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By JaimePAvina

Action / Horror


A teen, no older than sixteen sat in front of a desk littered with rectangular devices with circles on them and an orange book with letters no one in that day and age but him could understands.

The boy himself could be called handsome, with an angular face and whisker birthmarks, orange hair that covered the back of his neck yet stayed away from his face, only framing it with two bangs, and eyes a deep purple.

This boy was the son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, not that anyone but him knew, a teen called Uzumaki Naruto, a boy many considered to be a demon in human skin, not that the boy cared either.

The teen closed the book with a heavy thud and looked at the device on his hand, looking for the activation button.

Finding it, the boy clicked it and listened, giving it all his mind to the voice in a language that he was sure he was the only one that could understand.

"Delta's first yearly update since my escape from rapture with Eleanor.

"The injuries I sustained during our surfacing after the explosion of Lamb's headquarters left me in rest for nearly six months, during which Eleanor was forced to take care of me, I refused to let her become a monster by absorbing my ADAM.

"After those six months I found another house to live with my daughter, something I believe she was happy of.

"I kept her inside our home for the rest of the year, teaching her things she should have learned if she lived in the surface all her life, like I did before my descent into Rapture.

"She learned fast, and still is learning, I think she will be ready for college by the time next summer starts"

The voice stopped, along with the static that accompanied the voice.

Naruto pressed another recorder and kept listening.

"Second update since my escape from Rapture with Eleanor.

"I was right, Eleanor entered college this summer, and she is already one of the popular in medicine, I should have expected that since she was good with people when she was a little sister.

"I have kept this from her, as I don't want her to remember her life in the bottom of the sea, but I kept the bottles of plasmids and gene tonics I applied to myself, I have refilled them after extracting the ADAM that made them up from my body with Eleanor's ADAM gathering needle.

"The bottles now rest in my sealed off, hand excavated basement, hopefully to never see the light of the day ever again.

"I am sure that only Eleanor's descendants will be able to enter my basement again"

Another recorded was played.

"Tenth update since our escape from Rapture.

"Eleanor has finished the first part of her career studies, and now she has found herself a boyfriend despite my best efforts on scaring the boy away.

"Tenebaum has showed herself to be adaptable and resourceful, as expected of someone that lived in the noses of all authorities of Rapture without being heavily compromised.

"She called from Greenland to tell me that she had escaped the underwater city by somehow accessing a sphere with the little sisters she had with her.

"I have invited her over, to hear how Rapture went about without anyone leading it.

"I expect it to be overrun with splicers that started killing each other"

The boy flipped open a notebook and wrote something in the same language of the book he had closed.

Splicer: a person that has lost their minds to the ADAM inside them, something that is probably the byproduct of the rewriting of the DNA

The boy clicked another of the recorders after finishing writing.

"Yearly report number 26

"Eleanor is now married despite my efforts to have her wait until she is forty, but I suppose thirty-one is acceptable.

"Then again, I speak as a man that had married at his fifties, with a woman he met in a time of stress.

"My new job as a private detective has gotten me to an investigation on how could what looked like a giant metallic bird fall from the sky.

"It was a request from the government, so there was not much I could do against taking it.

"I am 57 years old now, I feel old."

The boy looked to a wall where nearly a hundred bottles of different colors sat, divided in two, with a small amount of only ten bottles on one side and the other with a bigger amount of nearly ninety.

"This is probably the last update I will ever do, number 49.

"Eleanor's two children are now in high school, with a year between them, she sends them to spend time with us every evening, and I admit that I am really fond of them.

"Elizabeth will probably follow a couple of years behind me, but she has to make sure that Eleanor will not break down upon my death, though I trust Jake will do that.

"Eleanor is now the head doctor at the hospital she works in, something that has taken her a lot of time and effort, but not enough that her children don't know her.

"If you are hearing this, then you are my descendant, well, Eleanor's, but it's pretty much the same.

"I leave you all the plasmids and gene-tonics in my basement, along with the information on Rapture Elizabeth and I gathered

"Remember just one thing, my descendant, plasmids may be used in any way, from helping to killing, so don't lose sight of what you want them for.

"If you speak your purpose into the voice lock and it detects the right purpose, then you may use them.

"Do be careful"

The boy stood up from the chair he had been sitting at and walked to the wall where the bottles stood, this time walking with his hand on it until he found a rectangular, metallic thing protruding from the wall.

He put a paper over it, which caused it to spark to life with lights that could be seen in only the most advanced of buildings in his village.

