Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages

Ups amd Downs 1

Ups and downs

*Hunab Kun School*September 24*Battle magic class*

"Okay, we've had enough practice with pure magic, all of you have gotten how to cast with weapons, now we start with actual spells, starting with léench'in, the knockback jinx.

"The reason this is the first spell you'll learn in my class is because of the simplicity of it, all it does is PUSHING, something that every moving creature can do.

"Please remember that there are basics for a reason, I can count with all my fingers, hands and feet, the rimes I've been saved by things like this or the levitation charm.

"Now, pick a partner and start practicing the jinx, you have four classes to get the hang of it, I'm behind schedule, not that I care."

Harry found himself partnered with a kid that could have passed unnoticed on any crowd, no matter which one.

The two nodded to each other, Harry motioning to the other kid to start casting, and he did.

The raven-haired kid took a step back as the spiraling orange bolt hit him, noticing that he didn't feel as winded as he had expected from the magical punch.

Maybe it was just magic that pushed him back, instead of a physical strike.

It was worth researching.

Harry casted the spell, moving his leg forward as he did, and noticed that the drain on his magic, something that always bothered him with the pure-magic-throwing, was incredibly less than before.

Research into spells was necessary.

*Mess Hall*September 25*

Harry sighed as he looked at the Alux Twins of Hell, who had once again, for the third time of the month, had somehow managed to smuggle their pranks materials into school.

This time they had managed to get a pack of rabid Chihuahuas that had hyperactivity issues into school.

The little trembling dogs had assaulted the mess hall, stole all the meat and made messes on the tables.

It was lucky that Harry's group had Itzmin with them, as the wolf pup was apparently fierce enough to make the dogs afraid.

Their table was the only one untouched by the things

*Charms*October 1st*

"Claaaass, today I'll teach you the levitation charm, since you've managed to change your sizes fast enough" Professor Abigail said as she demonstrated the charm

"Now, some of you mentioned the color changing charm some weeks ago," Nicte glared at Harry, having heard the story of how he had changed the color of a teacher's wig and refused to tell the complete story.

The only thing he said was that it was a good change, considering the thing looked like a hedge.

"But this is the perfect charm to learn control of your magic, it being one of the few constant charms, like the disillusionment charm," Harry looked at Nicte, who was grinning madly at what the name of the charm implied.

The teacher had just given her the tool to make even more pranks.

Even a month later he didn't know how the devil twins had managed to get all those roaches.

*Potions*October 1st*

"Now, people rarely realize it, but potions actually DO have a use outside the lab, and outside medicine too," Harry was really starting to doubt Professor Chimalli's excuses at being late.

It didn't help any that Professor Itzayana almost always ran out of the classroom as she dismissed Herbolary.

Maybe the two were dating.


"There are exploding potions, something you won't learn until your final year here, and the general relief pepper up, something perfect for colds, lack of energy, pretty much all common ailments.

"I'm going to dictate the instruction, write them down and if we finish them the next class we'll be brewing it."

That sounded useful to Harry.

His…friendship? Companionship? With the twins got him more and more headaches as the days passed.

He really wanted them to calm down.

*Mess Hall*October 2*

So far Harry had enjoyed a relatively calm semester not counting the Mundane Studies nor the pranks and antics of Nicte and Nahil.

His partnership with Lucy had somehow evolved into a tentative friendship from the partnership it had been when she decided to trespass into his room

Miztli, the easygoing chupacabras, had managed to become his best friend, as the boy had spent more time with him, the twins and Lucy than with the others of his species.

Nicte and Nahil, the Chaos Alux Twins, showed themselves to be dependable individuals, even though they gave him the worst kind of headaches whenever their pranks struck.

He was sure the Headmaster Rivera and Professor Alan suffered the same.

Of course, relative peace could not last forever.

Jaime had decided that three weeks were more than enough to come up with all the possible comebacks to the insults Harry could make.

"Eh,' joputa, you found people as idiotic as you" the chubby boy was followed by two boys, and surprisingly, a girl.

