lucy in front of him and the non-humans at his sides, though this time the twins looked expectant, as if waiting for something to happen.

Harry just sat, calmly eating his tacos, while waiting for the terror to begin.

He didn't have to wait much.

As soon as the screams and laughs started he knew something had happened.

The raven-haired boy turned around and smirked at the scene that greeted him.

Some unnamed person had somehow gotten all the people of one table to transform into furbies, and apparently a girl had a trauma with the things because as soon as she had seen the things she had jumped onto one of the tables in fright and hit one of the transformed students to the floor.

Through it all Harry couldn't help but wonder, HOW?

"I ask again, even when the answer won't come," Harry said, "How?"

The twins looked at each other and frowned, their eyes changing colors so fast he couldn't follow the changes, until the settled on blue, "We stocked up…"

"Before coming…"

"Before receiving the letter…"

"We worked for hours…"

"Spent time trying…"

"Almost lost our dignity…"

"But we persevered…"

"And now none stands in our path…"

"For we have conquered the unknown…"

"Stopped the unstoppable…"

"We are ready for everything"

Harry blinked, once, twice, and a third time for good measure.

The two were GOOD at evading questions.

*Astronomy classroom*9Pm*

Harry sat on the dirt and grass that made out the observatory floor, half listening to the whispers but looking directly at all the visible stars.

Since they were away from the city, almost in the middle of nowhere, almost all the stars of the sky were visible, a great difference from his hometown in Quintana Roo, where the only starts visible were the biggest ones.

Everyone hushed as a woman, who was also staring at the sky, sat herself on the floor.

She was a stereotype through and through, dark-brown skin, long brown hair, slightly slitted eyes that were greenish-brown in color.

Mayan decent on both parents.

She was Tiztil Zavala Zepulveda, a woman that, if possible, would spend all night staring at the moon and stars.

She wanted her students to be the same as her, stargazing enthusiasts, to bad she only got two or three of them every generation.

"Astronomy is one of the most important branches of magic, the moon and the stars and the sun, they all affect potions and rituals and runes and plants, and almost no one recognizes it.

"For example, the zodiac DOES affect people, it affects their temper and mind, a Sagittarius will almost always be sharper than a Pisces.

"My duty will be teaching you all I know about astronomy, the properties of the stars, of the moon, of the sun and all things you need to know to get better results in potions and rituals"

Harry sighed, while knowing that astronomy was useful, a professor that was less laidback would be good

Oh well, at least it would be interesting to learn and put the knowledge to practice.

Potions really interested him.

*Dorm room*midnight*

Harry, not for the first nor last time, pondered on what could have happened had he stayed in England; would he be ignorant to magic? Would they kill him if he saw them again? When could he go out of there? Would friends eventually come to him?

It was all a 'what if?' condition, and he couldn't help but think that he had done the greatest decision when he ran away all those years ago.

And ends the introduction.

From now on only intruductions to spells and pranks and problems.

Character development and all that tripe.

On other things.

I hate you bloddy gringos, you have bioshock infinte already.

I have to wait until summer for it to be aviable here.

It's in cases like this I hate to live where I do.

Oh well.

See you next time.


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