"Speak the password now" a strange voice from the lock said.

The boy took a calming breath before speaking, "To protect those close to me"

"Processing…Password correct, come in" the glass that had been covering the wall slid away, making the boy take the paper away from the lock, making it turn off again.

"So much power in such a little bottle" the boy muttered, "To bad many of them won't be useful now"

The boy made a cross with two fingers of each side, somehow managing to make three copies of himself appear, "leave the summoning, possession and telekinesis out, the first is useless, the second probably won't work on ninja and the third will only work on big stuff.

"The others don't matter as long as I have the body enhancing and the cigarette/alcohol immunity, you pick the rest"

The boy sat himself on an operating table, strapped his feet and one of his hands just hard enough that they wouldn't budge no matter how hard he pulled.

Laying down and putting part of his shirt on his mouth, Naruto waited for one of the copies to tie his free hand down and for the pain the information described to come.

A soon as his free hand was strapped it begun, he felt pain like none he had ever experienced.

"Journal of Naruto Uzumaki, October 30th, current age is 17.

"It has been a month since my clones injected me with the DNA modifying elixirs, and the results have been good so far.

"According to Tenebaum and Delta, there is a constant tug at one's mind during the time there is ADAM inside the body, yet I've felt nothing of the sort, only the original pain of having the Plasmids injected.

"I've done research regarding what was and what is during the time jump between Eleanor and me, and some of the things I've discovered are good.

"EVE and chakra are the similar, but not quite the same, as proven by the fact that even though I train liberally in the use of plasmids, not once have I run dry.

"My hypothesis to this is that because EVE and chakra share the same origins, they share the same energetic qualities, but while the body was never able to produce EVE, chakra is naturally produced.

"My research in this will continue"

"January 21, age seventeen.

"I am now in my last year at the ninja academy, something stupid considering that I've shown my proficiency at the shadow clone, the transformation and the substitution techniques, with the occasional use of Swarm or Scout for entertainment purposes, like at the hot springs.

"*cough* right, my research on EVE and its similitudes with chakra has reached its end, I have discovered that the reason EVE can't be generated by the body is because it is basically liquid chakra, but denser than that of the human body, this is partly because chakra has become diluted by the body while EVE hasn't.

"My research on ADAM is still fruitless, the only thing I can even begin to compare it to is the substance that comes out of my midriff when I am overly emotional or injured, but that was there ever since I can remember.

"I will begin the study of the seal on my stomach soon, hopefully to finish my research on it before the academy ends, as I've no doubt any jonin will keep me from tampering with it."

"July seventeen, age seventeen.

"*sigh*My research on the seal of my stomach took me to the records building, the building where I found out who my parents were, but it has been the first time I use Scout in an official building, and not just the hot springs and library.

"Last time I was there I only read the important things in my file: my parents and my blood type and bloodline, I was ten at the time, only really interested in seeing if I was really a no-name orphan.

"The reading of my entire expedient as a spirit was interesting to the least.

"I've discovered that the seal on my navel holds back the Nine Tailed Fox, reading of my mother's expedient shows that she too held it during her time.

"I do find myself confused, as her status as holder was marked top-secret while mine was only kept secret from people three years and under when the Fox attacked, this includes those born after the attack more than seventeen years ago.

"I have decided to take all my belongings and fake my death during one of my missions when I become a chunin, as that would allow me to wander the world and settle down in a place that would not discriminate against those different, probably Love or Sea-Shell country.

"A good thing has resulted in my investigation was that it resulted in me becoming friends with a rather good looking girl named Yakumo, I hope we can move past the awkwardness soon"

"September 12, age is still seventeen, but only for one more month

"My friendship with Yakumo has grown during this months, as I helped her become stronger of body with the help of body-strengthening gene-tonics, though I had to give her the level 2 versions, as I'm using the third level ones myself.

"As soon as she could walk I brought her to my cave after an extensive tour of the village, during which she proved herself to be a good friend, I have given her the book on English language so we can communicate without anyone knowing what we are talking about, she is in a level lower than me, but only for a bit.

"She has read through the database on Rapture and wants to be injected with a plasmid, but the only ones I had were Possession and Telekinesis, despite this she insisted and ended up guilt-tripping me into injecting them, the girl has too much brain.

"She has also expressed her desire to accompany me when I leave the village but she needs to get stronger both physically and mentally if she wants to come.

"I would give her the teleport plasmid if I had it, but it was lost when Delta destroyed the plasmid factory"

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