Harry looked at him and said, "Y el burro habla de orejas" he took a bit of his eggs, "any particular reason you decided to curse me with your presence?"

Miztli tried to stifle a snort, while the twins did not succeed.

Lucy just face-palmed, knowing what to expect.

"I came to ask if you were leaving soon"

"Funny, I was expecting you to give up on school by now," Nicte looked eager to listen, while Nahil just looked interested and amused, "I hear that constructing leaves a good money to stupid people"

"Then why don't you go into it"

"Because who else would make sure you do your job, you are, after all, a lazy ass that doesn't like to move"

Harry stood up from the table, leaving behind a mix of amused and angry teens.

*CCMC*October 2*

"From now on we start with the actual culture of some creatures from Mexico, starting with balames," Harry leaned forward, wanting to hear about the hairy creatures that got the school their food.

"When the Spanish reached America they thought that the balames they encountered in the jungle were a new kind of forest elf.

"This wasn't really far off from the truth, balames ARE a kind elf, but unlike wood elves, normally called forest elves, balames only have control over the growth of plants and can't control wood, only vines, which they use to bind an enemy and deliver the killing blow themselves.

"Balames have a sharp eye and mind though, as most elves, except the bastardized house elves, do, this makes them the perfect alarm system, as when they shout, and you're either really lucky or really smart if you can make one speak by yourself, their voice can be heard by miles.

"That is actually one of the reason the Mayans lasted as long as they did, both during the Cortez War and during the Rebellion, but you'll probably see that in history class.

"I've had the privilege of accompanying balames to their home, a village in the jungle, and I was sent into a cultural shock.

"Absolutamente todo, even children, were minimalists, houses were just big enough, not a centimeter was wasted, everyone had a purpose and not a single move wasn't thought of ahead of time.

"Can you imagine how much more advanced would humanity be if we had THAT kind of organization?" throughout the lecture the professor was wildly moving her hands.

It was worth considering, Harry thought, maybe the mundane would have reached the digital age years ago.

*October 10*

"So we finally get to see a ball game in school?" The group was walking through the campus to one of the two courts the school had.

"Yep" answered Miztli, sucking blood from a bag, "it's to see who wants to join the team"

Lucy frowned, "but first years can't play"

Nahil's eyes were an exited orange, "but we CAN watch, and I haven't seen one for a month"

Nicte rolled her now dull grey eyes, "I still don't understand why you like it, it's just a bunch of half-naked people hitting a leather ball with bats, it's like baseball but more complicated"

Harry tuned out the discussion and turned to Miztli, who looked amused at the sibling's fight, "would you care to explain why Nahil is such an enthusiast about the sport"

The chupacabras looked thoughtful, "Well, you know football?" Harry nodded, "well, you know how fans can get about it, ulama is the same for magicals, and every state has its own team" the two looked at the twins, where Nahil looked ready to hit Nicte, who looked annoyed.

"So, it is the same as the mindless people who like only watching football?"

"Kind of, only add the magical stakes for losing"

"You mean it still happens?" Lucy joined the conversation.

Miztli looked at her horrified face and chuckled, "yup, winners keepers, losers weepers, only deeds can't be won"

"That's horrible" the blond said.

Harry looked at her, "our life is worse Lucy, besides, the players know what they get into."

The game turned out to be a bit boring, as the only action there was happened when the players tackled each other in attempts to block the ball, and it didn't help that the game lasted for longer than a normal football game.

*Transfiguration*October 14*

Harry looked at the 50cent coin sitting on the desk, trying to imagine the objective that Professor Jeremias given them.

As soon as class started the professor had given them the not-entirely-worthless coins and had told them to change it to a ring.

Neither the material nor the ornaments were important, as long as it was wearable and didn't change back in seconds.

Extra points WOULD be given for making it more complex than a simple band but that was for after he managed the transformation.

Insurance couldn't hurt if he got a bad grade in the monthly exams, not that he would need it if the level stayed the same throughout the years.

