saving up

A shocking truth or two

(time skip- 2 months)

Claire P.O.V

It's been 2 months since I was released out of hospital. In that time, me and Shane have been catching up, in all different ways (coughsexcough) and when Michael and Shane have been at work and Eve's been off, we've been secretly planning the double wedding that we've decided we're having. Although for a while I haven't been feeling right, I told Eve and even took a pregancy test. It came back...

Flashback- 1 month before

I hate throwing up. I thought, as Shane held my hair and rubbed my back as I finished up. While I was washing my mouth out, Shane asked the question I was dredding. "Are you pregant Claire? Because we've been quite sexually active lately" He mumbbled the last bit, like he was ashamed. "I don't know Shane. I really don't know what could be happening" I replied.

(2 hours later)

Eve P.O.V

I just walked in the house when Claire came down stairs looking ready to go out. "Hey, I thought we were staying in today" I said to Claire, grabbing her arm before she left the door. "Not today Eve, sorry. I need to go for a walk, alone" Claire said, taking my hand off of her arm and walking out. Hmm, I wonder whats wrong with her.

Claire P.O.V

I just had to leave, I've been thinking about things for ages and I really needed some new books to read, because I hate re-reading, it gets on my nerves like nothing else. It's been a month since Monica put me in hospital and I haven't seen her lately. Maybe she's still locked up. Lets hope she is. "What the hell was that?" I muttered to myself. I was passing a dark alley and I swear I heard someone. "AHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my voice as the one and only Jason Rosser jumped out from the alley, grabbed me and dragged me down the alley. While I was struggling, I heard a voice I was hoping I wouldn't hear again, or at least a very long while. Monica Morrell."Thanks Jason. Now you bitch, you were meant to die or at least suffer alot. And you got me put in jail and now Shane hates me! Well, I'm gonna make sure you both suffer now. Especially you bitch. Now me and Jason have discussed somethings and because I want you and Shane hurt and maybe not together anymore, Jason can have some fun with you, and because he wants Eve hurt, he decided that the best way to do that is hurt you. So it's a win/win for us" Monica said smirking. Longest speech I've ever heard from her in my life. And now I'm really scared. "Well have Jason" With that Monica walked off out of the alley and out of sight."Well, well, well. Looks like I'm gonna have lots of fun" With that he attacked me, by raping me.

End of flashback

Claire P.O.V

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. Shit! When Jason raped me, he wasn't nice about it, in anyway what-so-ever. If I'm pregant, then I could be pregant with his baby or Shane's or even one of each! God, this isn't good. I realised that I was still holding the pregancy test in my hand and when i looked at it I screamed. "Claire!" Eve shouted brusting into the bathroom. She realised I was crying and she took one look at the test and hugged me. "Oh Claire, you and Shane are gonna be parents! Why are you crying CB?" Eve asked."B-because M-monica, she and Jason jumped me and when she left, J-jason r-raped me" and with that I burst into a fresh set of tears. "But I don't know if it's his or Shane's or if there's one of each" I said, then feeling another two pairs of arms around me, smelling Shane and his barbacue smell, so the other is Michael."Please don't be mad Shane, I'm so sorry!""Hey, even if it isn't mine, I still love you and I'm gonna look after him or her like my own Claire. Don't worry I'm not mad, but I just don't get why you didn't tell us earlier" Shane said stroking my hair and comforting me more than I deserve."I was too scared. I'm sorry" I replied"S'ok" For now anyway.

What do you guys think? Hope you like it. Also, who's point of view should we have in the next chapter?I will next update when I update my other story 'Is this real or magic'Thank you for reading this far guys, VE-MV-101

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