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My Brothers Don't Like My Boyfriend


It's a story about a boy named taehyung.who loves his five brothers....one day someone comes...&...the story begins...

Romance / Drama
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Characters Intro

Name : kim seokjin (jin/jinnie)
Age : 29
In family : eldest son of kim's
family. [ kims family is considered
To be the richest families in South korea ]

Occupation : Runs a very wel known
restaurant..chief chef there..he was never interested in their family business & his parents allowed him to go for his dream.

About : very responsible,well
behaved.loves his brothers
a lot & do anything for
them.took care of his brothers after their parent's death in a car accident..a protective brother.
Very well known among
girls because of his polite
manner & obviously his
handsome appearance.

Name : kim Namjoon (joonie)
Age : 25
in family : 2nd son [adopted,but mr & mrs kim never considered him & jimin as someone outsider.they loved them equally as their own son.'adopted'..this word is forbidden in kims mansion..their other brothers loves them a lot..]

Occupation : president of kim corporation,kim industry ltd.he alone handles all the business of kims.the position kim corporation is right now,it has been possible with his hard work,talent & intelligence.

About : not very talkative..keeps silent most of the time..seeing him smiling is rare..just smiles when jin makes some jokes.never calls jin hyung from his childhood (!) .loves his brothers.works hard to provide them all facilities in their life.wise & mature.

Name : kim hoseok (hobi)
Age : 23
in family : 3rd son

Occupation : rapper,singer & choreographer at a well known kpop band in South Korea.

About : considered to be the sunshine of kims family..he is the main happiness source of all..he,himself only can change his brothers mood in a minute,specially yoongi.he is a bit mischievous & childish. Prioritize his brothers most in this world.everyone loves him.

Name : kim min yoongi (suga)
Age : 22
In family : 4th son

Occupation : considered as a famous artist worldwide.his paintings exhibition always helds in paris .also a lyrics writer.helps hobi with his songs.can play piano & other instruments beautifully.

About : cold in nature.not very talkative.his smiling face is more rare than Namjoon.likes to keep silent when others are talking.like to sleep a lot.pretends to be irritated by his brothers but inside loves them a lot.proves that with his actions.very protective about his youngest brother tae..& has an un explainable affection towards jimin (?) Sometimes he himself gets scare of his feelings.whenever he feels drained,he needs his hobi hyung to charge him up.

Name : kim park jimin
Age : 20
in family : 5th son [adopted,but considered to be kims real son.like Namjoon,he is also heart of his brothers.]

Occupation : student of art in k university.likes painting.wants to become like yoongi.also interested in singing.but not that serious about it.

About : always can be found around jin when he is cooking.helps everyone with their chores.cheerful.sometimes when he feels sad,he stands before yoongi's door for hour without knocking.has some unusual feelings for yoongi but scared to admit them.loves all his brothers a lot.but considers only tae as not only his brother but also his best friend.

Name : kim Taehyung
Age : 19
in family : the youngest one.

Occupation : high schooler,i senior year.singer in a well known band in America despite his young age.

About : till now was living with his grandpa on America.but after his grandpa's death,is returning to South Korea.star in his brothers eyes.every one adores him like their little baby.very possive about him.mischievous.restless.life of a party.loves hanging with friends,partying..some people calls him playboy.flirty..girls go crazy for him.never dates anyone more than 7 days.very talented in sports,singing.hiking.dancing,acting & many other activities...loves his brother so much..can sacrifice anything for his brothers.

Name : jeon Jungkook
Age : 21

In Family : one & only heir of jeons.

Occupation : will be disclosed in a few chapters.

About : actually cold.don't like crowd.doesn't like many people around him.unfriendly. arrogent.confident about himself.likes to pass his time without talking to others.but acts in front of thers.pretends to like others company.disgusted with the thought of love.lives separately from his parents on hus own.girls go carzy about him,but he doesn't really care.he likes to have his own freedom.

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