The exam of September had been really easy.

Of course, it had also been pure theory about the laws of transfiguration.

Harry shook those thought out and looked around; noticing that most had only managed to make a ball that vaguely resembled the color of copper.

The emerald-eyed boy pictured the ring he wanted, a simple silver-colored band sectioned in three.

Letting his magic run its course, Harry pictured both the coin and the ring, the later growing and soon passing the coin in size.

When Nicte, one of the few who had managed anything but an amorphous blob, gasped, Harry knew he had succeeded.

When the raven-haired boy opened his eyes and saw ring, with only dents at the side, as if it were from a mold, sitting there.

Professor Jeremias came close to the table, saw the ring, patted Harry's shoulder and nodded approvingly.

Harry did have a knack for transfiguration.

*October 14*

"WHY DON'T YOU HELP US?" Nicte whined as they left the pyramid and joined the others.

"Because unlike you and your brother I like quiet and order"

"But they're no fun"

"Whether they are amusing or not, I will not risk my student profile to help you prank people"

Nicte pouted at him, quite the effect her face had, "b-but wouldn't you do it for me?"

"That would work if I were older or related to you," Harry said as he looked at his time-table, "as it is, it would only work on the upper years or on professors"

"B-but" when the girl realized that he was indeed unaffected she huffed, "fine, be like that, and here I was thinking about telling you how we get the pests to school"

It was a trap, Harry knew it, but the temptation of knowing that was too much, and if it was only one, then perhaps…"I'll help you with ONE, in exchange for the knowledge"

Harry knew he had taken the wrong choice when the grin spread across Nicte's face.

*Herbolary*October 15*

"Think about this, Mesoamerican people had one of the longest lifespans of the ages before.

"The average lifespan of a European during the middle ages and before was thirty years more-or-less, while Asians lived to their late forties, the same as Pre-Hispanic people.

"The reason of their longevity is partly the same, the herbal remedies both cultures had.

"Whereas the Asians had their teas, the Mesoamerican all had a codex with the medicinal or poisonous properties of the plants they encountered, allowing the immediate response to ailments.

"The reason I'm telling you this is because now that you know enough about remedies we all have tried once in our lifetime and now I'll start going over the Mayan Medicinal Codex with you, starting with the simple stuff.

"From now we start with the actual herbal medicine, and now more than ever I will not tolerate people slacking off"

That was good; headaches were becoming a constant in his life because of the twins.

Hopefully he would start getting used to the constant chaos that surrounded him soon.

*October 15*

Harry followed his wolf pup into the night darkened forest.

He was sure that if a teacher found him he would be in trouble, but Itzmin hadn't stopped yipping at him when he arrived at the dorm, so Harry had followed the puppy to get him to shut up.

"Are you telling me where we are going?" Harry asked the puppy, only to receive a bark, "why can't you? It isn't like there is a secret club around here" Harry scoffed at the irritated growl, "you may have better instincts that I do, but I am more respected, you are but a pup to everyone else."

Harry raised an eyebrow at the glare Itzmin threw his way, "I wouldn't be talking if you told me where we are going"

The pup refused to answer.

Harry sighed and looked around, noticing that this was near one of the balam farms, "why do you want me to go anyway?" an excited bark answered, making Harry confused, "haven't we bonded already?" Itzmin shook his head, "then why can I understand you?" the pup whined, confusing Harry, "you are the first animal I have had a proper conversation with"

Itzmin only barked with disdain.

"It doesn't stay with the animals" the answering bark was definitely a laugh.

The rest of the walk, which was now getting into the second half of an hour, was spent in silence with the occasional snap of a twig or a predator hunting for prey.

They eventually entered the balam village, where the obvious leader motioned to Harry to enter its hut.

Harry did, after a bit of encouragement from Itzmin, and sat down on the floor when the leader did.

"You kid, are an interesting human" Harry had to strain his mind to understand the words, the Spanish was mangled, as if not practiced for a while, "You are not like the last of your kind to step on this lands, you do not seek anything but your justice against those that wronged you"

"If it was any different I would be like them, I only want my parents to rest in peace" Harry said.

Harry could feel the smile behind the curtain of green hair, "And that is why we told your wolf to get you here, you have a great destiny, you could end the darkness in your birth land"

Harry frowned, "I don't to go back"

"You will be taken when the time is right"

"How can I trust you?"

"Hurakan created us balames to protect man-kind, we want nothing but the good of our charges"

"Humans don't need protection"

"You do, otherwise there would be no conflict"

"Our wars are our own to fight"

"That is why you need a sitter, your kind is young, you don't understand each other"

"Peace has been kept since the forty-five"

"Enough of this, I called you not for discussion, but to complete your bond with your familiar"

Harry scowled, displeased at being insulted for being a human, "He mentioned that," he said.

"It is impressive that you can speak with beasts, the completion of the bond will strengthen it, so hold your hand out" Harry did, noticing that Itzmin looked delighted.

Said pup bit down on his hand just hard enough to draw blood, driving a flinch and a glare from him, "It is needed, he wants not pain from you, now, with the blood of the master in the mouth of the familiar, let their magic combine into one being, mature together, fight together and learn together, you are now tied by your souls until the end, when the god of death decides that your time has come"

A flash passed over them and Harry passed out as soon as it passed, "take them back, leave not a trace of their presence, wipe the conversation away"

Behind her hair, the woman closed her slitted eyes, 'The humans are not yet ready sir, they need time still sir' the air shifted and rustled her hair, 'yes, that boy will help, but millennia still need to pass for it to happen'

The next morning Harry told one of the farmer balames to thank their leader for him

*Charms*October 16*

"The simplest charm there is, sáassil, or the light charm, is a really useful one, and since it doesn't need motions, it is the easiest to cast."

That was true, with a weapon it should be easy to do anything in the dark with a light on the macauhuitl.

It would take out the need of a torch.

"It is however, a draining one when the more powerful variations are cast, like the kii'n sáasil, solar light charm or the chackoleh'en, firelight charm.

"Both the sáasil and the kii'n sáasil don't provide heat, the firelight charm does, one of the reason it's one of the most casted spells in the northern and southern parts of the world.

"So, the name speaks the effect you want, all you have to do is push your magic, and once you do the basic one, you can start the variations"

Harry started to try as soon as the teacher said it, but the light he created, if you could call a spark the size of a firefly a light, fizzled out almost as soon as it appeared.

Why couldn't he get the talent in charms and transfiguration instead of potions and transfiguration?

At least he got offensive magic fast.

*Battle magic*October 16*

"The tongue-tying curse, mook aak', is a handy little spell when overwhelmed, especially when dealing with someone who can't cast silently."

Harry filed away that bit, finding it useful.

"You see, it is difficult to say a spell when the lower part your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth.

"Of course, someone who is good at silent casting can circumvent the spell, but only adults, and really few at that, can do silent casting, most just get as far as sub-vocalizing the incantation, though that still takes a free tongue.

"Now, the spell looks like this" Professor Alan thrust his spear forward, a brilliant blue bolt of energy hitting a whispering boy, who spoke mangled words of confusion, "You would do well to pay attention, nephew, I would hate if Gustavo got angry."

Harry withheld a snort at the student's paling face, though Nicte and the girl by her side didn't, the former quickly falling into a cackle and the latter into giggles.

He felt sorry for the girl; she would probably join his group of misfits on a whim from Nicte.

The alux could be rather persuasive.

She would probably annoy her until she agreed.

*October 16*

"That is what happens when you agree with her, I'm afraid, she tends to be rather rash" Harry told the girl that had joined them at Nicte's whim.

"But the only thing I did was snort" Lety Gutiérrez Lopez was a tall witch with dark hair, lightly tanned skin and dark green eyes.

Harry nodded solemnly, "I suffered the same when she discovered my talent at transfiguration, if you remember the seat riders from some weeks ago"

Lety looked at him, scandalized, "you helped them then?"

Harry nodded, "she offered valuable information, I needed to know how"

Miztli looked at him with a cocked eye-brow, "dude, they dumped them on the lake"

"Information is valuable"

Lety started to look angry, "You got my brother"

Harry looked at her, "I am sorry then" he said. "I was not fully willing"

Lety glared at the three of them.

*October 30*Picto-runes classroom*

Professor Catalina looked up from the papers she was grading, confused as not many people came into her classroom after classes ended, "come in" she said

Her face turned even more confused as one of her new students, Potter, entered the room, "I wanted to ask about something" he said, making the professor look eager.

"Really, not many ask me much outside of class, what can I do for you?" she asked.

"Is there any way to call ghosts?" Harry asked, looking nervous.

The professor looked thoughtful, her head leaned back a bit, "Why do you want to call a ghost? You could visit the old continent, or a crypt."

"I don't believe they left a ghost"


"My parents, they died when I was one, I want to talk to them"

Catalina frowned, "I don't think it's wise, but there is one"

"Why isn't it wise? I need some answers from them, to speak to them" from what Catalina knew of harry, this was nothing like the calm and collected kid that liked to read.

"Messing with the death is not something for mortals, Potter; people have gone mad for practicing necromancy"

"I don't want to bring them back permanently, only for an hour tops,"

The professor looked at Harry, who fidgeted under her gaze.

Would it be wise to tell the boy? A boy that had a lot of baggage to deal with, "There are two rituals," Catalina started, "meant for the solstice, but you need the essence of the ones you want to call, a photo or some blood or something they liked, pluss the offering to Chamer to ask to let them out of his realm, but until you get that, I am not telling you more."

Harry nodded and stood up, not noticing the gaze the teacher had on him, "please remember Potter, that the living should only deal with the living"

But the boy didn't listen to her

*Octobe 31*Picto-runes*

"'Día de muertos' a day dedicated to celebrating the gods of death" Harry only half listened, his mind on a conversation he had with Professor Catalina the day before.

"For some reason the lines between the realms of life and death the days of today and tomorrow, most of the ghosts in the old continent came to be during thist time, those that didn't form these days normally decided to stay.

"Rituals centered on death are usually held during these two days because magic of that kind is augmented due to the blurred line between realities.

"I am teaching you some characters that relate, since it should make easier to make offering to Chamer easier, He should allow you extra time if the offer is good enough."

Harry would do it eventually, he would talk to his parents, it would just take time.

I don't believe the spells I put in mayan need a traduction since I put both the mayan and english versions, so just look for it, the traduction is already there.

Hurakan is the mayan god of storms, he flooded the earth when the first four men made themselves a threat, this is a paralel to the biblic story of Moses, the builder of the arc, after the flood passed, he created the balames to help and protect the humans created by other gods.

Chamer is the mayan god of death, ultimate ruler of both the afterlife and the underworld and the ten gods that rule over both, one for the afterlife and nine for the circles of the underworld. As he rules death he decides the time of passing for everyone.

I let myself get creative on the last scene, so I combined the tradition with the mythology and magic and that is the result.

Día de muertos is a tradition from the Pre-Hispanic era, families back then would put an altar to a defunct, praying for the safe passage to the afterlife of the death family member.

Tradition now hasn't changed that much, the altar is set up a week beforehand with the favorite food of the defunct family, the last photo before the death, salt put in a cross with cempasúchill, India's Marigold, around the salt cross, with a celebration to the defunct the day of November first.

Now, to stop the confusion I know will come out from this chapter, let me say that this and the next few chapter will be one in themselves, tittled Ups and Downs with the name of the section, this is so I could avoid making up EVERY SINGLE WEEK, or month and instead making it a shorter version with only important parts.

I will, howver, combine 'Ups and Downs' into one single chapter written in chronological order if the requests to do so are enough.

Nothing more to say.


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